Saturday, December 31, 2016

TheSLFashionista is wishing you .... a Happy New Year

The last post of this year. My tradition is to say thanks to all my readers with a glass of champagne in Nic's hand. She says cheers on the New Year with all the best wishes to you.
I hope you enjoyed what Nic presented to you as much as i do. I hope i surprised you nearly every day with an unexpected scene with good pictures.
Thanks also to Laura Azalee and Dancer Nitely who always are helping me with tips. Thanks to Nadja33 and Pepa Cometa ( mariajo60). Nadja for spoiling me with presents and Pepa Cometa (mariajo60) for her photography tips.
Thanks to all the sim owners with beautiful sims, who are open for all. They made a great job with landscaping and decorating. A joy for photographers and all.
New this year are some new sponsors. Una&Mushilu  and Mesh India acccepted me in their bloggers group. And from a huge group of sponsors i get items, because i was invited to join the "We Love to Blog Group". More than 100 designers send in that group their items for bloggers.
New is also that i more and more combine fashion with decoration. Tjip had lesser work to do this year. But whenever i see a good free male item i sure will let him show it to you.
Free items are still the core business of this blog combined with other affordable items.  Below you can read the list of all my sponsors.

Nic  seems to lay exhausted after a year of blogging on her sofa. But in style a movie star. She is wearing a festive dress. This one is from WICKED for InspirationSL ( till januari 8). Theme Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.  You get a full outfit: dress, gloves, jewelry and shoes. Nic isn't wearing shoes from the full outfit. She is wearing a new dollarbie from Java Shoes. You can find it outside the shop. It comes with a hud  for more colors. The hair is the Fifty Linden Friday item from Elikatira. Comes with a color hud. Still there this day. I checked it

Full outfit: Wicked at InspirationSL - WICKED * Isabel - Full Outfit (NEW)
Shoes: JAVA Fashion Designs - JAVA SHOES JEAN WORLD W/COLOR HUD (1ld)
Hair: Elikatira - [e] poppy  - Exclusives (FLF/50ld)
Chair: NOMAD - NOMAD// Gustavian Chaise Lounge (gacha)
Pictures made at:  InspirationSL
Bye bye, Nic till next year ;)

Thanks to my sponsors: All the sponsors from "We Love to Blog", Una&Mushilu, H@s, Basta!/La Gazza Ladra, chronokit, ::K::, Silvery K, FA Creations, Shey, !gO!, *ZD*, Wicked, monaLISA, Paisley Daisy, Rowena's Designs, Blue Velvet store, Karla Boutique, Barbarella Portland ( Paris Fashion and TGA Designer), Xen's Hats
For decor items: unKindness/ 7mad;Ravens, Pixel Mode, Mesh India

for your happy new year's party

Nic already showed you in earlier posts some gowns for 31th of december. This is another good one in a lovely soft color. The coctail jewelry is a very applicable for the occasion. The dress is from JS Midtown at Swamp. Available in more colors. The jewelry is a gift from Bella Moda. Group join just 1ld. Shoes from H@s because they are so elegant.
And because the dress is also good for springtime below a springtime picture made with trees and a butterfly garden and a cuddle carpet from Mystique, all new releases. The butterfly garden is with an stone arch, grass and butterflies. The romantic trees are with grass with flowers and a hollow trunk with blanket. The cuddle carpet has pillows and many animations for couples.

Dress: JS Midtown at Swank - JS MIDTOWN Rome Soft Mint Empire gown (NEW)
Jewelry: Bella Moda - Bella Moda: Martini Jewellery Set (1ld)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s; Hair - Magika ( Meadow)
Decor below: Mistique - Mistique- Romantic tree birds, Mistique- Butterfly Garden and Mistique- Cuddle blanket Damask (NEW)
Pictures taken at: Japan Tempura
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, December 30, 2016

engine trouble

Because i am a bit sick in rl this will not be a very long post. Nic is wearing a nice coat from DE. Boutique. A gift at the Designer Showcase. Good quality. Nic's hair is the new Midnight Mania hair at Moon. The Russian hat is a groupgift at ::K::. The legging is from the post before this one and the fringe boots from REIGN. Nic is standing near her new Motor bike from AXLPro, a groupgift.

Coat: DE.Boutique at Designer Showcase  - DE.Boutique Luxe Paint the City Coat Red (free)
Hat: ::K:: - ::K:: Russian Hat Group Gift (free)
Hair: Moon - Moon. Hair // - B&W - Eternal Sunshine (free/MM)

Bike: AXL pro  - AXL pro box - Bobby Bike - Black ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Boots - REIGN; Legging - Emberoti's ( see post before this one)
Pictures taken at: Soap

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

at Rosemore

Enjoying the wintercold with the dog.  Nic is wearing a very cosy set from Emberotic's . A long warm cardigan a legging (applier) boots and a top. Comes with a color hud. The scarf is from the groupgift set from Blaraby ( showed parts of it here).  The watch is from Glint for male and female for the Meet me Under the Mistletoe Hunt (Ends 31st december) . The dog is from the yasum calender day 24. Told about it in the post before this one.

Outfit: Emberotic's - Cozy cardigan outfit ( NEW)
Watch: .:Glint:. - .:Glint:. Mens & Womens Snowflake watches ( hunt / free)
Cowl scarf: Blaraby - part of [BLARABY] Snow Outfit ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Hair -Truth, Dog - Yasum
Pictures made at: Rosemore
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, December 26, 2016

bye bye Christmas tree

Nic is taking down the decorations from the Christmas tree. Christmas is over. You can ofcourse use the tree until 5 or 6 januari. May be she will change her mind. We will see.
The dog and the cat are near her. The  cups of coffee stay warm on the heater. There is still a tangerine cake left. A string of lights is already hanging around her neck.

The dog, cat and chairs are all from the last gift from Yasum in the Christams Calender. You get a fully furnished tree house.  All parts can be used separately. So cool. So hurry up to Yasum before it's too late.
The heater with cups is from a pose set from the 2nd Level Event. I used it just as decor.
Nic's dress is in three other colors free in the subscribe -o-matic at ::uNA::  ( black, gold and red) A confetti dress is may be useable for 31 december.
For full scene see below.

Dress: ::uNA:: - :;uNA:: Diana serpentine dress salmon ( free as subscribe-o matic gift in gold, red and black)
Shoes: REIGN - REIGN Christmas gift ( free/ but group join fee)
String lights around Nic: Caboodle - Caboodle - Tangled String Lights - Group Gift (free)
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. at Tres Chic -  .::Nanika::. Snowflake tattoo GIFT  for Tres Chic (free)
From inventory: Hair - little.bones ( EVE)

Coffee Heater: .:Joplina at 2nd Level Event  .:Joplino:. Coffee Heater ( free)
Kneeled pose with bauble: [ evoLove ] at The Avenue  - Baubles - Group Gift( free)
Tangerine cake and string lights: Raindale at 2nd Level Event - Raindale ~ 2nd level gift (free)(unpacked)
Chair, dog, tiki mask, manequin  and cat - Yasum* - part  of *Yasum 24th Christmas Gift* Treehouse (free)
From inventory: baubles in both hands: Frozen- Bauble Gift ( old); box with  baubles - [M.R.A.] Christmas tree - LaQ Decor
Pictures taken at  Scarlet Creative.
Bye bye, Nic
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Sunday, December 25, 2016


Love.. no need to say more.

Nic is wearing a beautiful gown on the first pictures from Dulce Secrets. It is one of the two free gifts under the Christmas tree since 25 december. A bit of an  extra gift (will remain till Jan 6th).  It's such a beauty. It's the Henriette Snow Gown with snow stars on the lace part of the skirt. The gown consists of two pieces: an upper corset and the lower skirt part. With 31 december in mind we need a gown don't we girls?! You will put a spell on him/her when you wear this one.
The jewelry is from Chop Zuey a gift at 2nd Level Event. The tiara with snowflake is from Dionysia Designs. Totally forgot at what event i got this one, due to the fact that we got such a huge amount of gifts these days.. I will add the info later.
Under the gown Nic is wearing the new groupgift shoes from REIGN. Comes with a super hud for many colors for these glitter wedges. See details below. Scroll please.
The blue nails are from a huge box with old VIP gifts from Hello Dave. Amazing so many nail appliers you get for free
Then the second gown.. you need have a choice. We can't wear all the same dress. This is the groupgift gown from TheBeautifulOnes. Also a good one to seduce him. Comes with a hud with 6 colors. The jewelry that i combined with this one is from Lazuri, the gift for everyone.

Gown: Dulce Secrets - Merry Christmas from Dulce Secrets. Henriette snow gown (free)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey at 2nd Level Event - Chop Zuey Gift - A Special Grace Blk Set (free)
Shoes: REIGN -  REIGN.- Holiday Peep Toe Wedges (CHRISTMAS 2016) (free/ but group join fee)
Nails: Hello Dave - Hello Dave - VIP Gifts (free)
Second gown: TheBeautifulOnes - .:TBO:. Chistmas Gift 2016  (free/ group join just 25ld)
Golden necklace: Lazuri - Lazuri Prana Necklace-2  Xmas Edition (free)
From inventory: Tiara -  Dionysia Designs ; hair - little Bones
Pictures made at: Snowy Islands
Bye bye, Nic with special thanks to Laura who always informs me about all.
Click small pictures to enlarge

i wish you light and a good Christmas mood

Soft colors for a light Christmas day. Hope you all will enjoy this day with much lights in the darkness and a good Christmas mood. Take it with you the whole year.
Nic on Christmas day is wearing a free dress from Furtacor for the Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs group. It comes with a hud with many textures. Because it is a bit cold in the snow she is wearing a fur stole from YoKana from the calendar. I combined all with parts of the warm wrap dress from Hilly Haalan . It is a promo with boots necklace clutch dress earrings all included. You get the wrapped dress in two colors ( brown and beige).  The dress is on the third picture. Nic is again wearing a pompom hat but now from Truth , a christmas groupgift. It's made with the long and short hair from the other groupgift that we already got.The hat has a color hud.
The pose is an old gift from Pose Lovers and friends. If you need poses..then go to 2nd Level event and take all the gifts there ( not only poses!)

Dress: Furtacor for MAAM group - FurtaCor*Sweet Dress with hud for textures and colors ( free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP - PomPom Hat (wear me) ( free/ but group join fee)
Wrap dress+boots+necklace+clutch: Hilly Haalan - [hh] Kathleen Wrap Dress Outfit v2 (promo)
Lantern with pose: Raindale (old gift at Pose lover& Friends Event); knitted tights - Basta!
Pictures take at: Inspiration Point
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Oh deer's Christmas Eve

Oh deer's Christmas Eve but she is playing in the snow. Nic is wearing a new groupgift sweater from Tres Blah. Comes with 4 textures (Dotty in white and darkblue/ Oh Deer in black/ Deer in grey and white/ Arrows in Black and gold/ Sleigh in red with white). Below you can see the shoulder part better. I was already in that group. Group join is 100ld. Old groupgifts are also available.
Nic is wearing a pompom hat ( with some glitter lights) with hair and boots with snow on them from the groupgift from Blaraby in the mainshop. I told you yesterday that i couldn't find her shop. She sended me the landmark today and to my surprise, i saw that the groupgift is a bit different than the sweater from yesterday. It is also long sweater with pattern.... but in the groupgift are also the hair and the boots! Group join is 50ld. Old gifts available.
The build snowman pose is made by Meli Imako. Got it on an event this month, but i totally forgot where. I'm sorry.
The gloves are a groupgift from Deadwool. You get them in black, blue and grey and in relaxed and closed version. Deadwool's quality is realy more than super. I rushed over to the shop to get them. The bracelets are from the Kitty Cats calendar from Heartsdale Jewellery.
Legging  from Baby Monkey from the Christmas tree.

Sweater: Tres Blah - Tres Blah - Olsen Winter Sweatshirt Group Gift (free/but group join fee)
Pompom hat with hair and boots with snow: Blaraby - [BLARABY] Snow Outfit ( free/ group join 50ld)
Gloves: Deadwool - [Deadwool] Erik gloves ( free)
Bracelets: Heartsdale Jewellery in Kitty Cats Calendar- [HJ] Nova ladies bracelets (free)
From inventory: Snowman - MishMish
Pictures made at: Snowy Islands
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, December 23, 2016

will we do this together, when you have time?

Nic is practising skating. After that she went to the home from Laura to relax and to make pictures from decor items. Thanks Laura! Happily i didn't meet unexpected visiters in your home!

Nic is wearing  a perfect warm sweater to use in the cold on the ice. It is the groupgift from Blaraby. I am in that group and i saw a message, but the shop i couldn't find anymore. On marketplace this one is 10ld. and then no groupjoin ofcourse. You get a blue and red version. Under the sweater a red legging and skates both from the advent caledar from YoKana. The hair with Santa hat is the new groupgift from Argrace. The red booties near the stool ( and on the pictures in the home) are a gift in the Baby Monkey advent calender. No group needed. You get them with a colorhud for 3 colors. The red plain sweater is also from Baby Monkey ( also color hud). Nic is wearing sunglasses in her hand and a silver/grey legging from a set from Hilly Haalan. It is in the gift for the SLFrees and Offers group. Hilly has also 3 gifts for Christmas ( not shown here): 2 pairs of shoes and a bag. I prefer the red elegant ones from those gifts. have a look in the shop.
The beautiful long hair on the pictures in the home is from little.bones named: Elle. It is animated hair.

This morning i did 3 hunts at Dreamscapes Art Gallery. You can see the couch and the Be Merry board and the stocking from the POE hunt. The wooden Christmas tree with crate, the HoHo Crate and the Stocking Crate are from the Candy Cane Hunt and the stool near the ice (and more but not shown here) are from the Home for the Holidays Hunt.

Hair with Santa hat: *ARGRACE* - *ARGRACE* Winter Gift 2016 / Female (free)
Red sweater with pattern: Blaraby - [BLARABY]Oversize sweater[Group Gift]
Ice Skates: YoKana - Day 13 / YK - Christmas  Ice Skates ( free/ but group join fee)
Red Legging: YoKana - Day 14 / YK - Christmas Leggins Red ( free/ but group join fee)
Red Chenille sweater: Baby Monkey - BM  Advent Gift 3(free)
Silver legging and white sunglasses: Hilly Haalan - part of [hh] Coco Outfit (Sweater/Leggings/Boots/Bag/Glasses)( free/ for SLfrees&Offers group)
Lennon glasses: Yasum** - *Yasum** *Kalender Gift*12th (free)
Long hair: little.bones - little bones. Elle - The Brunette
From inventory: waist sweater - Monso; backpack - Mr. Poet; Snowman - Mish Mish ( old gift),   skate pose - caboodle ( free)

At Dreamscapes Art Gallery 
Couch ( with many animations/also couple), Be Merry board, Christmas sock: POE 9 Globe #115 - Dreamscapes Art Gallery ( search the globe)free)
Stool and tree : HFTH Lantern with Mutresse *Kia* *Toy Gallery (search present box/1ld)
Crates: *Merry* Crates Set - Dreamscapes Art Gallery (search a cupcake/  1ld)
Dog in box: O.M.E.N. - O.M.E.N - Waiting for Santa Paws - Knotty Dog (gacha)
Box with love couple snowmen and snowwomen : Alb Dream fashion -  Lamu advent gifts calender package
Cat with shake: Yasum-  Yasum**ADD ME*Kalender Gift*8th (free)
Tiny car on ice_ [[RH]]
Pictures made at: Winter Ice Christmas Festival and at  Laura's place
Bye bye, Nic
Click picture to see full size and total view

Thursday, December 22, 2016

he'll be home for Christmas.... (lingerie for Christmas part 2)

Although Nic seems to be a bit depressed on the second picture, she isn't. He wrote her : Í'll be home for Christmas". On the other pictures you see her waiting in sexy lingerie and in a nice dress.
This is my second lingerie post in one week. I already told you there is so much to show to you.

There is a nice hunt running at Flower Dreams. Every item costs 20ld. That's not so much as you see what you get. For example the lingerie set in magenta and the nice short dress in orange.Love the back part, the texture and the folds. Search in the shop for tiny christmas items such as christmas bells, confetti ribbons, mistletoe, christmas sticks, dwarfs, cupids & hearts. The hunt will be running till December 31st. There is more lingerie in this hunt.
From monaLISA is the black bodysuit. Wow isn't that one sexy? See the front part below. There is also a lace flower backpart in the hud.
Nic's hair is from Argrace. There is a new groupgift at Argrace, hair in all colors with a Santa hat.

Black body suit: monaLISA - -mL- Jordana Bodysuit (Maitreya/3Belleza/2SLink) (NEW)
Lingerie in magenta: .:FlowerDreams:. - .:FlowerDreams:.Nicky - magenta(hunt/20ld)
Dress: .:FlowerDreams:. - .:FlowerDreams:.Daphne - orange (hunt/20ld)
Hair: *ARGRACE* - *ARGRACE* HAKU - Blacks

Couch: {theosophy}- {theosophy} Blaenavon couch
Stool: {theosophy} - {theosophy} Garvagh II Stool
Table for turntables: {theosophy} - [theosophy} tredegar console
Food on table: 8f8 - 8f8 Primavera in Toscana
Turntable: Soy. - Soy. turntable [aged black]
Home: *ionic* - *ionic* La Boheme Rare
Curtain: *ionic* - *ionic* Luces (curtain)
From inventory: shoes- H@s
Pictures made at: Pals Meadow
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

that keeps me going

Nic is showing the Christmas card that i got yesterday from someone who follows my blog everyday. She sended the card and said: " it's not a special card". I replied:" for me it's special because you thought about me". And then she said: " i think every day about you because i open your blog every morning". The day after that Nic was standing near the calendar at Entice, waiting to see all rezzing. Then someone near me said suddenly : "Hi - I have to tell you that I love your blog...your photos are always so classy and I often go to pick up the clothes you write about" And she even said more nice things!  Woot.... aren't that super nice compliments!? I wanted share my joy about that with you all. It's such a nice idea to bring pleasure with this blog. And i want say thanks to all the readers for following me. I hope you enjoy my blog and get good tips here.

Nic is wearing the super set from neve (former Coldlogic). May be you already saw this on blogs in red, so that is why i show you another color. The set comes with a very good hud  to change parts of the outfit. You also can wear the cardigan without the dress. The hair is from the Kitty Cats calendar from Analog Dog.
The decor is with a Christmas tree and the blue light strings from Silvery K. The bench with the cats i found somewhere in sl.

Dress: neve - neve gift - holiday 2016
Hair: Analog Dog at Kitty Cats - *Analog Dog Hair - Advent Calendar gift (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@s Grace
From inventory: Christmas trees and lights strings- Silvery K
Bye bye, Nic

lingerie for Christmas

There is so many lingerie that i want show you, that i did several in one blogpost. Lingerie with different spheres for different moods.
To start with the top... this first set is from Wicked. Its from the Meet Me under the Mistletoe Hunt. A bit sporty but very Christmassy with those colors. The tiny panties makes it very sexy.
The other very sexy lingerie is from Paisley Daisy. This one is the gift for members. Member get 3 pieces. There is also a gift for everyone.
The last one is a corset from monaLISA. Comes with a hud with some options.
The hair is from !IT! a exclusive for InspirationSL. Dec 18 - Jan 8 2017. Theme Hollywood Glam.
The pillow under Nic's arm is an old gift from SaNaRae. The curtain with lights are from Silvery K.
Scroll for more pictures

First set: WICKED - WICKED * Kristen - Lingerie Set (Christmas) ( 1ld difficult to find or 25ld easy to find)
Chemise: Paisley Daisy - Paisley Daisy - Champagne Snowflake Chemise ( free/ but group join fee)
Corset: monaLISA-mL- Rosita Corset (Maitreya/Physique/HG/Mesh) - WHITE
Hair: !IT! at Inspiration SL  - !IT! - Lauren Fatpack InspirationSL excl
From Inventory: bed- Pixel Mode; Curtans - Silvery K; Champagne and roses- Tartessos Arts, Slippers - {what next}; pillow with female - irrie's Dollhouse; strawberry pillow - hazy ( old SaNaRae gift)
Pictures taken at: Umbral

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

after the ice skating

In the kitchen with Santa's Hot coffee from Hudson. Looking for the best place to hang her new snow birds chandelier. I think over here above the kitchen table.
Nic is wearing a knitted dress from Hudson at the second and third picture, it's the december groupgift. Comes with the hat with fur and the coffee. Under the dress pumps from Slipper Originals, a groupgift ( 3 colors).
Nic is also wearing another set from Hudson, the sweater and jeans. The jeans is an applier. Always good to have applier jeans or pants for under longs sweaters, coats and with snowboots. The sweater has a color hud. The snowboots you can grab at Winter Ice Festival. You  can get them for free in pink, blue and black ( resizable) . The free skates are also from there. Nic's hair is the exclusive from !IT! at The Winter Hollow. A shopping event inspired by the darkness of winter( dec 16 - jan 3) Exclusive at every shop with 25% off discounts. The chandelier with snow birds is a new release from unKindness for The Liaison Collaborative. The wing chair i showed before in the post befor this one. The cute gnome is the package of the items from the Elf hunt at Hudson. The kitchen table is from the calender at Sway's from this year. bread on the table from dust bunny. The doggie in pijama is from JIAn, a wonky weeny from the gacha

Hair: !IT! at Winter Hollow - !IT!Lina dark blond B ( 25% off during event)
Necklace : !IT! at CMP- !IT! crux necklace (50% off during event)
Sweater: HUDSON's -  Sweater Sets & Jeans @ HUDSON's Dec13 2016 (NEW)
Dress: HUDSON's - HUDSON's groupgift december ( free)
Boots:  Winter Ice Christmas Fest - SNOW BOOTS BLACK  Winter Ice Christmas Fest 2016
Skates:  Winter Ice Rock Fest - My skates giver - Winter Ice Rock Fest. ( free)
Shoes: Slipper -  Slipper - Lacey Pumps Group Gift ( free/ but group join fee)
Chandelier: unKindness at TLC - uK - Snow Birds Chandeliers - TLC
Dog in pijama- JIAN - JIAN  Wonky Weenie :: Starry PJ's
Gnome:Hudson- Box from the Elf hunt
From inventory: Chair - Cleo Design
Pictures taken at: Fris'Land 
Bye bye, Nic