Thursday, July 31, 2014

love light

Love lights will appear in the eyes of the one who loves you when you wear this hot summer set. It is a real teaser, this set with shorts from Brii for the Aloha Fair 2014 (july 28th - august 11th 2014). Many gift at that fair. I also bought a nice long dress in tropical colors from Brii for just 1 ld. I hope we will have a long hot summer, so Nic can wear all those summer clothes long time.
Nic's hair will be released tomorrow in all colors. The pink version you can get from a hunt in the shop. Find a cupcake (5ld). Hint tip look high near the  entrance. The hair comes with  a hud. With the hud you can change the color of the bands and you can wear cute cat ears.
The necklace is from B!asta. FREE: female & male gifts for The Around The Grid In 80 Days hunt!(Jul 13 – Sep 30) Hunt object: scroll
The harem outfit is from !Soul. The shoes from Brii combine very good with this set. My sun visor and flowers are from my inventory

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] - t[^.^Ayashi^.^] Taura hair-Brown set (new)
Hair in pink: [^.^Ayashi^.^] - CAH #33 [^.^Ayashi^.^] (5ld)
Shorts and red top and shoes: Brii at AF - **SURFER GIRL aloha style aoutfit** (free)
Necklace and earrings: B!asta - [ B! ] :EN ROUTE: Women's Jewelry set (1ld)
Harem outfit: !Soul ~ - !Soul ~ Mesh Harem Outfit + Lolas Tango Hud Blue (free)
From inventory: Cardigan - Coco
Pictures made at Serena Long Cay

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

it was a bright day... we reached the shore of a new land

High on the ship at the observationpost Nic was the first to discover new land. As my ancestors did long ago. They sailed around the world and discovered parts of Australia. Holland became a rich country because of the overseas trade at that time. It was a country of seafarers. In that time they competed with other nations and pirates. Many naval battles were held.
Nic is wearing a commanders outfit from !gO! for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. Starts 8th august 2014. This is outfit nr. 4. The textures are very good. There is also a captain outfit for males.

Commander outfit: !gO! at Fantasy Gatcha Carnival  open 8th august - !gO! Commander Outfit 4 (NEW)
From inventory: binocular - Severed Garden; sandals - Pure Poison; necklace - Brii ( at OMG room); hair - Clawtooth

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

mission jungle

Do you see that home behind Nic. That is where she will go for a while. Now she is waiting for the little boat to bring her to that place deep in the jungle. Below she has arrived and the travel clothes are changed in a skirt and top to relax. The top and pants are a gift from Rams Wear. The skirt and top you can find on marketplace. It comes with a hud for more color possibilities. The cool hat is from Xen's Hats again. The Sahara Pith Helmet. It was packed in  the bag that Nic is wearing. The fringe bag is an oldie from my inventory from Lethal Couture. The cardigan on my shoulders an oldie from Coco.
Pants and top: Rams Wear - RXW1-Rams Wear-Assilah Brown-Aloha Fair Gift (free)
Skirt and top: Iffyta- Iffyta Maebella skirt and tank ( 1ld)
Helmet: Xens hats - XH Little Sahara Pith Helmet (Mesh) (Wear Me)
Shoes: Pure Poison at Collabor88 - Pure Poison - Giulia -V2 Sandals for SLINKFlatFeet
From inventory: Hair - Vanity; bag- LC; Armbands - Fishy Strawberrry; necklace - Shi; cardigan - Coco (oldie)
Pictures made at: The jungle 
thanks to Dancer for the tips
Bye bye, Nic

no message in a bottle

No message in a bottle. But just garbage on the beach. No not Nic is garbage. She is very elegant with her huge hat from Xen's hats. I wanted a white dress to go with the hat, but couldn't immediately find a nice free one. Therefore i use this very beautiful dress from Paisley Daisy again on the blog. The white shoes are free at Glamistry. All white shoes free is written on the board in the shop. The hair is the new groupgift from little bones. You can find the hair in the shop at the desk. The garbage is also interesting. The bottle on the beach and the bottle in Nic's hand are a groupgift from Keke. On the beach is also another groupgift from Keke; the ink bottle.

By the way you can buy nice bottles with messages at Azoury 

Dress: Paisley Daisy - Joeys mesh Autumn Antique White dress (Armani Infl.)
Hat: Xen's Hats -XH Longdale Hat Grapefruit
Shoes: Glamistry -  !  Footwear - HYACINTH [Glamistry-PF1004](white/ free)
Bottles: keke - Gift from [ keke ] (free)
Ink bottle: keke - Gift from [ keke ](free)
Pictures made at: Baja Norte

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 28, 2014

dots day

Two outfits with dots. Love the pink dress from !Soul. It is a groupgift from some time ago i think but sexy and elegant and a bit vintage. I loved to style it with the big hat from Xen's hats. An real eyecatcher. The pink a bit deeper then the dress. The shoes from fri in the same deep pink color. And ready is this colorful neckturner combination. The green blouse with dots is a new gift at NaYu. I combined it with Erratic item fom my inventory: the bracelet and the leather pants. The hairband is from Moon Amore. Showed before with other colors on this blog. The strawberry cream puff and the hot chocolate are from Poche. The bike behind Nic is free at marketplace. It isn't a 3dimensional bike but just decoration. For the picture and may be also for near your home it is ok. (Also a blue version on marketplace)

Pink dress with dots: !Soul - !Soul - Mesh Mini Retro Dress + LolasTg + Luhs Pink (free)
Blouse with dots: {NaYu} -{NaYu} Design - Group GIFT 08/14 (free)
Bike: Niall -  2H street clutter bike 2 (free)
Pink hat: Xen's Hats - Oklahoma Hat Fusia
From inventory: Strawberry puff and chocolate drink - Poche, hairs - EMO-tionns, bracelet- Erratic; pants -Erratic; head band with bow- Moon Amore ( gatcha); travel bag - PM; pink shoes - fri.;  brown shoes- Ingenue
Pictures made at: near the Ingenue shop and at Slow

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, July 27, 2014

last day of hair fair 2014

In this post again free hair from the Hair Fair. Your last chance to grab all the presents that i showed you in many posts. This long hair is from Rosy Mood. I use it for this ethnic post. The set is from Vips Creations. Includes pants, top, the bag, ring, earrings, bangles and sandals. The head wrap is not from the set. I was happy to discover nearly the same pattern on the warp as on the top. In contrast with these warm pictures in the tropical sunrise is the picture below in the rain and with pink colors. I add this here because in it is also a free hair gift from the Hair Fair. Otherwise i am too late to inform you. Nic wears pink sandals from the Beautiful Dirty Rich june/july gift. The dress is a groupgift from Aushka&Co
Long hair: Rosy Mood at Hair Fair 2014 -[DOLLARBIE] Mesh hair / Soothe - 3 colors(1ld)
Head wrap: Overhigh - OVH - Headwrap - Txt 02 (50ld)
Ethnic outfit: Vips Creations - Female Mesh Outfit - Ethnic Outfit-India
Blond Hair: LNH at HF 2014 -  [LaNoir Soleil Designs] HAIR FAIR 2014 GIFT
Sandals: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... - Part of ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... June/July Group Gift (free)
Pink/blue dress: A&Co - A&CO-Meli Dress Chevron-Group Gift (free)
The hairs at the firt picture - Catwa ( part of hair Kim)
Pictures take near the ethnic part of the Overhigh shop.
Hehe i was Vivographed by Vivena Resident. Love her picture )))) and pssst she was this years Official Photographer of the yearly  SL Community Celebration. I feel flattered ))
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 26, 2014

my attic

Mmmmm tiramisu delicious. The color of this Loren dress from Leri Miles Designs has that name. You can buy the dress at My Attic at The Deck. Nic wears it with shoes, that i showed before. A gift from Le Forme
The hair is from ElikaTira, but i added loose hairs from Catwa  for a loose style.
below another piece that i bought at My Attic. The super skirt from Thalia Heckroth. The top is a gift at Coco.

Hair: Elikatira - [e] Elika - Essentials (99ld/sale)
Dress: LMD at My Attic - LMD Loren Dress Tiramisu
Skirt:-Thalia Heckroth at my Attic- Andre Skirt (Fitted Mesh) White
Top: Coco - *COCO*_Gift_HighNeckCropTop(RedStripe) (free)
Brown gold shoes: Le Forme - [LF] Classic Heels Leather Carmin (free)
Red shoes ( but with colorhud with many possibilities - Shey - SHEY ALBA Stilettos(NEW)
From inventory: red sunglasses - ANE; yelow sunglasses - ieQed
Pictures made at: Nostos Deer

Bye bye, Nic

do you still love me tomorrow?

Together having a good time. They wear the gift for men an women from Gizza because of Gizza's 4rd anniversary. Congrats. So sexy is the back part of the dress. Nic wears hair from Elika. At the moment is the 9th rezz day sale running there. Celebrating 9 years in sl. Congrats too. Regular hair and color packs are 99ld. Have a look. It end on monday 22 august 2014

Dress: Gizza - GizzA - 4rd Anniversary Group Gift [Women] (free)
Jacket and pants male: GizzA - 4rd Anniversary Group Gift [Men] (free)
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Odette - Essentials (sale / 99ld)
From inventory: chairs and wine rack - Pixel mode

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, July 25, 2014

the day started so quiet ....

At the dreamers factory the day started quiet. But the dream changed into a nightmare. Shark attack. I think he didn't like Nic's jewelry with shark teeth.
Nic shows you a mix from different gifts. From Karla Boutique the sl Frees&Offers groupgift i used the off shoulder tops and the Turkish trousers and the blue white bangles. You get the present with a hud for several color options. Nic wears an pink after sun bandana, a groupgift from Beautiful Dirty Rich. The set includes several pieces: bikini, shorts and  bow sandals. The dotted bell bottom jeans is the wearable demo from Orange*Pekoe. A new release. The blue flower jeans is some of the bell bottom jeans, that you can buy.
Hair Fair 2014 is nearly coming to an end (27th july 2014). So be sure you missed none of the gorgeous gifts. The hair with hat is a gift  from elua at the fair. Several hair colors included. The black cap with a lion is a gift from Xodohtronu (Unorthodox)
The stripe sandals are a new release from Shey. With a hud you can change the stripes.

Off shoulder tops, Turkish trousers and bangles: !!! Karla Boutique !!! Rene Multi outfit (free)
Stripe sandals: SHEY - SHEY Acacia Stripe Heel (NEW)
Jeans dotted: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Bell bottom jeans - DEMOwearable! (1ld)
Jeans blue: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Bell bottom jeans - Light and dark (NEW)
Hair: +elua+ at HF 2014 - +elua+  Kei_HairFair2014 gift(free)
Black cap with lion: Unorthodox at HF 2014 - XODOHTRONU Lion Head Snapback Black/Crock Gold Lion (free)
Pink bandana top: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... -  part of...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... June/July Group Gift (free)
Shark: <That> - <That> mesh shark (free)
From inventory: Sunglasses - Kapone; Jewelry - WTG (old groupgift 2012)
Pictures made at: The Dreamers Factory 

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, July 24, 2014

my protectors

Nic feels save with these protectors. She shows you her free new shoes. For slink high feet. You get three colors. The new released dress from Shey is so sexy and elegant. Nic became many compliments when she was posing for the photoshoot. The dress has a hud for many color options. From inventory ankle bands. The hair from Exile is so gorgeous that Nic wears it again.

Lions: <That> - <That > - Mesh Lion and Lioness by That (free)
Shoes:  [Le Forme] - [LF] Classic Heels Leather Group Gift(free)
Dress: Shey - Shey Avril dress Detia (NEW)
From inventory: ankle bangles - Twisted & Spoiled ( part of kaftan and bikini set) ; Hair - Exile

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

oh could dreams come true

Although i made a sweet post, this is a sad day for my country and many other countries. The dead bodies from the airplane crash in Ukrain arrived today in Holland. This is a national day of mourning for us.
Oh could dreams come true ....then i wish  no war in this world and all the people reunited with their beloved ones. No one needs to flee from their country. No one has fear for violence or bombs like in the middle east. No one is hungry .. no one has pain from illness. But... we only can dream about this.
May be we can help and work together instead of fight. I pray for it.
Nic shows two gifts from the Dreamers Factory. The necklace with a star in a cave ( how fitting to my subject) and the cloudy horse clutch. The necklace is from Tokame and the clutch from off beat. You can find them near the bed at the entrance. I bought the top from Milk Motion with an embroidery on it but the hair is hanging over it. Sorry! You can choose bad or nice words.
At my Attic Nic bought the jeans shorts.  The shoes are from Bens Beauty a groupgift. Sunglasses from BSD.
The hair is the gift from Exile at the Hair Fair 2014. You get 4 colors. All with the soft rainbow part.
But pssst the hair is changeable. I will show you below a picture with the same hair but  recoloured.
On the last picture a denim jumpsuit from DirtyMind at Kustom9.

Necklacewith cloud or star(Tokame) in cage and clutch (offbeat)  - THE DREAMERS FACTORY GIFT(free, near landingspoint near the bed)
Hair: Exile at HF 2014 -  Exile After The Rain- Sparkle naturals pack (free)
Shirt: (Milk Motion) at DF- (Milk Motion)embroidered tee -nice words - green
Denim shorts: :::LP::: at my Attic - :::LP::: Jean_Loose Shorts - Original
Denim  jumsuit: ::DirtyMind:: at Kustom9- ::DirtyMind:: Avery Jumpsuit (Black Denim)
Shoes: Bens Beauty - Bens Beauty - Tropicano High Heel mint-mix ( free/ but group join fee)
Poses: Le Poppycock at The Chapter four - Le Poppycock *Afterglow* A  and B(Female)
From inventory: Belt - LaGyo; Bag in teal - LaGyo; rings - LaGyo;  Sunglasses - BSD
Pictures made at: The Dreamers Factory (20 july - 22 august 2014)

Bye bye, Nic

baguette every day

Where is Nic? Not difficult to say i think. Nic wears two gifts from the Hair Fair 2014. The hair is from K Code. I added the fringe messy hairs on her forehead  from Shi ( also a gift at HF2014).
The clothes are a  mix from findings at the OMG Room. I just wear under the black vest an old gift from Coco ..the bow blouse. The shoes are for slink mid feet. Nic wears a plaster because she dropped the tray with coffee in the post before this one.

Hair: K Code at HF2014- K-CODE Free Hair (all colours & LM inside)(free)
Messy fringe hair on fore head : .Shi at HF2014-  .Shi : Messy Fringe Gift - Hairfair 2014 [Unrigged](free)
Shoes, shorts and black vest: Night Design at OMG Room - TOP SHORT E SHOE (3ld)
Teal top: FoReVeR at OMG Room  - * FoReVeR* Top 03 (5ld)
Skirt: FORMIS at OMG Room - part of outfit [FORMIS DESIGNE]OUTFIT CAMY (5ld)
Jewelry: Glitzz store - [G] Zarut - Bronze (1ld)
Plaster: House of Manderley -  Boo Boo Band aid plaster tattoo ( not shown)(1ld)
From inventory Baguette - ASO and TOSL; plaster - severed garden; donut -
Pictures made near the ASO shop 

Bye bye, Nic