Monday, December 31, 2012


Tjip and Nic in Paris. Nic wears the New Years gift from Paris Metro. Tjip wears the Christmas gift from Paris Metro ( still there). There is ofcourse also a Christmas gift for women. A golden gown. The boards are outside the shop. Near where the pictures are made. For the New Years gift you have to go upstairs ( i think second floor on the table in the corner). Also a coctail dress you can pick up there.

Gown: Paris Metro - Paris METRO Couture: Goddess Jewels Champagne Gown ( free)
Tweed suit: Paris Metro Couture Paris Metro Couture Homme Tweed Suit Collection ( free)
Hair Nic: see yesterday
And thanks Verdant ( Spammie) for the hair you gave me.Isn't Nic looking sweet and pretty?

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, December 30, 2012

stylish hair

Nic wears stylish new hair. The cute shop is new for me. It is called Rumina Styles. I asked the designer Malia Actor about her work. She is from the USA. She started the shop on october the 6th. So open for 3 month now. I thought her style has Asian influences. She would say more urban .
"New styles coming for 2013!  You don't want to miss this..." she writes in her profile. Stay tuned. I am looking forward to it. Wish you lots of creativity Malia.
Nic wears a loose top from the fi*Friday shop from Autres. The top underneath is from League. Nic wears the Amarelo Manga skin from the hunt ( told you before about it this week). And the red nose and wreckles are from the Ys&Ys skin, that i showed today.
And here comes the groupgift for christmas from Rumina. Group join is free. So join the group and grab this cool hair.
With the same outfit and other hair, i also did a  photo shoot earlier this day. The hair is from Truth. The boots are NEW at MoYaz. Released today. And as usual they are having a PROMO SALE this weekend where you will get this awesome boots for just 100L$ instead of 199L$. ( also for men)

Hair: .:{Rumina}:. - .:{Rumina}:. - Dolo Brown Scale
Hair groupgift: .:(Rumina}:. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ( free)
Loose top: Autre at fi*Friday - AUTRES - Flow Crop - Solid Gray and Black (55ld)
Boots: MoYaz - F) Sydney Mesh desert boots ~ Black ( this weekend 100ld)
Truth  hair: Truth - >TRUTH< Felecia (Mesh) -  dark blondes
Top: League - *League* Ribbon Tied Tanktop -Black
From inventory: Bag- Septem Essentia; Clutch- Duh; Skin red lips- Amarelo Manga; Skin - Ys&Ys for TDRF

Pfff long post hope it opens well, Nic


Oh i love these two things that i bought today at the Dressing Room Fusion: The skin and the combi dress.

The skin from Ys&Ys is gorgeous. I loved skins from Ys&Ys for the first time when i  saw someone with a very beautiful belly. In that time many skins had just a nice face and other parts of the body were neglected. So i ran to the Ys&Ys shop to see more. They also had nice groupgifts then. So now i am happy to see they participate in the Dressing Room Fusion with this skin. I love this winter skin because of the red nose layer  and the wreckles layer. It gives an extra dimension to the skin. Here in Holland we often get a red nose because of the cold winter or because of a cold. I counted all the layers. There are 13 in the package: wreckles, breasts, eyebrows, red nose etc.There is also a skin with  teeth  included. And the grey eyes are also from this super offer.

The  mesh dress or should i say top and skirt are from Cynful at TDRF. Three colors available. I bought green because it matches with the green color of the boots from Baby Monkey (a groupgift). 4 colors in the box.
AND AS I TOLD YOU YESTERDAY ----- GROUP JOIN IS FREE THIS WEEKEND at Baby Monkey. After the weekend group join is 250ld as always. Grab this chance.
Nic wears again a bag from Septem Essentia. The 10ld gift. From inventory is the make-up in green with lashes from Blacklace and the necklace and armband ( named  crest) from Gabriël.

The tights are  from the Winter Wishes Market. It is alway good to have black sheer tights to get a stylish impression for a dress. I already have them from Izzie's but these are a gift from Chandelle!!

Tights: CHANDELLE - CHANDELLE - Half smooth black #2 (socks) ( 1ld)
Boots: Baby Monkey - BM Faith Diva Boots Winter Pastels (free)
Combi Dress:  [Cynful]at TDRF -[Cynful] Opportunity Combi Dress - Olive Green (70ld/TDRF)
Skin: Ys&Ys at TDRF - *YS & YS*Cara Tan Ici Winter TDR ( 70ld)
Bag: Septem Essentia - [Rete] Shoulder&Hand Bag Set :::Septem Essentia::: ( 10ld)

Don't catch a cold, Nic


A cute dress and a cute bag i found yesterday on the Winter Wishes Market ( runs  till januari 7th) There are many gifts  on the market. Prized between 0ld and 10ld. Other products are prized 99ld or lower.

Dress Mirrors Enigma  - [:ME:] Gula Mesh Mini Dress WBlue ( free)
Bag: Things I Like - TIL: Snowman bag . 1L Winter wishes ( 1ld)
From Inventory; Hair - Tameless( Ronnie); Pumps -Maitreya ( verve); Nails - Mother Goose.

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, December 29, 2012

portrait in sepia

To show the beauty of this new dress from MichaMi i used special light.  Love the brown colors of the skin eyes and hair. The brocade dress is going so well with it. It reminds me of a book i read  some time ago with the name: " Portrait in Sepia" a novel from Isabelle Allende. So this is my portrait in sepia

Skin: Mojo - MOJO FREE SKIN Santa Skin ( free)
Clutch - ::Duh!:: - ::Duh!:: Little Leather Clutches - Navy and Brown (20ld)
Hair: Analog Dog - Analog Dog freeball Caught Raspberry ( free)
Dress: MichaMi - MichaMi: Lana Brocade Cocktail in Prayer
From inventory: Necklace - Virtual Impressions( Francesca in brown pearls and quattz); Lace glove- Pixel Dolls)

Bye bye, Nic


Many pictures to show you a dress that at first glance i disliked a bit, because it was so sweet. May be because it reminded me of my childhood knitted dress with pompoms. But with the lovely hair from Analog Dog with the poses from PURPLEpose with Dela legwarmers (that i recoulered to combine with the dress), with Uggs under it, with a snowball in Nic's hand and with blue white surroundings, i became more and more enthousiastic about this dress. And now i love this dress so much. Watch the back part.. so super detailed. It is a  great gift from G Field. Cerberus Noel you did a great job. In the package is a red and blue dress. The hair is in the freeball at the beach at Analog Dog. Oh and last but not least that super cute skin  the santa gift from Mojo. Mojo skins I recognise because it has such cute special lips.

Oh and i have to tell you this: This weekend you can go for free in the Baby Monkey group. BM has sometimes great groupgifts. After this weekend the prize for joining is again 250ld. So go here and join.

Dress: G-Field -*GF* 2012 Holiday Gift Dress [Mesh] ( free)
Hair: Analog Dog - Analog Dog freeball Caught Raspberry ( free)
Skin: Mojo - MOJO FREE SKIN Santa Skin ( free)
Poses: Purple Poses
From inventory: Leg warmers - Dela; Stoxkings- Crave; Uggs- Virtue Mocha ( posted before here)

Bye bye, Nic

Tjip and Nic and coffee

Nic and tjip went to Delirium Style to search for an outfit for tjip. They discovered a huge Santa with presents and groupgifts around him. You need join the group (99ld).  There are presents for women and men. Nic shows a coat and skirt and stockings and tjip shows a jacket sweater and pants. The necklace and earring from Tjip are from the free shop from Sey. The hair from Tjip is from MADesigns. Just bought by tjip today.
After shopping they drank coffee on the bench.

Outfit Nic: Delirium Style - D-Style Female winter ( free, but groupjoin fee)
Outfit Tjip: Delirium- D-Style Male winter ( free, but group join fee)
HairTjip: MADesigns - MADesigns HAIR ~ PETE ~ Black
Necklace and earring: Sey - :sey "cuffs"set / for Men ( free)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy New Year

Although it is 28th of december Nic already sends her wishes for you, because may be you want this festive gown to go to a New Years party.

Happy New Year to all of you.  Thanks for the kind words  about this blog and thanks to some designers who kindly sended me their products so i could blog about it. And thanks to all the designers for their groupgifts, hunt gifts etc. You all make sl a happy experience. I hope i will find next year again some great stuff, so the followers of this blog can feel beautiful and don't need spend much money.

This dress is so festive. Nic waves you goodbye and says cheers with her glass of champagne. Wish you luck, happiness, good health in rl and fun and creativity in sl.

Dress:  .:LC:.  - .:LC:. Soinn Evening gown  - red ( free)
Necklace: Sey - :sey LongNecklace "R"[Girls]] ( free)
Skin: Amarelo Manga -[Amarelo Manga] - Skin Evana - Xmas 2012 ( free) 31 dec last day

Bye bye, Nic

from a hunt

Nic found this cute top and the shorts in a Christmas Hunt at Amarelo Manga. The hunt is till 31 december 2012. So when you want these things hurry up. Nic wears her boots from Maitreya. But you get in the hunt red flats. And see below also the nice skin that is in the hunt. And for those who want a shape. Yeah it is in the hunt too. From the free shop from Sey Nic wears the white sweater. The legging is from inventory.

Skin:[Amarelo Manga] - [Amarelo Manga] - Skin Evana - Xmas 2012 (free)
Top:[Amarelo Manga] - [Amarelo Manga] - Blouse Xmas 2012 (free)
Shorts:[Amarelo Manga] - [Amarelo Manga] - Short Xmas 2012 (free)
Flats:[Amarelo Manga] - [Amarelo Manga] - Shoes Xmas 2012 ( free)
Sweater: Sey -:sey Standard V [Cream] ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Thanks Soraya for showing me the dress. I overlooked it when i was in the Dressing Room Fusion. And thanks Verdant for showing me the nice location. I knew this sim but not this spot. It is always nice to have helpers around. The dress is from R.icielli at the Dressing Room Fusion. Love the sleeves of this dress.The dress is in a package with two more dresses. Nic wears a bag and scarf from Septem Essentia

Below Nic shows the 2 other dresses.

Dresses : R.Icielli for TDF - Ricielli Mesh - Christmas set 2 ( 70ld)
Necklace: Sey -:sey Sweets heart ( free)
Scarf and bag: Septem Essentia - Septem Essentia*DIA&DOT tote bag set (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - D!va; Hair - Dela; Cape- Laville; Stockings - Mimikri; Shoes - Decoy

Bye bye, Nic


Nice free or nearly free things. The skirt to begin with, is from the With Love Hunt at PurpleMoon Creations. Also a brown top is in the package. The thick sweater for men is from NiNight Creations, a group gift.
The cute sheep and the coffee are gifts at Needfull Things/ Sweet Leonard. The necklace and ring are from the Hunting For Winter Hunt in the Sweet Leonard shop. The scarf is the groupgift at Pepper ( showed it before on the blog).

Skirt: PurpleMoon Creations - :: PM :: Lua Top + Milana Skirt [MESH] ( 10ld)
Sheep: Sweet Leonard - ::LEO-NT:: JUST LOVE ME SHEEP!!! ( free)
Coffee: Sweet Leonard - ::LEO-NT:: squirrel coffe ( free)
Necklace and ring; Sweet Leonard - Hunting For Winter - 2. Sweet Leonard <3 ( free)
Sweater: NiNight Creation - ..::NN::.. Groupgift ( free)

Bye bye, Nic