Saturday, October 31, 2015

her worst nightmare

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Oh that poor Linzee in her wheelchair, first an idiot clown and then Dancer with her mask and with her skin with a good and bad side. The good thing for the insane girl was that Dancer brought her a  new bag (see on her lap). But at the end it overwhelmed Dancer a bit. Scroll for a picture of that moment.
You see Nic on the first picture. Waiting for Dancer for the photoshoot i camed around for the hunt that is running there ( ends today) and i found this clows mask. And i had to show it to you. Dancer's mask is a gift from Linden on marketplace. Dancer's legging and the bag from Lizee are from a hunt ( touch don't bite my pumpkin hunt). the eyes are from the horror fest hunt.So three hunt you can go to as fast as possible.

Dancer wears:
Skin: Lumae- Lumae :: Niska - Varda - Lady Death (GG/free)
Eyes: REPULSE - REPULSE - Sullen Eyes ( look for a little pumpkin)( HFH/free)
Hair: (Milana) - (Milana) Nikola bun - All Shades ( see also the post before this one)(free)
Boots: Blackburn - Laced & Strapped Black Leather Heels (free)
Dress: Blaraby - [Blaraby] Ruffle dress with blood [Black] (50ld)
Mask: Linden lab - in Linden Halloween gifts 2015 (free)
Legging:  Furtacor - from the tdbmp hunt - Touch don't bite my pumpkin ( 1ld)
Gloves: [AdN] - [AdN] CUTE LACE (Appliers Included) (1ld)
Necklace: .:: PIXEL BOX design - .:: PIXEL BOX design ANGEL CALLER Necklace (free)
Bag: Illy from the tdbmp hunt - ..::ILLI::.. Hunt Handbag (Halloween Edition) (1ld)
Nic wears:
see for most things the post before this one and
Mask; *N* - DERP *N* Scary Clown mask  hunt from Blackout event ( ends 31 -10-2015)
When landed touch the red sign to teleport. Then go upstairs to the left. In the cupboard of  a desk you will find the pumpkin bag with sweets. Be aware for all scary things.. i was followed by i man with an axe and pushed by a rat. I met bloody Lisa and insane Linzee.
Insane Linzee: Satanic Visions -  Shadow Wraith Wheelchair patient (60ld)
The Wheelchair Patient has a range sensor that tracks an avatar and activates a pleading sound effect on avatar approach.
Bye bye, Nic


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Ieeeekkkk a rat attack ( see one of the small pictures!)
This is how Nic visits  the halloween party tonight. She can go sexy in just the body from Ashmoot with bones or she can go a bit more modest in the body plus the legging (from Spirit). Still in doubt about what to choose.
I promissed myself this year to show from the halloween items the ones you also can wear on normal days. I did it in many posts before this one. But on Halloween day ...i think, it is good to show a Halloween outfit for those who search suddenly for something like that.

The skin is free at Faboo. Try your luck at the gatcha machine . it's not sure you get this one , but all are good. Below i will write short  tutorial about some problems i had with adding the skintone to my slink feet. May be helpfull for others too, what i figured out.
The smeared makeup is from the Tag! gatcha as well as the corkscrews with fishbones on my shoulder ( see the Tag! gatcha post) Some accessories i showed before on the blog. Also an oldie i used , the skelleton hands on Nic's breast are from a voodoo costume from Brii from last year ( may be still available). Brii has many Halloween costumes.
May be i add Dancers costume for this day when she is online in time.

Body: Ashmoot - AsHmOoT_Celebration Coll_Skeleton BodySuit (free)
Pants: SPIRIT - SPIRIT - Halloween leggings/ more available in the Kitja,Evani and Rinka shop on that sim (each piece 6ld)
Skin: Faboo - FABOO. GATCHA BOX - ZOMBIE SKIN - PALLID #2 (free)
Ring: Luxe. - LUXE. Skull Ring (free)
Corkscrews: May's Soul for Tag! Gatcha - Creepy lolita head piece (free)
Necklace with axe: Hudson- in HUDSON's HALLOWEEN Accessories  (free)
Crown: *:..Silvery K..:* at Wayward Halloween Gatcha -  Magical Gacha [eye patch silver] [2]( gatcha/ 50ld)
Arm cover: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:* arm cover
Smeared eyemake -up: Clemmm for Tag! Gatcha - Clemmm trick (free)
White eye- shadow: White~Widow- [White~Widow Face Tattoo]Mexico Whiet ( free)
From inventory: necklace and skelleton hands -  Brii Miss Voodo complete outfit; shoes - Shey (Alba)
Pictures made at: Spellbound
Bye bye, Nic

Short tutorial:
The skin comes with an Omega applier for mesh body, feet and hands. For the Maitreya body you must also use a Maitreya Omega system relay hud. For your slink feet and hands you need the Slink Omega system Kit . Unpack that kit and then first click the installer, you  activate the installer then. Use the omega hud from Faboo and the Slink Omega system kit at the same time. But...i discovered that when i used the Slink hud and after that wanted use the Maitreya hud. The Maitreya hud  didn't work. Relog and then use the Maitreya Omega and the Faboo Omega to get the good skin color on the rest of your body.
Another new thing i learned ( thanks to Juliet) how i could remove the  the neck part, that didn't get the color from another skin, between my not mesh head and my mesh body. There is a button in your Maitreya hud to solve that problem. You find it under the tab skins and options  called neck fix ( button on/off)

Friday, October 30, 2015

a bit dangerous here.. but still good vibes

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This bridge was a challenge for picture making. It was high and we pushed each other of the bridge by accident. And Dancer said there was a hole in the bridge. But may be she said so to get the attention  from Nic elsewhere, so she could steal a dark skull chocolate. The girls both wear a kind of same sort of booties. Nic from the free groupgift gatcha at Pure Poison and Dancer  from the Midnight Mania  at !TLB. Both wear a ribbon/bow in the hair ."Is it a fashion to  wear a ribbon nowadays" someone asked us. But no we just got those ribbons. Nic shows the new november groupgift skin ( released today) from Wow skins . Nic's top and waist sweater are from a hunt at Overhigh. You also get shorts. I combined it with a jeans from beautiful Dirty Rich (with appliers). Love the jeans from Dancer, from the lucky board, but i had no time to stand there.

On Dancer:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins -Garage Fair ANAIS Caramel No cleavage (free/LC)
Cape: Baby Monkey - BM Poncho Basics with hud  for many colors (free/ but group join fee)
Hair with bow : Milana - (Milana) Nikola bun - All Shades also another hair included (SOM/free)
Booties: !TLB - Leslie Heels-Ash (MM/free)
Jeans: RD Style - part of Outfit Outfit Marjorie_RD Style (LB/free)
Bracelets: PIXELBOX - PIXELBOX - Bracelet Magic Pumpkins (b)(free)

On Nic:
Skin: Wow Skins - GG NOV 2015 .::WoW Skins::. V2 Yolanda Tan (free/but group join fee)
Top: Overhigh -  OVH -01 - OVH.Hunt . Bex Top (free)
Waist sweater: Overhigh - 03 - OVH.Hunt . Knotted Izzie Shirt (free)
Jeans: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... -  ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Dreamer Jeans (GG) (free)
Booties : Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Zipper Boots - Gray Stars -  - RARE (free/ GGgatcha)
Necklace and earrings: Elysium at BCF - Elyisum - Africa necklace + earrings (silver)
Dark chocolate skull in mouth - C L A Vv for Tag! Gatcha - C L A Vv dark skull chocolate (free)
Ribbon : Lark for Tag! Gatcha - Lark halloween ribbon (free)
Bag: Mikunch- Mikunch Gift / Tote Bag (OK MOD) Favorite Time (free)
Glasses: ArisAris at BCF - TBCFIV- Gifts 1 - ArisAris/B&W (1ld or free)
From inventory: Hair !Soul; chocolate jar - BSD
Pictures made at: Intro
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boho Culture Fair again.

This pink boho set is from Yokana , a gift at the Boho Culture fair. Later on Nic wears a warm cardigan and sweater with the pants from the Yokana set. The warm set is from StormCrow designs. Not free, but you can buy it at the Boho fair. The set comes with a color hud for more cute options. Nic shows 2 necklaces , nails and a ring, all from the boho Culture fair. The bag is in the october gift from Shey with color hud for many color options. The phone i showed in the post before this one already. scroll for the close-ups

Credits: taxi to the Boho culture faur ( BCF) is here
Pink set: Yokana at BCF - TBCFIV- Gifts - Y o K a n a ( free or 1ld)
Warm cardigan and sweater: StormCrow Design's - SD VEST/SHIRT WITH HUD (not free)
Necklace with ribbon: Delirium Style  at BCF - TBCFIV- Gifts - Delirium Style ( free or 1ld)
Long necklace: Dew at BCF - TBCFIV- Gifts - "DEW"(free or 1ld)
Bag: Shey - Shey groupgift october Bahamia handbag( with hud) ( free)
Nails: La Boheme at BCF - La Boheme Gift: Boho Fair 2015 ( free or 1ld)
Ring: !IT! at BCF - !IT! - Enchanted Roses Rings 6 Gift (free or 1ld)
From inventory: shoes - Shey; hair Wasabi Pills; Phone - see post before this one
Pictures made near the Kalopsia shop. SO BEAUTIFUL THERE!!
Bye bye, Nic
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Boho Culture Fair 2015

Another event where i searched for nice presents. The Boho Culture Fair 2015. Lots of presents for 1 or 0ld. Tp yourself there and search and don't forget to look around in the shops. I saw nice sets. I searched and searched for hair and shoes gifts at the fair but didn't succeed.  But i found so many other nice no complaints. I got enough to go with the new october groupgift dress and jacket (onepiece) with necklace from Gizza. I love the cute bag in blue and pink. That inspired me to search for pink lipstick and pink blue shoes.
See some details below.

Dress/jacket and necklace: Gizza -GizzA - October Group Gift [Women] (free)
Ring:[keke] at Tag! Gatcha - [keke]  trick key ring ( see post before this one for explanation ( free)
From the Boho Culture fair:
Hat: Elysium at BCF -TBCFIV- Gift 2 - Elysium Skins & Apparel (free or 1ld)
Bag(pink blue)/sunglasses and cellphone at BCF: Stormcrow - TBCFIV- Gifts - StormCrow Design's (free or 1ld)
Chucky bag: Shine by [ZD] at BCF -  shine by [ZD] TBCFIV- Gift * Chucky Bag canary (free or 1ld)
Lipstick: LoveMe Skins at BCF-TBCFIV- Gifts - LoveMe Skins
From inventory: Hair Analog Dog; shoes- Shey
Bye bye, Nic
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Tag! Gatcha and more

Yesterday i did the Tag Gacha, a Halloween-themed mega gacha. You can try your luck there. Tp yourself to The Haunted Mortuary. Take the hud and wear the HUD. At the hud you see spin. Click spin to go to the first shop. In the shop click the vase then click spin again, till you visited all the shops and clicked the vases. You get tricks and treats. In nearly all (trick or treat) are halloween themed presents. Mostly accessories. After "tagging"all the shops you can go to the bonus room to tag some more vases and to the coupon room to collect the rares ( if you got rares). Have luck. Nic shows you the hair accessorie ( with eye), the pumpkin necklace, an orange ribbon, a bouquet, and an apple with worms. Nic has more but if Nic wears all, she is looking like a christmas tree.
The jacket dress is from ::K::, the halloween gift. The jacket comes also with an inner turtleneck sweater, but i wanted to show you the lace bodysuit, a gift from Paris Metro, so Nic wears the jacket without inner. The swan bag is in the october groupgift from Shey. Many colors and more presents in that groupgift.

All accessories from the Tag! Gatcha starting point to get the hud is here
Necklace with pumpkin- LPD; Apple with worms - Speakeasy; Ribbon in hair- Clawtooth; hair accessorie with eye -pixicat; bouquet - deviousMind; fingerfriends - Lost Junction
Jacket dress: ::K:: - ::K:: Gown Jacket Dark-Orange Halloween Limited Group Gift (free)
Body suit: Paris Metro - Paris METRO Couture: Lace Body Suit with Appliers - Coal (free/ first floor near the stairs)
Swan bag: Shey - Shey Swan Handbag FATPACKs (free)
From inventory: Shoes- Shey; Hair - Ploom
Bye  bye, Nic

Sunday, October 25, 2015

pastel goth Nic

Isn't she cute this dark Pastel Goth Nic? Totally different with another skin from van Luck and clothes and make-up from the Pastel Goth Fair 2015. This is the second look that i create with presents from that fair. From the make-up i used the eyeliner in the post before this one. But the full make up with white eye shadow and the purple/pink lipgloss is wonderful with a dark skin.

The skin is a halloween hunt gift from Van Luck. Free Skin with appliers for Omega- Van Luck- Heads and Body, all the mesh family. Hint Red Roses, Van Luck at TT Twister.The skin is hidden in a item around the island, you have to find it under the clue "Red roses"

Nic's hair is from Ploom. I saw a Ploom hair at Uber (Rosie), that reminded me of this Ploom hair that i once bought. The necklace from !TLB i now recolored a bit more pink. The dress is from LMD , a special at the Pink Goth Fair. Many colors available.
The warm jacket is a gift from Gizza at the Pastel Goth fair.The bag is a groupgift from ::K::. I discovered also a halloween gift at ::K::. So go grab your bag and  the halloween gift ( a jacket unisex). The horn knitted hat is from Dollle, an old groupgift ( still in the shop)

Skin: van Luck - VL Lara skin DARKw omega- wear me-
Dress: LMD at Pastel Goth Fair  - LMD Patty Dress Pink
Warm Coat: Gizza at PGF - Pastel Goth Fair 2015 - Gift Box (1ld)
Make-up: {MUA}at PGF - {MUA} - MakeUp Set - Leaf (1ld)
Choker: !TLB at PGF - !TLB - Pastel Goth Choker (1ld)
Bag: ::K:: - ::K:: My Daily Tote Bag Black with hud (free)
Shoes: Shey - SHEY Texas Stilettos ( can't find back in the shop) ..but for 30ld take these: Shey Simla stiletto's ( with color hud) (30ld) or upstairs are many shoes for 25ld!!!!!
From inventory: Long necklace - MG; Hair - Ploom; Hat - Dollle
Pictures taken at: Saint Pete City
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 24, 2015

counting rabbits before bedtime

Nic wears a new released jacket from ::K:: for Shiny Shabby. In many colors available and with and without inner sweater and a scarf . The bag is also from Shiny Shabby from Lowen. You get a schoulder bag version and the clutch version.  I visited the Pastel Goth Fait 2015 for you to search for nice gifts. On the picture Nic shows eyeliner, a pose ( on the picture below), earrings, a choker ( i recolored a part /made it orange), the shoes and the nails. You can grab there three sorts of hairs ( from Adoness, Alice Project and EMBW) Not shown here. The names of the shops can help you find those hairs easily. The wide plaid trousers are from The PurpleMoon Halloween hunt. The hair is from Tram, a groupgift.

taxi to the pastel Goth Fair 2015 here
Nails:La Boheme Gift: Pastel Goth Fair (1ld)
Shoes: Essenz - Santiago (Cream) Pastel Goth Fair 2015 - Gift (1ld)
Eyeliner:{MUA} - MakeUp Set - Leaf (1ld)
Choker: !TLB - Pastel Goth Choker(1ld)
Earrings: Pastel Goth Fair 2015 - Gift Box *[Eclat]*(1ld)
Pose: .::IDK::. Pose #147 (1ld)
Jacket: ::K:: at SS - ::K:: A/W Car Coat Femme Corduroy-Brown (NEW)
Bag: Lowen  at SS - Lowen - Je t'aime Bag [Mustard] (NEW)
Hair: tram - tram D217 hair / group gift <3 (free)
Trousers: PurpleMoon - :: PM ::  KCGC 06 (free)
From inventory: wooden necklace - PurpleMoon ( old gift)
Bye bye, Nic
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Friday, October 23, 2015

ups...didn't see him

She didn't see that poor guy, fell over him and slipped. Oh  dirty she felt. She went as fast as possible to the waterside to clean herself and change clothes. But she discovered how that poor man came to his end. Crocodiles! And she discovered another victim. Clean but shocked she went away.

This morning i went over to PurpleMoon for the halloween hunt. You need to be in the group to get your hunt items. I was happy to meet Vivena Weismann there, We met before and at that time i wrote also about her blog and flickr page. Vivena helped me find all the hunt items. You need find halloween hats. I got 13 presents. The black jacket, the orange shoes, the bag, the black pants and the slayer zombie are a few of the presents. I show  this year in Halloween time items, that you also can wear on not halloween days, except for the accessories.

When you are in the puprle moon group you can grab now all old groupgifts . They are with appliers now!! Poulet Koenkamp is so generous with presents in this time of year and often also other times! Big thanks Poulet!

Vivena tipped me also about the dress on the last pictures. Dress (in black and silver) and the  shoes are a gift from GeMyles. Thanks Vivena for your help and tip. Scroll for clo-ups.

Jacket, pants, bag, zombie and shoes: PurpleMoon - :: PM ::  KCGC 10,05 ,03,13 and 12 (free/ but group fee)
Dress and shoes:GeMyles  2000 Members Group Gift(ADD ME) (C) (free)
Hair: Pepe - pepe group gift Feline ( with color hud) (free)
From inventory: hair- Elika; necklace - MG; hairband- Xen's Hats

Thursday, October 22, 2015

more Kustom9 presents

Simply enjoying her Kustom9 presents. On the pictures you can see hogweed  in vases, hair, a top, blue flats and the gooseneck wall light....all from kustum9.  The sweater over shoulder is (from ::K:: ) and the highwaist shorts (from FA Creations) and the hat (from Argrace ) are all from her inventory.

Taxi to Kustom9
Top: Tetra at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - (TETRA)(9ld)
Vases: keke  at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box -  [ keke ](9ld)
Flats: CandyDoll at K( - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - (CandyDoll)(9ld)
Lamp: Soy.  at K9 -Soy. Gooseneck wall light [addme] (9ld)
Hair: Mithral at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - Mithral Apothecary (9ld)
From inventory: Sweater over shoulder ::K::; shorts- FA Creations; hat-Argrace

Bye bye, Nic

Oh deer!...Kustom9 anniversary gifts

Nic among deers . She is wearing some of the presents from the anniversary at Kustom9. Each present is 9ld. She shows you her warm sweater, a hair ribbon with skull, a cat bracelet, a necklace and hair from Kustom9. There are more presents there.
Nic's shoes are from Similar, a groupgift. The color for the maitreya feet is different from the color for the slink feet. These combine good with the leather pencil skirt from Nic's inventory. May be you can still get this groupgift from Fanatic.

Taxi to Kustom9  here
Hair: Moon. hair at Kustom9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - Moon.
Hair ribbon with skull: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - Tableau Vivant (9ld)
Sweater: Pixicat at K9 - -Pixicat- Cozy.Sweater (Plum) (9ld)
Cat bracelet: Ninety at K9 - Kustom9 Birthday Gift Box - (Ninety)
Necklace: Zenith at K9 - =Zenith=Leather Rope Preal Necklace (3 colors)
Shoes: Similar:
Deer near Nic: SMO -sakisa Deer here
From inventory: Bag - Shey (free)
Pictures made at Whispering Wind
Bye bye, Nic