Saturday, November 30, 2013

where is my chauffeur?

Waiting for her chauffeur. She will go to a gala evening. And she decided to go in a striking gown. The new release from Kanou is her choice. Dressed to impress? All clothes in the shop are now prized 50ld, because of black friday. Even the new release!Grab this dress. You can get this dress in more color combinations. The hair is from Vanity. Bought it yesterday. The jewelry was in my inventory from Vendome Jewelry. A delicate and lovely set. Clutch from Overhigh and she is ready. But where is her chauffeur?

Gown: Kanou - Kanou Lua
Jewelry; Vendome Jewelry - ** VJ Riviera
Hair: Vanity - Vanity Hair: The Meadow-Light Browns

Bye bye, Nic

snow time

He likes to show his new  shoes and sweater. The jeans he weared in the last male post already.
The sweater is from the black market. Runs till december 4th 2013. A good mesh sweater in two shades of grey for just 10ld. And at the same cart you can find some more good male clothes.  The shoes are from The Dirty Turkey Hunt at Latreia. Nic already showed them. Search the hunt item on the board with the Wellingtons.
And now tjip goes to Amacci for the Black friday sale. May be he can buy a nice new hair style.

Sweater: Fab-Fae at the black market - ~FF~ 2 Shades of Grey  (10ld)
Jeans: 360 - [R]_360_Mens_Renegade_Denim_Jeans_(Light-Grey-Mesh)_[VIP] ( free)
Shoes: Latreia - Latreia-  Zodan TDTH ( free)
From inventory: Scarf - Gabriel; Hair - truth; Sunglasses - Kalnins.
Pictures taken at: Ariskea 
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, November 29, 2013

black friday shopping

Black friday in sl is with all kinds of sales. Nic is nearly ready for shopping. She first choosed her fur coat from Tres Beau from her inventory, but then took the Celtic Crimson coat from Tres Beau. It is the present for the POE 6 hunt. I already found this one. The real start from the hunt is on the first of december. You can get a nice hat for this dress from another hunt also a december hunt. The hair is from the black friday sale at Vanity. I don't know exactly anymore how much it was lowered in prize. But go and see. All hairs are discounted 20% or 40% or 50% except new releases.
And i have to confesss i feel a bit guilty. Soraya and Nic wanted together on the blog to show you this gorgeous dress that Soraya found. But she isn't online the whole weekend and i couldn't wait any longer. Sorry Maus. There are several beautiful colors available.

Some black fridays sales: elephant poses:  75% off for whole store even gatcha's; Liv- Glam everything 50% off except on going events; Amacci is having a Black Friday Sale starting now that will be running until Sunday December 1st. Products around the store are marked down to 50% off; The stores on the Port Seraphine sim are holding Black Friday sales throughout the weekend. Etc et. Shopping time !!!!

Hair: Vanity - Vanity Hair::Verity-blonds ( in black friday sale)
Dress: Saritha Gabardini - *SG* Bonnie dress ( 70ld)
Coat: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "Celtic Crimson" POE 2014 (free)
Fur coat: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "November" Sable
From inventory: Shoes - BSD; Bag- MG; Jewelry- VJ.

Bye bye, Nic

Dolphin Café

Two tops and two pairs of shoes Nic shows you. The location is Dolphin Café at Armenelos. On one of the beautiful sims of Calas Galadhon.The shoes are from Latreia for The Dirty Turkey hunt. The low shoes are the male shoes, but when you make them smaller it is a good shoe for women for wearing under pants. I love the males shoes very much. Search the hunt item near the wellies. The first sweater is the free Fantazi sweater dress. The best seller from that shop.  I bought it on marketplace. The second top is the new week's Grab-A-B!ASTA, which is on sale for 50 L$ from today until next Wednesday (Nov 28th to Nov 4th). It is sweet one but as review comment i would say that i like dresses more when those buttons are sculpted. The details are important for me.

Sweater dress: Fantaziala - Free~Fantazi ~Sweater dress ( free)
Second to: B!asta - [ B! ] :HOPEFULLY: Tube top with lace - Plum (Grab-A-B!ASTA)( 50ld - 1 week)
Shoes: Latreia - Latreia- Peggy and Zodan TDTH ( free)
From inventory: jeans - MoiMoi; hairs - both from Dura.
Pictures made at : Armenelos 

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

blue day

Nic shows you the NEW LOCATION gift from The second star. The second star is a cute small shop with nices clothes. Nic wears her gift with the Pixel Mode Tabi boots from Shoetopia. The hair with ear muff is a groupgift at Argrace.

Dress: second star - The Second Star NEW LOCATION gift
Hair - Argrace - *ARGRACE* Group Gift

Bye bye, Nic

early Christmas pictures

Soraya and Nic in the same dress. A dress good for Christmas. We had lost of trouble to make the pictures. First Soraya couldn't enter sl. Then she had so much lag and couldn't move. We managed to make pictures near the christmas tree. But when we tried to make picture near the fireplace the next problem appeared. The owner of the home arrived. We didn't know the home was from someone. He didn't explain but pushed us outside. But we had some pictures as you can see. pffff!!! Some pictures from Nic alone waiting for Soraya to get in sl.
We are happy to show you the christmas balls for the tree. The pose and balls you can get at the Christmas market. The hat i made myself with a hat that i had in my inventory from Designer Enchanted. May be you can write her to get this hat. It was a summer hat that she gave me long time ago. I recolored the hat.
The hair is from Iren at the Thrift shop

Dress: SUGAR - SUGAR Chained Mini Dress Boxed 9 black ( 10ld)
Red dress: SUGAR - SUGAR Chained  mini dress Boxed 8 red (10ld)
Pose and balls: Frosen -  Frozen Baubles Pose GIFT ( free)
Hair: Iren at the Thrift shop - [ iren ] Thrift Shop_MIXED
From inventory: Shoes Nic -  BSD; Hat - Designer Enchanted ( name of the designer)
Pictures made at: Holiday Village.

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 25, 2013

christmas market info

Nic in already in casual clothes for Christmas time.. very early isn't it?! It is because of the christmas market. The market started today.. Christmas Market - Christmas & Winter related event being held from the 25/11 till 24/12 in Atlantis City 2.  The sweater from NiNight creations you can find there. And all other kind of presents for Christmas day.
The bag is the just released groupgift from Gabriel. Super quality!

Sweater: NiNight Creations at Christmas market  - ..:: NN ::.. Mesh Women's Long Christmas Sleeve T-shirt 2
Skirt: Insatiable Fashions -[IF]  Rosalie skirt  silver lining. I recolored the skirt.( 1ld)
Scarf - [VG] - Ultimate Scarf Pack (20 Scarves) ( 10ld)
Bag: Gabriel -::GB::Allie Shoulder bag GROUPGIFT ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, November 24, 2013

three women at an exposition

Here you see Nic with Laura18 Streeter and Julia Schlesinger. I know Laura because she also did the color challenge from Luna Jubilee. Laura is busy in the management team of  LOOK Elite Models and Italian model & photographer.
She invited me to her exposition from photo's from  autumn leaves from rl and sl. The location of the expo is on the sim from Julia. I can  recommend you to go along and watch the beautiful pictures. Walk through all the rooms of the old building with stones and wood and enjoy. I loved some pictures very much, the ones with pictures of details. The expo will be there for 3 weeks.
 After watching we stood on the balcony enjoying the view. I couldn't withstand making pictures.
The dress from Laura and her shoes i liked very much. I asked her where she bought all. I loved the outfit from Julie too, but didn't dare to ask her.

Laura wears:
Shoes: Just Design - ExCess
Red leather dress: Ricielli - Ricielli Nana

Outfit Nic: See post before this one
Location of the Autumn leaves exposition: Mallory Cove

Bye bye, Nic

for the december feasts

December is coming. The month with feasts. Gold and red colors make you feel warm and glamorous in a cold month. This new released mini dress from Kanou immediately brought feast time in my mind. I combined it with the golden shoes from BSD. The necklace and earrings are in gold and peach. The clutch is from my inventory from Bare Rose.

Below a nice skin from 7 Deadly skins for the Jerkey Turkey Hunt  3. Find an orange feather.

Dress: Kanou - Kanou Xela Red
Shoes: BSD:  BSD at Shoefair - {{BSD supertopia Surreal }}
Necklace and earrings: Cazimi Designs - Cazimi - Innara gold and peach (1ld)
From inventory: Clutch - B@R; Hair - Chemistry
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -  Skin7 Deadly s{K}ins - TJTH3 Skin
Pictures made at Tempura

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, November 23, 2013

flea market

Tjip on the flea market and doing some shoppings. Heavu those bags. He wears a leather vest in camel from meshTheory. The november groupgift. There is group join fee. Under it the v-neck jumper with shirt a gift  from [ZD]. The pants and the shoes are from [R] 360. two groupgifts. They are both from very good quality. .The loose tie is from ::K:: in the c'est la vie shop. You get this tie when you subscribe for info about the ::K:: items.

Vest: meshTheory -[mT] Men's Leather Vest -GG ( free/ but group join fee)
Jumper and shirt: [ZD] - sharp by [ZD] MESH V-NECK JUMPER with Shirt *GROUPGIFT*(1ld)
Jeans: 360 - [R]_360_Mens_Renegade_Denim_Jeans_(Light-Grey-Mesh)_[VIP] ( free)
Shoes: 360 - [R]_360_Men's_Outlaw_Boots_Box_(Mesh-Rusty)_[VIP] ( free)
Tie: ::K:: - ::K:: Accent Tie  Welcome Gift ( free)
From invnetory: Sunglasses - Klanins; Hair - Truth
Pictures made at: Caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, November 22, 2013

going dutch

Wintertime at Chateau de La Lutiniere. Lots of bags to show you. Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel, made by Kake Broek. He is from Belgium and he is funny and creative. I show you the Hula Hoop bag, the lego bag and the cow bag. Watch the white cow bag with the stitches. Click the picture to enlarge and see better. He sells the Hula Hoop and the Lego bag in the castle of Versaille on two vendors.Take the teleporter to the 18th century shop. For the cow bags you have to write him and ask for it. The little retro shoulder bag with ribbon is a groupgift at the Retro main store. Thanks Kake.
My dress is the november groupgift from Linealrise Design. Love the back side of the dress and the texture and color. The hair is from Dura. Relatively new. There is another new hair at Dura. I show you that one later.
When i was busy making pictures for this post. Kake sended me a special the Chanel Gouda bag, ( because i am dutch). So cute and funny. Inspired by the Gouda cheese. He even put the ribbon with the dutch flag around the bag. And see my earring it is a label that they do in the cow ear to registrate the cow. See below

Dress: Linealrise Design - LRD Female Group gift November 2013 ( free)
Retro ribbon bag: Retro - Retro' - My mini ribbon bag GROUP GIFT ( free)
Huge bag: Kake  Broek - Hula Hoop Bag Coco Chanel Kake Broekerfeld
Lego bag: Kake Broek - Lego Clutch Handbag Coco Chanel Kake Broekerfeld
Cow bag: Kake Broek - Chanel Das Kalb Broekerfeld Handtasche bonus ( ask the designer)
Cheese bag: Kake Broek - Chanel Gouda bag(ask the designer)
Hair: Dura  - *Dura-Girl*50(Dark Brown)
Bye bye, Nic