Tuesday, July 31, 2012

streetdance in midnight Manhattan

Nic wearing the new and old groupgifts from Ronsem in midnight Manhattan. It is quiet in the street. Nic drinks her coca cola near the bookshop. Then she starts practising her streetdance. The mesh sweat short from Not So Bad is good streetswear. In her chuck she wears mesh socks. Water in a bottle also in her hand. The cool hat is from Ronsem too.

Sweater: Ronsem - RONSEM* GG7 TEE (free)
Shirt: Ronsem - RONSEM* 2012 Valentine Tee[boxed](free)
Hat: Ronsem - RONSEM* 2nd Anniversary Gift / J Hat (mesh) (free)
Shorts: not so bad - not so bad . mesh . NOAM shorts . black
Socks: EB Atelier - EB Atelier - Mesh Socks ( 50ld)
Bracelet: Ronsem - RONSEM* Leather Bracelet / GG (mesh) (free)
Water: R(S)W - RSW water bottle ( 1ld)
Bangles right arm: Shiloh Jun -  ::: BANGLES LIBERTY NATURAL LOVE (free)
From inventory: Chucks- Santo; Hair - Cake; Necklace - Grasp

Have fun, Nic

presents from the Vanity Fair

Here are some items from the Vanity Fair again. On this fair are items from 86 stores. In many shops are freebies or dollarbies. Many designers sell special product for the fair at an affordable prize. I admire person who organize such fairs. I think it is lots of work. Sami Salvadori and Cindy Oysternatz are the organizers. They also organise the well known Kawai Fair. Thanks girls for your work. An d thanks designers.

Nic wears as top a part of a dress from Chandelle. I like the shoulderparts and the delicate bra. The belt also is from this present. I combined it with my high waist shirt from Emery. Shoes are a groupgift from deer. it is with color hud for more colors. The bracelets are groupgifts at DDl. The one on the right hand you can find upstairs. The earrings are from GlamDammit ( at the fair). i wear the same hair as yesterday but in onyx now. First pictures are with my beloved LAQ skin. I added a picture with a skin from the Vanity fair from Censored. Comes with a lipstick layer.

Shoes: deer - * .:: deeR ::. * /GIFT/ MESH high heels platform [Multi-Colors] ( free)
Top: Chandelle - - CHANDELLE - Gift Vanity Fair 2012 (1ld)
Skin: Censored - .::CENSORED::. Sunshine Skin (1ld)
Bracelets right: DLL - [DDL] Faith (bracelet) (free)
Armband left: DLL - [DDL] Manic Monday / Group Gift (free)
Earrings: GlamDammit -  GlamDammit Gifts!
From inventory: Bag - Ys&Ys; Hair  Analog Dog; Choker - McSkin (shop is gone); Skirt -Emery

Bye bye Nic

Monday, July 30, 2012

didn't know she is SO popular ;)

On a quiet morning Nic  found a nice dress at the Vanity Fair. (Started on 28th July 2012 - till august 11th 2012). Theme is Vanity.
Nic  met Laura Auggers there, who happened to know Nic because of this blog. Makes me proud ofcourse! (laughing).

We talked about the free skin from JeSyLiLo at the fair. Beside that she told me that she liked my blog (blush) this is also what she said:
[03:50] Laura (laura.auggers): if you allow me...  i don't like when you try new skins ^^'[03:51] Laura (laura.auggers): to my mind your shape/skin as in your portrait is perfect :D.

And  yes i totally agree on that. I love my LAQ skin the most. But i want show you skins on this blog so you need not spend so much money and can get a good quality skin. And this one i like very much. And ofcourse i try skins for the 500ld Avatar Challenge. But after my shoots for the blog i always immediately return to my LAQ skin Elena. That is Nic as i like her the most.

Another topic we talked about was this:
[03:53] Laura (laura.auggers): even if it's not easy to evaluate a skin on another shape
[03:53] Nicandra Laval: sure
[03:54] Laura (laura.auggers): i tried the lissee's one last days (here)... pics were nice, but it looked "artificial" on me
[04:04] Nicandra Laval: sometimes you can change your mouth or eyes a bit, then it looks better with another skin. Or with some make up.
[04:06] Laura (laura.auggers): i'll try thanks for the info :)

And see what happened when Nic was making her fotoshoot for this post at her home location. Suddenly there was an invasion of photographers. The paparazzi came. I didn't know Nic is SO popular. ;)

Total Costs: 416 ld
Skin: JeSyLiLo - *JeSyLiLO*:::Asin:::*TanSkin*J5(Vanity Fair Gift ) ( free)
Dress: LeNouk at the Vanity Fair- LeNouk - Dress Laise #003 beige (40ld)
Pumps: Angel Alphaville - Angel Alphaville 68 Beige (free)
Hair: Analog Dog ( discount area) - AD - ash medium - cafe (25ld)
Eyes: IKON ( formerly fashism) - IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Hazel Light (150ld)
Bag: C'est la Vie!  at Vanity Fair - ::C'est la vie !:: Straw Cultch(ribbon pink)mesh (1ld)
Necklace: Shi - .Shi : Paintstone Necklace [Mesh]( 200ld /sale)
Lashes: Edelstore - EdelStore FREE eyes lashes for you ( free)

Have a nice day, Nic

Sunday, July 29, 2012

brown sunday

From the Tokid presents i show you now another set that i combined, lesser sweet than  in the post before. This is a stronger set. I combined it with the groupgift skin from Bilo. You have to pay 50ld  to join the group, but it is so worthwhile paying for such a beautiful skin. I love it. The suede radical boots are still in the shop. 70% discount for the group members. I think you already know it.  The bag i showed before this weekend. The scarf with knots i recolored a bit to fit this brown look.

Total costs: 347 ld
Skirt: Tokid - (TokiD) Mini Miji - brown ( free)
Top: Tokid - (TokiD) ruffle shirt - brown ( free)
Scarf: Tokid - (TokiD) scarf knots - flower ( 2ld)
Satchel bag - Cafe Amie - Cafe*Amie Cookie Satchel Bag (free)
Boots:  Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots * Suede Chamoisee ( 225ld)
Skin: Bilo - Bilo- Pixie Skin Group Gift ( free/ group join 50ld)
Hair: Loq for the Dressing Room - "LoQ Hair" Gingerbread - Shop Of Collection (70ld)

Bye bye, Nic

sweet sunday

Go to Tokid because there is a part in the shop upstairs with 2 or 0 linden presents. Tokid has this weekend the second anniversary and beside gifts just for members of the group these presents are for everyone and not mesh. The set i combined is a little bit "Laura Ashley" style, but well i like all sorts of styles. I show you a frilled top and a long skirt.The bag is normal prize, but also from Tokid. My shoes were an old groupgift from Tokid.

Skirt: Tokid - (TokiD) long summer skirt (skin)( free)
Top: Tokid - (TokiD) flowery ruffly (light)(free)
Bag: Tokid - (TokiD) Stumble bag (light)
From inventory: Tokid - Queen boots ( old groupgift); hair - Miss.C ( Allen); Sunglasses -SZD ( free / groupgift)

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bags and anniversary

Tokid has the second anniversary. For the group members ( and i am happy i am in and told you many times about this group) there are exclusive presents. A pity for those who want join the group now. The Toki-Doki group is closed. After the anniversary festivities it will be re-opened. My grey dress and the leopard top and the leather pants are all anniversary presents. And there is more in the shop: Every day there will be brand new exclusive group gifts, these gifts will not be given out past the event, try to pick them up before Monday July 30th, at 11:59 PM SLT. Every day 5 different items are prized off 75%.You will have to find them though :) no special marks, no hints, can be any items in the store look carefully.There is a particular section in the store where everything is sold for 2 or 0 lindens! Please look around and try to find it, it is really easy :) And for the 2 or 0 linden items you need not be in the  group!!!

And now also nice things for not only the happy few, who are in the group. My super leather croco bag in red is at the sale in SHI. The necklace from SHI i described already in the two Post before.
The grey / black bag is from the discount area at Ys&Ys. Love them both.
The hair is another free hair from The Hair Fair. This one is from Clawtooth.

And here you see the coat from SHI. In sale just 100ld!!!!

Hair:  Clawtooth - Clawtooth: Cosmic Love Hair Fair Gift ( 1ld)
Bag: SHI - .Shi : Croco Leather Bag {Mesh Unrigged - Red} ( sale exclusive)
Coat: SHI - .S h i : Herringbone Tweed Coat
Bag: Ys&Ys - *YourShape* Illetes Bag IceAge ( discount)
Leather pants: Tokid - (TokiD) anniversary leather trousers ( free for groupmembers)
Dress: Tokid - (TokiD) geanna dress anniversary colours ( free for groupmembers)
Top: Tokid - (TokiD) leopard says thank you ( free for groupmembers)
From inventory: Shoes maitreya (verve); nails- old mother Goose groupgift; necklace - SHI ( see 2 post before this one); Eyes - Sakurako

Bye bye Nic


Here is Nic in green colors. Never heard of the color "Wales", but may be it is because of the green part of the UK. First pictures are for Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of ColorChallenge. The last  picture is also for the 500ld Avatar Challenge. On the last pictures the skin is from Al Vulo, a groupgift.
The earrings and bag are from the Limited Bazaar at the Euphoria Mall. The designers at the Bazaar have just 100 copies of each item. The bag from Fleshtone was still in stock (150ld). When i bought the earrings i thought to get the necklace too, but oeps i misunderstood. That is why i show the stone-necklace from Shi again, but now in green. And hurry up you get it half prize now. Watch that little piece of wood in the strap. So cute!
Another free hair from the Hair Fair. This one is from INK. It makes a sophisticated impression in my opinion. Love the sphere on my last picture. It is as if the delicate Nic is waiting on her telephone call, staring out of the window. Love the old walls at that place.

Total Costs: (420ld)
Skin: Al Vulo - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Julia ] - [ - dating on the dark  ] group gift ( free)
Hair: INK - [INK] Hair___NATUM ::White FOR Hair Fair 2012 GIFT (free)
Skirt: [AV] - [AV][skirt beige lace ( 1ld)
Eyes: Rozena - ROZENA ~Beads Eyes"Seraphim Turns One" Birthday Hunt item (10ld)
Necklace: SHI - .Shi : Paintstone Necklace [Mesh]  (sale now/ 200ld)
Lace top: *RibboN* - *RibboN* Open lace tops - white -(free LB)
Pumps: Angel Aplhaville - Angel Alphaville 70 silver (free)
Earrings: {me.} at Limited Bazaar - {me.} Lilium Earring COLOR version ~ BAG (v2)(110ld)
Lashes: Blacklace Beauty - Blacklace beauty Eyelashes (MP) (99ld)
Ring: {me.} - {me.} Lilium Ring COLOR version ~ BAG (v 2) ( free /groupgift)
Top: Jane  - JANE - intrinsic tanks.greens ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

my super necklace

I found back the location of Cafe Amie and got this satchel bag as a groupgift. The jeans from Nic is a hidden groupgift from Poison.Thanks Olivia for im-ing about it. Search near the benches  in a sort of ashtray.The open lace top is a lucky board item at Ribbon's main shop. There are more nice items there in the boards. My hair is free at the Hair Fair. Every time i find more free hairs from the Hair Fair. The western boots are from the discount area at  Ys&Ys. And last but not least ( not free but in SALE!) is the super necklace from SHI. Love those heavy stones!!! There are more color options in the menu and a long and short version. So cute the stone at the backside. Well every details is so well made. I came back to make my landmark for the blog and now i discover it is SALE at SHI. Go and grab it for half prize !!! You just need join the group.

Satchel bag: Cafe Amie - Cafe*Amie Cookie Satchel Bag ( free)
Jeans: Poison - Dos70 jeans >>>Poison<<< ( free)
Lace Top: Ribbon - *RibboN* Open lace tops - white -(free LB)
Boots: Ys&Ys - *YS&YS* WesternBoots Burnt (50ld)
Hair: LOGO -  LOGO Hair Freebie ( free)
Necklace: SHI - .Shi : Paintstone Necklace [Mesh] (sale 200ld!!)
From inventory: skin- LAQ; top - Jane ( free)

Bye bye , Nic

Thursday, July 26, 2012

my red kimono dress

A beautiful free dress, called kimono dress is yours when you go to Desir. It is a groupgift. My red pumps i bought at Angel Alphaville. The hair is free at the Hair Fair in all colors (it is the wearable color demo from red mint). I use the Noya skin and red lips from Fishy Strawberry. The pearl necklace, earrings and armband are from Virtual Impressions.

Total costs: 425
Hair: Red Mint - (r)M ~ meshHair No.00 ( g o l d e n B r o w n s )( free)
Dress: Desir - Desir - July Group Gift - Red Kimono dress (free)
Pumps: Angel Alphaville - Angel Alphaville 68 Red (70ld0
Skin: Noya - **NOYA** CHRISTELLE Female Model Avatar ( 195ld)
Lipgloss: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Kokeshi Makeup (110ld)
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions - Virtual Impressions "Simply Pearls" 5 Piece Jewelry Set (50ld)

Be beautiful, Nic

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This skirt is so cute. I love the form, the texture and the colors. It is another skirt from LeRazz. Yesterday i posted also one from LeRazz.
The hair is a gift at Café Loops. And there is another free gift hair. Both are unisex and both come in two colors.
The legging is in a hunt item at Lyrieal's Boutique SLFHBB hunt. The vest is from mon tissu at marketplace.The skin is the summer skin (a groupgift at JeSyLiLo/ join group 200ld). This skin has very red lips, i used lipstick  to get a better match with the brown yellow colors of Nic's outfit. I use prim nails in yellow from pulcino ( groupgift)

Hair: Cafe Loops - gift hair ( free)
Skin: *JeSyLiLO*GroupGiftSkin*Summer ( free/ fee 200ld)
Nails: pulcino - **pulcino**Prim nail "Plein Soleil" Yellow (free)
Skirt: LeRazz - [LeRazz] Drapped Skirt - Sunny Ranch (Rigged Mesh)
Vest: mon tissu - {mon tissu} Loire Knit Shrug ~ Beige
Pants: Lyrieal's Boutique - SLFHBB - #23 Lyrieal's Boutique ( free)
From inventory: Boots - Maitreya; Necklace - Mandala; bag - Priss; Ribbon in hair - Chuculet ; top - Jane; Lipstick - Modish; Eyes - Sakurako

For the 500ld Avatar challenge i found this:
Total costs: 500 ld
Jacket: R.icielli - IVY miniblazer / chocco ( 70ld)
Hairband: .::Y&R::. - .::Y&R::. Big bow hairband ( gatcha item 20ld)
Hair: Cafe Loops - gift hair (free)
Shoes: Lirieal's Boutique - SLFHBB- #23 (free)
Nails: pulcino - **pulcino**Prim nail "Plein Soleil" ( free)
Eyes: Sakurako - *sakurako* Color Eyes Set (free)
Make-up: ::Modish::  - ::Modish:: SoIn2U RedBrowns Lipsticks (70ld)
Skin: JeSyLiLo - *JeSyLiLO*GroupGiftSkin*Summer (free/ 200ld group join)
Skirt: LeRazz- [LeRazz] Drapped Skirt - Sunny Ranch (Rigged Mesh) (90ld)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

pink, purple and green

Love this combination from pink, purple and green colors. The skirt is very elegant. It is the tail  skirt "sweet garden" from LeRazz. A soundsation club exclusive for just 50ld. Don't know how long it will be there. But it is just out there. The pink "too narrow" shirt is so cute. Love the good details. Nic wears a 1 dollarskin from a full avatar package at marketplace. I used also the eyes from the package. I choosed it because of the pink lipstick and the green/pink eyes and eyeshadow. Perfect fit with the clothings. The purple ballet shoes makes the picture complete. It is from the forget me not hunt. There are also clothings in the package.
And the bag from yesterday is also a good match with all this.

Total costs: 338ld
Skin and eyes: DELISH - **pulcino**Prim nail "Plein Soleil" Purple ( 1ld)
Skirt: LeRazz - [LeRazz] Tail Skirt - Sweet Garden (Rigged Mesh) (50ld)
Ballet flats: [dirty.little.secret] :: Forget Me Not Hunt Prizes :: ( free)
Nails: **pulcino* - *pulcino**Prim nail "Plein Soleil" Purple ( free/ lucky board)
Shirt - [[>CaKe!<] - [>CaKe!<]]Nana Neck Vest Pink-mesh ( 199ld) (new)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko2" (Type A)(Onyx) (At collabor88 / 88ld)
Bangle: ::: B@R :::  - B@R ::: Free Silver Necklace and Bangles (free)

Monday, July 23, 2012

girly and sturdy

Love this new look from Nic. She shows you a skirt and top from Ronsem. The skin is the new dollarbie skin from Mother Goose. It is such a cute one with those lips in pink and blue. The boots are from the Seraphims turns one birthday hunt. Just 10ld. You need find a cupcake. I added some nice accessories. The necklace, black nails with ring and the cute purple clutch. On the backside you see a VW bus. Oh and poor Nic stumbled on the stairs and had blood on her knees. But that paster helps.

Total costs: 488ld
Skin - Mother Goose - .::Mother Goose's::.Abbey- (1ld)
Hair: D!va at Collarbor88  - ""D!va"" Hair "Tomoko2" (Type A)(Black amber) ( 88ld)
Top: Ronsem - RONSEM* [mesh] Frill Cami / black ( 100ld)
Skirt: Ronsem - RONSEM* mesh Mini SK/ black (180 ld)
Boots: Death Row Design  - DR lazy boots v3 poison (10ld)
Nails and ring: SPLASH -  Diamond Nails Black [GIFT-SPLASH](free)
Necklace- Arisaris - ***Arisaris Rig24 Necklace Key to my apartament ( free)
Knee plaster:  Disturbance - *D* Scraped Knees ( 5ld)
Eyes: Az Design - Az... Promo Realistic Honey (5ld)
Lashes: Blacklace - Blacklace beauty Eyelashes (MP)( 99ld)
Post also made for 500ld Avatar Challenge

Bye bye Nic