Friday, September 30, 2016

plushies, cookies and robots shop

She is placing plushies, robots and cookies on the windowsill from her shop to get the attention from passersby.
Nic is showing you two blue outfits. The september groupgift dress from Black Rose and the october groupgift top and skirt from Emberotic's. The fox plushies from katatOnik and the wolpertinger plushies from silentsparrow ar gifts at Sanarae. The cookies in boxes, the pumpkins, the blue zipper shoe, the poses and the bucket with flowers are all gifts at Sanarae. The robots are from Serenity Style for the new round for The Project Se7en (started 30 september 2016).
madpea has every friday 24 hours a groupgift in store. Today the holdable crazy bat plushie.
In this blogpost two items from the the Fifty Linden Friday. The white pumps from ANE and the lovely hair from Wasabi Pills. With a hud with more colors. From Nic's inventory steps from tarte.
Below some close-ups

Dress: BlackRose - BlackRose September Gift (free)
Skirt and top: Emberotic's - EFD_OCT 2016 Group Gift  *Add to unpack* (free)
Hair: Wasabi Pills - /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair - FLF Exclusive pack (50ld)
White shoes: ANE - ANE Pump Roundtoe BackBow PEARL FLF (50ld)
Blue zipper shoes: Livalle at Sanarae - {Livalle} Classico -Zipper Heels- Baby Blue (free)
Robots:  Serenity Style at THE PROJECT SE7EN - Serenity Style- Mycuf (NEW)
Crazy Bat Plushie: MadPea - MadPea Crazy Bat Plushie ( friday groupgift /only available 24 hours as groupgift (free)
Fox dolls: *katatOnik*  at Sanarae - (gift) *katatOnik* Sanarae Fox Doll (free)
Wolpertingers: ~silentsparrow~at Sanarae - ~silentsparrow~ Moonbun - Wolpertinger -(free)
Bucket with flowers:*N* Cosmos at Sanarae - *N*Cosmos bucket gift at Sanarae (free)
Cookie in boxes: Sweet Lies  at Sanarae - *SL* cookie boxes (free)
Pumpkins: dubu. at Sanarae - dubu. Pumpkins ///Sanarae gift (free)
Poses: *agapee* at Sanarae - *agapee* SaNaRae 1st Anniversary GIFT!(free)
From inventory: Steps- tarte
Pictures made at Lo Lo
Bye bye, Nic
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

vintage romance (gifts Sanarae)

Isn't she lovely in this dress from PARIS Fashion. I promissed to show you more from the shop. I choosed this Versace inspired dress. You get the dress with the necklace, earrings( not shown here) and a clutch and shoes(not shown here). Nic is wearing earrings from the Sanarae birthday. Its a gift from mignon.You get 3 color sorts.  Another Sanarae gift is the cute basket with wine and bread and confiture. The basket is a bit like the baskets from Zenith. So i think for those who wanted them and couldn't spend money ....they will be glad to get this basket for free.  Nic is wearing her shoes from H@s. I love these shoes very very elegant.

Earrings: Mignon at Sanarae - "mignon." -autumn square earrings.(free)
Basket: Belle Epoque at Sanarae  - Belle Epoque {Food basket} (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@s Grace ( with multicolor hud)
Pictures taken at: Vintage Romance
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

you come and go

Like the doves you come and go. Nic will wait in her beautiful gown from Designer Enchanted. It is the september groupgift from Paris Fashion - Galerie Dufayel- Paris 1900. Designer Enchanted has a new store. Every month she will have a new groupgift, she told me. Got also another nice dress from her. I will show that one in another blogpost. You get the dress from the pictures with the jewelry and the nice hip shawls. Love it. Below a picture of the back of the dress.  Nic is wearing shoes from H@s from her inventory. As i told you before the multi colorhud is so useful for good combinationsw with your outfits.

Dress: PARIS FASHION - PARIS FASHION -Rihanna  Low Back dress turquise ( free/ groupgift)
Shoes: H@s - H@s Grace
From inventory: Hair Beso ( Debrossy)
Pictures made at Crestwick Island
Bye bye, Nic
And thanks Marie for your photography lessons

Monday, September 26, 2016

bringing them all away

How much she loved those old shoes, it's hard to tell. Nic is beside a hair addict a shoe addict. You know may be the many close-ups from shoes here at my blog. But sometimes you have to make space in your cupboard for new nice shoes. And i hope the new shoes will be from Reign. I hope to become a blogger for that shop. I filled in the form and all where asked to make a new picture for flickr for them. I took the native boots from Reign for the contest. ..yes i know they are not a new release but i love these so much for winter time. Will never regret that i bought them.
Nic was already dressed for a cold autumn day in a warm jacket from Ak Creations. Because the cap is not so big your hair can come through. That is why i used the hat hairs from Sf Design  ( from a free box in the shop). The box is already longtime in the shop. You can find it upstairs in the women part of the shop. they are unisex.
The jacket comes with a legging but i like it with my jeans and boots.

Boots: Reign - REIGN.- Native Boots- BLACK
Jacket: Arcane Spellcaster Ak Creations - part of outfit plumes *Arcane Spellcaster*Ak-Creations (NEW)
Scarf: Mutresse - ...Mutresse... Non-Rigged Sequined Scarf  GROUP GIFT (free)
Hair: sf design (upstairs in the ladies part of the shop - sf design free hair to wear with hats unisex (free)
Flying boat: Kalopsia - Flying boat
From inventory: jeans - *ZD*,
Pictures made at Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic
The picture below will be at flickr for the contest. I hope you want support me there.

Click small pictures to see the full size.

on her way

On monday morning she is going to skate. First a walk through the wood. Nic is at the renewed sim Hollandaise. They made it very beautiful again. Now in fairytale style.
Nic is wearing a top from La Gazza Ladra at On9. Many colors are available. The skirt is realy good for skating or sports. You can grab it for 5ld at Mag<3.B. The funky boots are from Blaraby, the new groupgift. Group join is 50ld. But there are more old groupgifts available. Nic's legwarmers are from her inventory from Monso. But still available in the shop. The skates are from a gacha from Addams. Available at marketplace. The soopascarf is still  available at Snip&Snail. Love that huge scarf. It is available in many colors and resizeable.

Shoes:[BLARABY] - [BLARABY] Funky Boots [Gift](free/ group join 50ld)
Top: La Gazza Ladra at On9 - ~LGL~ Urban Charme . (Black)( the orange one is in sale(NEW)
Skirt: Mag<3.B - Mag<3.B gift Black skirt (5ld)
Rollerskate: Addams - Addams // Skate Leash // Skin/Pink (gacha/29ld)
Scarf: Snips& Snails - Soopascarf ( blush)
From inventory: Legwarmers   Monso; hair - Lamb ( Prove it)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, September 25, 2016

chillout (but run first for the jackpot gacha gifts)

 click small picture to enlarge

A sunday morning with autumn sun.. good to relax but you need to be FAST!!
When you want this gorgeous hangingbed from Mistique for free. You have to run to the the jackpot gacha area. There are many tiny boxes with presents. But i think they will soon be away. So RUNNNNNN.The choker and the bracelets and the barrels with sunflowers are also from there.
The bench with owl pillows is a present from unKindness at Fa MESHed.
Cute autumn decor items are the corn clusters from The Little branch, a gift at Shiny Shabby.
Nic is wearing a shirt and pants from La Gazza Ladra at Tres Chic. The booties are a new release at WICKED. Love them.

Booties: WICKED - WICKED * Jewel - Booties (Black)
Shirt; La Gazza Ladra at Tres Chic - LGL ~LGL~ Rhapsody . (Maroon) Wrap blouse (NEW)
Pants: La Gazza Ladra at Tres Chic - ~LGL~ Vienna . (Black) Chino(NEW)
Hair: D!va  at C88 - ""D!va"" Hair "Erika" (Rhodolite) (NEW)
Choker: [BlackPearls] at jackpot gacha- BP_Zora Choker with hud( free)
Bracelet right arm: OXIDE Midsummer Bracelets jackpot gacha gift (free)
Bracelet left arm: [EvelineInTheBox] at jackpot gacha - silverstone bracelet (free)

Barrel with sunflowers: Lacrime dell'anima at jackpot gacha Lacrime dell'anima - Jackpot Gift(free)
Hanging bed: Mistique at jackpot gacha - Mistique- Hanging bed Red (free)
Bench: unkindness at FaMESHed - uK - Autumn Owl Bench (free)
Corn cluster: the little branch at Shiny Shabby - LB - Corn_ Cluster {mesh}( free/ group join 7ld)
Pictures take at Wonderous Love ( Lost Dream)
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, September 24, 2016

sometimes i step in a timeless zone

Sometimes I step into timeless zone,
And I lose my way.
I don't know where I am.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Milky Way.
And I lose myself.
I don't know who I am .
I discover whiskers of a cat in a timeless zone.
And I put them on my face.
In a moment I become a sweet little cat.
And I dance on a flying saucer.
I am a cat.

Nic is showing you the new sexy wildlife dress from H@s. The dress has a hud for several wildlife textures in special colors and textures. So when you wanne play wild in latex..... this is the one. See below the dress in another texture and color. Nic's hair is new from D!va at Collabor88. The shoes are my favorites from Reign. The necklace is the male gecko necklace from Nord Embel'Lys

Dress: H@s - H@S Wildlife Dress Latex (NEW)
Hair: D!va at C88 - ""D!va"" Hair "Erika" (Rhodolite) (NEW)
Necklace: Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Gecko Necklace (Men) Gold (NEW)
Pose below first picture: Drunk Panda Poses You.Gatcha GIFT (free)
Pose picture below second - PURPLE POSES at you.gacha - 410PURPLE POSES - Couple 410 (free)

Friday, September 23, 2016


i know someone, who is sure to be happy......but he isn't
someone who says the day will come that he will be happy
- he smiles already because of anticipation and impatience-
someone who firmly says, i am nothing, not happy and not unhappy
someone who doesn't belief in his happiness and evades
someone who don't want to be happy- his opposition is strong and in vain
someone who can't be happy despite all his efforts
and some one who sometimes, very short, is feeling happy, and never knows why
one person
(translated poem from Toon Tellegen)

Street girl Nic is wearing some presents from the you.gacha event.: the necklace with robot, the body from a dress from a black dress, the tattoo and the frappuccino. The jewelry with Gecko is new at Nord Embel'Lys. A new shop for me.There is also a male gecko set.
The tied tee& harness you can get with several texts. The backs have graphics that go with the front logo ( for example there are angel wings on the back of the angel inside tee) and there are 8 harness colors, and 4 metal choices.
Close-ups from jewelry below. Click the small pictures to enlarge

Hair first pictures: !Ohmai!- !Ohmai : Ginta, Dark Brunettes
Robot necklace - [Kres] at go.gacha - [Kres] Confused Robot Necklace - Gift (free)
Tattoo: .Facade. at you.gacha  .Facade. :: Dark Places (free)
Shirt: i`piteme - ~i~ Inside Tied Tee & Harness (NEW)
Black leather shorts and sneakers::: No Cabide :: -  :: No Cabide :: Harley II_ Outfit FitMesh - (free)
Black body:  BLACK HAUS at you.gacha - part of BLACK HAUS - Group Gift - Fancy Dress (free)
White short: .:HF:. for SLFrees&Offers group - part of .:H.F Star Girl Set (Gift 06/2016)(free)
Hair last picture: Mina - MINA - Helen - MM dip-dye 02
Frappuccino - -INIA- at you.gacha -INIA- Frappuccino Cups -PINK- (free)
Necklace and earrings - Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Gecko Set Gold (NEW)
Bellychain: Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Gecko Belly Chain Gold (NEW)
From inventory: Hat - C'est la Vie; bracelets- Ys&Ys ( old), poses - Label Motion
Pictures made at: Hot Bodies
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, September 22, 2016

if you don't allow the fall to begin.... you will never reach spring

Being such a spring and summer lover, it is hard to see those seasons fade away. But if you don't allow the fall to begin.. you will never reach a new spring. It's about the circle of life.

Nic is showing you a beautiful gown from UNA at Tres Chic. The top part is changeable with a hud. Under the dress she is wearing new shoes from Basta! Footwear in bronze/gold.They are a regular store release. Close-up below. The earrings are a gift for the SLFrees&offers group at Zuri. I attached a copied earring to the choker to make a combination  from earring and choker. The choker and bracelet are a  gift at Chop Zuey. Nic is wearing a diamond nose pierce from Eufori, a dollarbie at marketplace
Behind Nic is a beige bench with books from Mistique. The bench has many nice poses.The pumpkin chairs are also from Mistique. The pufs in white green are from Serenity Style

Dress: UNA at Tres Chic  - :::UNA:::Eva dress Pink (NEW)
Shoes: B!asta - [B!] :NOLA: (Bronze)  - BASTA! Footwear (NEW)
Nose piercing: .euphoric - .euphoric ~Hizma (Nose Pearcing)(1ld)
Choker and bracelet: Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Gift - Ophelia Set - Silver (free)
Earrings: Zuri Rayna for SLFrees&Offers - Zuri Rayna-Sashi Post Earrings - Mocha/Black Sterling (free)

Pumpkin chairs: Mistique - Mistique reading bench beige (NEW)
Beige bench with books: Mistique - Mistique- Pumpkin Seat Yellow , brown and red (NEW)
Pufs: Serenity Style - Serenity Style Ibiza puf
From inventory: Pumpins - Chez Moi and mushilu
From inventory: Hair - Exile
Pictures taken at Keke land
Bye bye, Nic
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

indian summer colors

Red, orange, yellow and gold are the colors from an indian summer. Nic parked her car on the side of a country road for a picnic with her cuties. Some still young and very sleepy.
I am proud to tell you that i am part of the UNA bloggers group now. The items that i can show you are from UNA or mushilu. The yellow car is from mushilu at Tres Chic. There are two versions in the box. This one with open trunk and picnic trunk. The other version is closed. Both versions have nice poses ( not used now) The car is available in many colors.The cute backpack with a snail on top  is also from mushili  for The Fantasy collective start Sept 21st. In the box a version with sleeping bag, with accessories ( for gold diggers) and without accessories.
Nic is wearing a new release from FA Creations. In the hud other beautiful color combinations. The long necklace is from the cynful presents ( already gone) the short necklace is from Loordes of London.The sandals are also from Loordes of London.
Again loose hair, now from Tableau Vivant.

Outfit: FA Creations - ::FAC:: NEW RELEASES: Faith Top & Birdie Shorts (NEW)
Shoes: Loordes of London - Loordes of London-The Fossils-#4 ( weekly sale/ 55ld)
Short necklace: Loordes of London - Loordes of London-The Devil's Horns-#3 ( secret wednesday/ 49ld)
Hair: Tableau -Vivant - Tableau Vivant \\ Hung up - Blonds
Backpack: mushilu at The Fantasy Collective  - mushilu My minner Bag Brown (NEW)
The Car; mushilu at Tres Chic - My yellow car (NEW)
From inventory: Long necklace -!Aphorism! at cynful birthday ( event over); Picnic bag and plates etc - Cleo Design; dogs - JIAN
Pictures made at: The Mill
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, September 19, 2016

congratulations Virgo.. she is waiting for you...(hurry girls for the Cynful gifts)

A sort of a birthday present this is. She is ready and waiting. Isn't it cool to find a Virgo wall art from Mad Pea, when you know someone who is a Virgo will have his birthday.. As they say in the notices of the group: celebrating all Virgos!  Those born under this sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their 'attention to detail' is for a reason: to help others!

About the elements i found this :
The element V = Vanadium:  a hard gray metal of the transition series, used to make alloy steels.
The element I =  Iodium a nonmetallic element forming black crystals used for healing and desinfectance for wounds
The element RG: a radioactive element produced artificially.
The element O: Oxygen  the life-supporting component of the air.
Conclusion: the Virgo man is a mr. Gray from steel with healing qualities.
Just kidding, but it's a nice idea.

Nic is showing you one of the presents that i picked up at Cynful. Many presents there for the anniversary of the shop. Go fast to pick them up, because it's the last day they told me.
Nic is also wearing the boots that i told you about in the post before this one. Black boots from Blueberry at the gacha from The Arcade are rare ones.This means they are hard to get and that is why they are expensive. I searched on marketplace and got a super deal .. lucky me. On the last picture Nic is wearing a beautiful Taylor sweater mini dress from i`piteme.  The dress can be worn over a legging. Nic is wearing it now over her underwear. Don't we do this when we awake and are feeling cold, when standing near our bed. We grab something to feel warm. And the result is sexy.
The colors in the color hud are awesome, vivid and brilliant.

Virgo wall art:  Mad pea in notices of the group- MadPea Virgo Wall Frame (free)
Babydoll and panties: ~Blacklace~ at Cynful birthday -~Blacklace~ Baby Girl: Black Lace Baby Doll - Cyn Gift (free/ last day  today)
Boots: Blueberry at The Arcade -#4 Blueberry - Mykonos / Boots - Maitreya - Black RARE
Blue sweater dress: i`pimene - ~i~ Taylor Sweater Mini Dress color hud 25 colors all mesh bodies only (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - little.bones
Pictures made at: Umbral
Bye bye, Nic
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at home... to withdraw from the evil world

Sometimes all goes wrong ... and she is too sensitive then ( mostly it happens when she is too tired) ..then better be at home for a while... and then after a while she  will recover..

One of my readers once said to me, i like your blogposts because you often use nice loose hair. And here we go again. This new hair from Monso at Collabor88 is one in that category of loose hair styles. I love it. I bought the brown hairs and discovered many options in the colorhud ( ombres,  shadow roots and the full cover hair colors) The ribbon comes in eight colors.
This post is in tan style. The dress is a groupgift from Overhigh. You can find the dress in the info and notices. It is called Lisa cream, but it is more tan in my opinion."Did you already see the gacha from Blueberry at The Arcade", Laura asked me. And so i found my tan shoes. The items in the Blueberry gacha have, as all Blueberry products, the very good Blueberry quality. I like the boots too.
The necklace is the new subscribe-o-matic gift from Graffitiwear.
Nic is surrounded by some nice groupgifts from Fancy Decor: the lamps, the birch candles, the wire stool and the inlaid box ( there is also a photoframe for free...not shown here). And last but not least the super sweet fashionista chair Atrezzo chair with outfit from Kokoia just 20ld on marketplace( available in several colors)

Hair: Monso at Collabor88 -[monso] My Hair - Sungso /Brown (NEW)
Dress: Overhigh in group notices  - OVH Lisa Dress . cream ( free)
Necklace and earrings: Graffitiwear - *Graffitiwear September Subscriber Gift
Shoes: Blueberry at The Arcade -  #29 Blueberry - Mykonos / COMMON / Pumps - Maitreya - Tan

Lamps, chair etc. ( read the text) etc: Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor groupgifts (free)
Chair: Kokoia - Kokoia Atrezzo :: Chair & Outfit :: {kokoia} :: Red ( 20ld)
From inventory: side table - Pixel Mode Home
Pictures made: at my home location
Bye bye, Nic