Monday, February 29, 2016

she crushed the roses...

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Why did she crush the roses...i think it was by accident. Sitting on her bike giving a hug to the cat she didn't see what happened. Nic shows you her new shoes from Wicked. A groupgift for 1 day because it is 29th february. I was doing the Walk a Mile in my Shoes Hunt. Check out the official hunt page for clues and links to the other stores. Nic shows a pose from the Poppycock. You get the pose with a chair, the cat and the roses and a red rose. I used a white rose from Nikotin. You can get such a white rose when you click on the valentines boxes near the desk in that shop. The golden necklace is from the shoe hunt to as well as the diamond anklet. Ofcourse there are also shoes in the hunt. For example very good doctor boots from  even, flow. I will show them in other posts. The dress is a new release at ZD (comes with color hud). The sexy back is on the picture below. Nic's hair is new at Collabor88 from D!va.  The bike is a groupgift from Bueno. May be short time there.

Shoes: Wicked - WICKED * Wendy - Heels (Grape) 9free/ GG/ 1 day because of 29th february)
Dress: ZD -*ZD* Mayte Dress (NEW)
Bike: Bueno - Bueno West Cost - Bike - Pink Groupgift (free)
Rose: NikotiN - White rose (free)
Hair: D!va at C88 - ""D!va"" Hair "Amanda" (Rhidolite)(NEW)
Golden necklace with hat: The Happy Hat - WMMSH - The Happy Hat (10ld)
Pose, cat, chair, roses: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *Smell the Roses* WMMSH (10ld)
Anklet:  ::KRALUS:: - ::KRALUS:: Walk a mile in my Shoes (10ld)

a made a heart for you on the fogged mirror

Get ready for the day.
I decorated my bathroom in the AXL Pro House, that i recently got from the Midnight Mania, with bathroom accessories from AXL Pro and some accessories from the Creators Collection Box. The CCB accessories are the 2 pink bottles  and the hanging light bulbs on the fourth picture. The cats with daggers i also got there.
Nic wears her non mesh body because i wanted show you her lingerie from A&J Creation.The set is free but it has no appliers for the mesh body. But as Laura said "it can also be useful".
Ready to go for her working day Nic wears a dress from monaLISA. It is a gift in the inworld monaLISA shop, a gift from the Teleporthud group ( group join 10ld.)  Nic wears a choker from the CCB. The boots are may be well-know to you. Saw them on other blogs already much earlier.But it is a must have in combination with this dress, i think. The gift is still in the *agp* shop. Nic's bag is an oldie from her inventory.
An old gift  is also the cluttered chair. I went back to the shop and saw many super groupgifts there. See below. A vase with flowers at JoHaDeZ you can also see when  you scroll.

Lingerie: A&J Creation - caja-LINGERIE HEIDI CADET BLUE A&J Creation (free)
Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Nevada Dress GIFT (Maitreya/Venus/Physique/Fitmesh) (free/ 10ld group join)
Boots: agapee - agapee Group Gift / Lily boots tartan (free)
Choker: DDD at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - DownDownDown
Cat with dagger:+HILU+  at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT -+HILU+ (free)
Light bulbs:  Air at CCB- Air_Light_Anniversary gift for CCB_Light_CM* (free)
Pink bottles:[Soul Mates} at CCB - [Soul Mates] Sakura Sake Dama (free)
Bathroom chair: Shutter Field - sf cluttered bathroom chair (old gift/ but see below the groupgifts that are still there)(now 25ld in the new shop!)
All the other accessories are from AXL Pro.Thanks to slash Hansome!!! ( you can find them on marketplace)

Shutter Field groupgifts. In the new shop now!!
and a gift from JoHaDeZ

Sunday, February 28, 2016

fitness and hunting (last post from the MENstuff hunt)

He goes to the fitness club. Arrived with his cool car.
He already wears his sneakers. His daily boots he takes with him. The body warmer is one of the last MENstuff hunt that i show you. It is from Alien Gizmo.I finished the hunting today. The 29 february is the final day. So when you like the body warmer run! The armband is also a MENstuff hunt item from Tabou Irresistable (showed already before). The sneakers are a groupgift at Alien Gizmo at the moment.
The boots are a gift at the Creators Collection Box. A 1st Anniversary gift from the CCB. Many gifts there. Home accessories for example and a long boxer from Vitamin and a dog with a knife. Ofcourse the most presents are for women.

After the fitness he is ready for some hunting. He wears a green jacket, MENstuff hunt gift from Wicca's Wardrobe. A one piece with the green shirt.
Tjip wears also a renewed groupgift beard from no.match. His hair is from Monso.

Body warmer: Alien Gizmo - Felix Jacket (Menstuff Hunt Item) (free)
Sneakers: Alien Gizmo's  - Phoenix Boots GROUPGIFT (free)
Boots: Gabriel at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - GABRIEL (free)
Green Jacket: Wicca's Wardrobe - Wicca's Wardrobe - Luke Jacket [Green] (free)
Beard: no.match -no.match_ ~ NO_MISSION beard 2.0 -gift (free/ group join fee)
from inventory: Hair - Monso; bag- Atui, gun and pose - Le Poppycock
Pictures taken at AXL Pro and Elysium
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, February 27, 2016

the water was too deep

The water was too deep and they couldn't reach each other. This is from a sad story from the Middle Ages about two king children who loved each other and couldn't reach each other because the water from the river was too deep. He drowned in the river and she committed suicide after that.
The unreachable love theme is used in many well-known stories. Tristan and Isolde. Romeo and Juliet.

Although Nic on her boat looks a bit sad.. she isn't. The water, the sun and the beautiful place where she is gives her a summer feeling and all will be well, she believes.
Summer feeling is already in this outfit from Wicked. This you can get when  the Rave Gurl Hunt starts at 1 March. Ends 31 March.  The set is for Maitreya, Belezza ( Isis, venus and Freya) and the classic avatar, Slink Hourglass and Slink Physique. Nic wears the set with flats from The Beautiful Ones. You get the flats with a hud for more colors. The nails are a gift at The 1st Anniversary from The Creators Collection Box . This is the gift from Silvery K.  The ring is a gift from :::Breath::: at CCB. The earrings and necklace  with the balls are from ~Ss~ as well as the bag. I think the designer forgot to attach a part of the necklace, so i attached the necklace to the ribbon choker from KC*M.

In South China i saw the Xiuque. In ancient times, Xiuqiu was used to symbolize love. As such, if a girl handmade an embroidery ball and gave it to a boy - it meant that she had given her heart to him, such sweet gesture. If a girl was in seek of a fated life partner, she would toss the ball high where a bunch of boys were. The boy who caught the Xiuqiu would become the husband to-be.
The necklace with balls fit the love theme of this post. Below i show such a Xiuqiu.
Outfit: Wicked - WICKED * Rave Gurl Hunt PRIZE
Flats: TBO - .:TBO:. Fay wrapped flats (NEW)
Earrings and necklace with ball and bag: ~Ss~ at CCB - ~Ss~Temari accessories and Japanese cloth bag (free)
Ribbon choker: KC*M at BBC - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - Kyoko Couture-(free)
Ring::::Breath::: at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT -:::Breath::: (free)
Nails: Silvery K at CCB - CCB 1st Anniversary GIFT - *:..Silvery K..:* -(free)
From inventory: Hair - D!va
Pictures taken at: AXL Pro
Bye bye, Nic

mañana ( MENstuff hunt is going to the end)

Yesterday evening i spend again time with tjip hunting at the MENstuff hunt. It will end 29th of february. We are close to the end. But i can recommend these clothes that i found. The are at the end of the list of shops. I found the suit at SF Design. The necklace at V-Spot. The beige sweater with black shirt at !!BHB!! and bracelets at Glint
Tjip wears the Gomez wide brim hat from David Heather, the Fifty Linden Friday item ( still there) The bags are an old FLF item from David Heather.

Tweed suit: SF Design -MENstuff Hunt #090 - sf Design (free)
Beige sweater with black shirt: !!BHB!! - !!BHB!! DAN'S BEIGE AND BLACK SWEATER WITH SHIRT  (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly skins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - February group sins IWAN (free/ but group join fee)
Necklace: V-Spot - V-Spot // The Sergeant's Bling (free)
Bracelets:  .:Glint:. - MENstuff Hunt #081 - .:Glint:. (free)
Hat: David Heather - -David Heather-Gomez Wide Brim Hat/Black
Lying Pose: Poses with Attitude - MENstuff Hunt #088 - Poses with Attitude (free)
From inventory: Hair - no.match; shoes - Ydea
Pictures taken near the David Heather shop
Bye bye, Nic ( mushroom tjip for Laura)

Friday, February 26, 2016

every fashion girl's favorite comfy shoe

Inspired by the look from Victoria Beckham Nic wears her comfy sneakers. And on the first picture a long sweater with high turtleneck chin collar like Victoria weared ( portraited below). Oh, how times have changed. Now Victoria has wholeheartedly embraced the flat shoe. She's so into the style that she's taken to wearing sneakers.
Nic wears sneakers from Shey. I found them in the info and notices of the sheyholic group. This group has 150 ld fee to join. The gift is a gift for Valentine. You get 16 shoes with 42 texture included are these sneakers .You can change the color of 3 parts of the sneakers.
The grey long collar sweater is a gift at Shiny Shabby.
The 2 color knitted sweater is a release from La Gazza Ladra at 20Twenty. 20 designers 20 days. Find there items in the main shop. You can get the sweater in 4 colors.

Sneakers: Shey - Shey Valentine Group Gift with Fee 2016 ( groupgift)
Grey sweater: American Beauty at SS -American Beauty-Turtle Chin Knit Dress Dark Grey
Two 2 colors sweater: La Gazza Ladra for 20Twenty - LGL ~ Grand Canyon (bicolor) (20Twenty Feb. 2016)
From inventory: Blond hair - LC; Brown hair - Eaters Coma, bag- Shey, black jeans - ZD; blue jeans - Coco ( at SS); necklace MG
Pictures made at: AXL Pro
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, February 25, 2016

bath and bikini

May be a bit strange with bikini in the bath tube. But  outside it is far to cold for Nic to test her new bikini. The bikini is a new gift at FA Creations. Nic is in a house from AXL Pro. The sink is a gift at Shiny Shabby. A good one for my AXL  Pro house  too. The candles on the ground are also a gift at Shiny Shabby.

Bikini: FA Creations - ::FAC::  Sunny Bikini  [Group Gift] (free/ outside near the swimming pool)
Sink: DIGS at SS- DIGS - Hortensia Sink chrome and brass (free)
Candles: llorisen at SS // - llorisen // little candles (gift)
Pictures taken at: AXL Pro
From inventory: hair - .:LC;.
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

day start with a flower

Yes i start the days with a flower. It brightens the day from the beginning till the end. I take that lovely flower with me in my dreams.

I didn't know that among the many presents from Shiny Shabby also this sweet dotted dress was hidden. It makes a nice combination on the jeans from Coco from the same event. The shoes, the hair,  the sweet clutch, the hat, the poses and the flower are all presents from Shiny Shabby...

Credits: taxi to Shiny Shabby here
Dress: Storybook at SS- Storybook - Serendipity - Shiny Shabby Birthday Edition (free)
Jeans: COCO at SS - *COCO*_Gift_ Boyfriend jeans COCO - Shiny Shabby Anniversary (free)
Hair: Due at SS- [Due] Michelle Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)
Clutch: E-Clipse at SS -E-Clipse LaPetite Grey (free)
Flower: Lode at SS- *LODE* Accessory - Blossoms [single peony](free)
Shoes: R.icielli at SS- Eira High Heels  Ricielli Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)
Poses: an lar [poses]at SS - an lar [poses] - Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)
Hat: C'est la Vie at SS - ::C'est la vie !:: Lilou Hat / Shiny Shabby 1st AnniversaryGift (free)
Pictures taken near the Elysium shop
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, February 22, 2016

Shiny Shabby part 2 and MENstuff Hunt again.

Again Shiny Shabby presents: Nic's hair, shoes, short necklace, bracelet, top and ring. Tjip shows you MENstuff hunt presents. The nail color is from A gift at The White Armory. The gift is a gown with hat and nails. The boots from Tjip are gorgeous suede and very detailed. On some sims( i think where scrips work)  i got another color on one side of the shoes. Also nice to see.
Below some details.

Nic wears:
Hair: Dela at SS- =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Lila" Gift pack (free)
Ring: Zenith: at SS - =Zenith= Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift plum flower ring (free)
Shoes: Azoury at SS- AZOURY - Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)
Top: AMD at SS - Apple May Designs - corset Izzie - Black (free)
Necklace: Meva at SS - Meva Stone Necklace 1 (free)
Bracelet ( see below): Wimey at SS - You are off to great place bracelet Shiny Shabby Anniversary (free)
Hat: C'est la Vie at SS - ::C'est la vie !:: Lilou Hat / Shiny Shabby 1st AnniversaryGift (color hud) (free)
Nails: The White Armory - part of "TWA" Arabesque Gown Set_Merlot (ADD ME!) Gift (free)
From inventory: Skirt -Ghee; Big armband - Meva; long necklace - Bamse (old gift Cosmopolitan Sales Room).
Tjip wears:
Hoodie: Barefoot Apparel - Beach Bum Tshirt MENstuff hunt (free)
Boots: Elysium - Elysium - Menstuff hunt 2016 (free)
Armband: Tabou - Unisex armband  gdg tabou Menstuff Hunt (free)
From inventory: Hair - Raw House; Jeans - [R] 360; cigaret - Nikotin
Pictures taken at:

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pieve Ligure House, anniversary from Shiny Shabby and Menstuff hunt

Told you in the posts before this one that you could get a beautiful house from AXL Pro at the Midnight Mania. And i got it. Its a super modern house, stylish and it comes with some offsim packages to make beautiful surroundings with rocks, water and trees. I decorated the bedroom and the balcony with furniture from my inventory and with the decorations, that i got from the Shiny Shabby event. Thanks to Laura for her great tip to get the presents.  Standing at the nearby sim we got 50% of the presents with help from our camera. There are so many very good quality presents. Unbelievable! I hope you can get in there to grab all.

Nic show the new release from ::K:: at Shiny Shabby, the shirts coat.  More colors available. And i bought the nice hair from the first pictures at .:LC:.
The skirt and the hair on the last pictures and the pink shoes on the first are presents at Shiny Shabby. I combined the skirt with a blouse from FA Creations.
Tjip shows many items from the MENstuff hunt. The cool boots are from Hoorenbeek, a gift at Shiny Shabby.

House: AXL pro - AXL pro Box - Pieve Ligure House Unfurnished

First picture Nic wears:
Coat: ::K::  at Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Shirts Coat Femme Butterscotch (NEW)
Hair: .:LC:. - .:LC:. Cattalina - Mesh Hair [rigged] - FatPack
Shoes: Essenz at SS - Essenz - Congo (Peach) Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift free)
Bag: N-Uno at SS- Leather Bags // FATPACK (free)
Picture frame: Toiz at SS - Toiz water color frame Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)
Banana tree: Little branch at SS - Shiny Shabby GiftLB_Banana_Potted*Little branch (free)
Sofa noir : ::KKs:: at SS-  Sofa noir Gifts for Shiny Shabby Bday (free)
From inventory: jeans - Ever an 'Angel

First picture Tjip wears:
Blue sweater: Beautiful Dangerous -  Danny  sweater -MENstuff Hunt #063 - ! Beautiful Dangerous ! (free)
Hair: RAWHOUSE - MENstuff Hunt #058 - R A W H O U S E (free)
Necklace: Timeless Designs - *TD* Celtic necklace  for Menstuff Hunt 2016 (free)
Boots: Hoorenbeek at SS -Mesh military boots [ hoorenbeek ] Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift(free)

Second Picture :
Above bed: Candy jars:[MALO] at SS- [MALO] - Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)

Third Picture : Apt B // at SS- Apt B // Heart Light Present Shabby (free)
Chest with blanket, mirror and box: Serenity Style at SS -  and  Serenity Style- Rusty Chest(free)
Blue box with hearts: {amiable} at SS- {amiable}Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift (free)

Fourth picture: Tjip wears:
Jeans and sweater; Rispetto Designs - MENstuff Hunt #057 - Rispetto Designs (free)
From inventory: scarf - 7mad; Ravens ( see earlier post/free); chucks - Kapone

Fourth pictures Nic wears:
Hair: .Entwined. at SS - Melody.Entwined. Shiny Shabby Anniversary Giftall colors (free)
Skirt: *agp* at SS*agp* Bess Skirt / Rose [Shiny Shabby Gift] (free)
Blouse: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Sam Blouse with color/ texture hud
Table and chairs: {BE} at SS - {BE} Cafe table & chair set (free)
From inventory: shoes - Mirus
On the pictures the other decorations are from Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, February 20, 2016

sunny times are coming...

This sunny sixties set is from La Gazza Ladra for the new round of On9. I am totally back in the sixties with this set. So i took all psychedelic colors. I made some more pictures with other colors. You can see there are also plain versions. The purple hat is from Xen's hats for EVA. The EVA event is held from febr 11th - febr. 21 2016. I see more good shops now at EVA. For example from Ashmoot a nice new set for males. So keep in touch. The environment is Nic's new garden at the sea. love to relax there.
The red hat is at The Instruments
Oh and under the hat Nic wears the last groupgift from Truth.You get a full pack.
May be you ask yourself why does she wear so often her  H@s shoes. It is because of the good quality and the multicolor hud. You can change the shoes in exactly the color that you want to fit your outfit.
The blue shoes are free at Mirus ( find them in pink in the shop a little box between the vendors). They have a color hud. Very good quality. The last picture i made at the sim from AXL pro. i  repeat it ( told it also yesterday evening): The group join is 4 days free. The Midnight Mania (for group members) contains a beautiful home. So join and help click. And often nice groupgifts. Thanks to Sahra who told me.

Outfit: La Gazza Ladra for On9 - LGL ~ La Gazza Ladra my sweet sixteen ( blue floral) (NEW)
Purple Hat and the royal blue hat ( and more ofcourse) : Xen's Hats for EVA -Xen's Hats Ode to Coco (NEW)
Red Hat: Xen's Hats at The instruments - Xen's hats Ode to Coco (NEW)
Shoes: H@s -H@S Yummy Pumps Leather Multicolor
Open toe shoes: Mirus - *MIRUS* My Bloody Heels Maitreya Slink TMP(free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH New Release & Group Gift 6 Feb 2016 (new/free )
The cushion was ( may be still is) in a present from Apple Fall.
Bye bye, Nic (the mushroom for Laura)