Thursday, March 31, 2016

early spring salute mi amore gray

I was searching for more accessories for the picture yesterday late in the evening, but couldn't succeed. Then  Nic walked around at the beautiful Sanarae sim. She looked lovely in my opinion. But suddenly she couldn't move anymore. I did some quick shots and today back from work i liked the pictures. Searching for nice accessories i will do tomorrow for another outfit. This will be good for today. This evening i just made the picture with the hat from Elysium. You get a fatpack hats for male and female in several colors.
The dress is a gift at Blaraby with a hud for 3 textures. The silver shoes are a gift from the Xhale.
The necklace and bag are an oldies from my inventory. The vase with flower is in an egg at Kusshon, named, early spring salute. Hair from elikatira.

Dress: Blaraby - [BLARABY] Mini Skirt Floral Dress(fitmesh/maitreya/belleza) (free)
Shoes: The Xhale // Mi Amore Gray
Hat: Elysium - Elysium - SLF&O giftie for men&women (free)
Vase with flower: kusshon - [kusshon] old easter hunt egg 4 early spring salute -  (free)
From inventory: Bag - MG; Bangle - MEVA; necklace - Elysium(old gift); hair - elikatira
Pictures made at SaNaRae ( event with asian style stores and some lucky boards!)
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

out in the park

In the park. She came as photographer. Took her doggie with her. Then did her fashion photo shoots.
Nic is wearing a black romper from American Bazaar. Her dachshund is from a gacha at Pink Acid. The necklace is in one of the eggs from the hunt at PIXEL Box. You can put a picture in it.
The henna hands are a gift at the Whore Couture5. The bag a gift at Half Deer.
I love the new hair from Nic. It is hair from Moon at Uber. The cute stockings for Maitreya only i found at  Moon Store. You get them in white and black.
Two weeks ago Nic was standing in a sandbox and i saw a woman with nice shoes. I asked her where she had bought them. She told me a friend of hers made the shoes and soon would open a shop. She said i will tell her that you like the shoes. And i will tell you when the shop is opened.
And then i got yesterday many packages from Sofia Martini. And it turned out to be the friend from the woman in the sandbox. On the pictures Nic is wearing two sets from her. Available at EVA and after a week also in her shop at the same sim.

Credits: On first pictures:
Hair: Moon at Uber - Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Labyrinth (NEW)
Black romper. American Bazaar - [AB] Dark Spring Romper (free)
Dachshund: Pink Acid - *Pink Acid Dachshund Puppy - Golden - Her (gacha)
Necklace: PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX Necklace - Key (free)
Tattoo: .Things. at WC5 (ends tomorrow)-  -WCF5 - 5L Gift (Things)
Bag: Half Deer - +Half-Deer+ Tote Bag ( free)
From inventory: Boots - Maitreya
On last pictures:
Romper: Sofia Martini - at EVA - SOFIA MARTINI Romper (NEW)
White shoes: Sofia Martini at EVA - SOFIA MARTINI Sandra  Shoe(NEW)
Top: Sofia martini at EVA - BOX - SOFIA MARTINI Fiori Top (NEW)
Pants: Sofia martini at EVA - BOX - SOFIA MARTINI Fiori Pants (NEW)
Red/grey shoes: Sofia Martini at EVA - SOFIA MARTINI Red Heart Shoe (NEW)
From inventory: Stone necklace and croco bag (old items from S H I.); hair - Dura
Pictures taken near the American Bazaar shop.
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

urban girl

Again some presents from the WhoreCouture 5. The shoes, glasses and the underbust shirt are from the WhoreCouture5(end 31th march). The longskirt i found at M*Motion. Its is a gypsy skirt, part of the 7000 member groupgift. I combined it with another top. The hoodie from Certifye ( it is the november gift, but still available). From Tentacio are the frites and the music pocket in blue  from a gacha machine called Downtown Visit. Hair is from Mina. The plastic bag with noodle cups is from Love Soul. Love all these accessories to style Nic in a certain way.

Hoodie: Certifye - !!C.F!! Crop Hoodie November Gift
Glasses: -SU!- at WC5 -SU!- The Shagi Glasses V.2 (5ld)
Underbust shirt: Clockhaus at WC5- WCF5 - 5L Gift CLOCKHAUS (5ld)
Shoes: Empire at WC5 - #EMPIRE Dahlia WCF5 - 5L Gift (EMPIRE)(5ld)
Skirt: M*Motion - part of M*Motion Member 7000 Group Gift (free)
Frites: Tentacio - *Tentacio* Downtown visit. Friter (gacha)
Music pocket in blue: Tentacio - *Tentacio* Downtown visit. Music pocket blue (gacha)
Hair: Mina - MINA - Lena - Light brown
From inventory: bracelet- Bauhaus; dog - [sau]; Noodles bag- Love Soul
Pictures made near the Death Row Design shop.
Bye bye, Nic.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Nic and her cats. A post with items from events that will end on 31th of this month: the Whore Couture5 , the womenstuff hunt, the InspirationSL  and the Liaison Collaborative.  The mask and the Tattoo are from the Whore Couture5. The asymetrical top is from the Womenstuff hunt and the pose on the second picture is from the Liaison Collaborative. The boots from Wicked are from the InspirationSL ( Round March/ ends april 10th). Many colors available. At Pixelbox is an Easter hunt running. The necklace city heart is from that hunt. Nic's leather pants is a groupgift at Modanna. Nic's cat on her head is  a subscribe-o-matic gift at Altair. scroll for some details.

Top: Trashed - <T> Keiren Wrap_GREY  (free/ womenstuff hunt)
Leather pants: Modanna  - MoDANNA [GG March 2016] Leather Pants (free)
Hair:  Virtual Diva - Angelina Hair Special Edition/LolasVersion/ several colors(LB/free)
Boots: Wicked at InspirationSL - WICKED * Shania - Boots (Black)
Mask: Paper Doll at WC5 ..::PD::.. Diabolic Mask (5ld)
Tattoo:[I<3F]  at WC5 - [I<3F] Tattoo [Into the Nature] (5ld)
Necklace: PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX - Necklace City Heart (box)
Cat at head: *ALTAIR*  *ALTAIR* Kitty Compagnion ( free/ Subscribe-o-Matic gift)
Pose second picture: oOo Studio: at TLC - oOo Studio: Quirky for TLC's 3rd Birthday (free)
From inventory: Bracelet - Bauhaus; bag- Legendaire(free)
Pictures made at the Modanna shop
Bye bye, Nic

Click small pictures to enlarge

ich hab' noch einen koffer ( lover ) in Berlin

"Ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin....Deswegens muss ich nächtens wieder hin... Die Seligkeiten vergangener Zeiten..Sind alle noch in meinen kleine Koffer drin".(Marlène Dietrich)

I still have a suitcase in Berlin..I still have a suitcase in I must go back next time
the joys of past times.. are all still in my small suitcase...

I was today in Berlin 1920 to make pictures. I made them there because of the super video that Pepa Cometa ( for me the very sweet Marie) has made in sl from that city. Watch her superb video here.
And when you love her video then watch also the video that i love the most here. It's about little Marie who dreams  about a better world. As her dad says in the beginning of this video :"Sometimes if you chase a dream it can become true". Let us dream about , pray for  and realize a better world!

Jacket: ::K:: at TMD - ::K:: Spring Trench Coat Femme Ivory (NEW)
Hair: Virtual Diva - DivineHair GROUP GITF (free)
Hat:  Xen's Hats - XH Winnipeg Hat Silver
Undershirt: *ZD* - *ZD* Lace Blouse Long Sleeve - Pink (NEW)
Pose with letter: [3M]*** - [3M]***_3M_me2_2_letter4
From inventory: Skirt - Fanatic; Boots- Maitreya
Pictures made at: Berlin 1920
Bye bye, Nic
Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin
deswegen muß ich nächstens wieder hin
die Seligkeiten vergangener Zeiten
sind alle noch in meinen kleinen Koffer

Copyright: ©
deswegen muß ich nächstens wieder hin
die Seligkeiten vergangener Zeiten
sind alle noch in meinen kleinen Koffer

Copyright: ©
deswegen muß ich nächstens wieder hin
die Seligkeiten vergangener Zeiten
sind alle noch in meinen kleinen Koffer

Copyright: ©

Sunday, March 27, 2016

we wish you a Happy Easter

At the beautiful sim the Trace Too we made our Easter pictures to wish you a Happy Easter day. Dancer is just a little bit distracted because she wants even more eggs then she has already in her basket. I think she is spotting another egg in the grass. Dancer is wearing a dress from Prism. It was a gift for St. Patricks day but still in the shop and a good one for Easter or a garden day. We both are wearing the necklace with nests from Maxi Gossamer. Showing you the long and short version. It is a present released yesterday. Nic is wearing the Easter groupgift from !gO!.On her shoulder a doll from !gO! ( showed before on the blog). Nic's Easter basket with chickens is a very old gift from !gO! (not available anymore). Dancer's basket is available at Petite Mort.  Because of the match with the hair from the doll i couldn't resist buying this new hair from Analog Dog. Dancer is wearing hair from Th MM board at

On Dancer:
Hair: Alice Project - Alice Project - Blue Jeans - Lucky Red (LB/ prizes rotate/free)
Dress: Prism - Prism in Clover by Journey - St. Patrick's Day Gift (gg/ free)
Skin: 7 Deadly skins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - MARCH - Merle (gg/ free/ group join 13ld)
Earrings: Baubles! - group gift - Baubles! ZeneEarrings (gg/free)
Boots: Baby Monkey - BM Deshi Ankle Boots Basics ( group join 20ld/ old gifts( 10ld) new gifts ( free))
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Necklace - Little Sparrow (free)
Basket: Petite Mort - Petit Mort  Easter basket ( free)

On Nic:
Dress: !gO! - !gO! Ragwitch dress&top  Group Gift ( free/ group join 50ld)
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Necklace - Little Sparrow (free)
Hair: Analog Dog: AD - rae - dark browns
Doll: !gO! at The Secret Affair - !gO! Love my doll - Pola
From inventory: Boots- Maitreya; Nest on lap of the doll- EY:NO
Pictures made at: The Tace Too
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Manis means sweet in Indonesia. And yes she is sweet between the balls. She dares! Sexy surrounding for a sexy Nic. It is a pleasure to show many sides of Nic. I mean:  you see her sometimes young sometimes sporty or  sexy or casual or reflective or in classic gown or fantasy clothes. I express the many sides of her soul.
Scroll to see more pictures

"I will always be the virgin prostitute, the perverse angel, the two faced sinister and saintly woman"(Anais Nin). A beautiful sentence expressing the many sides of women.

Nic is showing you the lingerie set Kyra a gift from Tori's Stylez. Love the delicacy  from this set. There are also gloves and stockings included. But i liked it this way.
And from the Shiny Shabby event from the Bauhaus Movement the set Manis in silver:  the belt the top and the bracelets. The gorgeous sexy boots are from Essenz.

Lingerie: Tori's Stylez - TS-lingerie-Kyra-Underwear-Set (free)
Belt, top and bracelets: Bauhaus Movement at SS - Bauhaus  Movement - Manis SILVER
Golden earrings and bracelet: JKT - JKT the Line (Womenstuff hunt gift/ ends 31th march)
Necklace gold: Maxi Gossamer - MC Gold Twin hearts ( GG/free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace; Boots - Essenz
Bye bye, Nic

dream: kissed by an unicorn

Beautiful dreams about unicorns and centauers. What is the deeper meaning? He found her and softly kissed her.
Nic is wearing hair Faelwen from the Fantasy Collective from EMBW. I love the long and short cutted sides.  You can wear this one and be very stylish. Nic's blouse is from the Wash market from Orquidea. The jeans is in a gift for the SLFrees& Offers group at Legendaire. That gift has a striped shirt on the vendor, but also has a hud with other patterns. Nic's heels are from BSD at Tres Chic Venue. Below a picture near the place where the unicorn found Nic. Nic in the carrousel..the horses are gone.

Blouse - Orquidea at The Wash - ORQUIDEA White Blouse MESH (10ld)
Hair: .EMBW. at the fantasy collective - .EMBW. Faelwen Hair .Natural (NEW)
Jeans: Legendaire for SLFrees&Offers group -part of Legendaire - Adriana Outfit (free)
Shoes: BSD at Tres Chic Venue - {{BSD Design studio}}Tres chic nite walker-raw (NEW)
Pictures made near the EMBW main shop
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 25, 2016

he is hurts ..

Although this is a sunny post, in my heart is pain. I little drama happened in the evening from the day before this one. The young very sweet cat ( always playful and curious) from my daughter died on the street. He was hit by a car. So the last picture is expressing my feeling. Saying :"oh please could you please come back.... it hurts". I think those who love animals can understand.

Scarf: ::K:: ( in the shop at the TMD sim) - ::K:: Gauze Scarf Homme/Femme Group Gift (free)
Skirt: Petite Mort - Petite Mort Olive velvet skirt w/ belt ( free)
Blouse: chronokit - *chronokit* Blouse01 red
Bag: Zenith at Shiny Shabby  - =Zenith=Spring Picnic Rattan Basket B (Milk) (NEW/ gacha)
Armband: aisling - . a i s l i n g . GOT not Milk - Lannister ( free/ apple bob prize)
Rings: and earrings: Izzie's - Izzie's Bunny pearl ring and earrings  Easter gift at marketplace ( i also attached them to the scarf) ( free)
From inventory: Boots - ISIN; hair - Magika
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the dreamers of dreams....


Dreamer of dreams..i hope you are... i know you are...
This elegant gown is may be a good one for an Easter diner. The dress is very elegant and sexy. It is in the Easter hunt at the Zuri mall. Find an egg in the Ever an'Angel shop in the Zuri mall. Easy to find upstairs. The bag is a gift  from phedora in the Tres Chic Mall for the Tres Chic Venue group. The bag comes in many colors. Nic's heels are new at BSD. The necklace with two hearts is the last groupgift from Maxi Gossamer. The neon sign ( Shit Hapens ) behind Nic is from MELONopolis, a hunt gift near the landingspoint. Nic's lovely hair is from Besom. It was last month at N21. I missed it that month, but it is available in the shop now.

Dress: Ever an'Angel at Zuri mall - Essex Gala Gown Jewels Isle Easter Egg Hunt-(free)
Bag: Phedora at Tres Chic Venue - Phedora. Yasmin Bag GIFT (free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Supermodel Fringe pattern (NEW)
Hair: Besom - *Besom~Debrossi *Blondes*
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - MG - Necklace - Twin Hearts - Gold (gg/free)
Neon sign: MELONopolis - "Shit Happens" LovePink#23 - MELONopolis (free)
from inventory: Armband - Vendome Jewelry; earrings - Maxi Gossamer ( old gift)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

beautiful people...

We need love and peace... like in the hippie period. Melanie was singing about beautiful people then.
In the world it isn't like that anymore at the moment. Attacks and refugees. Terrible. I  made a scene with Nic bringing you some music and love.
Nic is wearing the new groupgift from TheBeautifulOnes, the cardigan and top. Group join is just 25ld. Not much. You can also buy other colors in the shop. The wide jeans is from the egg hunt at Petite Mort, as well as the wedges. The straw hat is still available as groupgift from Amiable. The peace necklace and ring are from Tantalum.
The pose on the first picture is in a gift at the Whore Couture5. Also the stage (with disco floor and boxes and lights ) is included. The colorful background isn't from the pose prop.

Cardigan and top: TBO - .:TBO:. Lupe - boho fringe cardigan & top - Gift (free/ group join 25ld)
Jeans: Petite Mort - Petite Mort- Spring Lexi wedge (free)
Necklace and ring: Tantalum - ~Tantalum~ Oslow Peace Necklace and Rings* (free)
Stage and pose: Come Soon Pose at TWC5 - *CS* Girls Like Rock (5ld)
Hat: amiable - {amiable}Straw Hat (GG) (free)
From inventory: Hair - taketomi; Bag- boho hobo; Guitar bag - C L A Vv
Bye bye, Nic