Saturday, April 30, 2016

it makes a little difference

Nic in the same dress at the pictures but in different colors and with different shoes. You also get the dress in white. And it's good to know it's agroupgift and group join is free. Aren't we spoiled with such a great sensual gift. The second good news is about the shoes. Gifts for 10ld at H@s. Striped and dotted pumps (4 possibilities / each 10ld). Realy super because  you get them with a color hud. Nic wears a fur from Foxes and an old jewel from Donna Flora. The bag is from MG.

Dress: Hilly Haalan ( in info and notices of the group) - [hh] GIFT Annie Dress (free)
Shoes: H@s- H@S Miss Dottie Black/ H@S Miss Dottie white/ H@S Miss Stripy Black/H@S Miss Stripy white ( each 10ld) ( group join  10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Analog Dog; Bag- MG; jewel- Donna Flora
Pictures made at: Flux sur Mer
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 29, 2016

relax ..just do it

Relax just do it. This place is a good one for relaxing. I got the tip from Dancer to go here. She saw it at the lovetodecorate blog. Nic is wearing fifty linden friday i have to be fast to put this on the blog before it's gone for you. Below the backside of the shoes.The shoes also come with socks. The shorts you can find at the Black Fashion Fair. More possibilities available. The top is from FA Creations. The tattoo is an oldie from Nic's inventory from White-Widow. Still beautiful and still available.

Shoes: fri. - fri. - Kendall.Platforms (Pewter) (FLF/50ld)
Shorts: -SU! at Black Fashion Fair --SU!- Lethal Shorts 07 (NEW)
Top: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Gigi Short Sweater
Tattoo: White-Widow - [White~Widow] Midnight in Paris - MeshBody Appliers
Ring: phedora  at BFF - [phedora] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016 (free)
Nails: PICHI at BFF - [PICHI] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016 (free)
Pictures taken at: Firefly Lake 
From inventory: sheep - fawny ( present for Epihany/groupgift); hair - Analog Dog; Necklace- not available anymore; bag - Toro (gacha)
Bye bye, Nic

video girl

She wears a camera .. no videocamera.. The name of the post is because of Nic's hair. The hair is a new release from Lamb for the new round at N21, named video girl. I love the artistic style of the hair. So i added to the dress  some accessories to fit the artistic theme: the choker,earrings, hat and the beaded armband. I completed it with the heels and the tattoo. And ready is the video girl. The dress is a new release from monaLISA at marketplace for an affordable price.. Comes with a hud with more possibilities.

Dress: monaLISA -mL- Celise Dress - Mesh - HUD (99ld)
Hair: Lamb. at N21- Lamb. Video Girl - Black Pack (NEW)
Earrings: JamBee at BFF - JamBee > BFF > Bonnie Earrings (free)
Boots: Essenz at BFF - Essenz - Georgia (Olive Gray) - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016(free)
Bracelet: :: D-Style  for MOH7 - :: D-Style - Beaded Bracelet w.HUD :: (free)
Collar( recolored): Le Forme at BFF - [LE FORME] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016(free)
From inventory: Camera - Le Poppycock
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flux sur Mer

It's still cold in rl..and you can see this reflected in this blogpost. Nic is wearing a warm sweater from A gacha at Tentacio. The outfit comes with a hud for 2 grey colors from the sweater and 3 colors for the skirt part. On the sweater Nic is wearing a necklace, a present from the Black Fashion Fair. From the same Fair are the shoes from Petite Mort ( just 10ld). The warm stockings are from the camp chair at Etchaflesh. Showed them in the blog befor this one, but now i changed a color part with the hud. Nic's hair is another hair from Sentinus( with colorhud). The dog is from the Epiphany gacha from Jian ( blogged before)

Outfit: Tentacio - *Tentacio* Is snowing Sweater RARE 02. Size S. RARE
Necklace:[AiShA] at BFF- [AiShA] - Gift - Coraline necklace  Black Fashion Fair 2016(free)
Shoes: [Petite Mort] at BFF - [Petite Mort] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016 (10ld)
Stockings: [Etchaflesh] - [Etchaflesh] Pastel High Thigh Socks BOXED (free/ camp chair)
Hair: Sentinus - Sentinus - mesh Sam  hair ( 15ld)
Pictures made at: Flux sur Mer
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the assassins have failed...(MOH7)

Give me a reason to drink. It could be because the assasins have failed... or because of our kings day in Holland. Tjip and Nic in casual wear are showing you presents from the MOH7 hunt.
Yesterday tjip was hunting togethere with Ravi. Someone he met on the hunt. And we managed to find even the most difficults things to find. Afterwards Nic just could go and pick up what was also good for her. They are wearing the same jacket but they choosed another hoodie color (4 possibilities in the hud).Tips for the MOH7 hunt are here. See  a close-up below ( scroll)
Nic's hair is a new groupgift from the Burley Republic group ( It's taketomi hair Irina). There are more hairs in the gift. You can find the gift in info and notices of the group. The long socks are from Etchaflesh from a camp chair.

Bike: the pose shop - the pose shop. brocycle // (MOH7free7)
Backpack: Kenvie -  Kenvie -  Nile Backpack - Blue (free/MOH7)
Cap: [NSS] - )[NSS]GOOD MORNING trucker hat (free/MOH7)
Jacket with Hoodie: ..Sabotage..: - ..S..: 424 Denim Jacket (free/MOH7)
Glasses: Tabou - Tabou Aviator Glasses gol (free/MOH7)
Long Socks: [Etchaflesh] -[Etchaflesh] Pastel High Thigh Socks with hud (free)
Jeans: *ZD* - *ZD* High Waist Jeans blue
Hair: [taketomi] - [taketomi] Group Gift - 04/25/2016 ( in info and notices of the Burley Republic group/free)
Skin tjip: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - QUINT - (MOH7/free)
Sandals: [Elysium] - MOH7 - Hunt Object (Elyisum by aleida rhode)(free/MOH7)
Bracelet: etham - etham - Isaac Cuff Bracelet (free/MOH7)
Ring: !NFINITY - !NFINITY "The King" Ring (free/MOH7)
Necklace: -SECRETS- -SECRETS- Nomad Necklace *BOX*(free/MOH7)
Bottle: [Urbn w. Flask - Flask  (free/MOH7)
Cap: LEGAL INSANITY MOH 7 - LEGAL INSANITY GIFT with color hud (free/MOH7)
From inventory: jeans: American Bazaar; hair - Monso; Nic's booties - Reign
Bye bye, Nic,
Pictures made at: Soap

Monday, April 25, 2016

these boots are made for walking..

Got these new boots from WICKED and searched for a nice dress to go with the boots. Found at [Powers] designs this outfit with the clutch and with shoes for just 55ld. The hair i got in the same shop. Nic showed you already more  Sentinus hairs last days. The chromatic choker is a gift from adoness at the Black Fashion Fair. Glasses an oldie from Nic's inventory.

Dress with clutch ( and shoes /not shown):  [POWERS] Designs  - [POWERS]Mesh Gisele Outfit With Texture Changer HUD (55ld)
Hair: Sentinus - -Sentinus Hair-Fitted Mesh Britney Hair Allcolors (15ld)
Boots: WICKED * Gemma - WICKED * Gemma - High Boots (Multicolor) (NEW)
Choker: [ adoness] at Black Fashion Fair - [adoness] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016 (free)
Dogs: Jian at The Epiphany - JIAN :: Silly Shibes - Skater Pup RARE and hold pup ( 50ld /each try/ gacha)
Bye bye, Nic

man repelling ( Black fashion fair and MOH7)

She who outfits herself  in a satorially offensive mode that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls, shoulderpads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violet weaponry and clogs.
In the corner of the Black Fashion fair Nic is standing... that must be in black clothes. Nic's dress is not from the fair but many items are. For example: the earrings the choker, the necklace, the clutch and the two rings ( shark and heart) and the boots (very man repelling). The dress is a new release at Wicked. You can get the dress in several colors. The hair with hat is from Sentinus.
Tjip shows MOH7 stuff.

From the Black fashion Fair: ( taxi here)( all 1ld or free)
Collar:  .:Pulse:. - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016
Necklace: [Elysium by aleida rhode] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016
Heart ring ( see close-up below): [phedora] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016
Earrings: [Sn@tch] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016
Shark ring:#187# -  #187# Shark Fin Ring Black GIFT BOX
Clutch: Lavian&Co-BySage Bella Clutch
One of the poses: [PURPLE POSES] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016
Boots:[Macabre] - Gift -  Black Fashion Fair 2016

Other items:
Dress: WICKED* - WICKED * Willow - Dress (Black)(NEW)
Jian at Epiphany JIAN :: Silly Shibes - Skater Pup RARE (gacha/50ld)
Hair: -Sentinus--Sentinus-Mesh Manuella Hair Allcolors
Bag/ bit recolored): Swallow - ^^Swallow^^ Bag studs FATPACK Group GIFT( free/ but small group join)
From inventory: socks - Monso ( but there are socks in the camp chair at Etchaflech); Glasses- Sorgo; lips and eyeflower tattoo *MC* ; nails - Orange*Pekoe ( but on the BFF  i found 2 nail presents)

On tjip:
Cardigan with shirt:{Fe Style} (hint: high above where i made my slurl for you)  - {Fe Style} Rom Sweater (Men Only Hunt 7)(free)
Scar tattoo:!BaaaH! - [Hipster Style] Eye Scar for MOH7 (free)
Red hoodie: Ducknipple - Ducknipple MOH7(free)
From inventory: Pants - American Bazaar; shoes - ZED; Hair- Argrace ( Hayate)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

fly with me.. i'm your angel of the darkness and light

 click small picture to enlarge

With a bit a smile i look at Nic at the third picture. It reminds me of the flower fairy bookles from Cicely M. Baker. This seems to me a kind of unconcious rebirth of those pictures in a digital area.In those booklets it are just soft and nice colors  .. no angels of darkness.
About the wild rose fairy she writes: " I scent the air of June; my buds are rosy as a baby's cheek"
What sort of poetic sentences we can write about the dark angel Nic?  May be this?
"I wander around in your secret dreams...I'm the lover in your darkest  fantasies".

What are these fairy angels wearing? The dark angel wears a hunt item from Paisley Daisy. You can find it at the table near the landingspoint in the shop. The hair is from Sentinus. Wings are a gacha item  from Sweet Lies Designs. I recolored them for the angel of light. The fairy dragon is from a gacha at Hextraordinary. It's realy a super made dragon, that follows you and moves his wings and tail. ( Thanks Nadja)
The angel of light wears an old groupgift from M&M. I didn't know this one and may be i am not  the only one who didn't. So that is why i blog this beauty. M&M has many groupgifts downstairs and lucky boards upstairs. Nic's hair is a demo hair from Rezology that is wearable. You get it with a hud with more colors.  Go to Nadja's small shop ( affiliate for rezology) and get the demo hair Crow. The chain bag with poses is from IAF at marketplace. You get it with a hud for more colors.

Dark dress: Paisley Daisy - Paisley daisy - Black Satin Silver Trim Gown  red "!" hunt  item at the table near the entrance/ many hunt items there! (5ld)
Hair: Sentinus - Sentinus hair - Beatrice ( was 15ld /this one is gone but many hairs in sale still / upstairs 50ld)
Wings: Sweet Lies Designs - *SL* Tinkerbell Silver Wings - Sweet Lies Box 2 (30ld)
Fairy dragon: HEXtraordinary - 8. *HEXtraordinary* Faerie Dragon - Crystal
Pink gown: M&M - M&M-PASIFLORA DRESS MESH (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Celebrity Sandals - Multicolor
Hair: Rezology Affiliate - Rezology Crow DEMO ( wearable/free)
Bag: IAF - IAF Chain bag
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 23, 2016

is he in Berlin?..yes he is....( Men Only Hunt 7)

The terrace above could be in Berlin, i fantasize. Berlin has many good terraces for relaxing.Tjip is showing you some items from the Men Only Hunt 7. I think these are may be blogged by many already but i love to have it on my blog to be complete, concerning good quality items from that hunt. A good start i think. Tjip is wearing the black leather jacket from American Bazaar. The first shop in the row of the hunt. The green jacket is from Gabriel. Quality is good as always from Takuya Jinn. The armband ( see picture below) is from . tjip is wearing flipflops from ZED. His jeans from American Bazaar. Both items make him looking good ... loose and relaxed.

Credits: green jacket: Gabriel - ::GB:: Varsity jacket / MOH(free)(tip in a room behind walls - a cleaning set is before the wall)
Black leather jacket: American Bazaar - [AB] Bomber Jacket (free) ( tip near the jeans that tjip is wearing)
Jeans: American Bazaar - [AB] Barry Jeans Black
Shoes: ::ZED::  - ::ZED:: MESH Silver Canvas Flip Flops for Slink & Std
Bracelets: Clef de Peau - Clef de Peau Outlet.Chain Bracelet.Special colors for MOH 7 (free) ( tip: on the terrace behind tjip)
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 22, 2016

oh still a bit cold outside but his body is warm...( my first item from the Men Only Hunt 7)

I will send tjip out for hunting. The MOH7  is running. Mostly with good presents. Today Nic is showing you the sitting pose with the dog from Le Poppycock. A very cute one. I love poses from Le Poppycock. What is nic showing you more. The stawberry bags and garden tools are gifts from Bowillow at the gacha from The Brick Lane. Nic's top and shorts are e new release from TheBeautifulOne. The top in bandana print is the new groupgift in the shop ( see the shop vendor below) Shorts can be bought in jeans colors and in other colors. The top in bandana prints and plain. And there is a short version in contrast colors. Go to the shop to admire and buy all. Nic wears also flats from TBO.

Top: .:TBO:. Sophie - strapless top - plain (NEW) badana print free (see below)
Shorts:.:TBO:. Gina - hight waist cuffed shorts - denim variations (NEW)
Pose with dog: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *Puppy Therapy* MOH7 Gift (free)
Planter boxes Strawberries - :BoWillow: Exlclusive Gift for MLGv2 - Wildflowers (free)
Garden tools:  :BoWillow: - :BoWillow: Free Garden Tools For MLGv2 - Wildflowers (free)
Bye bye, Nic
Pictures made at: Legione


 Click small pictures to enlarge

Maecenas was a very rich Etrusk and a benefator. He liked the pursuit of pleasure, but pleasure of the more sophisticated kind. He  gave his friends royal gifts. And because of that he became famous. And why do i tell you this. Well i met a bit a Maceanas here in sl. Ofcourse we all benefit here from the gifts from designers and bloggers find there Maecenas in the sponsors of their blog. But now i met someone who spontaneously gave me presents. And she has a good taste. She answered me when i uttered my surprise:  "So am i she said". A sort benefactress. I will not give away her name here. But want say thanks to her with this blogpost. She gave me the nice long sweater on the first pictures and the lovely set from Dead Dollz on the last picture. Love the backpart of the set.
It is a pleasure to show them to you.
In the middle a nice set from Sentinus ( just 25ld at the moment). And it is important to know for you that at the moment there are some hairs at Sentinus  just for 15ld. And on the walls 25ld. Nic is wearing the red hair and the dark hair from Sentinus. More colors are possible because you get fatpacks. Run because i don't know for how long this offer will be.
The bag is from C'est la Vie. Such sort of a bag is today the Fifty Linden Friday item at that shop.

Long sweater: tres blah - -tres blah - Oversized Sweatshirt - Fashion 1985
Pinks set on the last picture: Dead Dollz - .::Dead Dollz::. Gorgo - Pink
Black/white set: Sentinus - -Sentinus Mesh Candy Outfit (25ld)
Hair first picture: Sentinus -Sentinus Hair-Fitted Mesh Kessie Hair Allcolors ( 15ld)
Dark hair: Sentinus -Sentinus Hair-Fitted Mesh Poli Hair Allcolors (15ld)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s ; jeans  - ZD
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 21, 2016

then i'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name..( breakfast at Tiffany's hunt)

Nic is showing you some items from the breakfast at Tiffany's hunt. . The cat collage is from the hunt and the pile with suitcases and the white pearl bracelet with golden clasp. Nic's dress is a new release from monLISA at marketplace. Love to wear it with the jacket from COCO  and my sophisticated hair from Dura. Shoes are from H@s. I also love to show you the cat cupboard from Shutter Field. Just 25ld in the part of the shop with the gifts. I discovered there a new groupgift and made pictures outside near the pool from the AXL Pro house where i was making pictures. There you can see the nice tin planters hanging and standing with fern, grass and flowers. Group join is just 20ld. And there are several other beautiful gifts ( showed before on the blog). And do you still know that beautiful breakfast gift from Bazar. Table  and chairs and breakfast. It's an oldie but still in the shop and so useful for a good morning feeling with your beloved one.. See below.

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Eve Dress - Mesh - HUD
Jacket: COCO - *COCO* Jacketovershoulder (beige)
Shoes: H@s  - H@S Jaqueline - Multicolor
Hair: Dura  - *Dura-Boys&Girls*50(Dark Brown)
White pearl bracelet - Ooo La La - # ! TBATH2 Hunt Gift - No.25 - Oooo LaLa Designs (free)
Pile of suitcases: Shabby Tabby - # ! TBATH2 Hunt Gift - No.12 - Shabby Tabby (free)
Cat Collage - Simply Shelby - part of Simply Shelby BAT Hunt Prize (free)
Cat cupboard: Shutter Field - [sf ]  cat cupboard ( 25ld)
Star mirror: Storax Tree - Fortune and Fame hunt ( coin near the info board)  #04 - StoraxTree (free)
Planters: Shutter Field - [sf] metal planters - group gift ( free/ group join 20ld)
Breakfast set: Bazar - ~BAZAR~Good Morning Set (1ld)
Bye bye, Nic

lazy lifeguard

Noone on the beach or in the sea.. so she can pause for a while. The weather is sunny and she gets lazy.
From Dancer i got this tip about the towel with poses from Paradisis. You can find the present near the lifeguard post, where i made the pictures from Nic.
It was a good tip for i wanted to show you the new clothes that Nic is wearing. Sporty and good for a beach.The top is from a camp chair at Etchaflesh. There are more camp chairs there. The sweatpants are from the Midnight Mania board. Thanks helpers! The top and the pants come with a color hud. The shoes i showed before on the blog. It's the gift at Vale Koer.

Top: Etchaflesh - [Etchaflesh] Sarina LaLa Top BOXED (free/ 30 minutes camp)
Pants: Etchaflesh - [Etchaflesh] Etchaflesh Sweats BOXED (MM/free)
Towel with poses: Paradisis -Mademoiselle A - April 2016 - Animated Beach Towel Gift
From inventory: Car - Paris Metro Couture ( free/ upstairs); Lemon - Apple fall ( free)
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Just a beautiful dress from FA Creations, a new release. I hope you can see the delicacy of the texture. I love it. Many colors available. And when it's too cold, there is a good leather jacket in the shop (named Jan),  that you can easily wear over this dress (see below) I also love the short hair from tram from the Season's Story. Shoes  from *ZD* again. Showed them earlier this week. They come with a hud for several colors. The hair on the third picture is the last groupgift from Magika. Group join is 25ld  and will be more in the future. A bit a fantasy color this one has. Good for a golden morning or sunset mood. The flats are a wearable demo from orange*Pekoe at marketplace.
The nails are from Orange*Pekoe just 25ld for 2 weeks at marketplace. grab it!!!! Realy beautiful nails

Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Tiffany Dress (NEW)
Hair: tram  at Seasons Story - tram F314 hair / amber&cork (NEW)
Shoes: *ZD* - *ZD* Fabi Slink High Heels (NEW)
Flats: Orange*Pekoe - Ghillies ( wearable demo/1ld)
Jacket: FA Creations -  ::FAC:: Jan Vintage Jacket
Long hair: Magika - Magika GROUP GIFT - Bad Habit (free)
Nails-  Orange*Pekoe - Orange Pekoe(Irony) (25ld/ during 2 weeks only)
Picture made near the tram shop
Bye bye, Nic

don't look back (click small picture to enlarge)