Thursday, October 31, 2013

they are coming to take me away.........

Yeah it is me, Nic. It was a bloody night as you can see. But i survived... grins. But the brothers from the Asylum said they are coming to take me away. See the bed behind  me and the altar the graveyard and the Gargoyle statue? It is all in this skybox.
On monday Dancer told me about this gift and i immediately went over and got it. Now i discover it was out just that day. But no worries. There are some realy good skyboxes from the same designer out as a groupgift. He has an area with all sorts of groupgifts also jewelry, skins and clothes. Realy worthwhile looking around and pick up nice stuff for males and females.

For the photoshoot Nic went to NV Madworld. Got this bloody dress and the super cool bloody tattoo layer. You need not be a groupmember to get the gift. I like it when Nic grins... see the blood and missing tooth. Insane! Dancer told me that many designers will remove their halloween presents after this day. So she told me that i better could warn my readers. Go as fast as possible to pick up the nice halloween stuf. I think she is right.

The necklace is a special that you can build very easy by yourself. I used the necklace that is in the packet from [NV] the cross necklace. But i attached two tiny skulls. Same i did with a ring. I attached a tiny skull to the ring that i weared yesterday. The skull you can get at marketplace. You can change the skull..make it very small. Then do attach to at the same place as where you wear the ring ( or necklace). Not shown here... but i also changed shoes for my upcoming halloween party.

Skyboxes: Yasum Design - all sorts of skyboxes and more groupgifts ( free)
Dress, hair and  blood tattoo and cross necklace: [NV] - [NV] Carrie Outfit Gift Halloween ( free)
Skull: ! Demonia ! - !Demonia ! Bloody face ( free)
When the link to marketplace doesn't work.. first sign in with your account on marketplace.. then the link works!

Bye bye wish you a nice Halloween today, Nic
I can't see blood anymore!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the evening is falling

This tricot set, skirt and duo - tshirt from the lucky boards at Milky Way is a sweet casual set. There are more lucky boards with new stuff. I also got a red jeans.  Because the evening is falling Nic also wears her cardigan from long ago from Coco. Her boots are an old ( but still available) group gift from Coco. The ring is the october groupgift from Sweet Leonard. For this weather hair with a cap is fine. And whereever Nic goes the last days she always takes her bag  from tulip with her.
I was doing the photoshoot with old Argrace hair. I went to the shop to see if the hair was still there and what did i discover to my surprise. Two halloween gifts. For male and female a present. The short hair for men is also good for women. The cap comes in  4 colors and patterns and there are several hair colors.

Skirt: milky*way - *milky-way S;1-03 Skirt with side pockets "gray" LB ( free)
Shirt: **milky-way - *milky-way C;1-02 Duo T-shirt "border red" LB (free)
Hair with caps ( last 2 pictures): Argrace - *ARGRACE* Halloween Gift 2013 (free)
Ring: Sweet Leonard - ::LEONARD:: Triangle Rings -GroupGift- (free/ but groupjoin fee)
From inventory: Boots - Coco; Socks - EB Atelier; bag - tulip; pettable beagle - Zooby
Pictures made at : Six

Bye bye, Nic


The Durmstrang Institute is a Wizarding school. It is located in the northernmost regions of Norway or Sweden. Durmstrang has, however, taught students from as far afield as Bulgaria. Durmstrang was one of the three schools that competed in the Triwizard Tournament in the 1994- 1995 school year. It is an old school, having existed since at least 1294. The students at the school wear fur cloaks, fur hats, and blood-red robes. Durmstrang, like other schools, likes to conceal its whereabouts so the other schools cannot steal their secrets. Their arrival by ship implies that Durmstrang is somewhere at the seaside or by some river or major lake.

Nic is going by train.. so not to Durmstrang but to Hogwarts.
However she wears the new release from Orange*Pekoe: the Durmstrang unofficial outfit. You get the leather dress, leather bolero, the fur cape, boots and the red sweater and tights. Nic took her fur hat from LeLutka out of her inventory for the occassion and her fur bag from Yorim's.
She shows you the dress with and without the fur cape so you can see the leather bolero. I like the good leather texture of this outfit. Well-done iioko.

Durmstrang outfit: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Durmstrang unofficial outfit - brown
From inventory: Bag - Yorim's ; satchel - tulip, hair- Maitreya ( Jordyn) fur hat - Le Lutka;  deer ring -Sweet Leonard; necklace - Axix ( free/see the Tirol post)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

hayabusa gaming chair

Oh wow what a chair is this. It has 3 screens for gaming. Realy cool. Tjip is like a space cowboy in this chair. Watch his combow boots. The boots are a groupgift at The Gentry. They also have spurs and tips. The jeans i found at Menstuf lounge. The sweater is from Pidria Bonetto Factory. It is near the Innuendo shop. Italian style both shops. When you don't want show the logo of the shop, just wear your Mr. Poet scarf. In the Pidria shop is a Midnightmania with a striped grey shirt and a darkgrey sweater. Come help hit the MM please.
Tjip wears new hair. Not new in the shop but new for tjip. Saw this hair on the blog from Darkyn Dover.  Thanks Darkyn for telling me what hair it was and from what shop.
From another Midnight Mania at Poison is the leather jacket. Verdant got the jacket so i use a picture of him. Please help click also there. There are 2 MM boards at Poison. He also wears cowboy boots from The Gentry, but those aren't free any more.
Jeans: Shadow Moon at Menstuff lounge - MENstuff Gift by ~Shadow Moon~ ( free)
Boots: * The Gentry - * The Gentry - Stingray Boots ( free)
Hair: ::Exile:: - ::Exile:: Tidal: Naturals
Leather jacket: Poison - >>>Poison<<< Wiplash brown 2 jacket
Chair: Standby Inc. -  Standby Inc. Hayabusa gaming chair
From inventory: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift); Hat Verdant - Gabriel ( free)
Pictures made at: Drobak Village 

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, October 28, 2013


Nic is wandering through the mountains of Tirol. There is already snow on this height. The water is fresh and clear. She needed may be other boots but she wanted wear her new ones. The boots are in  the box in more colors. The shirt is comfly. Walking makes warm. Backpack with food and drinks and all is available for a good day.
The necklace is from a Halloween hunt from Axix. Search the pumpkin high between the halloween lights. Thanks Soraya for finding the boots and shirt.

Necklace: :: Axix ::  - :: Axix :: Halloween Necklace ( free)
Boots: Obeygirl6 - ~Fashion Kit~ Autumn rigged mesh boots set ( 10ld)
Shirt: ::PCF:: - Project Chrystal's Fashion collection color/green ( 5ld)
From inventory: Backpack - pesca ( old Arcade gatcha item); pants - Overhigh

Bye bye, Nic

a mystery guest in the French kitchen

As mystery guest she had a delicious meal. The kitchen is superbe! She had pot au feu. Mmmm. She was dresses well for the occassion. In french styled clothes. Watch the cute hat. The set is made by iioko or  Yoko Dubois : Designer of Orange*Pekoe: uniforms and cute fashion for teens.Inspired by her Mischief Managed role play character. Mischief Managed! is a  a non-profit Harry Potter and Hogwarts roleplaying sim. You may be know Mischief Managed from the Wizarding Faire.
It isn't strange that you can see two influences in this set.Yoko's hometown: Paris, but moved to Ireland when she was ten (and speaks with a bit of a French accent). A french influence and the Harry Potter influence.
This is the orange version of the Beauxbâtons outfit, a demo and a halloween cheapie in the same time. The hat, leggings and shoes are included.

Beauxbâtons outfit: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe beauxbâtons demo outfot - orange (10ld)
From inventory: Bag - tulip.
Pictures made at Pretty Island

Bye bye, Nic

a nap

New items in the lucky boards at sheep door. This cute green romper with the sweet striped legging is one of the presents. Good for bedtime.

Rompers: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Rompers (Mesh) GACHAPIN LB ( free)
Striped espadrilles: Baby Monkey - BM Juana Espadrilles All Stripes ( old groupgift)
From inventory: Bunny - Quest's ; Rabbit - made by a friend.

Pictures made at : Drobak Village

Sunday, October 27, 2013


From 25 -10-2013 till 31-10-2013 there will be a free hairstyle everyday at Alice Project , with 3 extras planned for VIPs. Each style is free for ONE DAY ONLY. I got the hair Delilah and Kumi for free. Each packet contains black blond brown red and white hair with bloodstains.
Nic celebrates Halloween this year again with her friends in Tirol. This year it will be an After Halloween Party, because of rl activities we come together a bit later. The theme for the costumes must be bloody. And that is why Nic travelled around and picked up bloody hairs and bloody clothes everywhere. I already showed bloody hair on the blog (watch here).
For the boots on the last picture run. They are from a steampunk outfit from K2K , just one day free)

Corset: mary cakes -  #23-B!BH2-{mary cakes} design ( free)
Skirt: Sn@tch - Sn@tch Spellbound Skirts ( Lucky Board /free)
Necklace and earrings: Ghee -~ghee~Halloween 2013  Gift #2 ( free/ behind the desk)
Jumpsuit: Chrysalis - Chrysalis - Calamity ( free)
Mini dress: Dolllee - {dollle*} 04 Gift : Bloody Bandage Outfit ( free)
Boots: K2K - part of mesh - steampunk outfit # ( free 1 day)
Halloween hairs: Alice Project - Halloween Massacre special every day a new hair free for one day.
Pictures made at: The Elegant Goth

Bye bye, Nic

a warm woolen dress for in the garden

Busy she was? But it is a good job when the autumn is still warm and sunny. Nic wears a warm woolen dress from a lucky board from 1mm. She was waiting for the new lucky boards at sheep door and saw someone wear a boho dress from that shop. Nic went there and was immediately the lucky winner. At first glance i thought ..hmmm... may be a bit old fashioned, but with the tights from Mimikri and the hair with scarf in the same color and with the new sneakers from Apple May pumpkin hunt ( these black ones are in the male shop) i was happy with the look.

Dress: !1mm - !1mm***   botton dress pink(LB) ( free)
Sneakers: AMD - Apple May Designs - High Top Wedge Sneakers Black Night ( 1ld)
From inventory: Ajour leggins - Mimikri (wine); Hair - Wasabi Pills(Brrree)
Pictures made at Pretty Island 

Bye bye, Nic