Tuesday, July 17, 2018

too late!!!!!...... for the mad hatter tea party

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In may  this year Enchantment had the theme Alice in Wonderland. I saw a photo expo in sl then that was marvelous. Great sl photographers made the most beautiful Alice themed pictures. To my surprise Silvery K released this month at The Seasons Story this kimono in Lolita style, but definitely Alice inspired in my opinion. Being too late .... is in Alice in Wonderland an important theme ( i hope you know the story a bit) so being too late for this mad hatter tea party isn't so bad after all. Even the very shy mad hatter came to visit. He came TOO LATE of course when i was making the last picture!
For me this Alice theme was a good excuse to buy the floating tea cups and the floating teapots from Spell. I saw that gacha from Spell ( Mad Hatter gacha) once at The Chapter Four and i loved it, but it was too expensive then for me. Now at marketplace a bought items for an affordable price, because it is out dated now. But i am happy.
Coincidentally Mesh India ( now called Madras) released at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room a table with teacups, the Darjeeling Tea Tray set. I could use that one also.
The melted clock ( Salvador Dali style) is from long time ago from Nic's inventory. The broken pocket watch is from Pixel Mode. I hope you like Nic's tea party corner.

Dress: Silvery K at TSS ( ends July 31st)- *:..Silvery K..:*Sweet Kimono (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - DeLa; shoes - G&D ( Pavla); stockings - Milk Tea; body - Maitreya; Head _ LeLutka; skin - LAQ; nails DanemarkZ

Table with tea set: MADRAS ( former Mesh India) at CSR - Madras  Darjeeling Tea Tray Set (NEW)
Floating tea cups &Tea pot: SPELL - SPELL : Floating tea cups & teapots
Armachair: SPELL - SPELL : Mad Hatter's Armchair [Gold]
From inventory: Cupboard - Mesh India; hanging plant - tarte ( free/gg); hanging plants - dust bunny; Somewhere in Time broken pocket watch clock - Pixel Mode; standing lamps - Silvery K ( October gacha); chair - Apple Fall ( Shauna); Lakshimi playing cards decor - Mesh India
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 16, 2018

we gonna have fun on the beach

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"Going out to the beach with friends" is this weeks theme for the Reine du Shopping contest at Flickr. A nice theme to ask assistance from Laura. Because the look on the poster was stylish we don't wear bikinis but outfits for the sun. Laura showed me first, when i asked her to join, a more sexy bikini  from Bella Moda, the new group gift. Called the Egyptian bikini or L'Egiziana. A bit to sexy for the contest picture. But go there and have a look at Bella Moda or ....read the blogpost till the end and have a look.
Nic is wearing a release from ::UNA:: at the Vanity fair. Comes in five separate colors. In the fatpack are more colors.
Nic is wearing new earrings from !IT! for Designer Circle round 182.  Many huds available. Nic's hair is a good one for sea and beach. A bit loose and behind a tail. The rattan bag is from nani from a gacha. Sunglasses from Mon Chéri also from a gacha. Shoes  from Essenz.

Laura is also wearing loose beach hair. It is an old group gift from Fabia. This one isn't available any more but Fabia has SOME hairs which are similar, such as Rita, Brenda or Joan. Laura is wearing a group gift from Sauvage. You get the set with two textures (glitter and solid in aqua). Laura uses them both. The shoes from Laura are a group gift at Mosquito's Way. I hope you like our style for the "going out to the beach" contest

Laura is wearing:
Outfit:  Sauvage - Sauvage Group Gift ( free)
Shoes: Mosquito's Way - Mosquito's Way - Betty *Group Gift* (free)
Hair: Fabia - Fabia Elena ( old groupgift/ but you can buy similar hairs for example Rita, Brenda or Joan)

Nic is wearing:
Dress: ::UNA:: at Vanity (ends july 25th) - ::UNA:: Lipa (New)
Hair: Tukinowaguma - *TKW* Raira Natural colors (relatively NEW)
Earrings: !IT! at DC - Sofia earrings !IT! - Designer Circle 182nd round (NEW)
Rattan bag: nani - nani - my afternoon - rattan bag 1 (gacha)
Nails: Hello Dave - Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - Sunny side up (49ld)
Bikini ( see below): Bella Moda - Bella Moda: L'Egiziana Black Egyptian Bikini( see below) (free)
From  inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; necklace - amias (Lorri 3); sunglasses - Mon Chéri;

On the beach: Barbeque items and parasol  - Pixel Mode; Chairs - 22769 (gacha); tables and floatie  - {what next}; coolers - AXL Pro and True North Designs; books - unKindness;
Pictures made at : New Brighton
Bye bye, Nic

What Laura didn't know is, that Nic later on tried the Egyptian, L'Egiziana, bikini. And that she couldn't withstand to make a picture from Nic in that sexy bikini, while she was sneaking in a fitting room on the Brighton pier.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

terrace with a view

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This cute little coffee terrace near the sea is the best place to sit and spot sea lions. When you are quiet, they come very close. A puppy even jumped in Nic's rattan bag.
The sea lion colony with the dock on the sea and a rock with the flag  is the full set from TLC. In the full pack you get also the sea lions separate. The seagulls are from a fatpack from TLC. I want say thanks to the designer of TLC, because i got the first price in her flickr contest and i am a blogger now for her. Thanks True Redrose. I feel honoured.
The terrace raft dock is the Saturday sale item from ChiMia. Still there on Sunday. The terrace is made with chairs, tables, parasols, donuts, hamburgers, chocolate muffins and coffee from a set from Salacity. The set was at Illuminate. But the event ended at July 13th. No worries. ...the set sure will be in the main shop. You can change the colors of the tables and the chairs. All sorts of  coffee colors for the chairs are in the menu. I like the model of the chairs. There are a number of solo animations, both for sitting (male and female) and for activities. For the activities, props will rez and attach automatically when needed.
The rescue rings, i took from a beach hut set from Spiders Design. The plants are the new group gift from tarte.

Nic is wearing a top from [WellMade], a present. Comes in 3 textures. The hat was a gift from eXxEsS at the SL Birthday. I missed it, but bought the hat at marketplace, with a large hud. Nic's hair is a dollarbie from rezology at Marketplace. The shoes from Mosquito's Way i used before on this blog. The pants are from ISON. The earrings and necklace are from the Monthly Midnight Madness from last Saturday. Now available as last chance items for some time. 

Top: [WellMade] - [WellMade] Alva Top GIFT 3 textures (free)
Hair: rezology - rezology Butterfly 168 (Bento Rigged Mesh Hair ) Gift - BF- (1ld)
Necklace and earrings: Amacci - Amacci Necklace and earrings - Toni MMM ( now available as last Chance 50ld +50% off for group members)
Hat: eXxEsS - eXxEsS: Summer Hat ( was an SLB 2018 gift with large hud ( now at marketplace)
From inventory: shoes - Mosquito's Way; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; pants - ISON

Raft Dock: ChiMia - Chi Mia Raft Dock ( Saturday sale / 50ld)
Seagulls : TLC - *TLC Seagulls FATPACK - Version 2*
Sea Lions: TLC - TLC Sea lion colony* (was at Cosmopolitan Sales Room/ now in main shop)
Coffee shop furniture and more ( see text): Salacity - Salacity - Illuminate June 18 ( now in main shop)
Hanging planter: tarte. - tarte. hanging planter - group gift (free/ group join 20ld)
From inventory: rattan tote and paper bag- Nutmeg. (free) ; rescue band - Spiders Design( part of beach hut)
Pictures made at: hive/
Bye bye, Nic