Saturday, January 31, 2015

get your motor running...head out on the highway

Looking for adventure for whatever is coming my way....Yeah, darling gonna make it happen ...Take the world in a love embrace... I like smoke and lightning..heavy metal thunder.. racing in the  wind..

Nic wears a ladies coverall from Silvery K. Love this outfit. It comes with the belt and the shoes. A one click outfit. For male and female. You can buy it at The Creators Collection Box event. Sale 50% OFF price at the event meeting place. More colors to choose from. I combined it with the racing helmet from the Ydea Racer outfit ( for men.) On the last pictures Nic shows the jacket from the Ydea set. Nic wears it over the coverall. Below the backside of the coverall. To show you the text.

Coverall: *:..Silvery K..:* at CCB- *:..Silvery K..:*Ladies CoverALL(Mesh)(50% off at CCB)
Helmet and jacket: Ydea - *Ydea* Race men outfit
Hair: Ploom - .ploom. Harley - Browns
From inventory: Necklace corazon - artilleri ( marketplace sl)
Pictures made at: Monkey Banana

Friday, January 30, 2015

somebody to love...

Sensual. Nic wears the OrsiniRed Lust Sea Outfit for the Fantasy Collective. It comes with the headpiece. This color is fresia. You can get more sorts of colors. Nic's skin is the skin Judit, a groupgift from Pelle. You also get appliers and a darker skin and lipsticks and eyeshadows.This is the pale version. Nic wears eyelashes from Ploom (old gift)

Outfit with headpiece - OrsiniRed at The Fantasy Collective- OrsiniRed Lust Sea Outfit Fresa (NEW/99ld)
Skin: Pelle - PELLE SKIN - JUDIT skin PALE  with make up (free)
Old Rose bouquet: [[RH]] at CCB - [[RH]] Old Rose Bouquet set -Gift- (free)
From inventory: hair - Dela
Pictures made at: Winterfall

love is a flower, you've got to let it grow ( New Beginning Hunt part 1)

Snowdrops early messengers of the new beginning. I love these winter tins with snowdrops from keke. Found them on marketplace and they are not so expensive. When you want see more work from keke go to the main shop or to The Seasons Story
Nic wears a warm sweater , the new groupgift for valentines day from !gO!. I combined it with the jeans from Entice and boots that i found at marketplace from Dark Side.
And because Dancer said she wanted to do the New Beginning Hunt i thought oh yes good idea. And immediately found this nice pink dress with bow from FAshioNatic.
Go in the shop and search near the desk. And.... there are more hunt items there with realy nice things in it. So...up up and away to FAshioNatic girls (and guys).
Below a clos-up from the !gO! sweater. Some poses are from +Espoir+ . A shop that i found at the sim where i did the photoshoot.

Hints for the New Beginning Hunt here

Dress: FAshioNatic- .TNBO-2015 # 12 -FashionNatic - F Path (1ld)
Jeans: Entice - part of  Entice - I Want Candy Outfit (free)
Boots: Dark Side - = [Dark Side] = Gray Boots (20ld)
Sweater: !gO! - !gO! Valentine turtleneck- Group Gift (free/ 50ld group join fee)
Box on the ground: [NO CONCEPT]  at CCB  - [NO CONCEPT] CCB wood box(free)
Tins with snawflakes - keke  - keke winter  tin snow drop wintersky (10ld)
Some poses: +Espoir+ - ( each 20ld)
Tattoo: ::c.A.:: at CCB - ::c.A.:: Valentine Tattoo @CCB gift (free)
from inventory: Hair - dela; Stole - ::K::
Pictures made at: Natural Mignon Colore
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

our house is a very very very fine house, with two cats in the yard

Life used to be so hard. Now everything is easy cause of....
Nic is decorating with things she found at the cute town from the post yesterday. A thousand miles she walked to find all.The town is near the japanese event Creators Collection Box. The pink flowers and the stole and the japanese umbrella's you can find at the event. In the town you can find the reading frog on the duck chair. the carpet  with the stripes with the cushions with the cat looking under the carpet, the desk with a chair with postcards. the plants in pots and the shelf and watering can with plants. The wooden tree and the wooden lamp are from Nic's  inventory from  Christmas time 2014.

Nic wears clothes from KlubWerk. Below a close-up. Shoes again from BSD. Now the sock version in blue.

Sweater and shirt: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her --Pullover&Blouse/Moira-- UsedDenim
Pants: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her -- SwagPant/ UNION -- denim
Stole: ::K:: at CCB  - ::K:: Wool Stole CCB Group Gift (free)
Old Rose bouquet: [[RH]] at CCB - [[RH]] Old Rose Bouquet set -Gift- (free)
Umbrella: *:..Silvery K..:*at CCB  - *:..Silvery K..:*Japanese umbrella(CCB Gift) (free)
Pots with plants, shelve, desk with chair, : [[RH]] at  Monkey Banana 
Duck chair with frog - [MB]  at Monkey Banana
Nails:Flair at My Attic SOM gift  **Flair - Nail Hud Add On - Slink Avatar Enhancement - (free)
Boots: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Billionaire baby-  blue sock (50% off sale)
From inventory: Hair - Dela; Wooden lamp - Sway's ;  Wooden hanger- Serenity Style; coffee- Zinnia
Pictures made at: Izzie's 

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a thousand miles

A thousand miles. For shopping.  Nic and tjip busy in the streets of this cute town. Nic has an old rose bouquet from [[RH]] a gift at the Creators Collection Box. An event with many japanese designers. She also wears a free tattoo near her neck from chocolat Atelier ( also at the event). Tjip wears a cable stich vest from ::K:: you can buy it there. There are 7 colors available.
Nic's  purple blouse and black rompers is from Coepio, a groupgift. It comes with a hud  for more color options for the rompers. Already a bit a spring outfit. The black clutch is from ANE ( 50% offf sale)

Nic wears:
Hair: Vanity - Vanity Hair::Senses-Dark Browns
Rompers outfit:~coepio~ - ~~coepio~ Rompers Outfit with Jacket  ~Purple~ (free)
Flowers:[[RH]] at CCB -  [[RH]] Old Rose Bouquet set -Gift-(free)
Clutch: ANE - ANE Barrington Bag BLACK
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Billionaire baby- silver black (50% off sale)
Socks: EB Atelier - EB Atelier mesh socks (50ld)
Tattoo: ::c.A.:: at CCB - ::c.A.:: Valentine Tattoo @CCB gift (free)
From inventory: Nails - Superba

Tjip wears:
Cable stich vest: ::K:: at CCB - ::K:: Cable Stich Vest Homme/Femme@CCB (NEW)
From inventory: Shoes - Hoorenbeek, Pants - EhR, Hair - Dura
Pictures made  at : Monkey Banana 
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 26, 2015

maybe i am amazed

May be i am amazed about what you left behind here for me on the bench. A pre present for Valentines day? Nic is walking in sl streets as if she is walking in the small streets in Amsterdam. we have a very beautiful place in Amsterdam. It is called the 9streets. Full with monuments and nice specialized  small shops. Worthwhile to go there.
Nic wears a beautiful dress with a very special model and a warm color from La Gaza Ladra ( the mesh mark from B!asta). The La Gaza Ladra designs are not made with templates but are unique designs from the designer.  For Valentines day a very good one  i think.The dress comes in many colors. Isn't Nic lovely in this dress? She wears the Chop Zuey jewelry ( free). And low boots from the sale at BSD (50% off sale).

Dress: B!asta - LGL {by B!ASTA} - Shape of Your Heart . Bordeaux (NEW)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Billionaire baby- raw (50% off)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Amour Delicata Gld/Ruby Set (free)
From inventory: Hair - little bones; clutch - !Duh! 20ld)
Pictures made at: Lo Lo 

Bye bye, Nic

on the border

Near the mexican border waiting for the man to come. Waiting him in vain. He will not come. Too dangerous. Nic wears a new release from !gO!. A nice woolen skirt and sweater. Lovely made textures. Love that on one arm the sleeve is more high then on the other arm.
In the first week of the release one of the colors ( a sort denim blue) is 50% off.
The bag i bought in the sale at ANE. The hair is from Soul. But i used the clip from the Analog dog hair from yesterday.

Skirt: !gO! -!gO! Pansy Skirt - gray (new)
Sweater: !gO! -!gO! Pansy Sweater - gray (new)
Bag: ANE - ANE Remi Bag Black (50% off sale)
Hair: !Soul - !SOUL - HAIR - Pansy - 12 Nuances -  Special Set 1(60ld)
From inventory: Boots- Pixel Mode; Poses: 9+ and Le Poppycock
Pictures made at: Kashmir Dreams 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

the long and winding road that leads to your door

Can you give me a lift sir? Nic wears a groupgift hoodie from Karla  Boutique. Comes with a hud for more color options. Group join fee is expensive but you can grab many presents at once and fill your inventory. Joking... most inventories are already overloaded isn't it girls? The red bag is also from Karla Boutique a gift for the Fashion Alert group. The jewelry is from Rowena's Designs. If you need  free jewelry with red stones then go to Chop Zuey. There is a necklace with armband and earrings as a gift for the SL Frees&Offers group. The necklace has many hearts and is in gold/ ruby. I wanted wear silver so that is why i wear Rowena's. The boots are also from Rowena's Designs.
I love Nic's hair with clip from Analog Dog. The glasses are from ANE. 50% sale there at the moment. Run ladies, Now is your chance to get what you already wanted but couldn't afford yourself.

Coat/hoodie: Karla Boutique -!!! Karla Boutique !!! Dany Cardigan mesh (free/ but group join fee)
Bag: Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Iris Bag (free/ no group join fee)
Necklace, earrings in ruby/ gold (NOT SHOWN!!!) -Chop Zuey Amour Delicata Gld/Ruby Set (free)
Necklace and earrings in silver: RS - {RS} Adalina Earings  en necklace (new)
Glasses: ANE - ANE Seberg Glasses Mesh (sale:  all items 50% off )
Boots: Rowena's designs - part of  {RS} Laryn Coat, Skirt & Boots
Hair: Analog Dog
- .b - quest - dark browns
from inventory: Legging - Mimikri; nails - Superbia (GG/free)
Pictures made at: Vespertine 

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, January 24, 2015

go your own way

Going his own way...getting older .... Tjip wears a groupgift skin from Curves. The scarf is the SLFrees &Offers gift from Karla Boutique. The scarf is unisex and comes with a hud  for more texture and color options. His shirt is the groupgift from Mirus. You also can get this shirt in brown for the SLFrees &Offers group. The hair is one of the last boy releases at Dura. This is the darkgray version.

Skin: Curves -Curves-Group Gift-Boys-2-NEW (free)
Hair: *Dura-*Dura-Boy*52(Dark Gray)
Shirt and tee: Mirus - *MIRUS* Cool Men's open shirt black
Scarf: Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Andrea Multi Cowl Scarf mesh (free)
From inventory: Black mesh jeans - Ehr, Boots - Coco (old)
Pictures made at Dura

Bye bye, Nic

you can leave your hat on

Nic shows you a new released dress from Rowena Designs. Nic wears a old vest from Fishy Strawberry from her inventory without sleeves so you can see the armpart of the dress. The hat is from the Men Only Monthly (MOM). Many women there! The long hair is a groupgift at Lakshmi.
The half long hair is a groupgift from Entwined , you get a fatpack.
Shoes from BSD. I show below close-up from the grey shoes and the backpack.The backpack is at The Mens Dept from Attic.

Backpack: -ATTIC at TMD - ATTIC- Fur Rucksack Ice (NEW)
Long hair: Lakshmi - [LAKSHMI]Hair-Promotional Gift(Member's Only) (free)
Short hair: [Entwined] - [Entwined] Holly - Group Gift (free)
Dress: Rowena Designs - {RS} Rakel Pencil Dress (NEW)
Cap : Meva  at MOM - Meva Cap1(NEW)
Grey Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}- {{BSD Design studio}}SexyCara-high feet- v band
Green shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}SUPERMODEL ME-GREEN (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Vest- Fishy Strawberry (Old)
Pictures made at MOM
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, January 23, 2015

after midnight (MOH5 part5 a bit)

Nic in clothes for warm and cool days, a contrast She wears a warm cap from the MOH5 hunt and a warm woolen cardigan from ::K:: for in the snow, But high heels and shorts and a top for warm days. She weared the shorts and top for bedtime. After midnight she wants buy some sweets. That is why she added her warm clothes and walks through the snow now.
The shorts are new from La Gaza Ladra (B!asta) . High waist shorts with  a nice sexy model. The silk  top is an old groupgift from COCO ( but still available). The shoes are in the new years gift from Alb Dream Fashion ( still available/ group join not free). Nic's hair is the last groupgift from little bones.

Cap: Represent - MOH5 - Hunt Object (RERPESENT) (free)
Watch: Ewing- *+Ewing+* Watch Gold/Silver (free)
Hair: little bones - little bones. Birdie - GIFT (free/ but group join fee)
Shorts: LGL - LGL {by B!ASTA} - Make your Point - Hazel (NEW)
Shoes: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB NEW YEAR's EVE gown - gloves - hairdress - jewels - heels (free/ but group join fee)
Cardigan: ::K:: - ::K:: Simple Cardigan Apricot;
Pose: Le Poppycock  - Le Poppycock  green slade and peace out (free at MOH starting point under the christmas tree)
From inventory: Silk top - COCO (free); necklace- Gabriel; Fluff Puff - Orange*Pekoe
Pictures made at: Time After Midnight

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

uuupsss forgot the name

I got the super cute hand warmer, hat and Fluff Puff on the hat  from Iioko ( designer from Orange*Pekoe) as a new years gift. She told me she will put it next week at marketplace. I also got a woolen dress leg warmers and boots from her. The wearable demo's in soft orange are already at marketplace ( names: geo knit dress, short boots and winter socks)
Nic's hair is from Taketomi at The Seasons Story Winter made for the u.f.o sweater and scarf. But you can also wear the hair with the soopa scarf from S&S and i think also with the scarf from Mikunch from The Seasons Story winter ( showed before on the blog).
The mint knitted sweater and the petrol pants are both from KlubWerk. The sweater was at the 69 room, but soon a sweater will be as groupgift in the shop ( not exactly the same ofcourse).

Sweater: KlubWerK.her -KlubWerK.her --Woolneck/Mathilda-- MINT 2 versions ( with and without print)
Pants:KlubWerK.her -- KlubWerK.her -- SwagPant/ TROY -- PETROL [MESH]
Shoes: 7mad at starting point MOH5 hunt- 7mad;Ravens MOM Gift (free
Hat, Muffler, and Fluff Puff:  Orange*Pekoe Fluff Puff, Manchon and Toque( next week on marketplace)
Hair: taketomi atTSS winter: [taketomi]_U.F.O.SweaterHair_Bento (NEW)
Orange*Pekoe; Soft orange dress wearable demo (1ld)
Orange Pekoe: boots and legwarmers wearable demo (2ld)
From inventory: Scarf- S&S
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 19, 2015

muddy waters

Two ladies and two coats. Soraya's coat comes with a hud for 30 colors! Nic's coat is from KlubWerk. You can get many colors. I also like the blue one. It gives a bit a jeans idea. Have a look in the shop.The inside of the coat is changeable with a hud. Nic wears a dress from Anin a Gris. Her watch is free at marketplace. The hair with cap is from Iren i showed the hair before on this blog. The super boots are from Shey .
Some more pictures below.

Watch: Ewing- *+Ewing+* Watch Gold/Silver (free)
Dress Nic: Anin a Gris - [AaG] SABRINA  Dress (free)
Coat Nic: KlubWerk - KlubWerK.her --Coat/Julia-- Khaki- [MESH]
Coat Soraya: Bowtique - Bowtique- Sophia -Coat with hud.( 30 colors)
Legging Nic: Baby Monkey - BM Jeggings All Colours
Boots Nic: Shey - shey Talita boots
Legging Soraya: G Field - *GF* Rose Lace Tights
From inventory: Hair Nic - iren, Hair Soraya - Analog Dog, Camera - ANE, Ring- MG, Necklace (Kiss) - Bens Beauty
Pictures made at Sarawak
Bye bye, Nic