Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hunt at paper.doll

This is NOT a freebie hunt. paper.doll and noir*lily have put out 14 (7 each) very easy to find pink boxes in the shop marked at 14L each. Unfortunately, at the shop you can't see what your getting for your 14L. Fortunately- you have me to show you! I wasn't a huge fan of the clothes from this hunt but the jewelry from noir*lily is really lovely. Taxi here to {paper.doll} & noir*lily new location.
n*l Bubbleheart
n*l Heart Set
n*l Love Necklace
n*l All you need is Love set

n*l Broken Heart Necklace
n*l Heart*Bow Earrings & Ring
n*l le coeur set
{paper.doll} BeMine!
{paper.doll} KissMe!
{paper.doll} WrappedV2-Hearts-Black/White
{paper.doll} Wrapped V2-Hearts-Red/White
{paper.doll} Wrapped V2-Hearts-Pink/White
{paper.doll} Wrapped V2-Hearts-Pink/Black
{paper.doll} TweedMini-Hearts-Pink/Black

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Saturday Stuff.

LeLutka: XY jacket/blue: Group Gift for men but I'm working it!
TART: fray cut denim skirt-faded - 100L gc hidden in store until the 31st which made this free. - Basic Cami in white - free
Truth Hair: Audrey in auburn. I bought off XStreet (no more Truth lag for me horray!)
Poison: GIFT Black & white dress. There are a bunch of other freebies in the shop now as well: jeans, scarves, earrings and MM board to slap.

Amacci Skin: Felicia (Fresh) - Subscribo Gift
Donna Flora: VIOLETTA earrings - New Dollarbie
M*Motion: C10-03 Layered Knit Pink Sweater and Skinny Jeans - Subscribo
UPDATE: I was notified today by the designer, after posting this, that the Subscribo has been removed from the store since they exceeded the free membership allotment. My apologies to anyone that went looking for the gift and was unable to find it. Had I known - I would not have posted something that was not available to everyone. ❤Karina

All poses courtesy of BehaviorBody. There's a freebie pose cube hanging out there from the holidays so hurry and grab it - as well as poses on sale upstairs. Thanks Antosperandeo!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Misc Stuff blah blah..

I've kind of done the January hunts to death. So I'm taking a break waiting for the February ones to start. February 1st is on a Monday so prolly won't be able to get any of those blogged until next weekend :( A few new releases from and some lucky chair stuff I was digging today and thought I would show off. Have a super weekend everyone! Draped.Back Sweater (New release - not free)
Skirt: HONEY DressVol 0033 - Lucky Chair Item comes with sweater (not shown) Mandy2 - Anxious Blond Hair (New release - not free but fabulous) Mandy2 - Anxious Blond Hair (new release - not free)
[M2M]..::Purple Top - Tulip Set - Lucky Chair Prize (thanks Yumi ❤)


Join the subscribo and check history!

Here for Glitterati.

Goodies for you to hug! :D

*hides* I know, I know. And I apologize for doing it. I was sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo sooo soo (whatever) busy in rl! Everyday we go out. Shop, eat, sleep, wakeup the next day.. shop, eat, sleep. Bahh I didnt even have time for SL :/ I'll try to blog as much as I can today so this one will be quickie to save time!! Have fuun. :D

Terri.tees new release. These awesome tees are the latest release from Terri.tees and there are 15 tees and they're all super cute. I just love the text and the graphics on them :D They're 25L each but as most of you know, the sweet, generous, awesome, amazing Terri Wardell sets each of these shirts for 1L$ everyday. Even if you missed it, it's only 25L$! Go down to Terri.tees and spend some lindens :D

I don't really use photo studios for my pictures at all because if you remember, I always use a white background :P But these ones. OH MY GOD likeee seriously!! I looooooooveeee this photo studio like f*ck. It's from Tricolore and it's amazing. This one is the one with 100 textures. If you think that's all.. well no. Here's what you get when you buy it! You get: Textures, poses, glow, emote(!!), side screen(adds walls to the sides, like shown above) & lights and even instructions and settings. This one with 100 textures costs 2500L$ but to be honest I think it's so worth it. And guess what, you could even add your own poses and textures! It's very easy to add them and there are instructions too! Apart from that, the textures are so awesome and they look like they were made in Photoshop. If you don't really need one with 100 textures and spend 2500L$, not to worry they have many other photo studios with reasonable prices. Give them a visit!

Taxi to Tricolore.

More to come in some mins, if I didn't fall asleep on my keyboard :P

M x

I made some poses!

Yay! I made some poses and I have them for 10L$ at my sister's mainstore for a limited time only. They're on the table in the entrance and the box looks like this:

I still don't have a store, but I will soon I hope ;)

Mare x

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Quickie Before Bed!

The title sounds much more exciting then the post will be (sorry). Posh has two tone freebie hair (I'm wearing the Superficial II) out now. You get 4 in the pack - 2 with hats and two without. If you want your hair in just one boring color, that's available too for sale in the shop (250L).

I thought I would show off my new outfit from one of my new favorite new shops [M2M] Minutes to Midnight. The dress is Taffeta Trumpet in wine (175L). Loving the sculpted skirt and the baggy tights - so cute! I keep checking back in this shop as they are adding new stuff all the time and have clothing, shoes and accessories. There are several dollarbies at the shop right now and the group has been very generous in their gift giving. Only 5L to join - it's getting one of my permanent slots.

Finally, this dress looks so so cute with my Elise2 Heels from Tesla. This is a old freebie which I've had forever, but they still have them out - so if you have never grabbed them go get (go - get!). They make everything look more adorable.
Click to enlarge pic.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One For The Wow That Was Fast File!

Glam Affair (formerly Beauty Avatar) is now open. There is a free gift out now to celebrate which comes with: dress with sculpted skirt, necklace, gloves, skin and hair (not shown). I wasn't too crazy about the hair (thus the not shown) and the skin seems a bit devoid of eyebrows, but for 1L I'll slap some bangs on and it's all good. Can find it here at Glam Affair.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have Faith in Your Style!

Thanks to the tip in the chatter from Tara (thanks Tara!), thought I would go check out FK Virtues. Lucky for me, the owner Faith Kaestner, (hence her cute tag line - have Faith in your style) was there and took some time to tell me about her shop. She's had the shop only a couple months - but looking at the quality and style of the clothing you would think she's a very seasoned professional. All her clothes come in multiple layers, so there is seemingly endless mix and match combinations. Currently, there is a free pair of 23 grey jeans in the subscribo (ladies AND men's) and an awesome lucky board outfit. Check it out for yourself at FK Virtues.
FK Virtues: She Wants Revenge Bag's: Love Hurts Tee comes with Zesty - Lowrise Jeans
(lucky board prize)
FK Virtues: Sharpie Mini - Brown (175L) with B-Girl Lite-Blue Jeans (175L)
Boots: SAH prize from Courtisane - Marie Lu
FK Virtues: Logo Tank-Top Red (free tank with all jeans purchases)
FK Virtues: Female 23 Gray Jeans (Subscribo gift)
SD Wears: Ovation Jacket (Current Group Gift)
Skin: Pacadi Skins - LIGHT - makeup #07a (15L sale going on now!)
Hair: My new find at Mustache: Sabrina in Strawberry (sadly, not free)

FK Virtues: Mens Crush - Blue Jeans w/ Boxers (175L)
FK Virtues: ZipUp Sweatshirt - Freezy Blue with Mens 23 Gray Jeans (subscribo gift)
FK Virtues: ZipUp Sweatshirt - Concrete Gray with Mens Crush - Blue Jeans w/ Boxers (175L)
She's still working on getting her men's line out on the floor but was generous enough to let me show this stuff off. I LOVE that all her men's doesn't require the prim attachments, since some men do seem to be prim challenged (ahem, triper)
Thanks Faith!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Death Becomes Her Hunt

Just as a little preface, I didn't do this whole hunt. My style really isn't that of neko/goth/emo etc. It looks nice on plenty of people, just is not my own personal style. The items I'm blogging are the ones I thought suited me as they were my style and this is my blog. I'm not normally a proponent of cherry picking on hunts, since I believe doing the whole hunt is the way to discover shops that you didn't know existed - therefore it gives you an introduction. However, I wanted the opportunity to show everyone that it's fun to dress outside the box sometimes so to speak. So in my opinion, better to show some then none. All that being said, if you want to do this hunt it's running until the 31st of the month, so still plenty time. You can read about the hunt here.
Rara Avis: Asche Smoke Womens Top and Pants (also a male version of this one)
Prim & Pixel Paradise: Dare Ensemble - Black & Black. This comes with several skirt options, the veil and shoes.
Lemania Indigo Designs: Evening Shade Gown
Gehenna: Astraea Dress. She included a notecard saying this is only the 2nd clothing item she's made and I think it's wonderful! I hope she continues. Look how cute it looks with the Nardcotix Ashoka shoes from the SAH hunt too!
Ducknipple: Viking - Red Skirt
Top is the shirt part of the Gehenna dress

Corrupted Innocence: Julia Skin by Kira Paderborn
Corrupted Innocence: Blue Mist Eyes by Kira Paderborn
Caithlin Carter Designs: Silver Earrings

Friday, January 22, 2010

HAIII!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii (x100) I missed you all!!! I can't believe i'm using my laptop again. Oh gosh I thought I'll never blog again! I missed blogging more than anyone could expect, and I missed you all moreeee! My flight is in 1 hour! Yippy =) So I need to blog quickly and go to the airport :O No talking about items and saying how much i adore them this time, but put in mind that i blogged these only because they're soo sexy! Also my 'to blog' list is growing like mad :/ I got like 100 something stuffs listed down to blog -_- have fun!

Poses: Model.Poses from packs number 3 and 4! Go try them out! (

Hairs: 22nd release. Go demo them strawberry bubbles!

Left to right
-*Staged* Group Gift January '10' Welcome to the Future - Join the Staged group n check notices. 50L$ fee.
-Baiastice_D. Casting-Runway Make up - Send Sissy Pessoa a notecard to join the BAIASTICE group and check notices.
-*CUPCAKES - January Skin Gift - DIAMOND LINE - Join the CUPCAKES group and check notices. **Fee is currently free for some days only!** (((Blogger was giving me stupid errors when I typed the full group name, Just check Rosemary Galbraith's profile or my profile and look in the groups)))

Hairs:'s January 15th release. Go demo these hairs! I loveee them to bites!

Taxi to

That's all angels! Have a nice day and wish me luck in my trip :]


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Groups - Some Feedback Please!!

Azul has this amazing coat out for a group gift. Having a 25 limit has really made people fussy about which groups they will join - and even more so, which they will stay in. I think this poses the question - What do you think are the best shop groups in sl? Which ones are so worth paying for the privilege of membership? Which would they have to rip your membership out of your cold, dead hand? Which shops have the best free groups? Which shops have the best subscribos? I would love some feedback on this - and to be able to compile a list of must haves (and see what I'm possibly missing). Anyone?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Burning Hearts

Well a little more. I did want to show this off. The sign in the background is part of the amazing Kastle Rock Couture (which also happens to be the start location for the hunt) Elegant Party Room skybox and the heart I'm holding is the PURRpose "I Love You" Heart gift. So Cute! There's quite a few other romantic items in this hunt you will be able to share with your Valentine ❤

The Burning Hearts Hunt

Looking for burning hearts in this one (naturally). The first of the (kinda) Valentines Day themed hunts I've done as of yet. Many more to come as there are many going on and coming up. Some new shops in this hunt I've not seen before which was fun, and all the hearts are fairly easy to find which was wonderful as I don't have the will or the desire to spend forever looking anymore. A super blog with this hunt and you can read more details about the hunt here. Onto my favorites...

Random Eyes: Natural Dark Lavender (one of 3 pairs you receive)
Alite skin: Dusk/Cleavage (my boobs rock in this skin! I couldn't keep my eyes off of them!)
Avilion Mist: Burning Heart Necklace & Earrings

KD Designs: Raffin Couture - Satin Ball Gown

woodenhanger: Tank, Shrug and Sleep Tights (this is a shop that is new to me and I will be checking out again).
Magia: Black Jumper Turtleneck & Tartan Skirt
Lace: Black Diamond Bra & Panties

j Designs: Red Dress
Lestat Reuven: Lonely Valentine
NILS ISLAND STORE: Red Brodery Dress

Poised: Thirst Dress
Bliss Couture: Lavina Leather Skirt & Bodice

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's in the delivery or lack of..

Since Nere (and Mare) are still away there has been a lack of fancy photos. Meet my half hearted attempt in their honor. Hoping maybe it will distract you from the fact i'm posting just a few things and one picture in this post. I'm actually working on the Burning Hearts Hunt - which you can read about here. About half done so (RL permitting) I'll have some goodies to show you tomorrow or the next.
My outfit is the current group gift at Poised called Homicide. So cute and versatile, comes with jacket, transparent shirt and bikini under as well as skirt and pants options. Love it. Shoes are freebies from In Her Shoes called Betty Dots. In case your not shoed out after the shoes hunt, check it out for loads of great shoes for free. Summer Noodle Chair is a great freebie from Burned Rice and has several cute poses.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Heart Nardcotix!

I had Nardcotix posted in my first Shoes & Accessories Hunt post. One of our diligent readers, Willia, IM'd me to say I had posted the wrong pair of shoes. Checked my inventory - and no I had put up the pair I had found. Well after some (not so) fancy detective work, we discovered there are not 1 or 2 but 3 pairs of ladies shoes for the hunt from Nardcotix! Still just one male pair (sorry guys) but the guys pair is really awesome! Well that's of what I could find. There maybe more? Stay tuned!
Ashoka T-Strap Plaid Red (Still my favs of the bunch)!

Rebekah Pumps in Liquorice

Claudio Boots for the guys. Really nice!

Cerra Bootie Leo

Accessories Hunt - Part 2

Sorry about this being such a monster post! My many, many thanks to my big sis Moo for all the outfits in these pictures. Check our her shop *mm*clothing and tattoos for hot girls. All items are under $100L. You rock Moo ❤.

AngelPup Design: Black Scarab
saris creation's: tiara black and red
DeeTaleZ: black nylon socks damaged

Kalnins Footwear: SlipOns for girls
VANITY HAIR: !VA! C'est si bon feux
e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories: Ruined Socks & Wasabi Scarf

Pocket Mirrors: Floriana Beret Brick
Adjunct: Superstar Sunglasses
SF Designs: colour change bowtie with collar
Mashooka: Mala naturals - Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets
Sensual Mistery Store: CHIC - CHIC BEACH HAT YELLOW
Funsize Shapez: Fierce Eyes V1
ENDEAVOR: TF- Aviator White Glasses
Djinn & Tonic: Omnomoney $20
Bana Karu: Little Star Necklace
ILAYA: Tweed Cap Coffee

AtomicBambi: Hair Corsage Mandalay (Saffron)
Kumaki Glasses Style: GoodWorld 1.00 Glasses

1. Sensual Mistery Store: CHIC BEACH BAG CW PURPLE
2. Dangerous Cinsations: Glazed Silver Links Belt
3. Magically Alluring: Open Heart Leather Belt (brown)
4. BLITZED: Classic Belt v.2 - Old leather brown
5. DYN: Double Buckle Belt - Black
7. Indyra Originals: Indy&Co -The Ireben Carry-all (small)
8. Lark: Leather & Cord Bag