Sunday, January 29, 2023



A warm outdoor outfit for my newly made tjip. Like my alts he got a new LeLutka head at Christmas last year. And I wanted to style him as if he has nothing in his inventory and no money in his pocket to spend in sl. I hope you got this free head also and tried to give him a look you liked. If you got the head you sure got also skins. Here I show him with a free skin that you can get now at Voguel. It's a group gift and group membership is free. I also used the neck blend from the package of Voguel. The eyebrows, scars, mature face lines and a hairbase Are all from the LeLutka hud. From a hunt at CMH Star Apparel I got the blue puffer jacket with the inner shirt. You need to find a branch with berrries. Tips where to find the hunt item, you can get in the shop when you click the board about the hunt. The jeans I found at Marketplace SL. Comes with a color hud. The shoes are from Semller. A group gift. Group membership is 20ld. The lights are a gift at Gabriel. With a new male avatar i recommend you to go to the gabriel free part of the shop.  Find it to the right of the landingspoint.
And last but not least, the beautiful hair. A group gift at Vango. They also have another gift: hair with a cap.

For those who don't have a mesh body and don't want spend money. Look at this site from Fabulous Free here. Scroll to the male part and make your choice for a totally free mesh bom body. Laura told me that they are really good.

Head: LeLutka -LeLutka Quinn (was Christmas gift 2022) now normal price
Eyes: Avi-Glam - Avi-Glam Noel eyes ( was a Christmas gift)( but good gg there/group join 10ld)
Skin and neck blend: Voguel  - Voguel Billy Skin FATPACK GIFT (EVOX)  ( free gg/ group join 10ld)
Puffer jacket: CMH Starlight Apparel - CMH Starlight Apparel - Rowan Padded Jacket ( hunt/see text/1ld) 
Jeans: .::MiRRoR::. - .::MiRRoR::.Michael Jeans HUD Driven many colorsV2 (49ld) 
Hair: Vango -Vango. Neil (gg) ( free)
Shoes: Semller - Semller - Megalodeon Sneakers Group Gift ( free/ but group join 20ld)
Lights - Gabriel - ::GB:: Summer fes PEN Light(free)
Necklace - etham (old gift ) but look here Blackburns chain cross nacklace ( 10ld)
From inventory: body skin BOM - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; body-Signature ( see text for a free male mesh BOM body)
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, January 26, 2023

city girl

A quick post in the morning. It will be a busy day and also for the city girl. She is on her way to her job. 
Dressed well for a day at the office. Yes, my alt already has a larger inventory now with styles for many situations. And I will try to style them differently and with many free items.
Her hair for example I made with side bangs, buns and a base from Sintiklia. The front bang I got at Barber Yumyum as a gift. Happily the colors matched. 
The skirt,top and jacket she got from a lucky chair at Luna Chelsea. Many lucky chairs there. And the letters change fast. So she needn't wait long.
Her bag I found at Marketplace SL (an old gacha item). The cigarette ( a bad habit but only for sl picture making) and the poodle she also found at Marketplace SL. Gloves and the necklace are group gifts in the Amias shop. Group membership is free.

Clothes set: Luna Chelsea - ELSA SUIT with color hud (free/ lucky chair)
Hair: Sintiklia - Hair constructor Ai Group gift (group gift/free/ )
Front  hair bang: *barberyumyum* - *barberyumyum*(+bangs) (K)(wear me)v2 (group gift/free)
Clutch: BJK* - BJK* Tokyo StreetWear Clutch Black 
Gloves: amias - OCT20 gift - (free)
Necklace: amias -amias - MARCH - group gift (free)
Cigarette:MRock - Cigarette Masamune  (free)
Poodle: SEmotion Libellune - SEmotion Libellune Royal Poodle Companion COMMON 10 (affordable price)
Stockings: Lacey - Lacey's seam pantyhose Bom Modifiable (color change) ( 5ld)

From inventory; head - Lelutka Raven ( was Christmas gift) ; skin- avarosa (was Christmas gift); eyes - Avi-glam 

Bye bye, Nic


Wednesday, January 25, 2023



On tour again. She went to Mousehole. It's beautiful there. I took the pictures at the waterside sleepy village. You can also visit the lowlands and walk to the two connected regions: Frogmore and Frogmore Cottage. My alt is showing you a top that is very useful under jackets. She got it while hunting at Flamingo's. You get it with a short skirt. Search in the shop for lollipops. Near the entrance you can get a note card with the hunt hints and the pictures of what you can get. The jacket I found at Marketplace SL as well the skirt. The bag is one of the many gifts of Hilly Haalan. The boots are from a free fatpack at Scandalize. Yesterday I showed you a skin from Implode. Now I am showing you the other one from Implode. It is the one for the Evox face. The body skin is from the other free gift there. The necklace is one of the many gifts of Mon Cheri.

Face skin: IMPLODE> -  IMPLODE> Ravelle EvoX skin NB Toffeev (free)
Body skin: Implode - IMPLODE> Elle EvoX *Group gift*(free)
Hair: FAGA - FAGA - Viviana Hairstyle - [EXCLUSIVE GIFT] ( free/ see text in the post before this one)
Eyeliner: Sap - Sap ~ HD Eyeliner Gift (Lelutka Evolution)
Jacket: [sYs] -  [sYs] SAMHAIN jacket  - black (10ld)
Top: Flamingos - *Flamingos* Kissy Top - Black (hunt ends Januari 27th/ free)
Skirt: Badoura Design  - BD Edita pensilskirt outfit (1ld)
Boots: Scandalize - Scandalize. Teila Boots. FATPACK (free)
Necklace: Mon Cheri - Mon Cheri - Shelly Necklace with HUD (free)
Brecelet: Mon Cheri - Mon Cheri - Goddess gacha g gifts single Thick arrow  Gacha (free)
Bag: Hilly Haalan - part of [hh] GROUP GIFT Debbie Dress (free)

From inventory:
Head: LeLutka - LeLutka Raven (was the Leutka Christmas gift) now full price
Eyes: Avi Glam - AG. Mellow Eyes - Group Gift ( free/ but 20ld group join)
Lipstick used from Lelutka head hud

Bye bye, Nic