Saturday, February 28, 2015

can you see my soul?

In what i create and in my fantasy i want be beautiful for you. Can you see my soul?  Its not only the outside but also the inside that counts.
Nic shows some beautiful things. To start with the first pictures. The cardigan is a new release from ::K:: You  get it with and without t-shirt. The pencil skirt is from an event that i  visited yesterday. Event name: Life of Style. Most products 75ld. I bought this penicl skirt and a nice lace top. I was a bit disappointed because the skirt was non mesh. But now in combination with the cardigan i am glad. The skirt doesn't come through the cardigan. Sometimes that is a problem in combinations. Love the open part of the skirt. The lace top you can see below.Below also the necklace from Geek. A gift in the geek. Hair group only. It is a tribute to Spock .. and to the man who played & created this amazing character, Leonard Nimoy. Thanks Dancer for the tip.
The warm set on the second picture i found at Mimi's Choice. Comes with a hud for more colors. The shoes ( and earrings and a necklace/ not shown here) also are a gift at Mimi's.
At the third picture Nic shows a dress from Leri Miles Designs for Designer Showcase (March)

Cardigan: ::K:: at Fameshed (March)- ::K:: Spring Cardigan Homme/Femme Coral
Skirt: {T.O.D} at Life of Style -{T.O.D} Brinks Midi Skirt_NAKED (75ld)
Lace top: {T.O.D}at Life of Style - {T.O.D}Lace Tank_FROST (75ld)
Bag:  *Sweets Outfits*  - *Sweets Outfits* Hand Bag Group Gift (free)
Outfit second picture: Skirt: Zanze at Mimi's Choice - [ZE] Aria Sweater and skirt (free)
Shoes with jewelry ( and more): .:JUMO:. at Mimi's Choice - .:JUMO:. Fashion Group Gift (free)
Dress third picture: LMD at Designer Showcase (March) - LMD Aleva Cocktail Dress Midnight
Necklace: Geek in info /notices of gee. Hair group - [geek.] Prosper Tribute to Spock GIFT (free)
From inventory: hair - EMO-tions

Bye bye, Nic
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

i want to live out here with you... a strangely beautiful world unknown to other people... you are part of my fantasy world.

Nic shows you a golden gown, a limited dollarbie from Sweets Outfits* Creations. Watch Nic's beautiful jewelry. They are from the gatcha machine at Aisling. And yes i confess..i was fanatic and couldn't stop untill i had these pieces. The necklace is from my inventory from Vendome Jewelry.
The hair is from the sale at D!va. I have this hair but in another color and always regretted that i didn't buy this color. But now with the sale going on it was a good opportunity to buy.
Tjip wears a linen suit from Pure from the cart sale at the Wash. Many items just 10ld. Tjips hair is a groupgift at [bade]. He uses a hairbase  from Dura.
You can see a glimps of the shoes from Nic and tjip. Nic's shoes are included with the gown. Tjips broques are from Gabriel at Mimi's Choice. You need join the Mimi's Choice group.

Nic wears:
Dress and shoes: SOC - *SOC* Valeria Outfit LIMITED DOLLARBIe (1ld)
Jewelry; Aisling - .aisling. GAIA - Bracers Gold and .aisling. GAIA - Hand Gold (gatcha)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Ana" (Brown diamond) (sale!!)

Tjip wears:
Suit: .:Pure:. at the cart sale - .:pure:. Logan Linen Suit LATTE - (10ld)
Shoes: Gabriel at Mimi's Choice - ::GB::Wing Tip_low camel_Gift (free)
Hair: [bade] - [bade] Taylor Group gift January 2015 (free)
Pictures made at: Scribbled Hearts
...follow me ...and help me find my way...
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

climb through the window

I have a window in my mind...when i am looking through ..i see you
Many presents you can get at monaLisa. Groupjoin is 50ld but for that prize you can get so much. Nic wears a jumpsuit. I like the backpart and the side. It is lovely sexy. Nic wears shoes from monaLisa, a groupgift. The shirt tied around her waist is an oldie from Coco. But there are very good ones in the shop to buy. The boho loops around Nic's neck and the beautiful mermaid necklace are new releases from ANE. That designer is so creative! The skin is  the groupgift from Poudre. A shape is also included.

Jumpsuit: monaLisa - -mL- Day 5 Advent Calendar 2014 (free/groupjoin fee 50ld)
Shoes: monaLisa - -mL- Nola shoes (slink,tmp,belleza,maitreya) - Splash (free/ group join 50ld)
Skin: Poudre - -POUDRE- Sonya Reddish Sunset - Skins Group Gift - ( free)
Necklace: ANE - ANE mermaisd Skeleton necklace (NEW)
Boho Loops - ANE - ANE Boho loops (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace; sunglasses - BSD
Pictures taken at Pure dreams , Vespertine 

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

all i want is you, mon chéri

Cherry hunt at PurpleMoon. Just a few days left to do this hunt. No group needed. I am often too lazy to go hunting, but decided to go. And when i am hunting and don't find what i want, i become a bit fanatic. I wanted the long gown but didn't succceed but this coctail dress was also a good one in my opinion. I also found the jewelry The jewelry has a menu with many possibilities. In the home  i arranged some furniture . The bird cages and the hanging lamp,  the white side board and the hutch are from Pixel mode for the shiny Shabby. Good quality as usual.

Dress: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #04 (free)
Earrings: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #12 (free)
Bracelets: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #14 (free)
Ring: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #11 (free)
Choker: PM - :: PM :: Cherry #13 (free
From  inventory: Hair - LeLutka ( free in info and notices from the group); Shoes - BSD

Chandelier, bird cage, side board, hutch: Pixel Mode -  [PM]Pixel Mode -Victora 2 - For Shiny Shabby 

Pictures made at: Whispering Wind

Monday, February 23, 2015

cause i am happy.. i'm gonna sing for you

It might seem crazy what I'm 'bout to say. Sunshine she's here, you can take a break....
Nic wears a new release from ::K:: for the Shiny Shabby event. A monthly fleamarket for new and weathered things. . Nic's dotted mini skirt is a groupgift from even.flow.  The necklace, bangles and earrings are all from *MM* at marketplace.

Jacket: ::K:: for Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Natura Jacket Homme/Femme BlueGray (NEW)
Skirt: even.flow - even.flow - Group Gift: Zip It Skirt 'gray polka dots' (free)
Jewelry: *MM** each piece 10ld  at Marketplace
Poses with microphone: Verocity - Vanessa Rock (1ld)
Pictures made at: Scribbled Hearts

Bye bye, Nic

there is immense power in an idea, because it unites people

Sitting and talking exchanging ideas. Good time together. Nic is wearing a new release from Paisley Daisy. I love this warm dress. I wear it as an oversized sweater. Joeylin made several sorts. It are designer print knit dresses. And i love this one and also the others. It was difficult to choose. Therefore below another one. Go to the shop to see all. I made this a warm look with a jeans and my high boots from Death Row Designs. You can find such sort of boots in the part of the shop with old stuff.
Anda wears a groupgift from V-Spot. The shoes and jeans are from the JOJ hunt ( shown before at this blog)

Nic wears:
Blue dress: Paisley Daisy - Blue Howl Designer Print Knit Dress (NEW)
Red dress: Paisley Daisy - On the Range Designer Print Knit Dress (NEW)
Scarf: even.flo - hello! (joj / free)
From inventory: Hair - Wasabi Pills; boots - DRD 9 old stuff part of the shop)
Anda wears:
Jacket: V- Spot - Shameless Bomber Jacket and beanie ( free/ group join 69ld)
Shoes: Duh! - ::Duh!:: Mesh Running Shoes - Grey JOJ #!* (free) till 28 february
Black jeans:  Bomshie - <*>B<*> Mikel Mens Black Jeans JOJ #42 (free)
Pictures made at: Scribbled Hearts
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Don't go far off, not even for a day, because ..

Tjip is walking around with his dogs. She's away this day and he misses her.
Found all those clothes because Nic got a message about free mesh hands and feet for men and women. So she went there and saw all the nice male clothes. A brown leather jacket, a denim hoodie, a green longsleeve sweater, a jacket with rolled up sleeves and open shirt, and a male formal suit with tie. I used tjips pants from inventory, but you also get non mesh pants. The mesh hand you only can wear under a long sleeve.

All showed clothes  and mesh hands are free from Full avatar here.
Pictures made at: The Pea

Bye bye, Nic

i tried to hide it....

HEYDRA HAS FREE GROUP JOIN THIS WEEKEND. Grab your chance to enter the group and take some nice presents. And you will get 300ld  store credits every month! Unbelievable! I don't know if the lucky chairs are for group only, but if so then this is a good opportunity to get also those presents. Nic show you at the first pictures a dress from DaZeD DeZineZ  and loafers from Dazed DeZineZ. Both you can find in the Heydra shop. The shoes are unisex. You find them in the men section.
In the morning sun Nic wears a satin top, a groupgift from Gaall. May be already well-known but not for me untill now. The sandals are also from Gaall.

Dress: DaZeD DeZineZ - DaZeD DeZineZ Cerys (free)
Loafers: DaZeD DeZineZ - DaZeD DeZineZ Miles Spiked Unisex Loafers (free)
Sandals: Gaall - GAALL* Tartessos sandals (free)
Blouse: GAALL - GAALL "Satin blouse" gift October (free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace (old gift); Bagnles and necklace- *MM*( marketplace /each 10ld); Spiked watch - Leonard ( miss that shop)
Pictures made at: Scribbled Hearts
Bye  bye Nic
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chinese New Year

19 february 2015 was the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the year of the goat. Last year i visited was marvelous. I feeled very much at home there. Asian influences are part of my rl life. And may be that is why i love to blog sometimes Asian clothes. And  i like very much the designs of Asian designers. When you follow my blog more you already know.
About the outfit from Nic i first thought it is already on many blog why should i blog. But i want it to be here too. It is such a beautiful gift from Zenith. Other bloggers blogged this outfit very beautiful in my opinion. I tried to do it my way and i hope you like it too. I just went to my garden in sl because i already set the sakura cherry tree and the spring flowers there a week ago.
Thanks to Dancer who tipped me about the earrings and the shoes. I added the bamboo necklace.

Chinese outfit: Zenith - =Zenith=Chinese New Year Dress & wreath (2 colors)(free)
Earrings: Timeless Designs - *TD* Red Lantern Earrings   BX
Shoes: monaLisa - -mL- Bella Shoes (free)
Necklace:*MM* - *MM* bamboo pearl necklace ( 10ld)
Pictures made at my home location all welcome ( in my small gallery are still  some pictures of China from my vacation)
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, February 20, 2015

business as usual.. and sexy

Business outfit from Nic for Soraya. Soraya found this nice blouse yesterday on marketplace and asked me to show her with what i wanted combine. She also showed me the nice hair from Argrace and i couldn't resist to buy. Hope she will not be angry on me. Nic is waiting on a job to assist the rich owner of this beautiful home. She took already coffee with her for him to please him. A pencil skirt is for such occassions the best in my opinion. And the new leather boots make the look realy sexy. Yes Rudh also in such circumstances can it be a sexy experience. ;) ( See her comment on the motor riders post here ). A cool business briefcase i bought at marketplace to complete all.

Shirt: {vanilla vough} - :: GLACE PEARLS :: Business Mesh Blouse - Glamour (10ld)
Letter:[3M] - [3M]***_3M_me2_2_letter4
Pose: [3M] - [3M]***_3M_me2_2_letter4
Hair: Argrace - *ARGRACE* KOTO - Blacks
Boots: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Nora Leather Boots (NEW)
Business briefcase: Virtually Visual - Metal Briefcase  (53ld)
From inventory: Coffee - 8f8; newspaper - Label Motion; Pencil skirt- DBL; top - Jane ( on marketplace); Ring: -{ZOZ}; wine bar - Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, February 19, 2015

yes we do...

Although they are so different in terms of their style, they belong together. Nic in a lady like style, tjip in a casual compfly relaxed style.
Nic shows a dress from Rowena's Designs and also shoes from the shop. Come ofcourse with a hud for more colors. Her bangles i showed before  long time ago but they are so useful changeable in color. The bag is the first item i ever bought at Slink. Didn't know then how well-known the shop would become. Tjip wears clothes from Ydea, a new sweater with shirt ( also without shirt) from the lucky board. The pants were in another item at the lucky chair but that one is gone ( in the shop you can buy it at full prize now ( the racer outfit). Below i show you the shoes from the other lucky chair at ydea at the moment. The color is moss so it doesn't fit the jacket, But it is important for you to know it's there.
The hair is a groupgift at Atro Patena. Group join 50ld. But there is a free subscribe-o-matic gift too.

Nic wears:
Dress: {RS} - {RS} Avalina Dress (NEW)
Shoes:  {RS} -{RS} Avalina Heels High Slink (NEW)
Armband: *MM* - *MM* Gold/Resin bangles (10ld)
 From inventory: Hair - Miss c. ; bag - Slink ( not available anymore)
Tjip wears:
Hoodie: *Ydea* -*Ydea* Open Hoodie men green (free/LC)
Hair: [Atro Patena] - [Atro Patena] - Paris_Group Gift (free/ but group join 50ld)
Eyes: IKON VIP Group Gift - February 2015 ( 1 week)
From inventory: Pants - Ydea ( old lucky chair gift race man); Shoes - Gabriel (free)