Sunday, March 31, 2013

tjip's trip

No no tripping because of coke or hash or beer, just an Easter vacation trip. The house where tjip stayed stimulated his creativity. And after doing some paint work he sat and had a beer with the cat.

At the moment a great event is held. Named: Hollywood Event. Started 29th March and ends April 14th. I saw many elegant and Hollywood styled clothings overthere. In many shops you get a gift. I saw  for men  eyes, shapes skins, outfits etc. The cool sunglasses  are from Gabriël and a gift at the event. The casual but super outfit is the gift from  from Hawker's House. It contains the navy stripe hoodie, the jeans and the slip on shoes with very good texture.
Such an event is good to get to know new or unknown shops.

Outfit and shoes: Hawker's House at Hollywood event - Hawker's House- Hollywood SwagBag Male Gift ( free
Sunglasses: Gabriël at Hollywood Event  - [GABRIEL] - Hollywood SwagBag ( free)
From inventory: Hair - W&Y ( Apollo)

P.S. i tried to get in there again, but hmmm i think many know about the event already now and try to get there too.
Bye bye, Nic

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