Saturday, March 9, 2013

pepper and celoe

This is the groupgift from March from Pepper. Group join is just 30ld. You get the black skirt with on both sides bags. Hanging low or high you can choose. It is so cute. To show you this fast Nic put on her rose sweater from The Secret Store again, her Radical boots from Maitreya, leggings from Kyoot ( now only at marketplace available) and EMO-tions hair Phillis. Bag and bangles from Angelic Lefevre. Because of the stress to be quick and ready before bedtime she needed a cigaret. Bad habit!

Later on i found the awesome necklace the groupgift from celoe. A special celebration gift to commemorate the .erare.project. The creators of Celoe and LeLutka have created a special gift for all members of the LeLutka and Celoe group. Look for the red containers on the barge and wear your group to receive. See behind Nic on the picture..erare is a new line by the creators of Celoe and LeLutka. A fantasy inspired line, starting with the sirens of the sea. The erare. syrens are 8 avatars, that from head to tail create an underwater illusion of mystery and something special.
The syrens lay in containers. They are realy beautiful. The pictures from them as well.

Skirt with bags: Pepper - ~Pepper~ Groupgift March 2013 (free, group join 30ld)
Necklace: Celoe - ( free)
Bye bye, Nic

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