Friday, March 15, 2013

get me a Taxi ..Taxi

Tropical dresses you see above. They are from Taxi Taxi a shop that i didn't know. But i got a bloggers pack sended and i was surprised when i was unpacking and trying all. The dresses gave such a sunny impression.
Take  a taxi to the airport and fly to a  tropical place with many of these dresses in your suitcase is what Nic thought. And she did go.
But after a sunny time, she needs  to fly back. Below you see her waiting with her luggage. So much suitcases!  She is dressed in a blouse from  Taxi Taxi. Get me a Taxi ..Taxi!

Dresses: Taxi Taxi - [Taxi Taxi] GG Dress (Welsh Spring, Canadian Autumn English Summer)
Blouse: Taxi Taxi - [Taxi Taxi] Magaret Blouse.
From inventory: Pants - not so bad; Shoes - G-Field ; Luggage - Fisl;
Pictures at Anda Jungle Beach

Thanks Taxi, Nic
 P.S. There is also a Canadian winter dress. I will show that another time.

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