Tuesday, July 30, 2013

she waited

He promised daisies and bluebells. She waited and ... waited very long time......and...yes he showed up. And he was impressed. She enchanted him.

Brr what a sugar sweet story.
The truth is:  Nic went to a beautiful place to make some pictures and .. she saw a male avatar walking, standing, waiting, sitting with a bouquet of daisies and bluebells. It was clear that he was waiting for someone and wanted to surprise her with the bouquet. Well that weakened my heart. The bouquet was a lovely field bouquet as if he had just picked the flowers in the field. So guys when you want surpise someone here is the link
Nic wears the birthday dress from Analee Balut. A groupgift. It comes with a necklace and gloves and shoes. But i used a necklace and earrings from Maxi Gossamer. Got them some time a go.

Dress: Alb Dream Fashion - Alb Makayla birthday 2013 ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Elikatira ( 75ld) ; Jewlelry - MG

Nic stood there till daybreak.


A lovely dress and hair from the Battle of the Sexes hunt..I Let him Be Right Hunt (ILHBR). The hunt runs from july 21th til august 21th. It is a gridwide hunt with two pathes 1 for her and 1 for him. The women need find a pink small object and the men a blue one. The hair comes with a hud for 16 hair colors and 9 band colors. The hunt item you can find under the stairs.The hunt item for the dress you can find when you go to the left in the shop in the corner.
In the same garden i made the pictures from the black and white dress. It is the groupgift from Patulas House.

Soft orange dress: Wilson's Closet - Wilson's Closet - I Let him be right hunt ( 1ld)
Hair: Tameless - Her#26 -  Tameless Hair Janie - Naturals(1ld)
Black dress: Patulas House - *Patulas House Flowers Samantha Dress ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 29, 2013

cyberpunk for relay for life

At the sim Kreativdorf you can buy things for Relay for Life.Cyberpunks for Relay for Lifet runs from 27th of july till the first ofseptember. I got an invitation to look around there. And i liked it.You can get so many super nice cyber punk stuff. I know this is a fashion blog, but i like such stuff also. And because men also watch this blog may be among them are guys who like to change their avatars. But not only men do like that. I like to try all sorts of avatars. For this occassion Nic changed in this grim-looking creature. Will she go faster then this taxi?
The cyberpunk avatar is totally free. In the packet is also a cute beach towel. Strange combination but ok no problem for me.
I show you below a male and female cyber avatar, that i like. So well-made. Realy cool in my opinion.

Fenrir: Machinenheim - Avatar - Maschinenheim Fenrir ( free)
Blue avatars: CMFF - Femdroid and mandroid ( only for relay for life / not free)

Bye bye, Nic


Because she got this lovely free hair with hat from Chichickie, Nic dressed herself in this new Chronokit dress. I showed the dress already in ivory with the bolero. But the colors of this dress combine so good with the colors in the hat that she wears it again. Without the bolero you can see better the elegance of the dress in my opinion. With bolero it has another sphere. That is why i portrait the dress with the bolero with the old bicycle. Because of the brown colors i went to The Kingdom of Sand and made pictures at the entrance.
About the hair i can tell you that you get this hair color free. If you want other hair colors then run, because just 3 days the fatpack is 99ld. Go to the mainshop. The free hair has a hud for different hat colors and resize and different band colors.

Hair and hat: Chichicky - ChiChickie! Melanie - Gift Color (free)
Dress: chronokit -*chronokit* Summer Dress01
From inventory: Clutch - Bens beauty, feet and hands - Slink; Bracelets - Ibizarre

Sunday, July 28, 2013

in the garden of Cotona

Reopening of the shop Clowes..now is the name Cotona. Because of the reopening you can find many groupgifts in the shop. I show you some of them: dotted denim legging,dotted legging,black dress, two shorts. I combined all with the t-shirts from Beetle Bones. Told about them in the post before this one.

Credits: taxi to Cotona here
**CLOWES**dot denim leggings / blue ( free)
**COTONA**BeltDress Black ( free)
**CLOWES**dot leggings / black ( free)
**COTONA** SHORT PANTS Floral ( free)
**COTONA** SHORT PANTS Pinkdot ( free)
**COTONA** SHORT PANTS Floral ( free)
From inventory: Shirts - Beetle Bones ( free); Hair - Clawtooth,boots - Coco

Bye bye, Nic

crying peacock

They are back: BeetleBones and Ohmai. Beetlebones New Release July 2013 and New Store with Ohmai! I am so happy to let you know. I loved Beetlebones designes and the designs of Ohmai. But it was long time silent. When i read the notecard i immediately went to the shop. Picked up the free gift for my blog and a cute bag i bought. But i saw so many nice designs. What to think about the  Delphine sleevless top or the chambray flared skir or.. or .. have a look at the new clothes. I sure will go back for more. You may be know that fox scarf from Ohmai from long ago. I still regret that i didn't buy that one. Hope  Anya from Ohmai will put it in the shop again. I will write her to beg for it.
Congrats Suetabulous Yootz and Anya Ohmai with the new shop.

Oh and about my hair..i saw nice hair from Truth at Fameshed and wanted buy, but then i remembered this hair from Clawtooth that i have in my inventory. But i can strongly recommend the Arianna hair from Truth at Fameshed too.

By the way a crying peacock often means that there will come rain. I discovered that long time ago by myself but the indiens translate the cry "minh-ao" as: " the rain will come". Ofcourse the peacock also cries to warn for tigers or unwanted visitors. The mating season of the peacock is in India along with the rainy season. Because of this the peacocks cry often.

Tank: Beetle Bones - ::BB:: freebie tanks ( free)
Shirt: Beetle Bones - ::BB:: Casual-Tees ( free)
Bag: Beetle Bones ::BB:: Hearts Sling Pouch NEUTRAL PACK
From inventory: Hair - Clawtooth,Pants- Overhigh, Shoes- BSD

P.S.This is Anya's answer to my question:
Anya Ohmai: hey! I'd definitely reconsider making something similar - the issue was that scarf made quite a number of people angry due to the theme of it - which was why I never thought of doing it again. But I'll definitely bear it in mind and maybe consider a more... Politically correct way of making it. ..... I can wait to see what she will make.
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 27, 2013

early morning Sydney

Early morning Sydney. Nic arrives in the harbour of Sydney near the Opera House. The sun is coming slowly through the fog and gives a soft pink yellow color to everything. Nic shows you two new findings the blouse with the belt from marketplace and the soft suede pants from the Dressing Room Fusion. You can choose three colors of the pants. Soraya sure will like this look, i'll bet.  The earrings are oldies from aDiva couture from a set called misses Jones. May be you also have it in your inventory from long ago.

For the concert later in the evening in Sydney Nic will wear this gown. She tried it on in the morning. It is a gift from Paris Metro. You can find the gift near the Opera House.

Blouse: La Fleur - *LF* Summer Shirt with Belt : White
Pants: Overhigh at TDRF  - Overhigh - Suede Pants - Crem - TDR ( 50ld)
Gown: Paris Metro in Sydney - Paris METRO Couture: Black Sand Corset Gown (G)*(free)
From inventory: Boots - Maitreya, necklace - Bens Beauty; Hair- Hairoin; Clutch - Bens Beauty

Bye bye, Nic

summer dress

A new release from chronokit. This lovely dress. There are 15 patterns from this dress. Also a bolero is a new release. As always  all has a very good quality and the dress has originality. The shoes are a new release from BSD Design studio for the sl fashion week.

Dress: chronokit - *chronokit* Summer Dress Plain Ivory 01
Shoes: BSD at sl fashion week  - {{BSD Design studio}}supermodel MarieSoleil (brown purple)
From inventory; Hair - Faenza; clutch - Mother Goose

Friday, July 26, 2013

juicy fruity

At the summer break festival i collected many freebies today. . It started with the dress, then the dripping ice,  a summer beach hat and the funny summer glasses. And at the end this funny summer look was born. Nic hopped over to a sunny beach to make the pictures. The towel behind the beach chair is also from the festival as well as the blue bag ( the packet of the summerglasses). The necklace is from OrsiniSun. It will be released at the Fantasy Gatcha Arcade Gatcha. Coming July 31st is "The Fantasy Gacha Arcade Gacha"  Gacha machines are an arcade game where you can get prizes. These prizes will not be available in the designers stores. Items will also be no copy and transfer to encourage trading. Each gacha will have at least one rare item..
The necklace comes with a belt with leaves and a golden leaf bracelet. These items you can use to make an outfit that can be used in a variety of role play scenarios, including but not limited to faeries, Gorean sims, elfish role plays, and even ballets. Read more about this coming event here.

Below you see Nic on the beach camping in a new groupgift top from gO! The bikini is from OrisiniRed

Taxi to Summer Break Festival
Dress: BN at SBF**BN** - beach ( free)
Dripping ice: W&R at SBF- {W&R} Bloody Summer - Popsicle Mouthie -(free)
Summer Glasses: NS:: at SBF - NS::  Summer Glasses Gift)(free)
Hat: GFD at SBF - Gift1 (0-10l$) summer flower hat ( free)
Towel: StoraxTree at SBF - SBF - Gift StoraxTree Beach Blanket  ( free)
Necklace: OrsiniSun at FGAG - OrsiniSun Sweet sacrifice

Top: gO! - !gO! Crochet Top - Orange (wear) ( free/but group join fee 50ld)
Bikini: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Mesh Bikini Sorbete Summer, green
Hair: ICONIC at HF 2013 - HAIRFAIR GIFT Freedom ( free)
From inventory: Shoes - Fashionably Dead ( 7 years old prim jellies- woohoo super  you can buy them again. )
Bye bye, Nic

my parrot

Campfire in the night. Making music and enjoying the waterfalls. I carry a cute parrot that i got from the midnight mania at sarcastic. He talks too much )). But you can stop that when you click on him/her. You can give him a name.Verdant came with his carrot and his ferret. The ferret also is from the MM from Sarcastic. The midnight mania changes every time ..so check it every day. Today it is a squirrel monkey with a banana in his hands for on your shoulder. Nic wears cozy clothes from Ronsem. The grey shirt is an old groupgift. The sneakers are from Gizza. My underwear is from Edelweiss ( already many years there in the lucky chair). The hair an oldie from LoQ.

Parrot:Sarcastic :: SaRcAsTiC Graupapagei/ Attachment (free)
Ferret: Sarcatic - ::SaRcAsTiC Fretchen ( free)
Worker: Ronsem - RONSEM* Work Pants -female- blue
Underwear: Edelweiss - StripeInnerSet(Soda) (free)
Pose third picture: PM at the summer break Festival - [PM] Nuuu Dont!( 1ld)
From inventory: Hair - LoQ ( Baileys); Bag - mr. Poet; sneakers- Gizza

Bye bye , Nic