Sunday, March 3, 2013

inside and outside a beautiful home

Nic is guest in a beautiful home. Making pictures from the view over the sea, playing with the dog and sitting everywhere:outside near the fireplace, upstairs in the bedroom with fireplace, near a window on a design chair. The house is from coralie bilasimo. Thank you Coralie that you made it possible for me to use your home for this photoshoot. Very kind of you.
Nic's skin is from Belezza, a free gift because of the re-opening of the club Abstraction. The blue gown is also a present from a sponsor of the club. Nic wears a blue corset from blacklace under the gown. The brown dress is from Paisley daisy. The gown is a tribute to Shirley Bassy. Name of the gown "Goldfinger".

Brown dress: Paisley Daisy - Joeys Mesh "GoldFinger" tribute to Shirley Bassey gown
Blue Dress: Grumble at the club Abstraction - GG Womens-MESH VCut Strapless Gown-Blue ( free)
Skin: Belleza at the club Abstraction - -Belleza- Kate Abstraction ( free)
From inventrory: Hair - Clawtooth

Bye bye, Nic


Dojiba Sabra said...

Where is the beautiful home from?

Dojiba Sabra said...

Ooops, nevermind. Just found the name.

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