Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year

On the last day of the year Nic greets you in style. She wishes you a very happy and healthy year with lots of pleasure moments, much love and joy. May your wishes come true. Belief.

First of all thanks to you who follow my blog. Thanks for the sweet comments, that i sometimes suddenly get. It keeps me going. It's nice to hear when people enjoy, what i make for them.
Another thanks for the generous gifts from my sponsors ( see the list below). With some i have nice talks too. And thanks for the generous gifts from so many wonderful designers from all over the grid in SL. Your creativity i admire. Without that i couldn't make this blog. Also a huge thanks to the people who create beautiful surroundings in sl.
And last but not least a warm loving thanks to my helpers: Dancer, Anda, Mihaly and Luella and ofcourse the sweet Italian girls: Laura and Juliet. It's such a joy to have you around me.

On the pictures you see Nic in a gown from La Gazza Ladra. A release for The Instruments. Nic's hair is from the free balls from Analog Dog. When i was making pictures at my homeplace, suddenly Anda arrived. I took a picture with him too. The pictures are a bit too sugar sweet may be with the boat behind me and behind us. But the boat realy was there at that moment. At my homeplace Lovina is open sea and i enjoy seeing boats. The isle behind Nic is from my new Neighbour kiki.

Gown: La Gazza Ladra at The Instruments December round - LGL ~ LGL There must be an Angel (NEW)
Hair: Analog Dog - AD Vall ( free)
Isle: Falbala Gustafson - Spring OffSim island Mesh (79ld)
From inventory: necklace - AA and Wicked.

I am a blogger for: chronokit, ::K::, Silvery K, FA Creations, Shey, Leri Miles Designs, !gO!, *ZD*, Wicked,  monaLISA, B!asta/ La Gazza Ladra, H@S, BSD Design Studio, KlubWerK, Paisley Daisy, Pixel Mode, Rowena's Designs, Blue Velvet store, Karla Boutique, Barbarella Portland ( Paris Fashion and TGA Designer), Orange*Pekoe, Xen's Hats

Bye bye see you in the new year, Nic

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Paris est toujour en évolution

Quand au hasard des jours...Je m'en vais faire un tour..A mon ancienne adresse..Je ne reconnais plus
Ni les murs, ni les rues..Qui ont vu ma jeunesse..En haut d'un escalier..Je cherche l'atelier
Dont plus rien ne subsiste..Dans son nouveau décor..Montmartre semble triste et les lilas sont morts

When on a random day..I go for a walk..To my old address..I no longer recognize
Neither the walls, nor the streets..That witnessed my youth...At the top of a stairway,..I look for the studio
Of which nothing remains...In its new setting,..Montmartre seems sad and the lilacs are dead.

As is said  the song from Charles Aznavour ..La bohème... Paris always is different then before. In old times and new times. L' évolution.  Paris récupère toujours !

Nic in a Paris.  She wears nice clothes from Ricielli and monaLISA. From monaLISA is the beautiful black suit. Loooove it. The grey blouse , the nude dress, the shoes are all in the christmas hunt from Ricielli. All items 15ld. Except for the blouse all comes in more colors. 
Nic shows hair from !Oleander on the last pictures. This was from the FLF. But it is also a group gift ( but  group join fee). The hair on the first pictures is a gift at ::Phoenix:: a fatpack.
The bag is in a gift from Pixel Box.

Blouse: Ricielli - Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #1 (15ld)
Dress: Ricielli - Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #5 (15ld)
Shoes with open toe: Ricielli -  #06Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #06 (15ld)
Shoes with straps: Ricielli - Riciell - CHRISTMAS HUNT 2015 IITEM #10 (15ld)
Suit: monaLISA - -mL- Kaja Suit HUD (comes with a hud with10colors) 
Hair first pictures: ::Phoenix:: - :::Phoenix::: Hair Xmas Gift (free/ group join 50ld)
Hair on last pictures: !Oleander - !Oleander ~ Halverson. Natural Tones (GG/free/but group join 150ld)
Bag: PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX - Dark Crow Gothic Accessories (free)
From inventory: Bag - Indyra; necklace - *ZD* ( see post before this one). Ring- Maxi Gossamer ( GG/ blogged before)
Pictures made near the Ricielli shop
Bye bye, Nic
Because i liked the blouse  so much another picture to show it more close

Monday, December 28, 2015

hot girls.... for?

Yes for whom are they so sexy today? We don't tell it here on the blog ;) But to surprise some friends is always nice. I think Luella ist the hottest, Nic more subtle hot. Luella is new on the blog. She is a good friend of Mihaly ( sometimes also here on the blog) and she asked me if she could join me on the blog. And i said yes. Luella has a beautiful avatar and she is dressed always very beautiful. So be prepared for what she can show here for us in the future. Welcome Luella! Nice this sexy start and i hope you will enjoy working together and have as much patience as Dancer.
On the pictures with the white lingerie Nic wears the skin from Wicked (the Christmas gift/ showed already also yesterday) this is the natural version.
The brown corset comes also with leggings ( with appliers).
Under credits you can find where you can get the lingerie. Sweet are the dogs isn't it with the antler hairbands from *ZD*. Its is the Christmas groupgift. Not for dogs but for hot girls ofcourse. More sexy pictures below because i already made them before Luella joined.

Nic wears:
White lingerie: Blacklace at 34th street - ~Blacklace~ Sexy Little Gift for Christmas on 34th St (10ld)
Brown corset with necklace ( legging also included/not showed): *ZD* - *ZD* Heidi Corset Minidress - Brown (new) - *ZD* Heidi Corset Minidress - Brown  (NEW)
Hair: Analog Dog- AD free ball (New/free)
Reindeer coffee and chocolat mug: Sways ( was from advents calendar)
Wreathes: Vespertine - in {vespertine}- december15  group gift (free/ but group join fee)
Antler headbands: *ZD* - *ZD* Group gift - reindeer antlers (15 colors) (free)
From inventory: Branches illuminated - Silvery K
Luella wears:
Lingerie: Clockhaus - Lena Night Dress BLACK - TFC Hunt (free)
Hair: Truth Hair - Truth ArdenVariety 12 days of savings - marketplace (100 Ld).
Boots: N-Core - N-core ALEXANDRA "Black" Non sock version für Maitreya Lara with Hud
Make-up: Ricielli - Ricielli NIGHT MAKEUPS - 125 Ld.
Necklace: Pixel Box - Necklace Dark cross and rose in black pearls box - 50 Ld.
Pictures taken: at my home location
Bye bye, Nic
Click small pictures to enlarge

Sunday, December 27, 2015

the fall

Nic's fall. Yes also SL Fashionista's do fall. Not an elegant way to show a new dress. May be you think hey did i see this dress before on the blog? No you didn't. I showed such sort of a dress but in different colors from M*Motion in my post: favorite winter clothes. New then and not free. This one is free in the Kiyomizu hunt. Search a cat. Easy to find's a big one.
The skin is one of the christmas gifts at Wicked. Comes with Slink and Maitreya hud. Also included are eyelashes and  red- and neutral lips. Nic uses freckles from her inventory. The skin is realy a beauty.
The hair is new in freeballs on the island from Analog dog. More new free hairs there. On the last picture  you can see Nic's snowflake necklace from the gifts at 34th street. Her boots are also from there from Essenz. 10ld is inexpensive for Essenz boots. Poses for the fall are a 10ld gift at 34th street.Nails also from there. the scarf is the second gift for advent from Luziefee and still there

Dress: M*Motion - KiyomizuHunt#3 M*Motion (free)
Skin: WICKED * - WICKED * Chrissy - Skin Package (free)
Hair: Analog Dog - mash Analog Dog freeball (new/free)
Fur collar: LUZ - LUZ - Advent2-2015 - vendor (free)
Boots:Essenz  at 34th street -Essenz - Copenhagen (Brown) Christmas on 34th Street Gift(10ld)
Nails://elephante poses//at 34th - //elephante poses// Winter's Chill (10ld)
Necklace: S&P at 34th - S&P necklace snowflake gift (10ld)
Poses: W.Winx at 34th W.Winx & Flair - Ice Slip (10ld)
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, December 26, 2015

the wolfman

This is not the wolfman from the movie. Just tjip surrounded  by his friends the wolves. Tjips wears a suit from (red)sand and a skin. It is in the christmas gift from that shop. You can find it outside at the square. I hunted for  tjips hair at Dura. You need be in the group and find tiny santa's . Click the santa and one of the colors from this hair is yours. 12 santa's you can hunt . 12 hair colors of this hair you can find.. Love this hair for tjip. And i love the suit and skin too.

Suit and skin: (red)sand - (red)sand Fasion bag xmass 2015 gift (free)
Hair: Dura - *Dura* x'mas group hunt (free)
Pictures taken at: 34th street
Bye bye, Nic

he is the boss

Don't you think so when you see how they walk together? He is the boss. But he follows her everywhere. Walking back home after a Christmas visit at friends. Tjips still wears his festive suit. It is in the last gift from the advents calendar at Alb Dream Fashion. Nic wears clothes from under the Christmas trees at 34th street. I just discovered there are more christmas trees there. So also more presents still available. And from good designers. The jacket with the jeans from Hilly Haalan is one of the gifts and the Mina hair and the dress with the frilled skirt part from Cheeky. Love that one. All from the 34th street presents. The bag is from the discount part of the Reign shop (just 75ld) with hud.
And finally the necklace is a christmas  gift from Wicked. Comes with a color hud. you can make parts white or red. Wicked has more presents. You can find them outside. ( a BEAUTIFUL skin package and red booties with fur)

Nic wears: Dress - Cheeky at 34th - .:cheeky:. Cherri - skirt Dress! Black Red (10ld)
Hair: Mina at 34th - MINA - Joelle - Ombres (34th street) (10ld)
Jacket and jeans: Hilly Haalan at 34th - Hilly Haalan GIFT ''Cathy Coat & Jeans (10ld)
Bag: Reign - REIGN.- VILLENCIA BAG- BLACK (75ld)
Necklace: Wicked - WICKED * Kate - Necklace (Fire)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s
Tjip wears:
Suit: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB CHRIST 2015 24 NATALINA + TALIN (free/ but group join fee)
Pictures taken at 34th street
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, December 25, 2015

christmas day in the morning

Make-up on the bench. I got this cute make-up set as a Christmas present from Laura Azalee. So sweet. She knew i liked this one. And yesterday in the evening i got it. But see what happened in the morning from Christmas day! Did the cat do this? Nic is not very amused.
In the morning i hurried to all the advent calendars. Didn't want to miss the last gifts. The skirt is the last advent gift from Luziefee. You can find it on the desk. At Baby Monkey you can grab all the presents from under the Christmas tree. The clothes don't have Christmas colors very useful for normal days. Nic wears from Baby Monkey the back buttoned sweater. Comes with a hud with 3 colors: turquoise, brown and gold/yellow). The fur is from Kaithleen's from the Into the Woods hunt. HINT: go to the left in the shop under a tree is the hunt item) Hunt item is a small dark bottle. Nic's hair is a gift from little bones. The shoes are from the last gift from Alb Dream Fashions advents calendar. You get a gown and the males a red suit.
Below you see the last advents gift from Yasum. You get a country house, fully decorated. You can use all decorations also separately. I took some decorations outside near the horses. The wreath is a gift at Vespertine. The ladder  with lights is from Silvery K.

Skirt: Luz - LUZ - Advent gift # 4 - 2015
Shoes:ALB -  part of ALB NATALINA gown christ 2015 & heel to slink by AnaLee Balut (free/ but group needed)
Sweater: BM -BM Back Buttoned Sweater Advent
Fur: Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's Fur Boa with Color Hud (Itw hunt (2ld)
Hair: little bones - little bones. Rude - GIFT (free/group join fee)
House: Yasum - Yasum*MESH*Christmas Gift * (free)
From inventory: lights - Silvery K; Wreath- Vespertine ( gift); nail polish set - tres blah
Bye bye, Nic
Thanks Laura!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas eve with my cuties

I love animals and that is why Nic is surrounded or guided so much by animals. Today near the reindeer mama with her child  guided by her wooden reindeer family. And with her huskies in the snow , nearly evening  on a winter day. And with foxes on a morning walk in fresh winter temperature. She wears gifts from Hilly Haalan, Below some details. The legging is from B!asta. Shoes, the winter dome in Nic's hands and hair are from a holiday event, Christmas on 34th street.

Dresses: Hilly Haalan- [HH] Sonia top and Skirt, Peggy open back dress, Nina dress (free)
Hair: Analog Dog at 34th street: Analog Dog Hair - enja gift (10ld)
Winter dome: Kalopsia at 34th street - Kalopsia - Gift - Happy Holidays (10ld)
Shoes: Lowen at 34th street - Lowen - Satin Stilettos [White] Slink High (10ld)
Wooden reindeer family: -Hanaya- -Hanaya- Animated Red Nosed Reindeer [mesh] (free)
Huskies: Xin at The Arcade - Xin. husky ( gatcha )
From inventory: tights- B!asta; Foxes - Blackburn;
Pictures made at: Wispering Wind

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

no i don't wanne shoot at all

No i realy don't wanne shoot. It's just for the pictures.The dogs enjoy the walk.
Entice has a christmas tree with presents under it. You can see what present you can get every day with the picture on the box. And i wanted this one. I combined it with old boots from Coco. Bought me a AK47 to make a hunt post. The ring is the new groupgift from Maxi Gossamer. Color change menu will appear when you click the ring. The hair with hat with snowflake is the subscribe-o-matic gift from Truth, the holiday gift. There is a color menu for the hair and color menu for the hat ( red, green and black)

Outfit: Entice - Entice - Advent Calendar 2015 - Dec 22nd (free/ group needed)
Ring: MG - MG - Rings - Fortune Lotus Flower Ring (free/GG)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Bernadette Holiday Gift
Rifle: [Silence] - [Silence] AK47 ( 1ld)
Star earrings: Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey advent gift ( free)

From inventory: Boots - COCO (old)

Monday, December 21, 2015

explosion of presents

close-up glasses below
 close-up doggy below

Christmas color red is traditional. Don't know why, but it is. Nic shows you different dresses, a gown and a casual outfit  from all sorts of events and groupgifts.
The first dress is a groupgift from More Then Ever. Love the asymmetrical skirt part .
The tartan dress from AnaMarkova you can find at On9. On9 is a monthly event. This time with some christmas gifts. Mostly they have one secret item for sale. Many well-know designers participate. I also found the legging there. Comes with a hud for many colors. And the pattern is beautiful. The glasses with sunglass part ( you can open en close them and choose colors) are also a gift at On9. The red wallet is an advents gift from YoKana (blogged before)
Nic's kitty ear hairband and the cute dog are gifts at The Wayward Market.
The other short dress and the high heel booties are  groupgifts from Hilly Haalan.
The jacket with sweater and shirt is the Christmas gift from Gizza ( also in green/unisex)
The gown is a gift from Kaithleen in the christmas tree at the  Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Behind Nic you see wall hanging lights and ground lights from Toro and a Rudolf Cane and a wreath from unKindness from the Wayward Market. The necklace + earrings (hidden under Nic's hair) are a advents gift at Chop Zuey. The hair is from Lamb! under the christmas tree at the Arcade.

First picture:
Winterberry More Than Ever - Winterberry -  Holly Dress GG BOX - More Than Ever (GG/free)
Wallet: YoKana - Yokana wallet advent gift( free/ but group join fee)

Second Picture:
Dress: {AnaMarkova} at On9 - {AnaMarkova} Toyah Sweater Dress Tartan (free)
Leggings: Lybra and Natzuka!! at On9 - Happy Holidays from Lybra and Natzuka!!(free)
Glasses:HAYSURIZA at On9 - HAYSURIZA_Glasses_London Gift(free)

Jacket and sweater: Gizza - Gizza Christmas gift (free)
Teddy cushions: Serenity Style at WWM  - Serenity Style Warm Teddy cushions (free)
Pillow Rudy: Sway's - Sway's Advent gift 2015 17 (free)

Fourth :
Dress: [hh] -[hh] GIFT Bea Dress (GG/free)
High Heel Booties: [hh] -
Dog: {le fil casse}at WWM - {le fil casse} wayward market giftie (free)

Gown Kaithleen's at CSR - Kaithleen's Magna Gown - Lipstick (free)
Necklace: Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Gift - Tensha Texture Change Necklace & Earrings (free)
Lights : Toro at WWM - Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Morrocan} for Wayward Hunt (free)
Rudolf Cane and wreath: unKindness at WWM - uk - YarnPuff Wreath& Rudolf Cane (free)
Hair: Lamb at The Arcade - lamb Baby blue (free)
From inventory: hair first picture Truth (ami)(12 days of savings); Second hair -Magika (12 days of savings) Hair third picture - Besom(treasure);  Booties first pictures- Coco (old)

Bye bye, Nic
Click small pictures to enlarge