Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm free at last!

I spent hours of my slife stalking the chair at Icing for this dress. The ever elusive K was testing my patience but I just had to have it - and at long long last it's mine (all mine moohoohaha). If you want it for yourself you can find the chair here at Icing .

DJunk or Not?

I stumbled into this shop and although it's not all my taste they did have some cute stuff. Can't beat the price either - everything in the shop is free. My beautiful and dear friend Melissa agreed to be the model for these pictures. Check out upstairs as they have some cute stockings and some funky shoes as well. You can find it all here at DJunk.

Here I go...

I was honoured when Karina asked me to help out with her new blog! I consider her to be one of the better dressed avi's in our second life and I'm glad she likes to see some of my style on this blog as well.

Let me start with an outfit I've been wearing a lot since Leezu Baxter created her Revolution Pan dresses. Leezu creates some of the best dresses in sl with beautiful rich colors and her designs keep surprising me. Tho I absolutely love the dress, I chose to only wear the top half and combine it with Armidi Brindisi slacks. I think put together this outfit is kinda chique but still casual enough to just do the daily sl shopping :)

Also worn:
hair: Truth - Aradia
shoes: Maitreya - Verve Pumps
skin: Rockberry - Uma light

New to you (maybe)

Zaara is currently having a 50% off sale at their main store. I happened to come across one of their satellite locations today and found some old freebies. There clothes are so very nicely done with excellent textures. So if you didn't have a chance to grab these before you can find them here

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some Guy Stuff

It really really really hard to find nice mens stuff, especially that doesn't cost a fortune. A great find for great mens stuff is Maschienenwerk. Not only is their men's stuff nice - it's all free! Haul your rear all the way up to the top floor here

The Purple Wall

The Magi Take Shop has a wall of freebies if you join their group. Some nice things for guys and gals. The creator must love purple because that seems to be the color of most items. Find it here


Blaze is one of the few shops that has been around since I started sl. I've never known them to have a sale - but they are now! All their gowns, casual wear and men's is marked down as low as 100L and 200L (some from 1000L!) Definately worth checking out. I would have bought out the shop but I already had so much of it in my inventory. Best thing is it's all transfer so great for gifts or if you want to buy something for your fella. Find the sale here Pink is my favorite color in case you didn't notice.

Cute Fashion

This shop is very appropriately named. Every month I run over when I hear the new dollarbie is out and there is loads of other cute low priced items in this shop. The current deal is a cute jean skirt and tank. Find it here

Silks and Stuff

I don't normally wear silks too much unless I'm at an event or something, but I heard about this shop Dare to Bite that has several nice onces for 1L you can find it here

Have to Start Somewhere!

I finally decided to start my own blog, a compilation of all the stuff I find like through blogs, groups and chats. So here's my first go at it!

First stop a little shop that has some freebie clothes and some low priced artwork. I'm a big fan of babydolls so I especially liked this dress. You can find it and some other freebies here