Saturday, March 2, 2013

waiting for entering the Arcade

Nic tried and tried to enter the Arcade. That gatcha event has a new collection. Nic wants the skirt from The Sea Hole, but so many people go there. Mission impossible to enter. Patience is not my best habit. Little bit frustrated i made this photoshoot and at the end it wasn't bad at all. And may be tomorrow i will succeed entering that event.
Make-up from Le Petit Detail, the Avenue readers groupgift. You get the Dana complete, the Dana no blush and the Dana no lipstick versions. Nic's jewelry is from Twishee at marketplace just 1ld. The eyes are the new groupgift eyes from IKON. Don't forget to go because it is just the first week of the new month in the shop. The jogging pants from dirty little secret you can find at The Wash.
Both hairs styles are from my inventory ( from Iren and Adoness)

Eyes: IKON - IKON VIP Group Gift - March 2013 ( free)
Jewlery: Twishee - *TWISHEE* MUDRA- SILVER (Boxed) (1ld)
Pants: Dirty Little Sectret at The Wash - [d.l.s.] ::  The Wash :: Spring Love Letter Jeans Duo ::(10ld)
Make-up: LPD - *LpD* MakeUp - *Dana* Avenue Readers Gift ( free)
From inventory: Hairs: Iren and Adoness; Shoes - Kapone; Jacket- Folk

Bye bye, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

WOW that's some serious eye make-up, how could I miss seeing this post in my blog list nic, it totally transforms your face! Pretty but totally different! Awesome... Good luck getting into the Arcade and Whore Couture hehe

Anonymous said...

schaut süss aus :D (nic)

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