Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer of Love male

I am very happy, because tjip has slink male feet now. He can use his flipflops as you can see. Got them on the MOH hunt and already blogged them. 
The sweater is from the Summer of Love fair. As always on fairs ..the most presents are for women. But because Nic searches everything she also finds male stuff. The sweater has many possibilities with a hud . You can choose 6 colors for the sweater and 6 for the borders of the sweater.  
The pants are from the gift for the football from FLG. It comes with a brasil cardigan with t-shirt. 

Bag: Aitui at the Arcade (last day today)- Aitui beach bag sea Urchin
Sweater: [nn] at The Summer of Love fair - [nn] Summer of Love Gift - Male  Hud with 6 colors for sweater and borders(free)
Pants: .::FLG::. - part of  Male Gift.::FLG::. Torcida Brasil #3 - Male Gift (free)
Mesh feet: Slink - Slink mesh feet  flat
From inventory: flip flops - Aitui, Hair - Dura; Hammock - Pixelmode
Pictures made at: Baja Norte

Bye bye, Nic

aztec and beige and the Summer of Love Fair

Soraya and Nic in Aztec pattern and beige. Aztec bag from Nic and beige bag from Soraya. The jumpsuit from Soraya has a pattern that reminds me also of Aztec patterns. I showed this jumpsuit already in beige some time ago, but Soraya discovered this one at marketplace. It are the old items from Cashmere and Keane (all 50ld). The beige/ golden dress is from the Summer of Love fair. A very nice fair to walk around and watch all. And with nice presents: Nic's dress (as i said)  and Nic's lipgloss (you get 5 colors) , Nic's hair  and the beige bag from Soraya. The pumps from Soraya are from N-Core ( new groupgift and not slink feet needed. So Soraya was glad). The high sandals from Nic are a gift from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room at the moment.
Aren't we spoiled?!

Link to The Summer of Love Fair
Beige/golden dress: Kaithleen's at SoLF - Turtleneck Knit Dress - Gold (1ld)
Beige bag: !!smesh at SoLF~ !!smesh ~ Summer of Love Gift (free)
Lipgloss: [loveMe] Skins at SoLF  -[loveMe] Skins - Luscious Lipsticks (5 colors- free)
Hair: Damselfly at SoLF - ~*Damselfly*~Free Gift (Lizzie Mixed) (fatpack free)
Jumpsuit: Cashmere Keane - **Cashmere*Zumbada Jumpsuit pattern 4 (50ld)
High sandals Nic - Essenz at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - Essenz - Cannes (Brown) (free)
Beige shoes Soraya: N-Core - N-core GROUP GIFT "IBIZA Summer Edition" ( free, but group join 50ld)
From inventory: Aztec bag-LC; hair Soraya - Analog Dog
Pictures taken at ; Caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

secret hideout

Nic sneeked in a room somewhere. It was like a loft with all sorts of things.  I think it is the work place from Xiaj. Nice place for making pictures. Love the hanging pots on the last picture. Nic shows you a beautiful long dress from Lamu Fashion. Such a dress is good for a walk along the seashore. But i already made so many water and sea posts that i wanted something else. The hair i found at the Fantasy Collective. The Fantasy Collective is in a beautiful room. I was walking around to see all and found the hair.The hair is from Tableau Vivant. It has two braids, watch the first picture.

Dress: Lamu Fashion  -Lamu Fashion-Summer Breeze (free)
Hair: Tableau Vivant at The Fantasy Collective - ~Tableau Vivant~ Lindgren Hair - Winter
From inventory: Bag- cream shop( shops gone); Shoes - CandyDoll
Pictures made at: Baka secret cave hideout at Mingle

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 29, 2014

two kimono's and horns

A " thank you Alehandrita" post is this. Yesterday i got this sweet kimono from Alehandrita,  because i gave her a cardigan, that i got two times from a gatcha. She in return gave me the pink kimono, that she got two times at The Arcade. Alehandrita came over to me to show herself. Very fast i made some pictures of her and her umbrella. What a sweet looking avatar she has, isn't it.
Nic combined the kimono wih her handfan. The horns from OrsiniRed make a special sphere. Nic uses the kimono sexy and lesser sexy with a jegging ( jeanslegging) from Baby Monkey ( was a gift some time ago). The cute clutch is from the gatcha machine at Pixicat.
I 'm not gonna nag  now about my pc problems yesterday.....but i can tell you i nearly threw my pc out of my window! But despite all those problems, i'm not entirely dissatisfied about my pictures and i hope you will like them.

Kimono: Pixicat at The Arcade (june) - -Pixicat- Oriental Kimono (Pink)
Horns: OrsiniRed  at the Fantasy Collective - OrsiniRed Captured Beauty Horns  for Fantasy Collective
Clutch: Pixicat - -Pixicat- EyeBag (Diamond) RARE (gatcha main shop)
Umbrella:  Remarkable Oblivion -RO - Umbrella - Daiquiri RARE
Shoes:  L.Warwick - [L.Warwick] Savannah -Ankle Strapped Heels- Burgundy Leather (free)
Jegging ( jeans legging) : Baby Monkey - BM Jeggings All Colours
From inventory: Fan - cleo Design; Hair - Argrace
Pictures made at: Caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

Jiro came and the sky turned purple

I was nearly ready with the pictures of the post with the red shirt and then came Jiro. " Tp me please",  he said. He dropped on the ground and then the sky turned to purple. ;) Some time ago i made pictures of Jiro and all was red and yellow. He weared a sort of fighters outfit.  Now he wears casual clothes. The jacket i like very much. It is from Dozze.

Jacket: Dozze - Dozze - Leather jacket with hud
Jeans: Balkanik -  Evuzajeans_Dark green
Necklace: - Sey - Sey  Star&Skull  necklace and bangles
Shoes:  Balkanik - I couldn't find this type..i will ask him and add it later
From inventory: Hair - Dura
Pictures made at: Heaven Scent

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, June 28, 2014

sweet moments

Hurry up guys for this beautiful  red shirt from Gabriel a gift at Second Pride West. The offer ands on the 29th. I combined it with the june groupgift from Bravura Homme, the dark striped shirt and the grey pants. Under the red sweater the mesh shirt from Bravura Homme isn't possible, so i combined it with a black non-mesh shirt from paul polo from marketplace.
Nic wears a sweet set from Dolce Cleo. Go upstairs in the shop. The bag is a gift at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room from Infliction. The shoes from Nic are from BSD.

Red shirt - Gabriel  at Pride- ::GB::Open shirt / Red
Grey pants and dark striped sweater: ::BRAVURA:: Homme - ::BRAVURA:: Homme - June 2014 (free)
Non mesh shirt: paul polo - (paul polo) free shirt (1ld)
From inventory: Shoes - Coco (free); hair - Dura

On Nic;
Dress: Dolce Cleo -Stars Group Gift by Dolce Cleo (free)
Bag: Infliction at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - [ Infliction ] Beauty Queen Case - CSR Gift(free)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Amulette -silver (new)(first week promo 199ld)
From inventory: hair - Catwa
Pictures made at: Heaven Scent 

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, June 27, 2014

busy on the beach

You see Nic busy on the beach. Hanging some wash and bringing a melon and her shaker outside the caravan bus. And for the evening she does a try out with her new summer cinema screen. It works, as you can see, she could open her own blog on the screen. The screen is a gift at the Summer fashion festival. You get it with the beach floor and the cushions. And it is easy to use.
Nic wears another gift from the Kiyomizu hunt. The blue top with the long skirt. On the first pictures i combined the top with the shorts from Moon Amore for the day look at the beach. The long skirt is Nic's evening look. The set comes with flats with socks but i preferred the blue block heels from the lucky board at SMC. The box with melon and mixer is a gift at the Summer Fashion Festival. And when it becomes cold she has her cardigan from the gatcha machine at M*G*S*.

Blue set: :SMC: - :SMC: Kiyomizu Hunt 2014 Summer (free)
Cinema set: TBOHome at SFF -.:TBOHome:. Summer Cinema - set (free)
Shoes: SMC - :SMC: High Block Heel Sandals-CAM (free)
Box with fruit: Tchelo's at SFF -  SFF 2 ice cream. Gift SFF (TCHELO'S)
Cardigan: M*G*S* - [M*G*S*] shoulder cardigan tied (mesh)( 20ld gatcha)
Tattoo: KZ studio Tattoo - KZ Tattoo Koi braco (1ld)
From inventory: hair - Catwa; Straw bag -  M*G*S*(old gatcha item)

Pictures made at : The Summer Fashion Festival

Bye bye, Nic

All I've Got

Another present from the Kiyomizu Hunt is this dress. See for info about the hunt in the post before this one. The dress is from milky-way. In the lucky board at milky-way is the same dress but with  a fruit pattern.
The bag is from the summer Fashion festival and the bag on the ground is from the Sun&Fun hunt ( go upstairs). And i finally entered the summerfest '14 and picked up the hair from exile for Nic.
About the sunny arm tattoo i told you yesterday.

Hair: Exile at Summerfest '14 - Exile::After the Rain Light Browns
Dress: milky-way - **milky-way *14-13 Ribbon-dress - Flower Kiyomizu hunt #26 (free)
Bag: Things I Like at SFF- Tote mesh coral (free)
Tattoo: KZ Studio Tattoo - ZAW Color arms tattoo full (10ld)
Bag on the ground: Dondi's Doodads - Dondi's Doodads Beach Bag Yellow (free)
Pictures made at:  Hello Sunshine Fair

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, June 26, 2014

still in tattoo mood

Yes still in tattoo mood. Nic shows an old tattoo from her inventory with koi's on her arms a colorfull tattoo. The shop is gone but i found a good colorful tattoo for on your arms on marketplace. It has the same sunny effect as the one Nic wears. Just for 10ld you can find it here.
Nic shows you a set from M*Motion for the Kiyomizu summer hunt 2014. Started 21 june and ends 13 july 2014. The cat is what you are looking for.
Find two cats in the M*Motion shop. Tip: search near the lucky board. i sure will show you more from that hunt
The hat is from the Summer Fashion Festival. Comes with a hud with more colors.The lip tattoo is from Miss Jewell. It is a gift in the shop. The gold fish leg tattoo i found on marketplace.

Top and shorts: M*Motion - C14 -04 Crop razor back top Kiyomizu hunt #15 1/2 (free) and C14 -05 sport short#15 2/2 (free)
Goldfish leg tattoo: KZ Studio Tattoo - ZAW Carpa color calf (10ld)
Hat: Rir - Rir Summer hat with Hud (free)
Lip Tattoo: Miss Jewell - Kiss me Free tattoo (free)
From inventory: Shoes- Pure Poison (free); necklace - Love Soul ( was lucky chair itemnow as groupgift but groupjoin is 500ld); bag - CheerNo
Pictures made at: Love Soul

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

relax i'm hilarious

Tattoo time today. Nic wears a neck tattoo, a gift from Demise of Flight . The leg tattoo is an oldie from my inventory. The sweet dress you can buy at the june round of Kustom9. Love this dress very much. The band with ribbon is from Silvery K. It is a groupgift but i changed it a bit the white pearls and some pompoms i dragged into Nic's head. Now you see only the striped band and ribbon.  The bag is a gatcha item from the Arcade from Zenith. The necklace ribbon is an old groupgift from Pure Poison ( still available). The sandals are a new groupgift.

Dress:Rebel Gal :: at Kustom9 - Rebel Gal :: All Eyes on Me Dress White.
Hairband: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:*Hair accessories_Check
Shoes: Pure Poison -Pure Poison - Logo  Sandals  for SLINk Flat (free)
Necklace: Pure poison -Pure Poison - Bowtie Swirls (free)
Tattoo: Demise of Flight - DOF relax Tattoo (free)
Bag: Zenith at the Arcade - =Zenith=Leather Handbag (Snow)
From inventory: Leg tattoo ( not available anymore); Hair - Taketomi
Pictures made at Pals Meadow3

Bye bye, Nic