Thursday, March 21, 2013

Étretat Cote d'Opale

Nic has been to Neva River. The sim is soooooo beautiful. When you want see it yourself  hurry up because it is said to be closed for public in 10 days. It will be a privat sim after that. The sim brings in my mind the Côte d'Opale with the town Étretat. I have been there some years ago. It is beautiful. The painter Monet made paintings of this coast. See below.
Nic dwells along the seaside. Sitting with her feet in the waves on the shore. One last look at the water and then she walks back home. Resting for a while because of the high climb. Sitting  in a chair with a beautiful view over the landscape. Then further through a tree tunnel and along a river. Again resting for a while, sitting against a stone watching the flow of riverwater. Finally she is welcome at her vacation home. It was  a beautiful evening.

Nic shows you a new skin. It is the skin fair release from Tuli, called Elyse. I didn't want blog about the skin fair, because already many did, but i couldn't withstand blogging about this skin. I choosed the darkest version, petal. There are 5 sorts of eyemake. you can choose with or without dimples, 4 brow colors,  boost cleavage and subtle cleavage layers, 15 lip colors with and without gloos, 1 mail concealer and a bonus mod shape. Elyse will only be available at the Skin Fair until March 31. After that date you can find the skin in the main store and on the Marketplace.
Nic's hair is new at Truth.
The dress is from a sim wide Acid Lily Hunt. The spring is near hunt runs till April 9th.You need find a ladybug.All the prizes are hidden on the same sim. For the dress look near the pond on the stairs of the deck. Each prize is 5ld.

Hair:Truth - >TRUTH< Kenzie -
Skin: Tuli at The Skin Fair - [:T:] Elyse / petal :: Sultry Pack
Dress: ::J:: StyleZ:: - ::J:: StyleZ:: Spring is Near Hunt Gift ( free)
From inventory: Sandals - Lassitude and Ennui ( free); Cardigan - Tram, bag- Creamshop ( shop is gone); necklace - Lazuri
An encore with blond hair to show the skin again.
Bye bye, Nic

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