Monday, March 31, 2014

coffee shop?

No not a dutch coffee shop....that means a shop for drugs. But a café for a nice cup of coffee. But oh my goodness what happened. See Nic's dress. Coffee stains all over. It is a free dress from Java Fashion Designs. Nic asked Soraya to come over and help. Soraya wears also a dress from that shop. The color combines well with the new groupgift bag from Vogue. Just released. Nic's clutch is from The clearance box at izzie.  And again i can show you nice hair from Mina. You can buy the hair at The dressing Room Fusion.

Striped bag: VoguE - *VoguE* April Group Gift (free)
Coffee stain dress: Java Fashion Designs - JAVA COFFEE STAIN FREE DRESS ( free)
Gray dress: Java Fashion Designs - Java dark dangerous Love ( 30ld)
Hair: Mina at TDF - MINA Hair - Tabita - Essentials (70ld)
From inventory: Clutch - Izzie's clearance box

Bye bye, Nic

message in a bottle

Beautiful fantasy world at Black Kite. It was hard to choose which place of the sim i wanted use for the pictures. Nic is walking around in new clothes. The white pants is the new groupgift from Kaithleen's. Love such wide pants. They give an elegant and relaxed feeling. In the lucky board in the shop is a nice tube top. When you wear that top you can see the belt of the pants.
The top that Nic wears is from B!asta. A perfect fit for the pants. You can buy the top and the wedges at  the 76th round of Designer Circle.The discount store. I wanted another hair for Nic and found this one at a gatcha machine at Mrs. C. The necklace is in the lucky board at WTG.

Pants: Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's  Wide Leg Pants - White
Wedges: B!asta at Designer Circle - [ B! ] :KRIZZA: Wedge sandals
Top: B!asta at Designer Circle - [ B! ] :AUNTIE'S BIRTHDAY: Babydoll top . Strawberry
Necklace: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Bordeaux** necklace ( free/ but group join fee)
Hair: Mrs C. - Mrs C. Justina ( 37ld)

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, March 30, 2014

mmmm coffee-to go in the Big Apple

Not all clothes from **milky-way* are with soft colors. Nic shows you a lettermans jacket from the lucky board at **milky way*. Nic's long hair is the groupgift from the little Bones group. Released yesterday. It is a fatpack. Sort of colordemo. Join that group to get all the gorgeous hairs. And now one with all colors. The coffee to go was at collabor88 in february but i am happy you still can get it in the shop. You get the box to wear. An open box to rez. Coffee cup with animation and a coffee cup to rezz. More bag colors available.
The bag with belt is from Zenith at The Mens Dept.Boots and jeans from my inventory from chronokit.

Jacket: **milky-way * - **milky-way *14-05 Letterman Jacket-green LB (free)
Coffee-to-go: 8f8 - 8f8 - CEO Coffee-To-Go-LUXURIOUS
Hair: Little Bones (in info and notices) - (Wear) little bones. Black Magic - FULL GIFT (free)
Waist bag: Zenith at The Men's Dept - =Zenith=Black Leather waist Bag
From inventory: Jeans and boots - chronokit
Pictures made at: New York City

Bye bye, Nic

misty sunny daybreak

The wood is quiet, the sun dispels the morning mist. Soft sound of the water. What a lovely place to be. Ups her shoe in the water!
Nic is wearing a skirt and top from the lucky board at ** milky-way. Soft spring colors. A nice set. The hair is a new release at Argrace. The ribbon has a colormenu. The double scarf is from ::K:: at the Mens Dept.
The cute bag is from Tee*Fy, a gatcha item.. The big bag is an oldie from Creamshop ( shop already gone).

Outfit: **milky-way - **milky-way Spring Sweater & Pleated Mini Skirt LB/free
Hair: Argrace -*ARGRACE* KAORU - Dark Browns
Bag: Tee*fy- Tee*fy mini cross body bag
Scarf: ::K:: at The Mens Dept - ::K:: Double Scarf AntiqueRose Cherry
From inventory: Hand bag - Creamshop ( shop is gone)
Pictures made at: The Pilgrim's Dawn

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 29, 2014


A dress with possibilities. I mean:  you can wear this new released dress from Shey like a very sexy mini dress or you can wear another texture or color or you combine the dress with other clothes for a lesser sexy more casual look. On the first pictures a shirt from Coco is under the dress and lace stockings from GField. Boots from chronokit all from my inventory. I went to monso for the cute jacket on my hips.On the next pictures Nic wears lace boots from Brain Circuit Inc ( Dancer tp -ed me to the lucky board... thanks).The flower necklace is the last groupgift from Pure Poison. On the first pictures  Nic wears another necklace from Pure Poison an old groupgift.

Dress: Shey - SHEY - Oxana Mini Dress (NEW)
Necklace: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Spring Necklace ( free/ but group join fee)
Tide up jacket: Monso - [monso] My Tied Up Jacket - Grey
Lace boots: -=Brain Circuit Inc=-  - =Brain Circuit Inc=- Lace Boots (Lacy Skin)
From inventory: white boots -chronokit; Hair - Exile; bag- Izzie's; sweater - Coco; back sack - Ronsem ( gatcha)

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 28, 2014

this is the one that i wanted

May be this jacket with skirt is already longtime in the lucky board and posted on blogs long time ago, but i am so happy that i finally got it. I wanted to blog this one, so Nic stood there day after day and the blazer came so now and then, but NOT with my letter. I learned to know a nice person there Luba. It was not totally depressing because of that. But today i was at the end of my patience. I wrote the designer (fortunately she was online and answered immediately) i told her my miserable situation ( exaggerate it now) and that i wanted to buy the set, but couldn't find it in the shop. In reply she asked me to search for the name and then ...yes you already know the happy ending... she gave it !!!and... i didn't need to pay!!! Thanks  Snow Wolfhunter... very kind of you.
But for you dear readers who want this set too. Poke your patience and try your luck. Send my greetings to Luba when you see her standing there and brighten up her days a bit.

Blazer set with skirt: Maai - " MAAI MESH " - " Grace " suit dress, peach (free/LB)
From inventory: Shoes - LVLE, hair - tableau Vivant
Pictures made at: The Celestial Realm

Bye bye, Nic
And pssst: you can call Luba...... Tuba or Nuba or Xuba....depending on the letter on the lucky board.. she called me Ficandra, Ticandra etc...

Kiyomizu hunt

Kiyomizu hunt is running. You need find a cat. The cat can be tiny or huge.  Nic shows you a dress and a boyfriends shirt. Both in soft colors. Many nice things you can get in this hunt. The boyfriendsshirt comes with the dotted bra and panty. Nic's hat is the fifty linden friday item from C'est la Vie. You can change the colors of the hat and band with a hud. The shoes are also a fifty linden friday item. They are from Fri. You need have slink medium feet. I saw also nice extravagant high heels as fifty linden friday item  from ieQed. But you need have slink high feet. May be when i realy want more high heels with slink feet, i will decide to buy slink high feet.
The blond hair is from Tableau Vivant for Collabor88. Showed you yesterday the dark version. scroll to that post to see the back of the hair.

Boyfriendshirt: **milky-way ** -**milky-way *14-08 Ladies Men's Shirt Kiyomizu Hunt ( free)
Dress: M*Motion - M*Motion C14-03 Ruffle Dress (free)
Hat: C'est la Vie - ::C'est la vie !:: porkpie hat(straw)mesh for FLF
Shoes: fri. - fri. - Jet.Heels (Pewter)
From inventory: Satchel - Izzie's (10ld); poses - Izzie

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sphere pictures from a japanese man. I saw him at the DECO sim. With the red light and the trees behind him it gives an old japanese idea in my opinion. Thanks for posing Jiro. Jiro wears an outfit from B@r Rose. THE shop for such sort of clothes. Full of Fantasy. He could be a player in the video game Final Fantasy.

Outfit: B@R Rose -Kuro Gusoku
Hair:  Dura - Dura Boys&Girls 36

Bye bye, Nic

Orchid Zenovka and GutterBlood Spoonhammer

Again an opportunity to show the designers behind a well-know mark. I met Orchid  Zenovka and Gutterblood Spoonhammer from DECO. I like the DECO shop with strong heavy boots and back packs and  oil coats etc. So it is a pleasure to honour the designers with a picture of them on this blog. Nic was making pictures at the DECO sim and suddenly she saw Gutterblood running around and throwing with  wooden barrels. See the last picture to have an idea how dangerous it was.  But no... it was fun to see how he and a friend had fun shooting the barrels. Wooden parts flew around me. Good show guys!

Nic  is wearing boots from Tokyo.Girl. A new release. You can wear the boots with and without the socks. I wanted combine the boots with a mini dress and was happy with this camo dress from EhR. The hair is from Tableau Vivant at Collabor88. Satchel and necklace from Izzie. Told about the clearout package for 10ld in the post before this one.

Dress: EhR - ::: EhR :::_Dress Como (dark gray) (30ld)
Boots: Tokyo.Girl - Tokyo.Girl . Lyke Boots . Grey Brown (NEW)
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ at C88 - Tableau Vivant~ Low hair - Ladies - Winter
Satchel and necklace: Izzie's - Izzie's - Clearout Package 2
Picture made at DECO 
Clothes from GutterBlood are ofcourse from DECO
Bye bye, Nic

silk dress

After some busy rl days and an evening feast in sl Tirol i am back on the spot here. It was Dancer who told me about the groupgift from this month from **BN designs**. You get the dress in two colors. The other color is pink. Lovely dress isn't it. I got many compliments from males when i was wearing this dress. Some time ago Izzie had a clearout package box for 10ld in her shop. Now there is a new version. The bag and the necklace are from the clearout box 2. You get a fatpack from both. Also in the box super satchel bags in all sorts of colors. In these boxes are so many beautiful things.
The shoes are from BSD and the hair from Eaters Coma from my inventory. Both still available.

Dress: **BN designs** - regalo marzo ( free)
Necklace and bag and much more: Izzie's - Izzie's - Clearout Package 2 (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Eaters Coma, Shoes - BSD (Dancing Queen)
Pictures made at: Celestial Realm

Bye bye, Nic