Saturday, July 30, 2011


Melon is this weeks colour on the 52 weeks of color challenge blog from Luna Jubilee. Click the comments on that blog to see how other bloggers combine clothings in this colour and see their pictures.

I struggled with the colour. That is why i put three pictures with different clothings here. All could be melon. On the first picture it is more blush, second more yellow, third more orange. So choose for yourself. I couldn't decide.
And i think there is even some melon in my brown hair! The advantage of more pictures is that i can show you more tones of the same hair.
Free were the sunglasses with the little ribbons. Search a little puppet ( tip: in the ahoy sailor cap). The dress is a groupgift from Chantkare ( join group 75ld)

The frill halter is from tram. I recommend to look around in that shop!
My tripper bag i once bought on an event. Not available anymore. But there is a melon coloured one in the shop.
I am so glad with my new hair. Couldn't resist to buy more colours.

Picture 1:
Frill top: tram - tram - Frill Halter Top [rose]
Bag: AddiCt -[AddiCt] day tripper bag/bubblegum
Bangles: [Mandala] -[Mandala] Takara Bangle pink
Glasses: Boom - Poupee Hunt #16- Boom ( free)
Hair: Vive nine - .:vive9:. Freja in Brunette tones
Pants: Aoharu - Aoharu Jeans_Boyfriend_DarkBlue
Necklace: [Mandala] - [Mandala]SINRA Necklace&earrings/chocolat

Picture 2:
Top: AddiCt - [AddiCt]-Boho Summer Tube/ juicy fruit
Short pants: Cutie Knife - *CKnife* Kakigori serie ( pants not available anymore)
Sunglasses: Kalnins - Kalnins Sunglasses crystal VIP edition (ask me)
Hair: Vive nine - .:vive9:. Freja in Blonde tones
Boxes, plate and melons: [Love Soul] - [Love Soul]Copain Gift*July 2011* (join group 500ld (( so much .. but i was already long time in that group )) )

Picture 3:
Dress: Chantkare - Chantkare Group Gift/Popcorn Summer Dress ( join group 75ld)
Bag: Adiva - Adiva Couture Misses Jones ( not available anymore)
Necklace: Duh! - ::Duh!:: Orange Agate pendant ( free)

Don't see all through pink glasses, Nic :)

It is raining cats and dogs, but i am riding on my horse

My favorite sim to drive horse. The weather is bad but not cold. So i need no jacket. My new shirt is wet but that doesn't matter. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings is more important.
The horse is the best designed horse in second life in my opinion. So super realistic!!!!!! I always go take the brown sporthorse demo, because i can tp with it somewhere and drive horse. Be aware not wearing animation overriders. Sit on it where you buy it. Then tp to another sim and ride horse. When you stand up the demo doesn't work anymore. But every time you can go and pick up a new demo. So lovely to make a ride with friends.

Long Hair: Sixty Nine - [69] Mia- Dark Rouge - I recoulored it with edit and texture ( free)
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Nyte'N'Day - Stripods Top & Tank - red ( new)
Pants: ...Scars... - ...Scars... Design Pants [red]
Boots: Duh! - Duh! Women's Leather Cowboy Boots
Belt: MM'Graffity's - ~* MM~* -LB-[White Base]W- Belt+Suspenders
Short Hair: Oh sorry not available anymore it was from Diversity hairs .. designer: Aleri Darks . May be you can write her.
Horse: demo free

Have a good ride with your friends, Nic

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

baggy marine

From the Make Him Over Hunt is this sporty baggy pants. The pants has nice details..i-pod...earphones...a bottle..etc. I wear a shirt from Jane. The shirt also has sleeves, but here i wear it without sleeves for a more sporty effect and to show you the nice belt. Love my new hair.

Shirt: Jane _ JANE - Mystic Blouse.milk
Pants: AoD Designz - MHOH6 - #14 AoD Designs ( free)
Belt: Sole- :::Sole Antique patch Belt::: Gold
Necklace: Kotolier - Kotolier Marine II UnisexNecklace ( free)
Hair: Vive nine- vive9 Freja in Blonde Tones

Ahoj, Nic

Saturday, July 23, 2011


In the beginning... i made pictures in the beautiful Basiclica Cardinale Cathedral because the colour "patriarch"( this weeks colour for the 52 weeks of color challenge blog) is for me attached to church.

But then i found in my inventory this box with bandaged kitties. And i was thrilled because this week i welcomed in rl my kitten ( 7 weeks old). So i am in kitty mood.
The box with kittens you can get at a lucky chair.
My purple eyes were a gift long time ago. But nice free purple eyes you can get at *Sakurako.
The floral top is a groupgift from Riddle ( join group 100ld). Thanks Christina Noel to put it again in your shop because of the 52 weeks of color challenge. The flowers on the sweater are patriarch.The purple swanlake sweater i also found in her shop ( more patriarch coloured hehe).


Kitty pictures:
Eyes:*Sakurako* - *Sakurako* Color Eyes set ( free)
Shirt: **[Riddle] ** Vintage Floral Sweatshirt
Shirt:** [ Riddle] ** - ** [Riddle] ** Swan Lake Sweater - purple
Necklace : Violet Voltaire - {Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Cameo
Kittens: Pink Fuel - [PF] Bandaged Kitty Box ( free)
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Jordyn - chocolat
Skin: Laqroki - LAQ ~Elena - 02 [Nougat] glow skin

Church picture:
Outfit: Blakopal - Blakopal Dark Horizons Lingerie - purple

At the end, burn candles and pray for luck for everyone, Nic

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lemon again

Through the eye of the CCTV that guards the shop we see Nicandra looking at a skirt... and yes no money.. but she is not a thief. No money to buy another lemon problem, she is creative. Got a freebie at JANE. Combined it with a white shoulder sweater from Coco ( recoloured it). And also recoloured the white deck shoes. The short pants was a freebie from Adiva. And the belt was already long time in her inventory .. and see: a super lemon sunny and sporty outfit!!!! and no lindens are spended.
But i confess....i still want the yellow skirt from Mon Tissu....properly speaking i realy want ALL the clothings from that shop :) hehe

Shoulder sweater: Coco - *Coco* _Cardigan-on-shoulder_white
Tank: Jane - JANE intrinsic tanks.yellows
Short pants: Adiva - not available any more was a gift
Deck shoes: Boom - *Boom* Deck Shoes (void)
Belt: Malt - .:Malt:. Cinch Buckle Belt (I wear an old belt from malt)

Bye bye all, Nic

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

summer season

Vacation time..time to relax.. so first a ride on the bike... then reading a book in the hanging basket... and sunbathing on a raft on the water.
Many hunted items from the seasons hunt. Quality designers in this hunt. You have to find a shark ( sometimes large sometimes very tiny). I like the bows from the bikini.
The floral mini dress is a group gift from the Taste of Second Life Shopping group ( TOSL). Board to join in the shop, near the board with the present.

Bikini: Doppelganger Inc - Doppelganger Inc. - Ikat Bikini Seasons Hunt ( free)
Hanging basket with many animations: Cheeky Pea- :CP: The '77 Basket Seasons Hunt Gift. ( free)
Pants: Willow - Willow ~ Seasons Hunt - Linen Pants ( free)
Floral mini dress: .: A&M :. - .: A&M:. Halter Dress ( free)
Pumps: epoque - epoque Revolution pumps ( free)

Take a break and relax, Nic

Monday, July 11, 2011


In the watery and flowery sim "embryo"of siestabril Nitely i found the perfect environment to make pictures. The lemon dress is from the lucky board at Hudson's. The dress comes with hat and flipflops.
Lemon is this weeks colour for the "52 weeks of color challenge" blog.
I am wearing hair that i already had long time in my inventory. But it is still in the shop today.
My skin is from Exodi not available any more..but a look-a-like is in lucky chair: skin Isolde

Outfit: Hudson clothing - HUDSON'S Summer Halter Lemon Set (free)
Hair: =Hal*Hina= - =Hal*Hina= [pinkbeige] Hair -Elizabeth
Skin: Exodi - Exodi Lily V2 Sunkissed - Never sleep again..(look-a-like Isolde free)

Be fruity not sour ;) , Nic

Eat cake on a moody monday

To brighten up your moody monday eat this yummie cake " Torta Gelato al Cherry" and buy a new outfit.
The cake is with such a good quality animation. Clicking the cake will give you a part and a fork. This will let you take little pieces on the fork and bring it to the mouth. So slowly your cake on your dish disappears. You can take a new piece of cake.. the cake on the large dish diminish piece by piece. So cool made.

The outfit is a moody monday outfit from Carrie Snowpaw ( 55ld!! normal prize 200ld). Also a barret is included and a shortpants version with and without garters and stockings. All is very elegant and sexy.
I combined it with a bag from Paradisis but changed it a little bit so it has the same leopard texture on the upperside now.

Pictures made at the french styled square in Cupcakes

Outfit: Snowpaws- Missionit Leopard mini dress ( moody monday sale)
Cake: **KK Food** - Torta Gelato al Cherry
Bag: Paradisis - Paradisis Seduction Purse Black

Get in the mood, Nic

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mina at hair fair

I've blogged Mina's hair a few times before, but she really outdid herself with her new hair fair releases. Four releases in total of which I was quite impressed with Kezia, a weaved hairstyle. I'm aware its not for everybody, it's also a little out of my normal comfort zone, but I'm loving the craftmanship. I choose a skin which is caucasian looking to me, because I thought it would be too easy to go for a dark girl look. Also it reminded me of Bo Derek, but well, I could never match such beauty :)

Please go check out Mina at hair fair, she has also released a beautiful long haired wavy style, and a long ponytail style. On top of that, there's a gift available with my rl name on it :)

I'm loving my look today, the oversized blazer is perfectly comfy and stylishlooking. The pants are a new release from the Plastik and are perfectly fitting. They come in a ton of options and colors and patterns as usual with Plastik releases...

The shoes were a free gift for the opening of the Truth sim I believe, but I could've picked them up somewhere else. Anyway, they are gorgeousness from Nardcotix and I'm so loving the details on the back of the heel. Little things like that make an outfit exciting and interesting.


Skin: Tuli - Zoe sunkissed bare
Makeup tats: Tuli light freckles, Raspberry lips, subtle cleavage and blonde eyebrows
Hair: Mina - Kezia dark blondes db06
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius Eyes watermelon (dollarbie on marketplace)
Jacket: Milk Motion - My blazer nude sequins
Tank top: Tres Blah - plain basic tank top
Pants: Plastik - Aeda Slacks Country
Pumps: Nardcotix - Absinthe B&W
Bag: Fleshtone - Kelly Saddle Bag TanSilver

Celadon again

Suddenly i remembered that i had a nice blouse in my inventory already with the colour celadon. So i couldn't withstand to make a new post for the 52 weeks of color change challenge of Luna Jubilee ( see earlier post)
I went to the shop and saw the shirt is still there. And is in sale now just 50ld!!! In the shop there is also celadon coloured chair. I see celadon now everywhere )))))
Then i recoloured my knitted hat to match it all.

Blouse: Grixdale - Grixdale - My Vintage Frog - Mint (sale 50ld)
Hair ( brown): Maitreya - Maitreya Jordyn chocolat
Hair (blond): *Amacci* - Amacci Hair Suzette~Apricot Blond
Skirt: Calypso Giano (see earlier post)

Colour your day ;) , Nic

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celadon and lemon

Celadon ist the green colour of the floral blouse of tjip. It is the colour of this week on the blog of Luna Jubilee ( 52 weeks of colour change). And i like to join.
The blouse is a gift at "Purplemoon". Everybody is running around there to get the anniversary hunt gown ( total look) but this is also a very nice present.

The sisters are camping in the wood near the seaside. Sim name: Algonquin. Yes, it is beautiful there. Thanks Alice Rhianny for telling me about this place.

And oh boy..... now i see the next week colour is lemon. And that is exactly what Nicandra is wearing already by accident. I hope Luna doesn't mind. Hehe.
Nicandra's outfit with hat and flipflops is from the tossh Hunt. I found it at " a la Folie".
Nic is wearing new hair from Maitreya. And i am saving money as hard as i can for the new shoes Allègre in the golden part of the Maitreya shop. Have a look there.

Floral blouse in Celadon colour: PurpleMoon - :: PM :: Floral Blouse by PurpleMoon ( free)
Hair: Waka& Yuki ( see earlier post) from Hair fair ( free)

Outfit in lemon: AlaFolie - #23 TOSSH Alafolie ( free)
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Jordyn chocolat ( browns dark)

Have a drink at the campfire with us, Nic and tjip

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sailing was for the Dutch people very important in the past. We love water, sailing and travelling. So..... i love boats and water. :) Yeah i am from Holland and Nereisse too.
Boats are also good for making pictures. hehe.

The skirt ( with nice lace border) and the stockings ( with nice bows) are from lucky flowerchair from !gO!. That shop is cute. The stairs ar made of huge books. Look around .. there are doors for teleport near the entrance of the shop.. there is a freebie door. I can recommend you the avatar/costumes. I like the christmas elf complete avatar ( opposite the luckychairs). When you join the group, you can get a present .
The top is new at Zenith. At the entrance left. Thanks Soraya for the hint.
My boots were long time ago a freebie. And oh boy now very expensive in the shop. But when you are in the subscribe-o-matic.. you can go and click there for other free boots.

Top: Zenith - =Zenith= Orianno Top ( chocolate)
Skirt : !gO! - !gO! linen skirt blue ( free)
Stockings: !gO! - !gO! mini stockings light blue ( free)
Boots: Hoorenbeek - [ hoorenbeek ] cowgirl boots brown

Sail away in your dreams, Nic