Thursday, August 21, 2014

i am leaving home to go to China

Yes i am leaving home tomorrow in rl to go to China.. so Nic is leaving this blog behind for 3 long weeks. But first a cup of tea.
I sure will miss my blogging. But i hope to see so much beautiful things in Asia. Nic will return ofcourse and i hope you don't forget my blog and will be there when Nic is back.
Saying goodbye Nic does with new hair.The hair is free from enVogue. It is the subscribe-o-matic gift. The dress is from B!asta. It's from a new mesh line from B!asta. ~La Gazza Ladra~ is the exclusive line of original mesh clothing by B!ASTA. The special version - green tartan - of LGL The Thieving Magpie is the opening gift:  Bomboloni Freschi the designer of B!asta is such a nice person to work for with my blogging, that it is a pleasure for me to say goodbye in this dress. Congrats Bomb with your new line!

Hair: enVogue - [enVOGUE] - HAIR Jasmine - GIFT (free)
Dress: B!asta - LGL {by B!ASTA} - The Thieving Magpie - Green Tartan (New)(free)
Necklace: Bricole's - Peace Nekclace & Earrings 9free)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD (Fierce),  leather bag ( free!/see post before this one) - The Boutique
Pictures made at: Pals Meadow

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

about horses and a leather bag and more

About the horse:
Long time ago i told about this beautiful free demo horse. Touch the board in the barn and wear the horse. Don't use your animation overriders otherwise the horse walks weird.. Sitting on the horse you can tp to beautiful sims and ride. But... when you stop wearing the horse the horse doesn't function anymore. So everytime go back to the barn to get a new one.

Nic's leather bag is very useful at the horse ride.

About the bag:
Teleport to The Shops. You get a folder with two Huds when you arrive.Then choose your teleport for ''The Boutique'', the destination is close to an image of black clutch.
Now wear the Shopping HUD (The Shops! Shopping HUD v.40b ) and go the clutches and bags sections.With the shopping HUD added, touch the Clutch's image, and there will open a menu. Touch the right arrow till you find the  ''Baciaga > Classic Leather Bag'' model and touch the icon. You will receive a folder with a white bag.Then will open a menu with different colours, the free colour is between a dark brown and pearl colour. Click that colour. If you touched the colour and show up a cost of 0l$ that one! Now wear the white bag and the other hud ( the style mode hud) click at start. At the left side a menu will come. Click start to begin.Then click the image of the white bag in the hud.A menu will open. Click styles and the texture icon..then the brown texture comes in the menu. Click the brown texture and your white bag becomes brown. You can also click modify.. then you can put on or off an hold pose.
Nic wears a new release from Rowena designz and her free boots Gaall.

Leather bag: The Boutique at The Shops -The Boutique / Bags > Baciaga > Classic Leather Bag(free)
Horse: Branagh's Barn - free demo horse (free)
Outfit: Rowena Designs - {RS} Karen Vest & Pants (NEW)
Necklace: C'est la Vie - ::C'est la vie !::Cecily Necklace/ group gift (free)
Boots: Gaall - GAALL* Gibson boots *Hipster gift (free)
Armbands with flowers: Maxi Gossamer in group info/ notices - MG - Bangles - Painted Daisies(free)
From inventory: necklace with love me - Pure Poison (GG); watch - Mandala for C88; sweater under outfit - Coco

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, August 18, 2014

post without a name

What does a lady-like woman in dark weather on a boat? Strange combination. But i wanted show Nic lady-like because i wanted show you how to combine the sweater with a good brown pencil skirt. The skirt is from FA Creations. Already showed the skirt before on the blog. May be you picked up the sweater already when you was at the cosmopolitan sales room for the white dress from yesterday. The sweater is a gift this round at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. And yes again clothes already for cold weather. But the sweater has nice colors.

Sweater: [Sympatika] for CSR -[Sympatika] Sweater Brown (free)
Skirt: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Audrey Pencil Skirt
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Glam futuristic- SLebrity-wood1
Hair: Exile at C88 - Exile::Letters and Lipstick Light Browns
From inventory: bag - BSD
Pictures made at: Colder Water

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, August 17, 2014

dream within a dream

All soft and white. The white dress is like a dream within a dream at the beautiful colder water sim, at day dream. Follow for travelling.... beside the well known bitacora viagera sl travel blog..... this blog from Vivena click here . The pictures are beautiful.
Again someone photographed me because she saw me and liked my scenery.
Dress: Hilly Haalan at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - CSR Gift - [hh] Strapless Dress(free)
Pose: *CC* - *CC* black swan pose (free)
Hair: Exile at C88 - Exile::Letters and Lipstick Light Browns
From inventory: Shoes - GField; necklaces - *AA*
Pictures made at: The colder water, daydreams

Bye bye, Nic

what a pleasure time!

Nic is enjoying her place near the water. She shows you swimwear. I know in sl already more warm clothes are coming in the shops..but no.. i don't want the summer to leave so soon. The bikini and two swimsuits all come with colorhuds. The halter swimsuit is in normal mesh and fitmesh. The others are both normal mesh.
Aren't they all nice?!
Going back home and now wearing warmer clothes, a new release from Rowena's Designs. Behind her on the ground already mushrooms. Yeah autumn is coming. Be prepared with warmer clothes.

Bikini: Rowena's Designs -{RS} Jenna Bikini
Swimsuit second picture: Rowena's Designs -{RS} Lynn Swimsuit
Halter swimsuit: Rowena Designs's - {RS} Glenda Halter Swimsuit
From inventory: Hair - Mina
Pictures taken at: Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

zibska gift just this weekend free

Just this weekend free for all..after that it will be a groupgift( with group join fee). It is the chestpiece on Nic.
Tjip wears a necklace from Zibska free for readers from the L'Homme magazin. Both pieces from Zibska  come with a colorhud with more coloroptions.
The shirts from tjip are  a tributed  to Robin Williams..the super actor and great comedian  who died this week. He suffered from depressions and had Parkinson's disease. A great loss.
I am in a hurry for real life.... so not much explanation now..sorry readers.

On tjip:
Necklace: Zibska - Zibska [L'Homme Readers Gift] ~ Frey (free)
Pants: Tomboi - [ tomboi ] groupgift Saturday short (free)
Shirt: The Plastik - :[P]:-Robin MALE (free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Tom -  black & whites (New)

On Nic:
Hair - Mina - MINA - Iris - Dark brown(from Hairfair and now in the shop)
Boots: GAALL - GAALL* Gibson boots *Hipster gift(free)
Chestpiece: Zibska - Zibska [Ltd. Gift] Illis ( free for all this weekend !!!!!after that it will be a groupgift/ but then with group join fee)
Watch: Mandala at C88 - UNISEX [MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_New-Rich(GOLD)
Sweater: Wayne at The Showroom - WAYNE CropSweater (Gold)
Tattoo: Tattoo's Creations Lysandre  (near the EMO-tions hair shop- Floral tattoo gift (free)
From inventory: Jeans - chronokit
Pictures made at: Bmode 

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, August 15, 2014

district 5

Styling is what she likes. Nic is arranging plants and chairs in a corner of the hotel lobby. She wears her pantsuit in latte from Leri Miles Designs. You can buy this pantsuit in more colors at the event District 5. District 5 is a full-sim fashion fair divided in five sections. Each section: The Hamptons, The Scene, Industrial Compound, The Indie Market and Sin City has a different style of products. It started 13th august.
Nic combined her pantsuit with red accents. The BSD shoes and bag and the hat from Xen's Hats.

Pictures were made at The Showroom a bi-weekly event started 18th of july.The Current Round theme is Metallics.

Pantsuit: LMD at District5 - LMD Nancoix Pantsuit Latte(New)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Meditrina- red croco
Bag: BSD - {{BSD Design Studio}}milano bag( with 2 pose)-red
Hat: Xen's Hats - XH Bogart fedora
From inventory: necklace - Mandala; chairs - BSD
Pictures made at: The Showroom 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

where is Romeo?

Under the the balcony from Romeo and Juliet. A serenade for him. Nic wears a fur vest and a dress from FA Creations. A new release. The hair is the last groupgift from little Bones. The shoes are from Nayu. You find them in the info and notices of the group.
For the romantic sphere

Dress: FAC -::FAC:: Eve Dress with color hud(new)
Vest: FAC -::FAC:: Eve Vest Long Fur  with color hud(New)
Shoes:{NaYu} Design - {NaYu} Design - Fiesta Heels (orange) in info and notices from the group(free)
Hair: little bones. - little bones. Gardenhead - GIFT on the desk in the shop(free)
Bottles with candles around Nic: [[E:]] - [[E:L]]Bottled Candles
Champagne and petals: :: Tartessos Arts :: Furniture - TA champagne and petals
Rose petals ground cover: Cupids - rose petals 2
From inventory: hat - C'est la Vie ( old); necklace - PurpleMoon Creations
Pictures made at: Izzie's 

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

uptown girl

Nic shows couture. Both in black and white. The first dress with hat is the  august groupgift from Tresor Couture with the name uptown. Group join is free. The second dress with hat is the august groupgift from Lillou's Designs. Here you need pay 50ld to join the group. Dancer said to me : "..may be nice to photograph the dresses near a Rolls Royce". I knew there always was one at the Pixel Mode sim. But that sim has changed. But at Mayfair the old taxi's are good enough too.

Dress and hat: Tresor Couture - Tresor Couture~Uptown (free)
Dress with hat last pictures: [LD] - [LD] Barbara - August VIP Gift  (free/ but 50ld group join fee)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD; Long hair - Rumina; Updo hair - shop gone; bag/ sunglasses and armband- Shey by Moimoi (parts of slfrees&Offers gift)
Pictures made at : Mayfair

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, August 11, 2014

summer work and much info

Nic is busy with summer work in the country. The head piece from OrsiniRed made me think a bit about caring for bees ;). That is why Nic was send into the country. The corset outfit is a sexy one, so i used some sexy poses. You can get the corset outfit in three colors.
I also want inform you about new free skins skins. The pale one is one of the skins you can get because of the 5th anniversary of cStar Limited. Many skins you can find because of the anniversary. You get a cheatlist in the shop. Click the large board for info. The cheatlist helps you to find all.
Nic wears the skin shine that you can find on marketplace.Marketplace
The other skin is the new groupgift from Poudre. After some problems Ambra Hoxley is back. I am happy for her.
The dotted shoes are from a hunt at B!asta. The Do The Dot Hunt goes from August 10th to 31st, the prize is free (hidden in a black & white dotted ball).

And for those who want have mesh feet but didn't buy untill now because they are so expensive. You now can get 2 promo's on marketplace for flat and high feet. Click here

Outfit and headpiece: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Kiss In The Rain Outfit Pack for The Love Role Play
Pale skin: cStar Limited - cStar's 5th Anniversary - Shine.(free)
Skin on the last picture: Poudre  -POUDRE- Teta Seed Grey - Skins Group Gift -(free)
Shoes: B!asta - [ B! ] :MOVING TO SALAMANCA: Dotted sandals (for Slink Mid)(free)
From inventory: Hair - Rumina
Pictures made at: Lost Forest

Bye bye, Nic

i want play for him

A new release from Vips Corner Creations. You get the dress with 4 bags and a necklace (not shown) and earrings , bracelets, shoes and sunglasses. A full outfit. There is a hud for more color options too. Shoes are not with slink mesh feet.
This is such an example of an so worth paying for item.
In the shop is a new groupgift. I already had that one from a hunt in the shop some time ago and showed it before on the blog.

Dress and all accessories: Vips  Creations - Female Outfit - [Meadow][Boho Outfit] - Female Mesh Outfit (New)
Hair: pr!tty - pr!tty - Dakota - .Fatpack. (Group Exclusive) (free)
Pictures made at: Ionic

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, August 10, 2014

free hair from Truth just one day

I was slowly making pictures on the beach and then came the tp from Pinche Ternurita an old friend. She wrote come over free hair at Truth just today. Immediately i went over. It is the TRUTH HAIR Jinx in pastels. So be sure you take the good one! I recolored the hair and rushed to GothiCatz to get the free shorts and shirt and hurried back to the beach to make pictures and worked as a fool on this blogpost to get it ready as soon as possible. The red dress is a gift at the shoeshop TARAshoes. You can find the gift on the desk. As well as a skin and shape (not shown) and a yellow skinny pants (not shown). I talked with Rowena from Rowena's Designs. She asked me:"do you want to you also blog for my shop partner Precious  from Precious Designs?" Her shop is on the left and Rowena's Designs is on the right when you enter the shop. And well i got her new releases: the very elegant shoes and the skirt /shirt onepiece. Both with huds for more colors.
The long hair is from the sale at Elika.

Hair first picture: Truth - TRUTH JINX pastels ( free/ 1 day)
Long hair other pictures: Elika - [e] Reva - Essentials (99ld)
Short and top: GothiCatz - >>GothiCatz<< CatzRawr - FREE GIFT Aug 2014(free)
Striped dress: Tarashoes - {TARAshoes}ALBA Dress Red
Red shoes: Precious Designs - *PD* I Got A Feeling Slink high (New)
Blue onepiece: Precious Designs - *PD* I Got A Feeling (New)
Picture frame behind Nic ( you can put your own pictures in it): [we're CLOSED] - [we're CLOSED] group gift(free)
Pictures made at: Lost Forest 

Bye bye, Nic

night blossom

Nic is again at the Kagami sim. This is because she got this beautiful gown from Paris Metro. Dark purple with blossoms on it. Well dark is the theme of the kagami event and sakura blossoms are for me very attached to Japan. This dress fits into that decor.
The dress is an exclusive Sydney City Paris Metro Couture Gift: Inside the Sydney Store on the 2nd floor...

Dress: Paris Metro Couture - Paris METRO Couture: Entwined Gown - Blueberry (G)*(free)
Hair: pr!tty - pr!tty - Kora - .Fatpack. (Group Exclusive)(free)
From inventory: necklace - VJ
Pictures taken at : Kagami 

Bye bye, Nic

don't scream....i can hear you

Black and brocade and lace. A gown from Cavallera and a short dress from Coquet. The Coquet dress you also get in plain black. The gown comes with the clutch and earrings and another belt then shown and shoes. Nic wears a necklace from LB Jewels. Love the white face in the necklace.The belt has a picture frame. You get a notecard with explanation how you can put a photo in the frame. The hair is again a very nice groupgift from Pr!tty. You get a fatpack. The shoes are a new release at Shey. Color hud included, so you can change parts of the shoes. You need have slink high feet to wear these. The ring is from my inventory, but will still be in the Kosh shop i think.

Belt: [QE] - [QE] July Group Giftie #1(free)
Gown: Cavalerra - Cavallera Gift 10 (free)
Short dress: Coquet. - tCoquet. That Black Dress - Free
Hair: pr!tty - pr!tty - Elle - .Fatpack. (Group Exclusive) (free)
Shoes: Shey - SHEY Brooklyn Essentials Set (New)
Sunglasses: *VoguE* - *VoguE* GOTM (Aug) Sunglass (free)
Necklace: LB Jewels - ARCANUM NECKLACES (free)
from inventory: Ring - Kosh
Pictures made near the David Heather shop

Bye bye, Nic