Thursday, February 9, 2023



Where is she? Why did she park her car in such a strange way? She must have been in a rush? But why? All sort of scenarios run through his head. But he will stay positive.

Tjip is showing you some gifts from the Shop&Hop Valentine's event completed with other items that I found. The glasses, the blouse, the earring and the car are presents from Shop and Hop. The blouse comes in two patterns. Beside the bag from David Heather ( an oldie in Tjips inventory) are all items 25ld or lower. The shoes are 25ld. The stole is part of a free old outfit in the sales corner of Gabriël. I am happy that I found this good jeans for him in a group gift from Hoorenbeek. You get also shoes and shirt. It's quite difficult to find a good jeans as a gift. Tjip is used to his Deadwool jeans and then you become critical. But this one is top. Tjip's hair is a gift at Modulus. Click the vendor and choos deliver in the menu.You also can get hairbases as gift ( no group needed/ pay 1ld and you get 1 ld back). He is wearing the hair with a hairbase and beard from the LeLutka Quinn head. His skin is a groupgift at Voguel. The necklace is a gift at Real Evil. Group join is free. Near the entrance you can get a leash holder as gift, I think a relatively new gift. 

Head: LeLutka -LeLutka Quinn (was Christmas gift 2022) now normal price
Skin and neck blend: Voguel  - Voguel Billy Skin FATPACK GIFT (EVOX)  ( free gg/ group join 10ld)
Glasses: Horl at S&H - HORL - Nini Glasses in black,gold and white (free/S&H gift)
Blouse: Bron at S&H -BRON - St V Gift Shirt (free/S&H gift)
Earring: Stiff Store at S&H - Stiff - Hathor Earring - for male and female (free/S&H gift)
Car:[SURPLUS MOTORS] at S&H- [SURPLUS MOTORS] Ella v7.0 in pink and red (free/S&H gift)
Jeans: [hoorenbeek] - part of [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit - Wyatt - Signature Gianni (free/gg/ group join free)
Hair: Modulus - Modulus - Cole Hair Gift - FatPack (free)
Stole: Gabriël - ::GB::Double long coat  every coat comes with a stole with color hud (free)
Ankle boot: .::Cachi::. - .::Cachi::. Ankle Male Boots Black ( 25ld)
Necklace: RealEvil - **RE** Airell Necklace ( free, for the SL Frees and Offers group)
From inventory: bag - David Heather ( not available anymore); white tee - oldie from inventory

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, February 4, 2023

first time at the roller skate rink


This is the time to grab many free things and gift cards or get credits to buy new things for your alt or you main avatar. Shop&Hop's Valentines 2023 round started yesterday official, but you had early access when you joined the Second Life Birthday group. I first watched Naria Panthars video about the gift cards and credits. And started with grabbing the ones that I wanted. And I even did buy things already  with the credits. For example the Blueberry fat pack set with raincoat and the jeans and the Spoiled Roller Skates. All bought at the S&H event. Then I was online with tjip (my male avatar for blogging) and was looking for male clothes. But I also saw some accessories that I use here now, the chocolate with coffee and the pink heart drink can and the sleeping dog. Later in another video from Naria I saw the gift hair and the gift ball cap headphone. Because it will soon be Valentine's day she is wearing the hearts in her hair, but you can use the hair also without the hearts. The hair comes in all colors and is super pretty.
It's her first time at the roller skate rink and she is looking a bit scared.

Head -  LeLutka - Lelutka Raven ( was Christmas gift) now normal price
Clothes:  Blueberry at S&H - Blueberry - Minnie&Daisy - TSS 1/21 - Buy All (free/ bought with 300ld credits of Blueberry at S&H)
Hair: no.match at S&H - no.match_ ~ NO_LOVELETTER ~ FATPACK (free/S&H gift)
Ball cap headphone - :::boyberry::: at S&H - part of  :::boyberry::: Shop and Hop Gifts (free/S&H gift)
Roller Skates - Spoiled at S&H - Spoiled - Cutesy Roller Skates Brown (free/bought with the 300ld gift card of Spoiled at S&H)
Can: Hangry at S&H - Hangry - heart can (free/S&H gift)
Chocolate and coffee: [lilp] ay S&H - [lilp] Love Cup - Valentine (free/S&H gift)
Necklace: Meva at S&H - Meva Valentines Necklace Box (free/S&H gift)
Dog: Jian at S&H - JIAN Pets Valentine's Shop & Hop Gift (free/S&H gift)
Lipstick: Delicatta - Delicatta - Sasha Gift (LeLUTKA Evolution/Evolution X) (gg/free)
From inventory: skin- [avarosa] ( Christmas 2022)gift

Bye , bye Nic

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

too cute


This corner with all the sleepy cats is too cute not to use for picture making and blogging immediately. The water for the tea is boiling in the kettle. Also good to be quick because I can show you a dress with split and a warm fur coat that my alt bought with the 500L credit gift at CuteOPhobia. You find the credits at the counter. The store has a few nice clothings for Maitreya, Reborn, Legacy and Kupra, plus a group gift. The corner I found at Project Hope. One of the destinations that you can find in the destination tool of the Firestorm viewer. 

Head -  LeLutka - Lelutka Raven ( was Christmas gift) now normal price
Dress with Koi: CuteOPhobia -CuteOphobia - Chun dress PINK (free/bought with GG store Credits)
Fur jacket: CuteOPhobia - CuteOphobia- ICY JACKET - Black (free/bought with GG store Credits)
Hair: Faga - FAGA Ellie Hairstyle [EXCLUSIVE GIFT] (free)
Cookies inbox:..:SweeT LieS:.. - ..:SweeT LieS:.. Cookies Boxed Original (5ld)
Necklace: Mon Cheri - Mon Cheri - Shelly Necklace with HUD (free)
From inventory: skin- [avarosa] ( Christmas 2022)gift

Bye bye, Nic