Friday, October 31, 2014

i will wear this tonight

This is my outfit for this evening for the Halloween party. A combination from outfits that i like for Halloween. The feathers and wings are from PurpleMoon Creations, the fabulous groupgift from the shop. I combined it with the VOODOO complet outfit from Brii. I didn't use all. For example the brii outfit comes with boots and a hat (not shown). The hat i showed in the post before this one. The flats are the Fifty Linden Friday Item from Ingenue. My mini skirt is from Ronsem.
On the pictures below Nic shows the skirt from the PurpleMoon groupgift.

Outfit Purple Moon: PM - :: PM :: Poe - Halloween Group Gift (free/ group join fee)
Hat: BaObA - O' Skeleton  " Happy Halloween  **** BaObA **** (1ld)
Bra: Shey - part of SHEY - Amor Fantasy Dress Set
VOODOO outfit: Brii Underground Wear - **MISS VOODOO COMPLET OUTFIT ** Brii Underground Wear **
Flats: Ingenue - Ingenue :: Charlotte Flats :: FLF Halloween 3 Pack (50ld)
Skin: see post before this one.
From inventory: skirt - Ronsem; hair - little bones

Wish you all a Happy Halloween, Nic

witches in jail and halloween at 7 deadly

A bit a bloody Halloween day.They ended up in the underground jail. See those bloody feet. You can get those feet from Clemmm at the TNR hunt. They have both a witch hat with skeletons and birds from BaObA. Cute little shop with very special hats. Tjip wears under his DECO oil coat a polo from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room . It is a gift for the group from VG Shoes. Tjips hair is from the Flash sale at  boon. Hurry up the last day of this super sale is this day.
Both Nic and tjip wear skins from the hunt at 7 deadly skins. GROUP JOIN IS FREE NOW at halloween. Grab your chance.
Nic's flats are the 50ld friday item from Ingenue. You get 3 colors. They are for slink feet.

About halloween at & deadly s{K}ins
^^^ Several LIMITED edition skins will be sold ONLY 10 per skin type!
^^^ FREE goodie bag
^^^ SEVERAL older skins with be sold 35% discount
^^^ FREE group JOIN!
^^^ LIVE music in the store!!!
And a hunt is running. Search for very tiny white pumpkins.

Nic wears:
Hat: BaObA - O' Skeleton - O' Skeleton  " Happy Halloween  **** BaObA **** (1ld)
Bloody feet: Clemmm - Clemmm - TnR Hunt Gift (free)
Flats: Ingenue - Ingenue :: Charlotte Flats :: FLF Halloween 3 Pack (50ld/FLF)
Jacket Nic: PM - Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #7 (free/ but group join fee)
Skin Nic: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Halloween GROUP girls (free)

Tjip wears:
Hat: BaObA - O' Skeleton - O' Skeleton  " Happy Halloween  **** BaObA **** (1ld)
Polo shirt: VG Shoes at CSR - VG SHOES COSMO SALE ROOM GROUP GIFT (free)
Hair: booN - *booN GGL309 hair all colors pack (flash sale/ free)
Necklace: Kosh -  Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #10(free)
From inventory: Pants - DECO; Coat - DECO

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, October 30, 2014

isn't it enough?

Again a present from PurpleMoon. We have the presents from the hunt and the gorgeous halloween groupgift. And now again a groupgift was sended, this elegant dress with roses! Nic shows you also the october gift from reign., the super boots. They come with a hud  for more colors. Nic wears glasses, a gift for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room  group from HollyHood. Behind Nic on the pictures some nice decoration items from the gatcha machine at Apple Fall. You see the glaze vace with poppies and the woodstock on the ground.
On the last picture you see Nic in the beginning of the evening with her new Halloween owl shelf with all kind of little items (books/candles/hat/ broom/potions/ witch chair). This all and more is in the subscribe-o-matic at CLEO Design. It is the halloween gift. ( nr. 2 in the SOM).The witch chair has many poses.
In the garden i placed this nice halloween gift from Hilly Haalan.

Dress: PurpleMoon  Creations - :: PM :: Happy Halloween - Gift from PurpleMoon (in group info /notices/free/ but group join fee)
Boots: Reign -REIGN.- Not Your Momma's Knit Boots ( in info and notices from the group/free/ but group join fee)
Glasses: HollyHood at CSR - Holly Mesh Gold/white Octigal Glases (free)
Vase: Apple Fall - AF Poppoies /Glazed Vase (gatcha)
Woodstock: Apple Fall - AF Woodstock (gatcha)
Owl Shelf and other stuff: CLEO DESIGN -  Happy Halloween CLEO DESIGN gift (free)
Candle last picture: Hilly Haalan In info and notices from the group - {HH] Iron pumpkin candle Holder (free)
From inventory: Hair - taketomi; necklace- Halloween hunt PurpleMoon from Lazuri.
Pictures made at my home location: Lovina ( all welcome)

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

on the square for my noodles

Again so much to show to you. Gorgeous skins from the Halloween hunt at Wow skins. The first one is the only skin for 25ld. All others hunt presents are 15ld. Several skins come  with appliers.
Nic shows you on the square some outfits. I combined all with the presents from the halloween hunt at PurpleMoon Creations. You can get more presents, but i show what are my favorites and what are nice combinations in my opinion. The beautiful hunt place is a graveyard and below the graveyard.
Nic wears again hair from boon from the flash sale ( told about it in posts before this one)

Skin first picture: Wow Skins - 8 GOLD-.::WoW Skins::. Vanessa  Halloween hunt 2014 (25ld)
Skin second picture; Wow skins - 6-.::WoW Skins::. Soraya Halloween hunt 2014 (15ld)
Dress: PM - Maia dress Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #16 (free/ group join fee)
Necklace: PM - Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #17 (free/ group join fee)
Earrings: PM - Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #18 (free/ group join fee)
Skirt:PM - Break skirt  Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #9 (free/ group join fee)
Blazer: PM - Dresha Blazer Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #8 (free/ group join fee)
Trousers: PM - chica trousers Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #14 (free/ group join fee)
Top: PM  Breezy top Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Prize #2 (free/ group join fee)
Hair: boon - *booN BDK113 hair all colors pack (flash sale till 31 october 78ld)
Nails: Adored - TBH #23 #Adored
From inventory: coffin ring - Schadenfreude; Boots - Coco (old TCF); noodles - Love Soul
Pictures made at : Love Soul

Bye bye, Nic
Clikc pictures to enlarge. Click shop name to get the slurl to the shop.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

walking in the streets

I created some looks for in the streets. The first one is from a hunt gift at Prism, the orange jacket and the boots. I took my old coco shirt with bow and recolored it in the color of the skinny leather pants from Erratic. The hair is from the Flash sale at boon. Told about it in the post before this one
The second look is with clothes from American Bazaar. The pencil skirt is from the halloween hunt. A pumpkin is in the shop. The top is the groupgift from American Bazaar. The shoes are a new release from BSD at the Halloween Fair. The bag is from DDL. The glasses from Eclat.
The third look is the hunt gift from Sassy! at the American Bazaar sim for the Bling Hunt( search a golden crown). The diamond white open toe heels are from TCS for the Bling hunt. You get  a box with goodies with several shoes.
The fourth look is more casual for a ride on the motor. The pants is from another hunt at Prism. The plaid shirt is the male groupgift from American Bazaar. Nic loves to wear male clothes sometimes.
The long hair is the last groupgift from little.bones

First look:
Orange boots and jacket: Prism - Prism Elba Scarry Halloween Hunt 2014 SHH#23 tip groundfloor very tiny pumpkin near more bigger pumpkins(free)
Bag: DDL -[DDL] No Questions Asked (Brown)
Hair: boon - *booN AAN330 hair all colors pack (flash sale till 31 october/ 78ld)
From inventory: pants - Erratic; blouse - COCO (recolored); jewel on blouse: SHI ( see post before this one)

Second look;
Black skirt: American Bazaar - Halloween Hunt @ The Burbs - AB
Beige top: American Bazaar - [AB] Fall Top Caramel (free/GG)
Shoes: BSD at  Halloween Fair - {{BSD Design studio}}ENVY-raw (NEW)
Hair: little.bones - little bones. Transmute - GIFT ( free/ but group join fee)
Glasses: Eclat - Eclat - Mirrored Sunnies
From inventory: Black hat - C'est la vie (fedora/ gift)

Third look:
Dress: Sassy! - ~Sassy!~ Celebrity dress - The Bling Hunt Gift (1ld)
Shoes: TCS -  #29 TBH {TCS} Shoe Big Box 'O Goodies {TCS} Brooklyn II (1ld)
From inventory: Straw hat  - Centopallini(gift)

Fourth look:
Pants: Prism - Prism Navarra Into the Darkness Hunt 2014 Tip: near the stairs(free)
Shirt: American Bazaar - male gift - [AB] Plaid Shirt Red (free/GG)
Pictures taken at the American Bazaar sim.

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, October 27, 2014

it's autumn....flash sale at booN* till 31 october....... fatpacks just 78ld

Near the front door Nic is gathering the fallen leaves. Her hair is a bit messy because of the wind. After the work she is standing inside. Looking through the window enjoying the result. Her hair isn't a mess anymore.
The hairs are from the sale at Boon. I heard yesterday about the sale from Juliet Claridge from the Freedeology group. We talked a lot and exchanged a lot of tips about good free items.
Nic wears a skin from the hunt at LoveMe. Search the hunt item behind the desk in the shop. I added free mesh eyelashes. And eyeshadow from the clearance box at Izzie's.
Nic's outfit is from 2Chez. You get the soft sweater with the nice back part, the leather skirt and gorgeous boots. All for a very affordable prize. A super set for the autumn. On Nic's pocket watch necklace is a jewel from SHI. The new groupgift. It is a protrude eye patch , but i love it also this way.
The pile of fallen leaves and the rake is from a halloween decor set at marketplace. In the home you see pots in halloween style from Soy. Love this style. The long horn skull is a gift at marketplace from Tesla. The scented candle is from a gatcha machine at AplleFall. I love to decorate a bit.

Skin: LoveMe Skins -  [LoveMe Skins Anniversary Gift Hunt (free)
Eyelashes: *BC* Designs - *BC* Free mesh eyelashes! (1ld)
Outfit: 2Chez - (2Chez) Smile Brown Sweater, Skirt & Boots, Mesh
Hair: boon -  *booN WMO003 hair all colors pack (flash sale/ 78ld)
Hair: boon - *booN SCC334 hair all colors pack (Flash sale/78ld)
Eyepatch jewel: SHI - .Shi Gift : Protrude Patch [Unisex . Unrigged](free/ but group join fee)

Skull: Tesla - TESLA Mesh Longhorn Skull (free)
Pots: Soy - *Soy. Pumpkins [group gift] addme* (free)
Pile of fallen leaves and rake - Pippa's home and garden shop - Halloween decor, autumn decor for home (1ld)
Scented candle - Apple fall - AF scented candle (apple) (gatcha)
From inventory: scarf- Ispachi; earrings - pure poison; eyeshadow - Izzie's (clearance pack 10ld); pocket watch necklace - Sleepy Eddy
Pictures made at my home location

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, October 26, 2014

don't come near

A haughty look. Don't come near. She will give you just a haughty glance. May be you will think she is untouchable, but it is just a wall that she builded around her. Actually she is vunerable. But she is afraid to show it.
The bag on the ground and the sunglasses are from the second anniversary hunt at BSD (see the post before this one). The shoes are also from BSD at the halloween fair. Runs from 22 october till 12 november 2014.
Nic's hair is a new groupgift from EMO-tions.

Shoes: BSD at the Halloween Fair - {{BSD Design studio}}Freedom-blk pearl
Bag : BSD -  Giftbox- {{BSD Design studio}} anniversary hunt #11
Sunglasses: BSD - Giftbox- {{BSD Design studio}} anniversary hunt #9 (28ld)
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. .:EMO-tions.. *FAITH* black , groupgift (free)
Dress: Shey - SHEY - Marian Chained Dress(new)
 Necklace: lassitude and ennui - lassitude & ennui Stacked pearl necklaces (free)
From inventory: Clutch - Overhigh; nylons - No.9; nail hud - slink
Pictures made in the Maai shop.

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 25, 2014

sneak peek...

She is waiting.. she will go to a ball.. a sneak peek downstairs. She hears his voice and then she runs downstairs but suddenly she stands like a diva just for a short a moment for the picture.
Nic wears a gown from Leri Miles Designs. You can get this beautiful at the sneak peek event at Zanze two. Sneak Peek has to do with Penumbra. PENUMBRA is designed to be a fashion center, welcoming to various agencies and designers for fashion events of all types.
Penumbra  provides us with the SNEAK PEEK event a sneek peak of trends to come. An exclusive, monthly fashion and creativity event. SNEAK PEEK sim opens every 25th of the month.

The nails are from B!asta.Falling for autumn. Watch the tiny leafes.. cute isn't it?
BSD has it's second anniversary. Because of that there is a heart hunt in the shop during a month. Nic wears one of the hunt items. The black shoes. Every item is 28 ld. Go have a look. It is very worhtwhile. You can get things that are most of the time very exclusive and expensive.

Gown: Leri Miles Designs at SP - LMD Janieke Gown Scarlet Sneak Peek R1
Shoes: BSD - Giftbox- {{BSD Design studio}} anniversary hunt #1 (28ld)
Hair: little bones - little bones. Transmute - GIFT (free/ but group join fee)
Nails:  B!asta - [ B! ] :FALLING FOR AUTUMN: SLink Nails HUD ( new since 11 oct)
From inventory: necklace - lassitude &Annui (fre/ see post before this one); Hair flower- NSP ( see post befor this one /free)
Pictures made at The Sneak Peek sim.

Bye bye, Nic

in a strange dream

In a strange dream all is possible.
The hats are from 5 hunts at The Mad Hattery. All hunt items are together on a table ..easy! Nic's dress is the groupgift from Patulas House. You also can get halloween earrings there as a groupgift.
The flowers and the hairflower are the Happy Halloween gift from NSP. In that shop i saw many old groupgifts. Group join is 75ld.
Nic's BOO headband i got at free bird. You get one try at the gatcha machine for free. Many sorts of headbands for halloween in the machine. The necklace is a gift from Lassitude &Ennui.

Flowersand hair flower: NSP - NSP Happy Halloween gift (free)
Dress: Patulas House - * Patulas House Copper Nina Dress (GIFT GROUP)(free)
Hats: The Mad Hattery - The Mad Hattery Key to The Dark Side Top Hat (1ld); The Mad Hattery (ITD) Set of Gothic Brooch Top Hats (free); B & P Hunt The Mad Hattery # 62 (1ld); The Mad Hattery Set of Unisex Fashion Fedoras(1ld); The Mad Hattery Hiding the Acorns Top Hat (free)
Headband: Free bird - [ free bird ] Light-Up Boo Headband (1 free try at the gatcha machine)
Nails: Free bird -  [ free bird ] jack-o-Lantern free nail hud (free)
Necklace:lassitude & ennui - lassitude & ennui Stacked pearl necklaces (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Le Forme; chair - BSD, Hair - Milana
Pictures made at The Colder Water, daydreams

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, October 24, 2014

Incantre woman... a preview for the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival

A brave and fierce woman. I like it. I like her courage. She is strong. Nic shows you the new outfit from !gO! for the fantasy Gatcha Fair. Opens 4 -11 2014. One of the biggest fantasy events in second life. Yeah i know i am early, but it is such a cool outfit. I couldn't wait to show it to you. You need some patience. And at the gatcha machine some luck, because it is the rare item. I am not good in it as you could read some time agao. Spend to much money then. Nic is at the role-play sim Incantre. Incantre is an original RP fantasy/medieval setting open to a large variety of character types and players of all experience levels. Not based on a historical book. So Nic can be there like she is: a brave fierce courageous woman.
Nics stockings are from another outfit from !gO! from my inventory.

Outfit: !gO! - !gO! Women Ranger RARE ( for fanatasy Gatcha Carnival)
Picture taken at: Incantre
I will add the slurl from the FGC when it is open. There also is a male  Ranger outfit!

Bye bye, Nic

hunt and groupgift at Luziefee for cold and warm times

A halloween hunt at Luziefee and a groupgift. The blue set  is the groupgift. Orange colored sets are ofcourse from the halloween hunt, but very usefull for other times. Search pumpkins ( kuerbis in the language of the shop owner)  Some hunt gifts are free some 5ld some 10ld.
Nic is guided by her cats.

First picture:
Dress: Luziefee - *LUZ - Shania orange juice -  Kuerbis 02 (5ld)
From inventory: Shoes: Gfield - *GF*[Mesh] Fur Cuff Boots "Sasha" -brown; Hair - Dura ( old gift)
Bag- C'est la vie.
Second picture:
Dress: Luziefee - *LUZ - Suzume red -  Kuerbis 01( 5ld)
Third picture:
Jacket: Luziefee - *LUZ - *LUZ - Seda orange -(10ld)
Stockings: Luziefee - part of *LUZ - Lilith orange  -  Kuerbis 03 (free)
From inventory: Hair Milana
Fourth picture: Luziefee - LUZ - Group gift September 14 (free)
From inventory: Hair: Argrace
Pictures take near the DECO shop.

Psssst : today Luzie released the october groupgift too!!!
Bye bye, Nic