Friday, October 11, 2019

a bit Halloween

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In her cobweb inspired or bat wings inspired top, pantie, necklace and armband  Nic is drinking potion (love potion of course) and cocoa on her new bed in her just bought sky box in the morning. Short hair cats around her. One is hidden in the huge pumpkin The place is a bit decorated with Halloween knickknacks.

The lingerie, that Nic is wearing, is from *SK*. The texture is amazing. It's glittering a bit. Wearing this i am sure you will get a "wow" as reaction. Try the demo at the Kinky event and you will see that i am right. The set is in more colors available. It's also beautiful to wear the top, necklace and armband with a jeans for example.
Nic's heels are an old Christmas gift from Hilly Haalan. I missed these ones and may be you too. Available with a large color hud in the special group gift part of the shop. A Walhalla for newbies, to start with free outfits.
The poses from Lush Poses are this weekend for a pack just 50ld!  It's the #Energy Weekend Sale. Oh my goodness so many sales we have in SL!
Skin used is skin Janis from 7 Deadly s[K]ins in skin tone pineapple, available at Designer Showcase.

The bed was last weekend in the weekend sale. I was too busy in rl and had no time to blog. I asked the designer to place the bed in the shop and she will do. Now of course for the regular price. The bed comes with two nightstands. One with some knickknacks such as a pencil and a notebook, a pumpkin a cup. The other nightstand without this. You also get the messy clothes and some books in the pack. Thanks Dancer for your tip about this bed. The shop has now two new beds in the weekend sale  each for 60ld. Only this weekend! Also very nice ones.
From [Rezz Room] at the Arcade are the short hair cats. I am showing you the vampire Animesh companion in his funny cape and the decor yawning cat and the Animesh pumpkin. That pumpkin is my favorite. Every time  you can see cat paws coming through the eyes or from under the top of the pumpkin in the way cats do in real life. It's an eye catcher.
When you are a Premium Second Life member, like me, you sometimes get gifts. At the moment the gift is a box with Halloween decoration.You can see on the pictures potion bottles, the cocoa pumpkin mug, lights, a wreath and the bat decor. But you get much more.
At The Liaison Collaborative you can find the mirror, the white table, the long candles and the brass bowl from Salacity.
White candles on a tray are the new group gift of Shutter Field. Go also upstairs for the laundry baskets ( an old gift).
Outside on the balcony of the sky box you see a Halloween tricycle. See also below. It is a part of a  group gift pose from **SN~. I unlinked the prop and used the tricycle ( LI1) and some pumpkins (1ld) at my little home place in sl as decoration.

Don't forget the Monthly Midnight Madness today! Info here

Lingerie with armband and necklace: *SK* at Kinky - * SK * VAIL white (NEW)
Heels: Hilly Haalan - [hh] XMAS Gift Heels (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at DS - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - JANIS lights (NEW)
Poses: Lush Poses  for  #Energy 50L weekend sale - Lush Poses - Sana - Female Bento Pose Pack (50ld)
From inventory: hair - Truth; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Skybox: {vespertine} - {vespertine} spring rainy days skybox /bx.
Bed ( with night stands/ messy clothes ): {Your Dreams} - {YD} Dreams Bedroom (was weekend sale/ now regular price)
Vampire companion cat: [Rezz Room] at Arcade -[Rezz Room] Box British Shorthair Animesh (gacha/NEW)
Yawning cat: [Rezz Room] at Arcade- [Rezz Room] Box British Shorthair Yawning (gacha/NEW)
Animesh pumpkin: [Rezz Room] at Arcade - [Rexx Room] Animesh Pumpkin (gacha/NEW)
Laundry baskets: DJ / SF (upstairs in the shop) - DJ / SF LAUNDRY BASKETS - GG (free/gg/ group join 20ld)
Tray with white candles: Shutter Field (outside the shop) - [SF] Candle Tray - Winter White (free/ gg/ group join 20ld)
Halloween decoration ( see text): Premium zone LL  -Halloween Premium Decorating Kit 2019 (Second Life Premium gift/free for premium SL members)
Wash machines : *SE~ - prop from pose **SE~ Oh What to Wear
Tricycle: *SN~ - **SN~ Halloween Trike (free)
Mirror: Salacity at TLC - Salacity Shiva Mirror (draped) (NEW)
Aged Candle stick: Salacity at TLC - Salacity Aged Cadle stick (NEW)
White Basin table - Salacity at TLC - Salacity Basin Table (NEW)
Worn Brass Basin: Salacity at TLC - Salacity Worn Brass Basin (NEW)
From inventory; plants on balcony - Soy ( gacha); welcome mat with shoes - dust.bunny; rug - Chez Moi; laundry board - unKindness; pitcher - {what next}; cotton fruits - PLAAKA

Bye bye Nic

Thursday, October 10, 2019

autumn idyll

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An Arcadian idyllic scene in the wood.  This makes her melancholic, thinking about the other scene in the wood.

I made this scene for Nic with the statue "Harmony Lovers" from Quality Garden (QG). You get the statue with flowers. I unlinked the statue and flowers and used some of those flowers (the yellow ones and the white Marguerite)  And i made the scene with  a pose set from Cara's Poses. The fences with the sitting cat on the pole and autumn leaves and the autumn tree inside the fences are from the set, available at the event La Vie en pose (opened today) ( see the full set below)

Nic is wearing a new release from Addams, the button-front sweater and the leather pant. Love the model of the sweater and from the pants the little zippers at the backside. The bra inside the sweater is a new gift from Addams, a bralette fat pack.
Nic's hair is a group gift from Navy&Copper. You get a fat pack. The shop has 3 group gift hairs. The skin is skin Sheila from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at the Curves event. The shoes are the Saturday Sale shoes from REIGN, that i showed you before on this blog.

Sweater: Addams -Addams // Piper Button-Front Sweater // N*8(NEW)
Pants: Addams - Addams // Piper Leather Pants // N*30 (NEW)
Bralette: Addams - Addams // Piper Crochet Lace Bralette // FATPACK (free)
Hair: Navy&Copper - Navy&Copper - Green Tea Fatpack (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Curves - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - SHEILA lights (NEW)
From inventory:necklace - [ kunst ] (old MMM item) , head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; pose last picture - [NC]

Fences and more ( see text): Cara's Poses at La Vie en pose - Cara's Poses Autumn Frolic Pose Set (NEW)
Statue and flowers: Quality Gardens - QG Harmony Lovers Statue (NEW)
grey cat - (fd), red shrub - the little branch, itchy grass and sun rays - *alirium*, trees outside the fences - - Skye and 3D Trees
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

it all rocks (#NeridoFall 2019 Photo Contest)

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On her way to the fall rock concert at the Nerido Sim. At the Nerido sim is a concert stage and a party terrace. I made the pictures there for this blog post and the photo contest. Yesterday i wrote about the contest. See for the info the blog post from yesterday. I decided to do another blog post for the contest. Showing a totally different style of clothes. Please help me with your faves if you like my photo on Flickr. May be that is important to win a prize.
Nic is now dressed as a casual girl in a shirt and leather skirt from Nerido. A style that i also like very much. On the shirt is written "you are a perfect beauty".
Nic's booties are from the Saturday Sale at REIGN. You get a fat pack for the sale price. The skin is the hunt skin Nadine from 7 Deadly s[K]ins in the color dew. Dew is a light color. It's from the Rock your Rack hunt. The Rock your Rack event is raising funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Many of the booths at the Rock your Rack event will have a 10 ld item available as part of the Rock your Rack hunt. You need find a clothes hanger with a heart.
Nic is wearing her guitar case from the Amitie pose , that you can buy at Shiny Shabby.

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Rock Your Rack - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - NADINE HUNT (10ld)
Skirt: Nerido - ~Nerido~ Polina Skirt(Maitreya/Legacy)-Black
Shirt: Nerido - ~Nerido~ Polina T-Shirt(Maitreya/Legacy)-Pink/Black
Hair: DOUX - DOUX Ariana Hairstyle ( de Luxe Pack)
Pose and guitar: Amitie  at Shiny Shabby - part of Amitie Guitar Case Women Pack (NEW)
From inventory: Animesh Doberman - [Rezz Room]; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; stockings - Blushed; topiary - hive//, leaves - Jinx; necklace - MINIMAL; ears - Mandala
Pictures made at the Nerido sim
Bye bye, Nic