Thursday, January 31, 2013

beautiful styled

Sometimes i see avatars in sl that immediately attract my attention. And then i ask if i am allowed to put them on my blog.Today in the DECO shop i met this person. Couldn't withstand making pictures. It is Cervaluna Ater. Thanks for your permission to put pictures of your avatar on my blog. I hope you like the pictures that i made.

What is Cervaluna wearing? Much DECO stuff: the long coat with inner vest, the boots and the bag with fingers. Bloody!The cute glasses are from a super cute shop from Walton F. Wainwright (fauststeamer). I can recommend to look around there. Several levels has the skybox. Cute place for a photo shoot.

The clothings under the jacket are from Blakopal. the legging is from Le Poppycock.
The skin is from LOGO. A seamless combination of skin and mesh head. Head textures 4 times the resolution of any other skin. Detailed mesh provides realism not possible with standard avatar. Realistic facial expressions. Hud controlled make-up and expression for instant switching. works with all your existing clothings. Includes 5 skintones, 16 lipsticks, 16 eye shadows, 6 eyebrow colors, 4 blush options, 16 eye colors, 7 styles of eyelashes, 12 expressions, variety of body shapes, 3 stomach styles, 3 breast shading styles, 10 other body options.

Glasses: ContraptioN - Keele's Spectacle
Antler: ContraptioN - Clemantlers Lb ( free)
Coat: DECO - Deco MESH his peacemaker Duster Leather brown
Bag: DECO - **Deco Low Lag camp boots (dirt)**
Bag: DECO - DECO Fingersnatcher bag
Skin: LOGO - Chloe Infinity Hybrid mesh avatar
Owl: Tokid ( not available in the shop now)

Bye bye< Nic


Isn't Nic sweet ? Hard working like a farmerswife. It is so relaxing, working on the farm. Just for holidays ofcourse ;). Back to basic. With your hands in the soil you can free your mind from all sorts of thoughts. It is like meditation. Making such a post and making pictures in sl has the same effect on me.

Nic wears a purple jumpsuit. You get this one when you join the Charmix. Store group. Charmix. Store is a group that has the function of helping with the wardrobe of yours, with 30 L (the entry price) you can catch all the gifts of Charmix (Accessories, Dresses, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Stockings, Shapes). Every 14 days has new gifs !!! I joined the group and among other gifts in the notices i found this jumpsuit. And i am curious at what will follow the next weeks.

I combined it with the colorful scarf from Coco that i showed before on the blog. The belt was an old gift at And i discovered they are still there in the shop. You can find them in the boxes when you enter the shop in a cupboard under the store information.

Jumpsuit: Charmix.Store -  .Charmix. Jumpsuit (Purple) ( free/ groupjoin 30ld)
Belt: - fri. - free.stuff wide waist belt (fruit.punch) ( free)
From inventory: Hair- Elikatira( sale); Boots- Maitreya

Bye bye, Nic

Disco Louvre

On the first pictures Nic is not in Disco Louvre. She is on the catwalk from yesterday evening. Nic went to a fashion show with skins from Poudre and lingerie from Blacklace. The catwalk is made by leon nobilis. He has a shop where you can find his buildings. I saw the Disco Louvre there. The disco is made like the well-known entrance pyramide from The Louvre Museum in Paris. I asked leon where i could see it inworld.  I wanted take pictures of the building and of tjip in his new clothings from GiuliaDesign. Both outfits are free. The green outfit also comes with sneakers ( not shown) In the Midnight Mania is also a nice set. Hope many men come to help tjip get that set too.
The green set on the pictures is mesh the other is not mesh.

Nic shows the groupgift from Baiastice, the long elegant dress. Group join is 50ld. Told you before i am already longtime in that group and still happy i did join. The hair is another hair from the sale at elikatira. The pale skin on the third picture is a groupgift from Poudre. Group join is free.

Skin: Poudre --POUDRE- [Whitesnow] - MP - Group Gift February -  ( free)
Dress: Baiastice - Baiastice_Aenima dress (free, groupjoin 50ld)
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Over - Essentials Collection (Sale)

On tjip:
Green outfit: ***GIULIADESIGN***GIFT MEN MESH ( free)
Black outfit: ***GIULIADESIGN***GIFT MEN

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

tulips from Amsterdam

Soraya and i found this pants at Prism. Also a top is included but not on the pictures.  Soraya was very curious how i should combine it. We both thought about something black on top. But then i remembered the Cold Winter Night hunt gift at Paradisis. It is a cute grey turtle neck dress with stockings. I wear just the trutleneck sweater part  on top of the pants. Then i went to Coco to buy a cool leather jacket and in the shop i saw this colourful scarf  and immediately i was so happy because of the colors. It brings spring. The location finished the spring effect. And ready was all.

Hope you like it Maus.

Pants: Prism - Prism Rosalia - January Group Gift ( free)
Turtle neck sweater: Paradisis- part of PARADISIS Cold Love : CWN (10ld)
Jacket: Coco -  *COCO*_BikerJacket_Black
Scarf: Coco - *COCO*_WoolScarf_Stripe-Candy
Hair: Clawtooth - Clawtooth: Please and thanks (Silent Movie Star Pack)
Stiletto's: [Cliche] Citta Stiletto (black) ( see post before this post)

Bye bye, Nic

always remember you are braver then you belief

Important to have this in mind: you are braver then you belief. And may be dressed to impress helps ;). For example with this groupgift dress from Joeylin. Joeylin has a new shop. It is worthwhile to go there not only for the groupgift. But look around. Her sheer clothings are so sensual. Dare to be different is her statement.
Nic is in high heel mood. See also the shoes from yesterday. The high heels from today have such a good quality. Watch for more on marketplace.
The  crocobag is from my inventory, the shop is gone. The hair is from the freeball at the beach at Analog Dog. The name: la donna Nutmeg. The lip gloss is the same as yesterday. The testers are gorgeous and free.

Oh and there also is another beautiful groupgift in Joeylins shop.

Dress: Paisley Daisy - GROUP GIFT-joeys mesh ANIMATED Red Plum (Free)
Pumps:Cliche - [Cliche] Citta Stiletto (black)*
Lipgloss: Mock - [mock] L'eau Castro Gloss (2 Lip Sizes)

Bye bye, be brave, Nic

Monday, January 28, 2013

diram and more

Diram released today a new groupgift. This blue jacket with cap. Just a few days in the shop, so hurry up to get the gift. Group join 250ld. But i am happy i joined some time ago. The presents have a good quality. Nic wears a jeans from Journey. A hunt gift from the NYR hunt. I think that hunt is till 31 januari. You need find a pencil. Nic's  high heels  i found on marketplace.
Tjip wears a sweater from JStyle. In the box is also a jeans ( not shown on the picture)

Jeans: Prism Design -Prism Anyee by Journey NYR #26 ( free)
Jacket: Diram - * ** DIRAM ** GIFT - JANELLE jacket - Baroque * ( free/ group join fee)
Lip gloss: Mock  - [mock] L'eau Castro Gloss (2 Lip Sizes) ( free)
Sweater Tjip  - Jstyle -GIFT JSTYLE + outfit man( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Twisted Color Challenge week 5 lilac suede

Later then usual, but here is this weeks post for the Twisted Color Challenge. The color name is lilac suede. I copied the bar so you can see what  colors  Sookietriellis ( the organizer of this challenge) had in mind. I found the cute mesh dress at The Secret Store. Combined it with jewelry in soft lila and purple from Ben's Beauty. The hair had not a soft lilac ribbon, but ok this all together makes a sweet look in my opinion.
And psst the lipbalm is a tester in the mock shop, but you can use them free. You can take so many colors.
The hair is relatively new at Wasabi Pills.

Dress: The Secret Store - The Secret Store - Babydoll - Ultramarine
Earrings: Ben's Beauty -..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Jay necklace and earring
Rings: Ben's Beauty - ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Purple-Pink-L.Purple-LEATHER
Lipgloss:  Mock - Lilac Prom Balm ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, January 25, 2013

chronokit fan

Yesterday the duffle coat from Chronokit on the blog now the motor jacket. I am a huge fan from Chronokit.  Nic shows a skirt from The Secret Store (just 50ld) A good one to combine with the jacket. I also bought there for normal prize the white sweater with belt and the dotted tights. I bought the white one to recolor it to match my new  boots from the dressing room fusion ( just 69ld).

Nic wears hair from the hair sale at Elikatira. 70% off. Most packs are 75ld  the essential  pack is 84ld. Also new hairs are in the sale. Hair on the first picture is hair with the name: Sound. Nic wears on the other pictures also the hair Memoir. In other posts i will show you more from that sale. Very crowded  is the shop now. It takes time  and many tries to get there. But don't worry the sale is from 23th of januari till 23 of februari. So plenty of time to go there.

The bag is from the gatcha machine at Le Poppycock. May be not totally a good match with what Nic wears but i wanted show to inform you.

When you can't afford the chronokit jacket, then i can recommend a motojacket from Ducknipple in grey. Lesser expensive. But i definitely prefer the chronokit jacket ofcourse.

Hair: Elikatira - [e] Memoir - Essentials Collection
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Sound - Essentials Collection
Skirt: The Secret Store - The Secret Store - Crepe Skater Skirt - Charcoal ( 50ld)
Tights: The Secret Store -The Secret Store - Christmas Tights - Snow ( 20ld)
Sweater: The Secret Store - The Secret Store - Damask Sweater - Icing
Boots: Bax for TDRF - BAX Foxy Boots Lychee ( 69ld)
Jacket: chronokit  - *chronokit* Motorcycle Jacket 01 lady's
Bag: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *London Tote* Yardley ( 50ld)

Have a nice weekend, Nic

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

under my grey duffle

This duffle coat from Chronokit Nic showed before on the blog. But because it is such a good one Nic put it on today. And on her way searching for nice stuff she combined it with this coat. Let start with the  beautiful earrings, a groupgift from Ben's Beauty. Because of the color of the earrings, Nic went to magi take for the pink bag. Then she found the studded booties at Acid Lily, just 70ld. For this weeks newest round. Head on over and grab some really good deal from some of the greatest SL designers this week. Hope you enjoy.
Later on Nic found again boots. The army leather boots from Enelya's Creations. Not expensive (99ld) and with 2 options for inside and 4 options for outside (black, brown, red and white). The cute stockings are from Attic. In the box are stockings with black leaves and white leaves.
The skirt is from M*Motion. Near the lucky board you can find it.

On the picture below a skin for just 10ld with pink make-up. Nice with the earrings. It is a promo from Brat at the Jersey shore sim. Happy Hump Day! Every Wednesday over at the Jersey Shore sim they have Grenade-Free Wednesdays where one item for the day only is 100L or less at participating stores. Be sure to check it out lots and lots to be seen and not to want to be missed. So may be this skin just today. Hurry.

Earrings: Ben's Beauty - ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. GROUP GIFT ( free)
Pink Bag: magi take - magi take leather bag [ pink ]( 10ld)
Stockings: ATTIC - -ATTIC- Leaves Stockings (55ld)
Booties with studds: Pure poison at Acid Lily - PP- Electra Boots - Silver ( 70ld)
Army boots: Enelya's Creations - .:EC:. ABL Army Boots [Basic]
Skirt: M*Motion - M*Motion C13-02 F-Slits Mini Skirt [SBlack](60ld)
Duffle Coat: Chronokit - *chronokit*_Duffle coat 01 Gray
Skin with pink makeup Brat at Jersey Shore  super promo skin  10ld
From Inventory: Hair - Truth (Adelin); Eyes-IKON

Bye bye,Nic

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

trip to Lost World

Nic made a trip to Lost world. Found it because  i read about it at Mayala Loons blog. Thanks Mayala. I was busy with a photoshoot from Nic and Soraya came online. She wanted my help to get the foxfur from yesterday. I tp ed her and then we discovered how wonderwell the colors of our outfits matched. And we both wear low booties and hoop earrings. Soraya came over to Lost World for a  photoshoot together. It was like a vacation trip.

Nic wears a new hair from Truth , bought on the wintersale in truth district. Told about that yesterday.
The sweater is from the Cold Winter Night Hunt at Purple Moon.
The sweater from Soraya is from Marketplace ( a Christmas gift) just 1ld. I love her hairband very much but she forgot to tell me where she bought it. I will add that later . Her hair is from Analog dog. Pants from malt from her inventory.

Later on when i wanted attach the landmark from Lost World to this blog i saw another part of Lost World with statues like on Isla de Pascua (Spanish), Easter Island (English) en Île de Pâques (French). So i made some more pictures of Nic in other clothings as you can see here below

Nic wears a male sweater from NiNight Creation. It was the first round for NiNight Creation for the Lazy sundays last weekend

On Sundays, a group of extremely talented designers  put out a new or previously released item, discounted to 75L or less. The items will be discounted at 12AM until 11:59PM all day Sunday.
But sigh.. i am too late with blogging. The sweater you can ofcourse still buy for normal prize in the shop. Next time i will be in time when NiNight does the second round  from the Lazy sundays.

Nic's  skirt is in the lucky board at M*Motion at the moment.

On Nic:
Hair first pictures: Truth -  >TRUTH< Adeline -  dark browns
Hair last pictures: Truth - >TRUTH< Josie -  dark browns
Sweater first pictures: PurpleMoon  - :: PM :: Pom Pom Sweater in Brown [Mesh] ( 10ld)
Sweater last Pictures: NiNight Creations - ..:: NN ::.. Mesh Men's Sweater 2
Skirt last pictures: M*Motion - M*Motion C13-02 F-Slits Mini Skirt [Mesh] LB ( free)
From inventory: Brown skirt- Happy Undead ( shown before on the blog)

On Soraya:
Sweater: [bang Sauce] - [bang Sauce] Star crown offf- shoulder ( 1ld)
Hair: Analog Dog - Voshie

Bye bye, Nic