Thursday, February 27, 2014

a kind of magic

In the world of Hogwarts everything is a kind of magic. Nic thought she could study quiet but it turned out a bit different as you can see. To see the Hogwarts sim you need wear an observer tag. Available near the entrance. May be you need the observer tag also to visit the Orange*Pekoe shop. Go through the entrance and walk immediately to the left. At the end of the row of shops is the Orange*Pekoe shop. But ofcourse you can get  this demo dress also on marketplace. The dress in this color is the wearable demo.
You need not be a role-player in the Hogwarts sim to love and wear this dress. It is very usable in non role-play sims. Just because the dress is lovely and unique

Dress: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Wizarding robe (dress ed.) - (3ld)
Flats: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe mesh suede ballet flats  studded ( 1ld)
From inventory: Hair - Truth (Nyx); Necklace - Pure Poison

Bye bye, Nic

lost on a painted sky

Seagulls are magnificent birds. For me it means freedom when i see them fly " lost on a painted sky". Nic looks a bit frightened, but she is attracted to that bird and wants to come as close as possible.
She is wearing a pied-de-poule skirt. Told about it yesterday. The feather jacket is part of the last groupgift at Innuendo. You get the jacket with a gown. But i wasn't in a gown mood. You also can wear this jacket on a blue jeans. The necklace is from Pure Poison. The last groupgift. And for those who didn't saw it in the post before this one. The group join is 1 week free! You can grab so many old groupgifts. Also hit the terminal at the landingspoint and you get 500ld store credit.So where are you waiting for?
My feather shirt is from the ballet outfit from yesterday.

Skirt: ::Chika:Labo:: - ::Chika:Labo:: mesh ladies mini skirt  (free)
Jacket: Innuendo - part of INNUENDO GROUP GIFT FEMALE FEBRUARY (free)
Necklace: Pure Poison - }Pure Poison - Boho Time Necklace (free/ groupjoin free this week)
Shirt: *aF* - part of Feather Tutu (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Athor; Hair - Truth

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I got a tip from Vivian Klees for a nice place Venice@prada. " You also can find some presents there", she said. Today i had time to go and look around. And yes it is beautiful there. I found my outfit and this gorgeous mask and the very dark eyeshadow (see at the first picture).
At the moment it is carnival time there from 22 februari till 4 march. Walk in the streets and on the square to find the presents. Psssst.... i found a nice pied-de poule skirt also.
The necklace is one of the many groupgifts from Pure Poison. The last one with an owl is also very cute.
In Tirol the place where i meet my friends, we will have a carnival evening.. i am ready !

Dress: *aF* - Feather Tutu (free)
Mask: Likka*House - LIKKA*HOUSE Carnivale di Venezia GIFT (free)
Eye make -up: EMBW - .EMBW. Venezia ARIA Carnival GIFT (free)
Necklace: Pure Poison: Pure Poison - Beatrix Necklace (free/ this week group join FREE!!!!!))
Pictures made at: HuMaNoid

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Khaleesi is the name of this new dress from !gO!. I love this dress soooo much! There are more color's in the shop. One of the dresses is 50% off promo during the first week of the release.
Nic wears a headband from Xen's Hats. Combines nice with the dress in my opinion. The sandals  with wings are from Ane.

Dress: !gO! - !gO! Khaleesi dress -beige ( 1 color 50% off)
Sandals: Ane -ANE Arcadius Sandals UMBER
Headband: Xen's Hats - Xen's Hats Ralston Headband
From inventory: Hair - Chemistry; jewelry- Kosh

Bye bye, Nic

the little pirate

On a pirate ship you see my good helper Dancer. She always gives me tips about free stuff. Also this red set with white pants and the leather jeacket she found. It is from new lucky boards from Ydea at the Ydea Style shopping centre at The Serendipity Lake sim. I showed the male outfits already some days earlier.
The eyes from Dancer are from marketplace.The red color in the eyewhite makes them very natural. Dancer wears the eyes with eye sparkles from eyes from Amacci.The hair is an old gift from Dura. Her skin is very beautiful. Go to the apple tree at 7 Deadly skins ( near the Entrance).

Red /white outfit with boots: Ydea - **Ydea Toy** (free)
Leather jacket: Ydea -  *Ydea* Apoc Jacket belt brown (free)
Eyes: Eye Candy -Eye Candy Eyes - nature - Frog ( free)
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins -  [7DS] Moolto December Huntskin ( free)
From inventory: Hair _ Dura (old gift); eye sparkle- Amacci

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, February 24, 2014

some more Italian design

I discovered the cupboard with presents in the Karla Design shop. And you know i love pied-de poule textures. In the Midnight Mania is also something with pied-de poule. Come help click. I wear from my inventory from Athor my pied-de poule pumps.

Dress: Karla Boutique -!!! Karla Boutique !!! Martha Black&W dress - mesh (free)
Bag: Vendetta - VENDETTA - IvANCA Bag (Black)
From inventry: Hair - Chemistry(Harly)

Bye bye , Nic

Italian design

A message came to me today from Karla Hyx about a grand opening of a new shop "Karla Boutique". Karla is an Italian woman. In the notecard i saw nice groupgifts and more. Ofcourse i was curious and so this post was created to show you some of the clothes and inform you about the  shop.
The long silver outfit is a groupgift ( group join is 50ld). The silver set comes with boots. The black minidress with shoes and hat is also a groupgift. I saw the lucky boards. The casual outfit is from the lucky board. And in the back of the shop is a cupboard with many presents.
So hello... don't hestitate and have a look overthere. I hope my pictures and info made you curious.

Silver outfit: Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Wendy Silver outfit - mesh ( free/ but group join fee)
Black dress: Karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Mimi' Black mini dress lace - mesh - box ( free/ GG)
Casual outfit: karla Boutique - !!! Karla Boutique !!! May outfit mesh - BO (LB Free)
From inventory: Hair - Little Bones; Socks - Maitreya

Bye bye, Nic


A post for the Fab Free challenge #6. The theme is: " take a Sl Vacation". Clothes have to be free totally. Well in this rumple top and rumple pants it wasn't difficult for Nic, as great traveller, to know where she wanted to go. This bedouin tent and desert in the Garden of Dreams are good places for vacation. In the Garden of Dreams you can find teleport bubbles. Sit in a bubble and choose your vacation destination. The rumple top and pants and the travel bag are from Purple Moon's cherry hunt.
The hair is the latest gift from the Little Bones group. Join the group, go to info and notices and click on the attachment. And the hair is your's. It comes with a hud for more colors. I already got so many nice hairs in that group. I can recommend it .

Pants: Purple Moon - :: PM :: Cherry #11 (free)
Top: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #10 (free)
Bag: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #12 (free)
Hair: Little Bones - little bones. Bang Bang - GIFT (free)
Pictures made at: Garden of Dreams

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, February 23, 2014

blossom color

Clothes in blossom color. These delicate flowery clothes give a sunny feeling. The first dress and the pants with sweater are from the cherry hunt at Purple Moon. Realy lovely. The last dress from Java Fashion Designs is like a dress for a ballerina. So delicate is this dress. Thanks Soraya for the tip.You get the dress in pale pink, grey and blue. I combined all with the pali scarf  from Redgrave.

Dress first picture: PurpleMoon - :: PM :: Cherry #07 (free)
Pants: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #06 (free)
Sweater : PM -:: PM :: Cherry #05 (free)
Ballerina dress: Java Fashion Designs: JAVA RENTS PAID FAT PACK LOVE GIFT(free)
Shoes: [LVLE] - [LVLE] - Pointed Flats - Peach  - ( use with slink feet)

Bye bye, Nic

rocker and chief

He has two sides. He can be a rockstar or the chief on the bank. Tjip shows you two outfits from two new lucky chairs at Ydea. Thanks to Dancer who informed me. She also told me about the new groupgift hair at Dura. We both love Dura hair. You can see that hair on the rockstar pictures.
That suit makes tjip an official. Watch his bag with money near his chair. I love the choker from the suit. It makes him a bit sophisticated.
Thanks to Mihaly who waited near the lucky chairs for me.

Rock outfit with glasses and military boots: Ydea -*Ydea* Rock 100 % ( free)
Suit: Ydea -**Ydea  Gatsby 1** (free)
Hair: Dura - *Dura* Group Gift  February/2014 (free)
From inventory: Hair last pictures - Laqroki
Pictures made at: Hematite

Bye be, Nic

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Today i pampered myself with new clothes. Not free this time, but worthwhile paying for. There we go with the description: the jacket with blouse is from FA Creations. I show you 2 of the 8 texture/ color options. To make a good combination with the pink shirt, i bought shoes that i already wanted. Followers of this blog know i like the new shoes for this summer. The pink one's are a good example. So i am very happy i have them now. I nice pair of pants to go with all, i also had already long time in my mind as a wish. The leather pants from Erratic. Nic's hair is from Monso for Collabor88.

Hair: [monso] for collabor88 - [monso] My Hair - Elsa/ Black Brown
Jacket with shirt: FA Creations - ::FAC::  Irene Jacket(-shirt)
Shoes: [LVLE] - [LVLE] - Pointed Flats - Strawberry - ( use with slink feet)
Pants: erratic - erratic / zoey - leather pants / brown
Earrings: Darkmouse - Dark MouseWood & Glass Bangles & Earrings (Brown)
From inventory: Sneakers - IHS; Jeans - Moon; Bag - vive nine
Pictures made at: The Legion Project

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, February 21, 2014


It seems as if she is practising to walk like a model. But she is clumsy. Nic wears new releases from Orange*Pekoe. A school uniform skirt and a knit v-Neck with shirt. The orange is the wearable demo. The pink one is because of Valentine's day. Both are in a packet with a pink skirt for just 3ld. The demo skirt in orange color is the wearable demo. (1ld). But don't forget to watch the other nice colors. I combined the V-Neck with the Marly Bell Bottoms. Such a cute jeans. The set on the last picture is free at Mikunch ( used clothes store). The free socks from S@bbia you can find on a counter.
The pose with books i got at a cute pose shop *coucou* from the lucky board. Found the umbrella below also there.

Skirts: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Cable knit V neck with shirt - Orange and Pink (1ld)
Knit V-Neck  sweater: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - Cable knit V neck with shirt - Orange and Pink (3ld)
Jeans: MOON} at TCF - MOON}. Marly BellBottoms - Darkest Fade
Outfit last picture: Mikunch -Renewel gift (free)
Umbrella: *coucou* -*coucou* Umbrella for GIFT (free)
Pose with books: *coucou* - *coucou* Book_LB wear me! ( free)
Socks: S@bbia - S@BBiA::Socks::Gift (free)
From inventory: Sneakers- In Her Shoes (IHS); blue shoes Latreia; pink coat - chronokit
Pictures made at: Pals Meadow Clover

Bye bye, Nic