Sunday, April 29, 2012

on the sofa

Not on the sofa at the psychotherapeut, but at home on my new sofa. I like such a sofa with blue and striped cushions. It fits beach/harbour style and that is all around on my home place. So cute are the baskets under it. It is the groupgift from Y's House. The basket with bluebells is from marketplace. It is also a butterfly emitter. Nic took a tiramisu and poundcake to celebrate that she got her sofa. The sweets are free at Petit Poche. And last but not least she shows the new sweater from the Midnight Mania board at Poison. Thanks all who did come to help and click, to get it. Nic took a picture of all this to show her friends. The picture in the mouth is from Dirtyland at marketplace. You can put your picture on it. Rezz the photo and drag you picture on it.

Photo in mouth: Dirtyland - dl:: My photo ( free)
Basket with bluebells: meadowWorks - Woodland Bluebells Basket w Butterflies (free)
Sofa: Y's House - *Y's HOUSE* Sofa03-Right [Denim]_Group gift.ver_resend ( free)
Tiramisu: Petit Poche - Glass tiramisu set (free)
Poundcake: Petit Poche - Anne of Green Gables poche (free)
Sweater: Poison - >>>Poison<<< Pa-que shirt_red_female ( free)
From inventroy: Hair - Truth (Roxana); Denimdress - Gabriel ( sale), Pumps - TDR (1ld each)

Relax, Nic

Saturday, April 28, 2012

shaving thistles?

This post is a special for Laura or was it Laila? Hehe. Well i shall explain a bit for the readers here. The bloggers for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge  from Luna Jubilee, sometimes chat in groupchat. Much fun talk and sighs about the colour and questions about being ready in time for the upcoming week and so on. This happened also last week. And i don't know why this topic came up. But Laura or Laila said: "No way shaving my beautiful soft legs with hard iron of a razorblades. No way to do my kini-line like that! " The discussion was full of jokes fom America to Holland and Italy, over and back. So I hope Lau (or Lai) doesn't forget that we asked her to show her kini-line this week. They both can be very sexy. I am looking forward to it.

Nic gives a demonstration how to go to a spa with a well shaved kini-line. See the difference on one of the pictures. Thistles on her legs and around her kini-line is a little bit exaggerated. But you can see the difference when you click the picture to enlarge. Now she can go relax while getting a massage.
Nic wears razorblades everywhere to brighten up the theme. Earrings, necklace and a razorblade in her mouth. She even changed her hair to show you the razor blade earrings.

Although the girls won't agree with me. I can highly recommend the electric shaver that i bought for 5ld on marketplace. It has cute animations in it. Sitting near the pool Nic used a shaving poseball.
Her outfit had to be in thistle colour. So i recoloured the  lace cardigan from Coco for this occasion to make a good combination with the purple polkadot bikini. Couldn't find it back in the shop but you can camp there for 60 minutes to get a purple lingerie set.

Lingerie: Pixel Passion- Pixel Passion Olivia Purple ( free)
Shave poseball: Sylva's Animation Factory - Leg Shaving T ( 60ld)
Electric shaver: Jin Jin electric store - Electric Shaver Box ( 5ld)
Mouth razor: Dirtyland - dl:: Mouth Razor groupgift ( free)
Earrings: Jetcity - JETCITY -Razorblade Earrings (free)
Necklace: Hexed - Razor  Blade Necklace
From Inventory: Hair- Catwa (Hadeya) Hair - Truth

Be beautiful in thistle Laura and Laila ;), Nic


Searching for a thistlefield in France Nic came along a memorial place for those who died during World War II. Nic walked around on the graveyard and was impressed.
In this time of the year, on the 4th of May we in Holland have remembrance day for those who died during the war. On 5 May we honour our freedom.

Light purple, like thistle, is a feminine colour. I love this colour and immediately knew what Nic should wear for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge. And yes Color Challenge bloggers you saw this shirt from Ohmarie last week. Lashae Karsin showed it in gray. Such a pity that the shop is gone.But..but.. but.. next week the designer will place her stuff on marketplace sl, she told me. YEAHHHHH! The wedges with socks were also from that shop and the ring with the heart. Nic's hair is free from A&A at marketplace..

Because the Ohmarie outfit isn't available now i added this dress from A La Folie at Mimi's choice. So you can go and get something in thistle colour. 

First outfit:
Hair: A&A - A&A Alma Hair Strawberry ( free)
Undershirt: Jane - JANE - femme lace cami.whites
White skirt: CKnife - *CKnife* Kakigori series pants&skirt (white)
In the Cutie Knife shop are at the moment lucky boards with a nice parka and a sweater
Second outfit;
Dress: AlaFolie at Mimi's Choice - AlaFolie LOLITA PARME  (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Exile Monica

Kisses, Nic

The Untroubled Sound

Nic shows a parka from lucky board at Cutie Knife and a sweater from the same shop. The old rose skirt is from Vanguard.It is a mesh skirt. The black leather skirt is from Aoharu also mesh. Nic loves the place where the pictures are made (The Untroubled Sound)

Parka: CKnife - *CKnife* spring parka(sakura) ( free)
Sweater: CKnife - *CKnife* Sweater-(sakura) (free)
Leather skirt: Aoharu - AOHARU_PleatedLeatherSkirt[RiggedMesh]
Old rose skirt: Vanguard - (Vanguard) Peplum Skirt - Old Rose ( mesh)
From inventory; Necklace - ::: B@R ::: Cross Bones; white skirt- Cknife

Bye bye Nic

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

my spring dress

Nic shows you all sides of her new spring dress. Love the little bit vintage look of it. Because it is still cold she wears it with her jeans from Aoharu and her studded biker jack from yesterday. So she can show you the backside of the jacket. The dress is from a the hi5 fashioncentric hunt. The soft yellow bag is also in the present. Search asymbol with a hand on it.
The dress on the last picture is the new group gift from !gO! a mesh dress. Good for the garden.
Click on the pictures to enlarge, for better view.

Dress: The Phoenix Collections - Hi5 Fashioncentric Hunt  ( free)
Dress: !gO! - !gO! blOOm dress
Jacket: Beetlebones ( post from yesterday)
From inventory:Jeans Aoharu; Hair - Truth; Bag- Bukka

Have a nice day, Nic

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my studded biker jacket

Nic is so glad with her new biker jacket. Already long time she saw it everywhere on blogs. So it probably isn't new to you. But after longtime hesitating she decided :" I BUY!. Because i sure will regret when it is gone". It is such a classic wear. New for her are also the brown pumps. You get the left one in The Dressing Room Blue for 1 ld and the right one in The Dressing Room for 1 ld ( 5 colours in the packages).
Yeah and she is phone addict. So the lucky chair she frequented to get the i-pod key chain at Bukka and hanged it on the Bukka subscribe-o- matic bag ( not new but still there).
The hair is the subscribe-o-matic gift from 8 april 2012 from Truth. You get all ALL colours with and without roots ( and that are realy many!!!). I think it is cute and girly.
And even more girly is the hair with cap.

Jacket: Beetlebone - ::BB:: Studded Biker Jacket (TAN) ( mesh)
Pumps: TDR 2 years pumps GIFT (all rights,5 colors) ( 1ld) and TDRb 2 years pumps GIFT (all lefts,5 colors) (1ld)
Bag: Bukka - [BUKKA]LeatherBag ::welcome gift:: ( free)
Key chain: Bukka - [BUKKA]iPod touch Limited ::key holder:: lucky box (free)
Hair: Truth - >TRUTH< Bunny -  light blondes
Hair with cap: Kiedis - Kiedis : Josh ( free)
From inventory: Skirt and top: Calypso Gianno ( on marketplace sl) necklace - Vincenca Rosca (was from designers circle)

Have fun, Nic

Sunday, April 22, 2012

from turquoise to shuttle gray and from royal purple to dark gray

This weeks colour for the 52 weeks of Colour Challenge is shuttle gray. The dress Nic wears has some turquoise in it from the week before from the Color Challenge. So we slowly go from one colour in the other. Aren't they gorgeous? After relaxing in the watermill in streetwear, Nic changed her clothings. She wears her gown. Tjip later on joins. Nic wears the groupggift from Azul. Gray... but is it shuttle gray? Hmmm ..i am not sure. Tjips shows her groupgift dress from Morea. Not shuttle gray, but dark gray and a touch of royal purple from 2 weeks ago at the ColorChallenge.. Tjip is so sexy with her leg coming through.
And as we say for a shuttle.......: " they are ready for take off "

Yes i know these gowns you couldn't already see on many blogs. But i couldn't withstand to make some pictures to show you the beauty of them.

Dress Nic: Azul - -AZUL- GroupGift201204#1 (free)
Dress Tjip:  Morea Style - EXCLUSIVE GIFT APRIL MEMBERS *EXOTICA*( free)
Tjip in gray on the chair: see the post before this one.
From inventory and posted before: Hair Nic - LeLutka

Have a spacey weekend, Nic

Saturday, April 21, 2012

it started with the hat

Nic found this oversized free sunhat. And then her imagination went high. Dragged her suitcase from her inventory. And in her casual clothings (she weared them already in other posts ) went off to find an airplane to fly her to her sl friend in Ukrain. Hmmm.. but it were just war airplanes, bombers and heli's she found. Finally she came at an aircraft carrier. First had a stop-over at a beautiful place. And as you can see she arrived in Ukrain :) father Lenin was welcoming her. Like on the big square in Kharkov were Nics friend lives.
Americans a famous statue from your country already is on this blog see here

Sunhat: Sleeping Koala - Kawaii Fair 2012 - GIFT - [Sleeping Koala] ( free)
Travel Bag: TSL - *TSL* Mala de Viagem - Travel Bag ( free)

And uhmmm is she an undercouver agent? We will never know Gabi ;) bye bye  Nic

Friday, April 20, 2012

shuttle gray earlier

This post for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge is posted much earlier. It is because of the cute mesh bag with the elephant. This bag you can get on the WEAR GRAY MARKET.  The event closes in two days. And once it ends the elephant bag will not be sold. All payments for this bag goes to the American Association against Cerebral Tumors.

Because this weeks colour for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge is so dark Nic wanted to enlighten it with the yellow of a spring flower for Tjip. The girls both wear gray. Don't know if it is exactly shuttle gray but it was nice to show you Tjips new Kawai mesh sweater with the giraffe and the new boots from lucky board at S@bbia. Nic wears an old sweater from Ronsem ( posted before) and her new Mesh pants from Notsobad.The hair with hat is an old groupgift from Lelutka. I used it because of the good combination. The potted daffodil is just 1 ld at the Kawaii Fair.

Sweater Tjip: Anymore - *Anymore ZOO Sweater_giraffe_(MESH)
Boots Tjip: S@bbia - S@BBiA:Short Boots (mesh) black (free)
Bag:  BBBB-Never Forget Travel Bag  ( 100% will be donated)
Hair Tjip: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-BLYTHE hair/Dark Blonde
Jeans Nic: NOTsoBAD -  Not so bad.Mesh. MUNGO jeans grey
From inventrory: Sweater- Ronsem, Top - Calypso; Hair - LeLutka.
Potted Dafodil: Kawaii Market - 2012 - GIFT - Lolapop!( free)

Hope many can buy that bag for the charity event, Nic
P.S. on sunday i will make another shuttle grey post hehe