Saturday, May 31, 2014

a preview for the Arcade

Nic is preparing a barbecue for friends. She went to a nice location at Whispering Wind. The barbecue (rare), picknick table(rare), foodplates, lanterns, crocket set (rare), umbrella, curry and ketchup bottles and more you can get at the new Arcade gatcha event. This is all from Pixel Mode with the well-known high quality. I hope for you, you can win the rare items because they are so cute.
Nic wears a set fom Hilly Haalan again. This is the groupgift. Long skirts are very hot at the moment  in rl. The shoes are a gift from Koi Koi. I was diving in my inventory again. Found back some cross necklaces. One from Centro Pallini. I went there and discovered the nice hat. A good one for summer time. Click the hat for color options from the ribbon and the straw.
Nic's hair is a gift from ChiChikie when you go to the facebook page from ChiChikie. Like the page and you get a code. Hit the board in the shop and place the code in the menu. And the hair is yours. The hair has a menu for some color options.

Top and skirt: Hilly Haalan - GROUP GIFT - [hh] Bella Maxi Skirt & Top Outfit (free)
Barbeque items: [PM]Pixel Mode for the Arcade (june 2014)- [PM]Pixel Mode : Le Petit Chef - Arcade June 2014
Shoes: Koikoi - KoiKoi T-Dotty Group Gift (free)
Hat: CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* STRAW HAT (free)
Hair: ChiChickie!   ChiChikie! Facebook Friends Gift (free)
Pictures made at : Whispering Wind

Bye bye, Nic

search for the smallest most beautiful pink shell

Search for the smallest most beautiful pink shell is what i did as a child. And Nic does it now on the beach. Serena Long Cay is a beautiful beach sim. Nic walks in her new dress. It is a wearable demo from Leechouette. Love the lace part and the colors. It is in the rack near the other dresses. Nic wears wedges from Duh! You can find them in the subscribe-o-matic. The bracelets are a gift from the cosmopolitan sales room. colors fit this dress very well. picture making is with the camera from ANe.

Dress:  Leechouette - (DEMO GIFT) Leechouette - flared one-piece (nadeshico) (free)
Wedges: Duh! - ::Duh!:: Group Gift - White Espadrilles - Corrected (free)
Bagngles: Buttery Toast at CSR - .: Buttery Toast:. Summer Heat - CSR Group GIFT (free)
From inventory: Hair - Tameless (free); vintage camera - ANE; Blue bag - Cream shop.

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, May 30, 2014

he didn't show up...

He didn't show up! See what happened to poor Nic. She totally got drunk because he didn't came! He isn't worth this at all!
No.... no worries about her. It's just a story to guide the poses that i used. I catched Nic when she was dancing. One of my beloved dances called Danish from Sine Wave.
Nic was waiting for him in a new dress from Shey. You can change the skirtpart and the shirt with a hud. Many possibilities to choose. The studded legging also is from Shey. And i show you another color from the groupgift shoe from Reign and the hair from Tameless.(see post before this one for the slurls/ hehe lazy me!))

Dress: Shey-SHEY - Emily Shirt Dress (NEW)
Legging: Shey -SHEY - Spiked Leggings C012
From inventory: hair - Tameless (free); Shoes - Reign (free); bag-Maitreya.
Pictures made at: Luck

Bye bye, Nic


The grab a B!asta item from this week (just 50ld) is a satin blouse and booty shorts. I always like a navy theme. So i dived in my inventory for accessories. Found a sailor bag, a necklace  and  a hat and a tattoo. All to make nice pictures but you want ofcourse some things on the blog to go for and grab or buy. So here are the things for you. Free groupgift hair at tameless! You get a fatpack with more colors. The shoes are a groupgift from Reign. You get a hud with colors, but i choosed ofcourse dark blue. Nic went to the boat from her sweet neighbour whysp for the pictures.

B!asta has a new groupgift, a mini dress and matching flat shoes in olive and cream.

Satin blouse and booty shorts: B!asta -[ B! ] :KALIMERA: Satin blouse and booty shorts (50ld)
Hair: Tameless - Tameless Hair Shavon - Mega Pack (free)
From inventory: Pants - Kaithleen;

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, May 29, 2014

ghee hunt

Already some days ago i planned to make this post, but i was always too busy with other posts. I wanted  to inform you about the black jack hunt at the Ghee mainshop. You need find cards. Every card is 10ld. On the board you can see what you can get. Some are quit difficult to find. But if needed i can help you. Edit the card to see what item is in it unless you want everything. And there is much!

Top: Ghee - ghee essentials off shoulder top black patterned black jack #4(10ld)
Drapped skirt: ghee ESSENTIALS DRAPE SKIRT BLACK BAG #5 (10ld)
Shorts:  Ghee - ghee essentials shorts - patterned ghee blackjack hunt #16 (10ld)
Drapped top: Ghee - ghee Essentials Drape Top FLORALblack jack hunt #8 (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Eaters Coma; Shoes - BSD
Pictures made near the Ghee main shop

Bye bye, Nic

this is how he should be dressed

This is how my man should be dressed. Love such a style very much. A cool jacket with shirt and tie and a jeans to make it a loose casual style.All from GioMEN. Nic discovered the brown jacket and shirt at The Cosmopolitan Sales Room for just 70ld. She bought it as a gift for tjip, but it didn't arrive. For the inconvenience the designer gave tjip a fat pack. That is so super nice. Thanks Giovanni! When you buy a fat pack you have many super possibilities with shirt tie and jacket colors. You can see just some of the possibilities here. So go have a look guys. At the sales room you get the brown jacket  with five ties and five shirts.
Below the gift at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room . Join the group and click the board hanging over an entrance. It is the warm coat from GIOMEN.
Hair and hat first pictures: Salon the glow - ::C'est la vie!::xGLOW::porkpie hat(LB color 01 ver.)(free)
Jacket, shirt and tie: GioMEN at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room  - ..:: G i o M E N ::.. Binboa Coat - SHIRT &TIE brown(70ld)
Coat: GioMEN at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room  -  [ G I O M E N ] Slim Fit Coat [GROUP GIFT] (free)
Chucks: Kapone - Tha fusion red/green ( free/ LB) and chuck leather (free/ LB)
From inventory: Grey jeans - 360 (old groupgift); Blue jeans- B&C (10ld marketplace); denim shirt- Gabriel (1ld); ring gabriel (free)

Bye bye, Nic


How to show a dance animation on a blog. It is a bit difficult, but i hope you get the impression of a dancing Nic at the first two pictures. Why is this important? There is a new shop with animations. In the shop you get a free dance as groupgift. Nic is dancing also because she is very happy with her clothes. I saw someone wearing this rolled up pants from Analee Balut. Went  into the shop but no rolled up jeans. Wrote Analee and she was so kind to give this old groupgift to me. I hope AnaLee will put some rolled-up jeans in her shop. I will inform you when she does. The clutch is a free groupgift at the Cosmopolitan Sale room.
Nic's sweater and blouse is from tres blah for the collabor88. Bought for Nic this hair from Eaters Coma. The shop was crowded because there was a new  hair.
The shoes from BSD i already showed before on the blog.

Girls i just heard that AnaLee put the roll-up jeans (the one that i show) and another one again in her shop.!!!!!!! super thanks. You can find them in the casual part in the half round rack.

Dance: Glamour Animations- 04. Club Solo Dance (free)
Pants: Alb Dream Fashion -  ALB TAY jeans thanksgiving by AnaLee Balut
Sweater: tres blah at Collabor88 - -tb- Prep Sweater - Pink
Clutch: Promagic at CSR - *PROMAGIC* subscribers gift may 2014 (free)
Shoes: BSD at CSR- {{BSD Design studio}}forever beauty grey leather (70ld)
Hair: Eaters Coma - Eaters Coma - HAIR 45 / CHESTNUT
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

let the sparks fly for him and her

You see Nic in the hunt present from Wilson's Closet from the  Let The Sparks Fly Hunt. A hunt for males and females. I combined the set with relatively new shoes from BSD en the bamboo bag from BSD.
Mihaly helped me to show the male set from Wilson's Closet. Thanks Mihaly. He wears very good shoes from Hoorenbeek.
Hint: Go to the fifth floor near the fountain.
Brown set: Wilson's Closet - Wilson's Closet - Let the sparks fly for her (free)
On Mihaly: Brown set: Wilson's Closet - let the sparks fly for him (free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Bonne Chance-yellow
Bag: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}my bamboo bag-yellow

Bye bye, Nic

some hunt presents for tropical days

Two hunt items from Vero Modero. The Sun and Fun Hunt starts jun1 and stops jun 30. But i already found the item in the Vero Modero shop. The bikini with the net pants are from that hunt. There is another layer with a kiss but i liked the set more this way. Problem with the set is that when you move your legs, the legs will come through the pants so now and then. But who cares while doing taichi under the sun?
The dress on picture 3 und 4 is from the enMeshed into Summer Hunt (EIS). The form from the dress is the same as from the dress some posts before this one, but another texture. Nic still wears the bikini under the dress. The dress has a bit a "see through texture" as you can see. .

Bikini set: Vero Modero -[VM] VERO MODERO / Kiss Bikini Set White (free)
Dress: Vero Modero -[VM] VERO MODERO / Boho Set Cream (free)
From inventory: necklace - fashionably dead (Abstract bird necklace  old gift ) Hair- Damselfly ( see post before this one/free)
Pictures made at : Cala del Barronal

Bye bye, Nic

water nymph

Between the water lilies and dandelions Nic enjoys her new set from !gO!. See the back side... so sexy! So loose and light is the set. Nic shows you two textures. In the shop is one of the sets 50% off first time . And one is a groupgift.
I was cleaning my inventory and trying all necklaces so i wear some to show you. The first one is an oldie from Zibska. I went to Zibska and ofcourse this one isn't there anymore. Lots of nice groupgifts are in the shop. Group join is 200ld. Have a look, for example nice snake skinny pants you can get. The other necklace ( shop is gone) has the name hairdresser. And yes easy this one for Nic, because when her hair is hanging down to much, she has a clip and a pin to handle it. ;).
The hair is the new groupgift from Damselfly. In my beginning time of sl i weared nice hairs from that shop. After long time i came back now. Don't miss the groupgift because you get a pack with more colors.

Shortst: !gO! - !gO! Limone Shorts-Roses  and meadow (NEW!one of the shorts is first week 50% offf/ and one is a groupgift (free/ groupjoin is 50ld) !)
Top: !gO! - !gO! Limone Top-Roses (NEW! one of the tops is first week 50% off/ one is a groupgift free, but groupjoin 50ld)
Hair: Damselfly - *~*Damselfly*~*Brett Non-Rigged Mesh (free, groupgift)
Pictures made at: Bubblez

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

citrus tree

Nic stays in vacation mood. She wears now a cute skirt and a top from Kaithleen's. The top is this month groupgift. And run for the skirt, because it is a hunt item from the Cotton Candy  Hunt. Look for a Cotton Candy stick. The hunt ends on 31th of May.  Hope you see this post in time to get the whole combination.

Top: Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's Beach Set Ruffled Top (free)
Skirt: Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's Beach Set Ruffled Skirt Blue (2ld)
From inventory: Hair - Exile( London Rain)

Bye bye, Nic


In rl it is raining raining and raining and then you are longing more and more for vacation (ferien). Nic went to the Mimikri sim. Behind the Mimikri shop is a little harbour as if you are in Greece or so. Nic shows the green dress. The dress is at the moment in the lucky chair from Ydea . It is a mesh dress. The texture is good as if it is a linen dress. I combined it with my studded legging from Shey.
The bracelet is a groupgift from Fabuleux. It made Dancer laugh, she said when she saw the pac man eating ghosts. Nice idea this bracelet. I cleaned my inventory and found back all sorts of things. For example the Exile hair, the bag and the doll necklace.
The summer dress on the last two pictures is from BN designs, a groupgift. Nic uses her espadrilles from Miel.

Green dress: Ydea -*Ydea* Roma dress green (free)
Studded legging: Shey - SHEY - Spiked Leggings C012
Bracelet: ::Fabuleux:: - ::Fabuleux:: Pacman bracelet Groupgift (free)
Second dress:  BN designs - melisa (free)
From inventory: Hair - Exile; bag - well.done atelier; doll necklace - Violet Voltaire; boots - Maitreya.

Bye bye, Nic
Thanks Dancer for the nice findings and help!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

free today only!

Oh my goodness Nic discovered a poor cat in the water. As fast as she could on her high heels she saved him and brought him to the fireplace to dry.
She wears a lovely top from EhR and a pencils skirt from FA Creations. Her high heel are a new release from BSD at Cosmopolitan Sale Room. Just 70ld . You need wear slink high feet.
And then below Nic is relaxing again after the accident. She wears new shoes. FREE TODAY ONLY!!!!! So run girls. The cute top is from the lucky board at SMC.

Hair: D!va at Collabor88 - ""D!va"" Hair "Yuko" (Brown diamond)
Top: EhR - ::: EhR ::: _ top female (green)
Skirt: FAC - ::FAC:: Audrey Pencil Skirt
Grey shoes: BSD at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - {{BSD Design studio}}forever beauty grey leather (70ld)
Pinks Shoes: Ruca Tease - RT The wizard of oz  (free just 1 day!)
Pink top: :SMC: -  :SMC: Short Tank Top-PNK (free)
from inventory: necklace - League ( with clouds); Lamb necklace - Ey-No
Pictures made at: Twilights Edge

Bye bye, Nic
Thanks dancer for the tip about the shoes.