Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mad March Hare Hunt

To finish up the month of March, I did (surprise) a hunt.  There are an absolute ton going on for April, but still time to do this one as it runs until April 20th.  Looking for cute, multi-colored bunnies.  You can start the hunt here.  Some of the goodies I picked up:

My Precious Agnes Finney: Gali Princess-cerulean Gown
Paris Metro: Midnight Avalon Gown

SSH ... Designs: Zip Me Up Dress
GL Designs: Swirled Dress Black (also comes with white).  They were a little fast and loose with the word dress on this one so I paired it with some leggings.

Coconut Ice: Midnight Blossom Dress (multiple skirt options)
Missy: Blouses dress karo purple

SereliCious & Rockstar Clothing: Red Dragon Laced Bra & Panties
Bodywear Jewelry: Ruby Heart Necklace & Earrings
Danish Design: Tiger Bikini

Monday, March 29, 2010

Free Jewelry + Me = ㋡

I'm an accessories fiend in real life.  So I'm totally digging what's been showing up on the grid lately.  When I first started SL (as some other girl)  I didn't know how to modify or edit objects so I resigned myself to only wearing all the system necklaces that were made of jacket layers (ugh).  I've come a long way baby - and so have the designers, it just keeps getting better.

$GaNKeD$ is defo one of my new favorites.  This stuff I want for reals badly.  The details are incredible, the prices are wonderful and the group is generous.

 Garage has also found a special place in my heart (and inventory) lately.  The new Glamour collection is simple, understated and beautiful.  I'm in love with Slava Parkin's skins as well.  She is currently running a sale on skins until April 10th, marked down as low as $L25.  Join this group!  There are loads of wonderful gifts in the shop - and it has an adorable tag which I plan on wearing often.  

Exile: Susan Hair (Free at Savoir Hair)
Garage: Glamour Necklace & Earrings (Group Gift)
Garage: Julia Skin (Group Gift)

Garage: Alexandria Skin (Not Free but darn cheap!)
$GaNKeD$: All That Jazz Necklace (Subscribo Gift)
Garage: Glamour Earrings (Not Free)
Exile: Susan Hair (Free at Savoir Hair)

Freebies rock, don't they?

Hi all! Today I'll show you some awesome freebies, enjoy! :D

Left to right:
- Dress: *MLC* Dolce Black Gift: by Mohna lisa Couture - Group gift in store.
- Dress: QQ Fashion - Chantilly Maroon Gift **** - 0L$
- Short mini: *fringe DA dress St. PATTY'S group gift! - Subscribo gift.
- Hoodie Dress: *fringe Navi Hoodie Dress(MOCHI STYLE) group gift - Subscribo gift.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

M2M new release.

Hey all. My mood is bad today >_< Anyway, have fun!

~These new tops are from Minutes 2 Midnight's latest release. I think they are pretty cute, I just wish they could come in more layers and the creator could make some better graphics on them.

~ This is a freebie from Sasha's design. I got it through the subscribo I think.

Nite. <3

Easter Egg Madness Hunt!

I didn't finish this hunt, but I'm not really sure how many shops are in it.  There appears to be no blog and the organizer references The Hunt Locations for hints - but even she gave up on it (I got farther then her though).  If you want to take a stab at it, can read (a little) more about the hunt here.  Looking for pink eggs.  If anyones made it past Never You Mind (which I couldn't find and had no idea where to go next) please let me know!  Onto the sweet stuff:

Malley's Fashions: Shirt, Bra, Jeans, Panties (you can slap the Happy Hunters Subscribo while your at Malley's too - *hugs* Malley!)
AtomicBambi:  Dress Rosara
SteamBound: Lady Popinjay
Trixxy's Shop: Easter Top & Skirt
Zahir: Easter Bikini
Ducknipple: Spring 08 Dress (two skirt options yay!).  You also get a Spring Sweater which I'm wearing in the pose pics!

Kabuki Creations: Sweet Surrender
Curvature: Easter Basket
vMotional: Our Picture pose

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Newness at Urbanity!

I don't usually do the full priced stuff - but I thought since Nere loaded up on new shoes the other day, I was safe on this one.  I LOVE flats.  In addition to the billions pairs of heels I have (and I likey me heels) I have equal as many flats.  Sooo... when I saw these new ones from Urbanity and that they have a color change HUD, well -*faints*.  You can change the color of every aspect of the shoe, the sole, trim, buckle as well as the shoe itself, therefore giving you thousands (if not more) of possible color combinations.  I so heart these to bits.  I may throw all my other flats away (well nah).  You can grab them for yourself at Urbanity.

ICON Lifestyle Hunt

This is a super hunt with lots of wonderful stores participating and it's just the right size!  It's running until April 10th.  You can read more about the hunt here.  I want to give lots of thanks to Sienna Bellios for not only organizing the hunt - but allowing me to put a Happy Hunters Subscribo up.  If your not in Happy Hunters and don't have any group space left, you can slap the Subscribo at ICON here.  Onto the loot:

Seldom Blue: Portia Corset, Bra, Panties, Skirt, Nylons
(OMFG) Gigi - Vintage
Zaara:  Mrinali Dress

*elymode* BANDwagon minidress
*elymode* lounging sweater
DCNY Fay Spring Green Dress

{paper.doll} VBackMini-Berry-
*VoguE* Clar Skirt, Top & Belt
~Blacklace~ Tangible Dreams

Mashooka: Shimmers dress {copper}
CCC - Ninfa Dress, Jacket & Gloves

**Trubble** Denim Boots
Heart & Sole: Tied Cobalt


Hi all!! Yesterday was the BOMB! I loooveeee Fridays :D I guess you all know that I live in the Emirates and there's this new store in Dubai called "Candylicious" It's heaven! Everything is made of candy! Tables, chairs, flowers all made of chocolate! I ended up paying 54 dollars on candy, chocolates and little trolleys made of candy! I was mad, really mad. Scroll at the bottom to see the pictures of the place!! =D Also to brighten up your day, I'll show you the new hair from truth :D

~These cute hairstyles are from Truth's latest release. You know truth right? If you don't then I might come and shoot you in the head, in a nice way of course.. with my candy gun! ^_^ Anyway, these are perfect for summer! I love the flower on it that is texture change to many colors, and if you just hate flowers, you could make it invisible! I think Truth's hair textures are one of the best textures in SL. And with all of his amazing hairs, it's really hard to choose! I guess we're spoiled. :|

~Here are some outfits I put on with my new sexeh hair.

Hair by Truth, skin by Tuli, jacket by COCO, dress by Hyper Culture, belt by Urbanity, leggings by Ilaya and boots by redgrave.

hair by truth, skin by Tuli, brown jacket by Tuli (I don't think it's available anymore), dress by oyakin and shoes by In her shoes.


DUN DUN DUN!!! Below are the pictures of the store candylicious! I hope that will keep you hungry ;D


HEAVEN ISN'T IT?? Gotta go eat some candy now, see ya all soon! =D

Ohh btw! Check this out Me and my wifey Christensia Parkin took pictures in this awesome sim called Dubai love UAE (and that's exactly how Dubai looks in RL, apart from the tall towers and the tallest tower in the world, google it! awesome isn't it? I'm lucky to live there :P) We had lots of fun there, I love you my cherrycupcakewithmorecandfromcandylicious! LOL :P

Byeeeee :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rain? Really?

Lately I really like wearing summer dresses combined with vests and leggings to avoid getting too chilly, both SL and RL. Prolly because I am very ready for summer right now. I tried to copy my latest look to SL and here's what I came up with. The new Viv Boots from PM were a big inspiration as well, I admire the quality they are made of.

PM also released the Baby T pumps and I think these are so cute! They asked for a more summerish look, but since I'm still cold RL I hád to ad a vest :)

Close-up of the Viv Boots and Baby T pumps... They come in several colors and are very well priced. And if you don't even plan on shopping the sim itself is very worth a visit.

Kus Nere

Style credits:

Skin: Tuli - Eva 09a (tone 3)
Hair: Maitreya - Green (Copper)
Dress: *Crazy* - Track Dress
Vest: Coco - Cardigan Lace
Leggins: The Plastik - Fierii Legging (Snakeskinne)
Belt: LeLutka - Mi Vida belt (terra, groupgift)
Boots: PM - Viv Boots (charcoal)

Skin: Tuli - Eva 02a (tone 3)
Hair: - Anna (jealous red)
Skirt: Oyakin - fril miniskirt (used flower)
Vest: CKSD - Essential Wrap Sweater (toast)
Undershirt: !Ohmai - HighRise Tank (eggplant)
Pumps: PM - Baby T's (lilac)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuli and's latest sweetness! :)

Hey all :) Today I'm going to show you's and tuli's latest cuteness, these really rock! I think I'm in love :)

~So I'm sure you all heard about the new skinline from Tuli, Eva. This skinline is my favorite so far. I love the choice of makeups Tuli (the owner) chose. The first thing I care for before purchasing a skin fatpack is that the makeups should be different from each other. I'm not a fan of skins that use the same makeup like 3 times with the same eyeshadow and all and just change the lipstick. I love matching my skin's makeup with the outfit I'm wearing, and that's the special thing about Tuli's skins, different makeups. When I saw everyone blog these and seeing these skins on their shapes it really made me surprised that almost everyone has these skins looking beautiful on their shape. I love it on my shape as well! It's such a soft skin, with one of second life's sexiest body. I adore the eyebrows, they're the best part of the skin. Tuli took some time to release this skinline so it's a skin I promise won't disappoint you. I'm sure you'll like these skins as much as I do :) Each skin comes in 2 options: with and without breast enhancers, and 7 beautiful tones. As well as 3 eyebrow colors, woot! \o/

~ These sexy dresses, belts and hairs are latest release. If you haven't heard of, you must have been living a rock. A huge pink rock. As always, they come with all layers and the belt in all sizes. So don't forget to spend lindens :)

Land mark to:

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post! More to come in some minutes/hours. (:P)


Monday, March 22, 2010

A few quick freebies

Yah I love skins... especially when they are free. Or almost free... &Bean has released a new skin and has placed a dollarbie instore as well. Consists of this teary eyed skin in pale and tan. I really like this fresh new face, check out the new release.

And more free stuff... Gato has opened a new mainstore and has the red vest as a gift instore. It's called Bohemian Vichy. The boots are today's gift from Second Style, made by Persé, and you can grab those here (be sure to join the group).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hunt Stuff, Group Stuff, New Stuff...

This is what I've managed to toss together this afternoon.  All the outfits are from the Enileda Easter Hunt and some great new releases and group gifts I wanted to show off!  

Snowpaw Fashions:  Black & White Dress
M2M: Lee Leather Bangle (group gift)
Tuli:  Eva skin (group gift - 250L join fee) Hair Anna (new release not free)

Kitten's Fashions and Accessories: Grey shirt with low rise jeans

Bella's:  Spring violet top and purple jeans
Garage:  Alexandra skin (not free) Scarlett.2 Hair (new release not free)

Vicarious Vitae: Emily skirt, top and bangles, Peep

Poses are all from Theory... Coming Soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Terri.tees new stuffies! :D

Hi all! I hope you all are doing well! Have fun :)

~ These new shirts are from terri.tees' latest release, of course there's a freebie. As usual they come in all layers.

Landmark to terri.tees

Byee! =D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post number 401! WOOHOOO :D

Heya all :D How are you all doing? I can't believe we reached post number 401!! *happy dance*
Have funn!

Today I'm going to show you what's new from my wifey's store - Hyper Culture! :D

~ These new Track jackets are one of the latest release from Hyper Culture. I love how detailed they are, and the colors are just awesome. These would look great with a pair of jeans or a sexy mini skirt! They come in 10 smexy colors, so pick your favorite! They also come in a hood up/down option :D

~ Next are these super minis that come in 7 rich colors. These are great if you wear a belt with them, or a jacket or even leggings under! The back of these dresses is super hawt. More colors shown at the bottom!

~ These are some more colors of the minis.. really gorgeous!

When you purchase any Hyper Culture item, they all come in all layers so you could wear whatever you wish with them!


I'm trying to make my pics look better and better. I think I'll stick with these designs of pics for a while. But if you have any better ideas for improving my pics - just leave a comment or send me a notecard in SL! (Maretch Waffle)

Thank youu!


That's all for now, don't forget to check out Hyper Culture.. and psstt click the subscribo-o-matic for an awesome giftie! ;)

Landmark to Hyper Culture.

Byeeeeee! <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How many Minutes to Midnight left?

Hey all! :) I hope you're all doing well. I got some great stuff to show you today! Have fun!

[M2M] is a new store for me. I heard about it before but I never checked their store. Today when I was trying their stuff out, I was really surprised how a new designer could make great things like these! In my opinion they're doing really great, and I'm excited to see what they'll come up in the future. They offer skins,shoes,clothes,elven ears etc. I really enjoyed trying out some of their clothes, and I think you should too!

~ This skirt is from [M2M] I really like the graphics on this one, very well done.

~ This dress is from [M2M] as well and is really cute! I love short dresses like these in both lives, so it's great to have these in SL as well! Done with lots of effort as well.

At [M2M] you'll find many great things that I'm sure you'll end up throwing lindens at. I really need to check the store out once again!

Landmark to [M2M]


Also a small poll I thought I'd ask you :D

~~ Do you prefer me blogging about freebies or full price items? And do you think I should blog freebies a bit more? ~~

Thanks for taking some time answering this poll! :D

Have a nice day <3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moodys makes me happy!

Heya all :) How was everyone's day? Well mine was awesome because these Stiletto Moody shoes just rock! Check it out :)

Everyone knows stiletto moody, right? Well if you don't know it I bet you've been living under a rock. But because I love you I'll tell you more about it ;)

Stiletto Moody is one of the most famous shoe store in SL. The owner (Stiletto Moody) is experienced in making high quality heels. From low to high - Sexy to glamorous and WAY MORE. When you visit Stiletto Moody you'll end up paying over 10k, believe me :P The owner puts lots of effort in her work, (as you can see). You could change the skin colors, nail color, sometimes accessories and many more. You could even purchase a pack with extra nail polish and accessories. One more thing is that you should definitely join her group, because she makes sales a lot, and you sure don't want to miss them!

Lets get with the pictures now ;)

Here I'm showing one of her heels, gorgeous huh? :) These are the Stiletto Moody Bare Robin in the color BlackBerry. And can you see how amazing the color of the feet fits my skin tone? I used the DirectInput for that :) You can also save the skin tone in empty slots! Isn't that awesome?

They're really beautiful and worth every linden.

Here's your Taxi to Stiletto Moody

I hope you enjoyed this post! More to come soon :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Elite Couture Designs!

A little break from the fashion, to tell you about new furniture shop Elite Couture Designs.  It opens today with furniture that has tons of pose options and of course - a freebie!  Your limo awaits to Elite Couture Designs.

Elite Love Rug - opening freebie.  All beds and rugs come included with single and couples poses.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Champagne Hunt!

Virtual Impressions is having a Champagne Hunt to celebrate it's 3rd year.  24 mini bottles of bubbly to find containing Virtual Impressions and some guest gifts.  You can start the hunt here.  All hunt items are located within Virtual Impressions.  It's only running a week so hurry!

B! Fashion: Red Dress
Bliss Couture: Vary Bodice Dress
Juliette Necklace & Earrings
Arlene Earring in Pink & Chocolate Gems 
Buttercup Necklace & Earrings

Winter Goodbye Hunt!

Seems like it's been a bit since I've blogged a hunt.  There are a bunch more starting mid-March to keep me busy though.  This one was fun because the majority of the shops were ones I have never been to before, which is what I love about hunts - finding new great places!  Most (if not all) german designers.  It's a pretty short hunt only 50 some shops. You can read more about the hunt here.  The goodies:

Intimate You: Dress, Stockings & Pumps
Mondira Fashion: Shirt, Pants, Belt & Boots
! M&E ! Design Mainshop: Top, Jeans & Sneakers

Rattenscharf: Wildn out Skirt (2 options) and Top
Nadas: Dress, Stockings, Hair, Shoes
Sandy The Style: Dress Rose

Sensual Girls: Pink Sneakers

Womens Dreamy Bodyshop: Selena Skin Spring
 Lexus Ling Design: Necklace - Myth 1 Silver

Yara Design: Spring Meadow (this is so cute - gives you a little spoon to relax and eat ice cream with!)