Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Habemus Papam a new period starts

 "Habemus Papam" the world has a new pope. Beginning of a new period. Nic is showing new clothes in an spring environment. Spring starts in a few days, also a new period of the year.

Many of the clothes are from the lucky boards from Luna Sabia: the tweed bolero, the black dress and the maxi vintage floral dress. The cute black skirt i bought at Luna Sabia.The boards you can find on different levels of the shop. The short black boots are a groupgift from there. You can get these short boots in blue, white, pink and black. And there are more groupgifts.
Nic wears the Truth hair from The Arcade gatcha event.Necklace and earrings from Ben's Beuty at the Fi*Friday shop. The long black boots with the red stripe are in the info and notices from the Chichi of London group. The black jeans is in a giftbox at the ChiChi of London shop.
Then at last the yellow shoes. For 55ld you can get them at Ahn_Ji Design. Important to read the notice to wear them well.

Bolero: Luna Sabia - *LS* bolero tweed gray ( free)
Black dress: Luna Sabia -*LS*long sleeve dress vintage black flower( free)
Skirt: Luna Sabia -*LS*Ruffled Mini Skirt flower black
Maxi dress: Luna Sabia - *LS* Maxi Dress  vintage floral ( free)
Boots: Luna Sabia - *LS* short boots black ( free)
Necklace: Ben's Beauty at Fi*Friday -..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Amazon Necklace Gold Chain ( 55ld)
Earrings: Ben's Beauty at F*F -..:: Bens Beauty ::..  Amazon Earring Gold Chain ( 55ld)
Long Black boots: ChiChi of London (groups notices) -Chichi of London, Regency Boot, Cavalry, Special Edition Group ( free)
Hair: Truth  at The Arcade -  TRUTH HAIR Video Games - LightBrownFade RARE
Jeans: Chichi of London - part of Chichi of London Gift Box-Enjoy! ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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