Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dancer as a french maid

Here is Dancer my super helper for finding free stuff in sl. The good free quality things come in my shoppinglists ( interested?: join the lovina group /see my profile) or on this blog. So now and then Dancer writes me saying: "hi Nicandra, i found something for you". I always appreciate that very much.
Yesterday she showed this french maid dolly dress. We talked about it and decided to make pictures today with a tray with tea.
I happend to be in a japanese garden when i tp-ed her for the pictures. I hope the japanese people from that house will like her English breakfast tea . ;)

Dancer is wearing free hair from A&A from marketplace. It has an asian style i think. (Soraya said to me: " you are like a granny when you wear it... grrr..haha") This hair is very good to show you the free earrings and necklace. The pumps are also free.
About the shop of the skin, i can tell you, there are more free items... a sweater and pants, a cute animation overrider and more skins in lucky chairs. But this one is the valentines special that you can pick-up immediately

Oh and Dancer helped so super. She made a style card with all the names and slurls.. So lesser work for me. Thanks Dancer. Big kiss for you and i hope you like your post.

Skin: [Pink] - VALENTINA LOVE (0ld)
Pumps: In her shoes - [IHS] Circus Lolita black
Hair: A&A - Bella updo from A&A, promo on marketplace ( free)
Eyes: Amacci - InSight ~ BrownGreen Eyes ( SOM gift 0ld)
Dress: VC Designs - :: VC Designs: GOTHLOLI DOLLIE DRESS OUTFIT:: (5ld)
Necklace and earrings: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Luce della notte scura** set ( free)
Gloves: SF Design - "sf design free gifts for gentlemen" ( free)
Café tray: Milk Hall - -MHFA- Cafe set Weartype ( free) good for valentines day :)

Bye bye, i will ask Soraya to help me making a granny post :), Nic

Monday, January 30, 2012

ready to go

Ah isn't he sweet he took a balloon with him to surprise Nic. And Nic is very curious.
Both dressed in black. Going to a music concert?
Tjip has a new look. New free hair and a very tiny goatee and a moustache. It makes him adorable isn't it girls? He wears also a free shirt and free pants, free shoes and free belt and hand belt. So without money a super look.
The moustache and the pants are from the women/menstuff lounge.
Nic wears a mesh dress from the concert hunt. I think her dress is so elegant. The necklace from Miel was already posted before. Shoes from Shay and the Sl Shopping Gang group. But sorry the present is removed already.

Shoes: Gabriel - ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black ( free)
Belt: Gabriel - GABRIEL GROUP GIFT ( free)
Armbelt: Gabriel - ::GB::orion hand belt SET
Sunglasses : SZD - !-Bag- :SZD: Sunglasses ( Group Gift )
Hair: Colors - [COLORS] GIFT ( free)
Moustasche: Jaryth's Barber Shop - Skinny Stache with Flavour Saver - Menstuff Gift ( free)
Jacket: Hell Bob - Hell Bop Anniversary! ( free)
Shirt: Indi Designs - INDI Designs - Group Gift (Button T-Shirts) ( free)
Jeans: Peer Style - MENstuff Lounge Gift PEER Style ( free)
Balloon: xKorruptedx - MENstuff Lounge Gift - xKorruptedx ( it is the bag from a shirt.)

Dress: LouLou and Co - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Dress :: MARY :: ( free)
Legging: Zenith - =Zenith= Black Legging black
Pumps: Alice project - Alice Project - Simple Pumps - Black ( groupgift gone)
From inventory: Hair- Hairart; Necklace and earrings - Miel.

Bye bye - Nic

Sunday, January 29, 2012

where are the days?

Here i wear, as promissed, the other jacket from Chronokit. Realy super detailed again.I wear a leather skirt and western boots from studio M's. Where are the days we stood there with many to get those boots and this skirt from the lucky chair. Same can be said of the days that Atomic lucky board was hot. Both shops are still there, but no lucky chairs anymore.
But the jacket from Chronokit is so cool!!!!
My hair is the new years gift Nikki from Exile. But remodeled. All the paper streamers i made very tiny and dragged them into my head. A lot of work. But now i can wear the new years hair every day of the year ;). When you want to do this too. Then touch the subscribe-o-matic. It is nr. 2.You get 4 colours. This is the colour autumn. When you don't want to remodel it, then grab it now for feasts. Your birthday or rezzday for example.

Jacket: Chronokit- *chronokit* Motorcycle Jacket 01 lady's ( also available for men)
Boots: Studio M's - * M'z Western Boots dark brown Leather *
Skirt: Studio M's - * M'z sculpted : mini skirt red * (LC)
Gloves: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Red Pack (1 ld)
Hair: Exile - Exile New years gift! ( free)
From inventory: Belt - Sole

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, January 28, 2012

go with me

"Will you join me? Walk along with me and don't watch too much on your iphone". Tjip is smiling, reading his sms or is he doing a game on it? "And watch how beautiful my new duffle coat is. It is so well-made with such an good eye from the designer for details. Realy fabulous design of kit Pizzicato ( japanese designer) owner of the shop Chronokit. I highly admire his designs".

Nic wears the mesh dufflecoat in pink so fresh and colourful for the upcoming new spring season. She combined it with her pink boston bag from the gatcha machine at Cafe*Amie ( for just 30ld). There is a green one there in the lucky board. Another lucky board there is with grey lace up boots. Nic wears a new black striped jeans. It is from the women/menstuff lounge. Many presents there from wel-known designers. On that event you can get so much presents.
The straw bag with the pink ribbon is from S@bbia. Nic's boots are the subscribe-o-matic gift from Kookie. You get the 5 colours fatpack.
And now about tjip. He wears a new vest. Under the vest, a groupgift from Giulia Design, he wears a new shirt, a groupgift from Indi design. And look at his hair. A new look free at Colors.
And then that free iphone, what he enjoys so much. It comes with a hud with many settings, for example, im-ing, translator, afk, internet etc. You can change the colour ( pink , black or white).

Coat: Chronokit - *chronokit*_Duffle coat 01 Pink ( available in many colours)
Boots: Kookie - *Kookie* Muggy Fatpack ( free)
Pants: Winterwood - .:WinTeRwooD Designs:.Winter ( free)
Boston bag: Cafe*Amie - Cafe*Amie Travel Boston_ pink (30ld gatcha or green free)
Straw bag : S@bbia - S@BBiA::Ribbon Straw bag
From inventory: Shirt- Fishy Strawberry; Hair-Truth; Eyes- fashism

Vest: Giulia Design - ***GIULIADESIGN****GIFT GROUP MALE 2000 MEMBER ( free)
Shirt: Indi Design - INDI Designs - Group Gift (Button T-Shirts) ( free)
Hair: Colors - [COLORS] FreeC (free)
Iphone: here -IMPhone 830T V7.4a [EN] ( free)
From inventory: Jeans- Death Dealers market ( posted not long ago); Chucks- Machienenwerk now Santo; Eyes- Fashism; Animation overrider- 1 ld Marketplace sl; Scarf - Mr. Poet.

And psssst next post i will show you another gorgeous item from Chronokit.

Bye bye and thanks so much kit, Nic

the biggest amount of patina or freedom in patina

The Statue of Liberty in New York got its green patina by oxidation of the copper. The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin have an almost black patina on bronze. Patina is an oxidation layer on metal objects. So there are more patina's then just this green one.
The Statue of Liberty symbolizes the welcoming of all: returning Americans, immigrants and guests. And did you know that that important piece of land in ancient times was owned by the people of my country? They dutch changed the colony New Amsterdam ( now New York) for the country Suriname as often is said.
For me symbolises this statue the value of freedom.

And now about the clothings. I realy love love love this mesh sweater from Maitreya. The folds curve around the body so marvelous. That is why i made so much pictures from many sides. It accentuate the beauty of Nic's back so gorgeous. Yes, i just can speak about it in superlatives.
I also can become lyrical about the mesh boots from Maitreya. And last but not least my ajour leggings, so happy with them.
The short pants from mon tissu give the impression to be mesh, but they aren't. Quality of that shop is super.
The good observer can see that on one picture i wear dark eyes whereas on most pictures i wear patina coloured eyes. The dark ones are from Fascism> you can find them in the groupnotices.
My green are another version of eyes that i always wear. Same can be said of the skin. This is the version of my skin with the green eyeshadow. The necklace i showed before, but i wear now the grey version.
The hair is from the sale at truth district. watch the hairpins..so cute.
Well i hope you will like my total set as much as i do >>laughing.

Sweater: Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh Athena Sweater * Blue (hmmm patina)
Boots: Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh * Radical Boots * Black
Pants: mon tissu - {mon tissu} Shorts - Minx - Black'
Hair: Truth ->TRUTH< Evelyn - dark browns ( sale)
Leggings: Mimikri - * Mimikri - Ajour Leggins & Tights
Dark eyes: Fashism - ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Black (free)
Necklace: Miel - MIEL UVA SET - Group Gift (free)
Skin: Laq - LAQ ~ Elena [Nougat] Glow skin (nr. 04)
Green eyes:*sakurako* - *sakurako* New Color Eyes( nr. 004)
Post made for: 52 weeks of colorchallenge from Luna Jubilee

Protect freedom, Nic

Thursday, January 26, 2012

through the curtain

Some sphere pictures to show you this one piece dress from pesca in denim and the denim jacket in turquoise. Love this combination. And i love denim very much. The cute mesh vintage necklace is a groupgift from Ey:No. The dress is from the cafe hunt. Search a cup of coffee

Necklace: Ey:No - [EY:NO] Vintage Lamb Necklace boxed ( free)
Dress: pesca - TCH47 :pesca:denim long onepiece ( free)
Jacket: Boho HoBo - BoHo HoBo subscriber gift- Turquoise Jean jacket ( free)

Kus, Nic

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bags and chocolate

This post is made for Soraya and it is about her addictions ;) She likes bags so much. And i was glad to find some nearly free bags today for her. She was complaining this morning: "i am out of money again, so i can't go shopping in sl today ( big sigh) and nowhere are places where i can camp and earn money ". I teleported her to the bag and told her about the sale at Truth District and that i bought truth hair there for 125 ld. "Oh my goodness".. she said.. " then i go to sl change to buy lindens ". So shopping and spending money in sl is another addiction. And i happen to know the next addiction: eating chocolate. So i tease her with my huge chocolate cupcake that i just bought. Lace... clothings with lace.... is the last addiction from her, i wanted tell about.. So i think she will love the dress ( 1ld) from Sakide.

To get the dress touch the taupe dress and buy for 1 ld...on the wall between normal prized ones. There is also a torn jeans in the box. It is sale time in truth district. Some old groupgifts you can find ( from DCNY and from Truth the hair Becky)there too.
Together with the small bag from Priss you also get a dress.
I wear free eyes from Fashism. Join the group and you will find them in info and notices. Many colors.

Dress: Sakide - [ SAKIDE ] Crochet Sweater Dress Taupe ( 1 ld)
Small bag: Priss - (PRISS) - FTLO Millenium Hunt Prize ( 1 ld)
Big bag: CM - ((C*M)) Satchel Bag -GG limited--check group notices ( free)
Eyes: Fashism - ! FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes - Hazel Light ( free - join group)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH Janice - dark browns ( sale)
From inventory: Leggings - Mimikri; Boots - maitreya; Belt - Woot ( see post surreal); Skirt - Kyoot.

Thanks Soraya, i found my bag in rl , Nic

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

for the pink lovers

A quikie. This is the groupgift from Artemis. The hair with hat is from Amacci. The hat has a color menu and you can wear the hair without the hat. And there is a hat without hair too. I think i will wear it in summer time. But you need go for the groupgift now.

Dress: Artemis - ARTEMIS GroupGIFT =sakura=dress
Hair: Amacci - Amacci Hair ~ Alissa - Back Coal

Muakkk, Nic

longing for spring and summer

This dress from R.icielli will be great in spring or summertime. Now i combined it for colder times with a mesh skirt from mon tissu and ajour leggings from Mimikri and the radical boots from Maitreya. I saw a mesh skirt like this for 50ld at Vinyl Cafe. It is on the wall at the dominions fashion district. But it was a pity that around the middle it was poking throug my sweaters. But it is okay for t-shirts and has 4 lenghts. So make up your mind. Today you can get there a 1 ld mesh tee too. Sometimes i wish that all clothings where with demo's. Then you can see if it fits for what you have in mind.
Well the good news in this post is that the dress is in sale ( 50ld). And i loooooveee this dress. Thanks Soraya.. my super adviser. She found it.
The hair is relatively new at Amacci. Sorry for you today ended the sale. I was just in time.Woohoo!

Hair: Amacci - Amacci Hair ~ Anna - Black Pack
Dress:R.icielli - R.icielli - NATALEE minidress /pearl 9 50ld)
Legging: Mimikri - * Mimikri - Ajour Leggins & Tights
Skirt: mon tissu - {mon tissu} Westbury Mini / Rigged Mesh (XXS/XS/S/M/L) ~ Black
Boots: Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh * Radical Boots * Black
From inventory: Bag- Slink ( not available any more)

P.S: I added a picture with boots from Aleida( former groupgift) she will sell these boots soon ( this weekend) in her shop, she promised ( thanks Aleida!!). I wear this look with a leather jacket from grasp and high overknees from inventory.

Boots: I Aleida - I ALEIDA I Alaska boot (M) - wild
Jacket: Grasp - +grasp+/Leather Jacket /Womens
Bag: Grasp: +grasp+/Python leather bag(choice 2011)

Kisses, Nic

Sunday, January 22, 2012

with the heli to the beachhouse

A weekend in the beach house. To go there we took the heli. Feels so rich haha. When we arrived, i changed my hairs. In the evening it was not very warm so i wear a sweater top and pants and my long chuck. It feels so good to relax in these clothings.

The hairs from the first picture are new free hairs from Edelstore. When you need lashes it is under the stairs there. The sweater top is from the urban winter hunt at Beautiful Dirty Rich. Find a box. Hmm it is in the fountain.
The pants are from the WGhunt. Find a gold bar.
From the sub-scribe-o-matic is the Necklace with many colour options from Miel.
I wear striped underpants from lucky chair at Edelweiss.
The chuck are oldies from my inventory from my urban period in sl. Still love them and you still can get them.They have many options for colours textures and wear possibilities. I think you all know them allready ( a golden oldie)

Pants: Loop - #91 WGH !LooP! ( free)
Top: BDR - ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Sweet Winter (free)
Necklace: Miel -MIEL UVA SET - Group Gift (free)
Ring: Dark Mouse - Dark Mouse for Etheria and Group Gift - January 2012 (Group join 50ld - can't see it in notices anymore)
Hair tjip: Edelstore - Free EdelStore man hair " Niel " cocoa
Hair Nic on first picture : Edelstore - GIFT EdelStore woman hair " Sabina " ( free)
Chucks: Urban Bomb - PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2
Underpants: Edelweiss - StripeInnerSet(PureGray) ( free)
From Inventory: Hair Nic - Exile; Shirt Nic- Jane; Jacket tjip - Costa Creations

Have fun today, Nic

Saturday, January 21, 2012

my " iron" self ?

Is this me? Sometimes i need an iron mask to hide myself. Show a smile but at the inside crying. We need our masks to protect ourselfs sometimes.. to keep us going. To protect the soft inside. The soft side i show you with my dress.. the soft side of the cat, that wants to be caressed.
The softness of the sweater and skirt on the second part of the pictures.

The cute dress and the stole have iron grey tones in it. The earrings are from iron.
The iron masks i used for the background and i remodeled one for my face. They are free at marketplace and come in 4 expressions ( sad, normal, happy and angry). The mask pose is from Vpose..but that shop is gone.
And new hair i bought at Maitreya. Updo hair to show the earrings from PurpleMoon.
I am so happy with the grey free outfit that i just discovered. The softnes of the skirt and sweater is fabulous. The backpart with the ribbon such a nice detail. My hat with updo hair make it possible to show it.

Dress: C'est moi - C'est Moi! long dress/shirt Kitty
Masks: Super Kingdom - Iron Mask - Changing Facial Expression - ( free)
Eyes: By Snow - ~*By Snow*~ Hybrid eyes iron ( 15ld)
Earrings: PurpleMoon - :: PM :: Concentric Earrings in Iron and Diamond
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Miabella - Browns Pack
Hair with hat: Maitreya - Maitreya Ymre - Blonds Pack
Skirt and Sweater: ASO - ASO!DotKnitGG(gray) ( free)
From inventory: Necklace: Gabriel - ::GB:: Atlantis_Necklace_F( here)

Post made for 52 weeks of colorchallenge blog of Luna Jubilee

Protect yourself with softness not with iron, Nic