Friday, July 30, 2010

Gotta Grab!

I've been super busy working on the Needle in a Haystack Hunt which starts this Sunday, August 1st.  I had to toss this freebie in real quick from Cheeseburger because it is just way too cute and Cheeseburger also happens to be a shop in the hunt (yay for cross promotion!).  The super awesome dress is from Crissy Designs (this is the hunt item - more on that later).  Finally, I absolutely had to show off my new hair, one of the new releases from Sixty Nine - love it!    

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random stuffs

Skin: Gato - Dragon skin (group gift, join group free and touch sign here)
Hair: Posh - Morning After (gift, 15 hairstyles, buy box here)
Top: Crazy Clothes - Tijuana Dress blue (new release)
Pants: Shush - white classic jeans
Pumps: Periquita - ChickyChic Pumps

Skin: Baiastice - Pulchra Peach (Group gift, join group and retrieve from notices)
Hair: Baiastice - Lela hair attachment brown (Group gift, goes with hairbase from groupgift skin)
Tops: Action - Womens Clawed Top Miami tank & net (Rocking Friday items)
Jeans: astraia - Basic Jeans
Pumps: Periquita - ChickyChic Pumps

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sea Hole

Another item my inventory craved: this harem jumpsuit by The sea Hole. Gawd its perfectness. So well textured and chique and comfy. My hair is a free gift from Posh, a box with 17 (!!!) different hairstyles, in all colors you could wish.

A shot of my pretty Atomic skin... My pc finally is working properly after resetting and installing stuff since february and I try to experiment with my photo's a little.

Kus Nere

Skin: Atomic - Audri honey (StumbleBum item)
Hair: Posh - Gardenia blonde (free in a jumbo pack with lots more styles and colors to choose from!)
Jumpsuit: The sea Hole - Harem jumpsuit slate (Pookie flea market item)
Pumps: Maitreya Gold - Ixkin Champagne Duo
Bangles: Coco - Bangles urban 03

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I think I've been staring at my face about 80% of the time I spent on SL today. The skin I'm wearing is from Dekade and just 70l at the Dressing Room Blue for the next two weeks. It's a gorgeous nude face with a little mole at the cheek.

Well these pants are probably all on the grid since it's Milk Motion's last flf offering, but I build a look around it anyway. They are the cutest and I needed them.

Kus Nere

Skin: Dekade - Brooke 2 sunkissed (available at TDR Blue)
Hair: eha - Chiko Orange
Lashes: Atomic - Liner Wings
Vest: Pig - Lazy Sweater Eggshell (25l sale still going on)
Top: CS - Trixie Camie Undershirt Wheat
Pants: Milk Motion - my harem pants white
Pumps: Armidi - Dalia Pump Latte

Friday, July 23, 2010


I had not really paid much attention to the Summer of Love Fair until I got a notice from the Ricielli group stating to have put up an exclusive design which will only be sold at this fair. It's the Marisa dress which I'm wearing in an animal texture. Usually I'm not much into animal prints but this one is very classy. In fact I bought the only one that had animal print, the other versions of this beautifully sculpted dress are uni colors.

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli - Eva tone 2 01a
Hair: fri. - Brande Jealous Red
Dress: Ricielli - Marissa dress animal (available at SOL Fair)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Mustache offers in above cardigan in their group notices, the color really appeals to me today. The cardi's are released in several colors and I will definitely be buying more. Paired with tram's free flats I think I'm pretty color coordinated for the day...

My skin is Atomic's current StumbleBum item and will be available for only a short while. It costs about half the price of a regular skin, a good deal if you ask me. Mind the red eyeliner and heavy eyebrows, those are pretty eyecatching.

Kus Nere

Skin: Atomic - Audrey honey (Stumble bum item)
Hair: Clawtooth - Twinkle toast soil
Cardigan: Mustache - Slub Crochet Cardigain aqua (group gift, look in notices)
Tank: fri. - Layering.Tank Striped V gray
Pants: Milk Motion - my high waist jeans short pale blue
Flats: tram - gift flats (available in mainstore)
Bulldog: Vooner - French Bulldog

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Addiction Hunt!

Well, apparently I did the Addiction Hunt last year too.  I didn't seem to think too much of it when I blogged it then - but I was super excited for some reason when I heard there was going to be another.  It seems to me last year was feeding a lot more on the illegal drug, darkness, grunge aspect of addiction while the gifts this year had much more of a coffee and chocolate addiction theme.   I feel a little kinship with Maleficent Benoir (since we both have hunt blogs and she's on my friends even though she probably doesn't know how I got there), the organizer of the hunt. You possibly recognize her as the mastermind behind The Hunt Locations .  I digress and say this hunt is awesome.  Go do it now.  Go now - do it.  You can read more about it here (on my hunt blog).  
Mah Poor Quality: Hard Long Night Skin & Lashes
Adoring Charms: Aura - Precious
CandyDoll:  Addicted
Skinthesis: Bela Lugosi's Dead
BOUNCE: Paillettes Dress and Leggings
Pretty Lady: MaryJane Blue Top with Skirt
[iD]entity: Da Baddest Jacket and Panties
Zahir: Engelse Drop II Bikini
Cynful: AddictedToPink Tank, Leggings (wish I could pull these up a bit) and Flats 
Alexohol Fashions: Top and Mini Skirt with Shush: Love.. be my last tattoo (winks at triper)
Acid & Mala Creations: Just-what-i-want  Dress with Adoring Charms :Bondar Pumps Gold Satin
AlaFolie: MANON Gown
 GC (Good Clothing): Titan Outpost Top, Pants, Belt, Straps (comes with boots too not shown)
Cero Style: Addicted marita dress
WoE: Graecyn Jean Capris with Trinity Ribbed Tank
Nekoholic: sexy Shirt, Pants, Underpants, Undershirt
Rasetsukoku: Female Hoodie with LiNe: Geeky Glasses
Noirilicious: Lacy Tops Linen Black
Sascha's Designs: Whisher Blue Cocktail Dress with Chop Zuey: Colours - Out of the Blue Bracelet
MFP and MVP designs: Fashion Victim Jacket with Baubles Jewelry: Bracelets
Ducknipple: Milker - Dot blue Top
Petunia: Grace Sundress with Izzie's: Bow Waist Belt black (other colors in the pack - love, love, love this!)
Hyper Culture: Cropped Half Cardigan with High Waist Skirt
Sassy Kitty Designs: Sexy Addiction Dress with  LOULOU&CO: Bracelets

There are LOADS more goodies not shown.

Group Gifts to Grab!

Everyone is at their 25 max - I know, I know, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss these!
Dressed by Lexi: July 2010 Group Gift (Join Group, Click on Sign in Shop)
aDIVA Couture: Misses Jones Dress (Subscribo Gift)
Kunglers: Group Gift July2010 (Join Group 50L, Check Past Notices)
Velvetrythms: July Ladies Gift Mauvette (Check Past Notices)

Hair is !lamb.: Egomaniacal - Honeycomb - Stumblebum Item (So not free but comes with sunglasses!)

Lotd or so

Been hopping along the grid in this outfit for a few days and I'm still liking it. Thought I'd share.

Kus Nere

Hair: Maitreya - Green (ginger)
Skin: L.Fauna - Lola pale 2 (preview flf)
Top vest: DuckNipple - Hurley Layered (part of huntgift in store now)
Shirt: Maitreya - Bodysuit de la Ruche (Sea Green)
Capri's: Hucci - Gold Denim Capri (medium)
Pumps: Periquita - Beda Sandals Black

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime and the Livin's Easy Hunt

Super easy, super fast hunt (only 14  13 shops) and most are on the same sim.  You can read more about it here.  Happy Hunting!
sweet little: nightshirt with ruffles and roses panties
JoyLove: Tied Up Dottie Tee - grey
RAWRR: stoked tank
Bellies: Blue Beach Shirt
!Doux Couture: Vintage One Piece
Equiliubrium: gold Aviator eyeglasses
honey and vinegar: ice cream mess 
Sugar.Snap.Me: Summer Time Skybox
Oh My Stars:  Written in the stars tri-pose
Cupcakes & Poetry: Cupcake Treehouse

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Stars!

I've been working on the Summertime and the Living is Easy Hunt (more on that later!) and Oh My Stars! is one of the stops.  I came across these adorable pose freebies while hunting and I wanted to share:
Oh My Stars! opening gift
Dress is the mUSGo Pink Hawaii - Current group gift!
 Oh My Stars! BipolarOid :  This is actually a dual pose prop (sadly I'm alone)
Top is mUSGo Red Mini Tuni (30L)


Exodi will be releasing a new skin named Isolde very soon and gave the group above skin as a gift. It is lovely, can't wait to see the new release. The group has a 250l joining fee...


Monday, July 12, 2010

Hunt Stuff, Other Stuff, A Montage...

It's raining, I'm bored.  Here's some stuff I found tonight:

  By Alexxis: - Fair Blended Summer High (Huneebee Hunt Special)
Shapes by Kira: Huneebee Hunt Skin 2010 
Shapes by Kira: Lilia Skin - light (Huneebee Hunt Special)
Corrupted Innocence: Envy Skin (lucky chair win)
CHIC inc.: Danielle Skin Gifty (From Hasi's Subscribo)
Ducknipple:  Hurley layered - Black / Blue from the Mad Duck Hunt

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ICON Sim - Iconically Sexy

Since Nere posted about the Tuli Skin here, I thought I would go have a look see what other freebies were around for Iconically Sexy.  In addition to these there are some store freebies laying around the sim as well.  Here's the goodies I managed to find specifically for Iconically Sexy (of course I grabbed the skin as well!): 

BOOM: Icon Hot Pants (wow Karina must spend alot of time of the Stairmaster!)
elymode: Dulce Layer Tank and Panties set
MEB : Tour d'Argent Skirt, Jacket, Shoes
Miamai: Mere Candy Leggings
Tuli: Jade Skin in all pics!

Vintage Flair Hunt!

I know I keep saying it but I love these smaller hunts - being able to get one done in just a day or two is dreamy.  I was surprised how much I loved most of the gifts in this hunt.  You can read more about it here.  Not all of them seemed to be very "Vintage" (or my perception of vintage).  When I did this hunt the blog was a mess - so I strongly suggest you join the hunt group (aptly titled Hunters Group. - you can join from my profile) and check notices for the most current surls and hints.
La Belle Dame Sans Merci: Cyd Gown and Hat with Envy Designs: Mary Jane Pumps
Lemania Indigo Designs: Baby Love Gown and Shoes
May's Soul: Star Top (3 options), skirt and fishnets (includes other accessories not shown)
Xplosion: Corset (multiple options) with aRAWRa: Vintage Tattoos (capri's not from hunt)
Cilian'gel Boutique: Got Noon?  Dress, Bolero, Gloves
aMuse: Vintage Flair Dress
Ducknipple: Sonnet - Blue (leggings not from hunt)
Flirt: Zeno dress
Slave of the Dreams (SOTD): Vintage Red pantsuit
diavolicious: Female-Vintage
FIN *Relive the fifties: 1950 Cocktail Dress
Zahir: Vintage Flair Paris Bikini 

I'm not watching football

I'm the only one in my house not watching the game playing, what better time to blog. I've been hopping along the grid in this weeks Stumble Bum item from Tres Blah, nice shorts with an adorable floral shrug.

My skin is a gift from Tuli, and you don't have to be a groupmember to get it. All the shops at ICON have set out free items and Tuli is one of them! Go get this gorgeous version of Jade asap.

Skin: Tuli - Jade
Hair: Truth - Bethany auburn
Eyes: Tuli - Jade eyes sage
Outfit: Tres Blah - Vintage Floral Shrug Outfit (Stumble Bum item)
Shoes: Periquita - Funny Girl flats brown

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Unknown Hunt!

This was a great idea for a hunt (little sad I didn't think of it first - lol).  You can read more about it here.  Most of the shops were indeed unfamiliar to me, although some I couldn't quite figure out how they were classified as "Unknown" as they have been around awhile and I've been there for loads of hunts before (oh well).  There were also a few shops that brings to mind the logic - just because you can open a shop doesn't mean you should.  Thankfully, these are very few and far between and this was a pretty easy and quick hunt and worth it.  There are also some wonderful non-fashion related finds but I thought there was more then enough clothing to show off alone.  As always, my favorites:
Furse Tri: Cancun Bliss Midnight Bikini and Wrap
PetitCrazy: Hunt SkullyShirt with Southpaw: Naturals Fathom Eyes (pants not from hunt)
!Doux Couture: Malibu Babydoll Zesty (pants not from hunt)
((fine)): Themis Necklace
T Junction: Plaid Bikini 
Tribal Soul Designs: Magnus' Eyes - Light Brown (shown in all pics except where indicated otherwise)
Tivenchy: Lime Bikini
Broken Doll: Polka Dot Bikini and Bracelets
Willow:  Bow Shirt with High Waist Polka Dot Shorties 
Unravel:  aRa Dress 
Ruru@Pino: Extract(night)-EyeDress
Schwarz: Hunt Dress with Shorts
Envy Designs: Karma Green 
MeteoRain Main store: Dress, Sunglasses (includes hair not shown)
Tarina's Neutral Zone Boutique: Lily-Green Floral 
La luna di carta (Paper Moon): Waves Top, Skirt and Shoes
Dark Water Designs: Unknown Hunt Gown
Tragic Beauty: B*tch Shirt and Jeans
Sweet Agony Designs: Sun T-shirt, Funky Latex Pants and Gold Tone Sunglasses
Torque: Denim Cherries Dress
Shush: Shredded  rainbow top with Mini ruffle skirt
diavolicious: Marina Couple Complete Outfits (female outfit shown, male also included)

All Poses From: marukin  (some are from the hunt and some of them I bought while I was there hunting lol)

Skin in all pictures Tribal Soul Designs:  Retro Skin (LOVE this).

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I used to get so excited when PixelDolls released something new, but along the way I started to loose track of their developments. Until today the new releases caught my eye and I decided to take a look of what had become of one of my first SLoves.

After tping in I found myself right in the middle of the new releases. Oh joy, saves lazy me a lot of searching. The newer releases all looked very decent, and had that distinct PixelDolls feel to them, a bit of brocade woven in. Then my eye got the little boxes below every vendor. Oh my. Almost a free version of every new release in the color violet. How generous is that!

Anyway, my inventory is never too full so I picked up a piece of everything. Shown on this last picture is the actual last release that caught my eye. They are in several colors available, but I'm showing the free Violet version. Yes. Four dresses for free. Not to mention several other tops...

I think its impressive for a store to be around so long and still deliver items on a regular basis. And the designs do look improved, because to be honest PixelDolls had a few texture flaws, especially on the seams. But so far, PixelDolls is still around and delivering.

Kus Nere

Skin: dekade - Brooke (group gift)
Hair: fri. - Miley (Passionate red)
Top: PixelDolls - Papillon Top (violet. free)
Dresses: Pixeldolls - Fade Dresses (violet, free)
Jeans: fri. - Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight)
Pumps: NX - Kurvy T-strap

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mellow Yellow Hunt!

This is a great hunt if your lacking yellow in your inventory.  You can read more about it here.  Pretty easy - the blog has great clues.  The loot:
BalAni's: Monaco Hoodie (jeans not from hunt)
ShadowMoon: Against the World Camo Pants which are unisex I'm wearing the the Male tank but it comes with a gal's one as well :)
Shush: Circus jeans yellow with Little summer top flash green
DragonLady's Closet: Diana in Lemon Lime with HAMIs*piercing: Mellow Yellow Necklace
Liquified: feel me body dress in yellow with Fishnets 
Love Zombie:  Miles Hoodie with Deviant Designs: Oceania (limited edition) Shoes (pants not in hunt)
evie: Fishnet Leggings & Top Set
Lushish CatZ: Mellow Yellow Tank and Shorts
RoTtEn DeFiAnCe: Mellow Yellow Dress
Alexohol Fashions: Mellow Yellow Kini
Blue MoonPie: Mellow Yellow Stool 
Orange Peel: Exclusive Mellow Yellow Egg Chair

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mynerva new skin

Quite recently I blogged about Mynerva skins for the first time and since then there have been two new releases. How's that for hard work... Shown below is the pretty Elise face, it's a bit more adult face than the previous Aona.

Still a youthfull face, with a somewhat determined mouth. There are a few makeups, all with and with out blushing cheeks.

I'm not showing the complete body because it is quite similar to the Aona body, but this time I dó like the nipples. A lot actually. The body is flawless with just enough details to suit my taste. The chest is quite flat, which I normally prefer, but for this gorgeous Aoharu shirt to work I used a cleavage enhancer for the very first time in my slife! But it works, doesn't it?

This last picture is the subscribo gift featuring the newest face, Sophie. It's not retrievable through history, so you might want to make sure to join to receive upcoming gifts! Oh and I'm not wearing any cleavage enhancers on this picture...

Kus Nere

Skin pic 1: Mynerva - Elise (Pink Damask blush)
Skin pic 2: Mynerva - Sophie (subscribo gift, not available in history)
Hair pic 1: Kookie - Kate hair (chocolate brown)
Hair pic 2: Zero Style - Dana (auburn)
Shirt: Aoharu - DungareeLongShirt (white)
Undershirt: DeeTaleZ - hot mini dress (brown)
Jeans: Hucci - Gold Denim Capri (medium 1)
Shoes: Coco - AnkleWrapWedge (previous gift)
Jewelry: Miel - AHI set (couldve been limited item)