Saturday, June 30, 2012

cadmium red

These are the pictures for cadmium red for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge. When i saw this classic bathing suit i knew it had to be this one on my pictures. But..but..but.. then a poor little rusty robot from the Color Challenges asked Nic if it was possible to come and stroke Nic's rusty wings. And ofcourse it was okay. A new serie of pictures was born.
The sad and lonely roboter in the box was visited by the fledermaus, now in cadmium red.

Nic got a warm welcome and the robot caressed her wings as  she liked to do so much.
And they spend a good time together sitting in the box, making a film and making pictures.
A sweet hug at the end :) Thanks Mayala Loon süsse Roboter, i loved to do this together.

You can get the classic bathing suit in many colours patterned or plain. The wings i recoloured. See the real colour in the post of last week from the ColorChallenge

Bathsuit: Laqroki - LAQ ~ Classic Bathing Suit - Red Patterned
Poses first serie pictures: Di's Opera - Di's Opera Express Line2 nr. 3,7 and 9
Wings: Damascus Lavarock - Succubus Starter Kit
Hair: Tameless - Tameless Hair Cat - Black and White
Tulle skirt: chocolat atelier -  ::c.A.:: Tulle skirt Black
From inventory: Boots - Maitreya; Nails and bracelet - Mandala; Earring - Eluzion;Lashes - Blacklace

Watch that super cute  film that Mayala made for her blogpost this week.
Bye bye , Nic

hello world - hello fantasy

This beautiful place is around the Hello World shop. Got a skin there with blue eye-makeup at the lucky board. You need join the Blue Film group. Board in the shop. In the Hello World shop there is also a lucky board with a dress from the ARice group. From another lucky board at chocolat atelier i got this sweet lace lingerie set. Looking through the lace makes it so sexy. It has a girly sphere in my opinion. And yesterday i saw the lucky board at Le Poppycock. Nice flip flops are in the lucky board. But i wanted flipflops with a blue tone because of the blue sphere of my picture. So i went back there to buy the fat-pack ( just 50ld ) filled with many super cute sandals. Don't forget to join the group for a nice groupgift ( a bag)

Lingerie: Chocolat atelier - ::c.A.:: Lucia "Blue" ( free)
Flip flops: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *Flip Flops* Super Pack! ( 50ld) (some free LB)
Skin: Blue Film - (LB)[BF-Skin]001
From Inventory: hair  Truth ( Gianna)

Hope you like this post Emi, ;), bye bye Nic

Friday, June 29, 2012

Artemis or Diana or Artume?

The goddess of the hunt in the long dress with shoes ( with hud) from Alb Dream Fashion, a groupgift from the Lamu group again!!! . Her favorite weapons are bows and arrows. Also, she is often depicted with a deer, an animal that is very dear to her. An important feature of the goddess is that she always wants to remain a virgin, she was the guardian of chastity. She is the mistress of the virgin forests and wild animals.
Many pictures because it was so much fun to make shoots.

Dress: ALB CARIBA gown wearable DEMO - MESH by AnaLee Balut ( go to info and notices of the LAMU group) ( free)
Bow: Alika Sao- Bow of the cobra ( from inventory)
Hair: Tameless: Tameless Hair Cat - Blacks and Whites
Earring: Eluzion - ELUZION * Alondra Earrings ( 5ld)

transparent in the evening

[04:07] Irischka Hotshot: for those that don't get messages lol.. ( like me :/)
Hello Sweets.. new items at iren+ groupgift. This im is what i just got. i am in the IREN group ( cost a little bit) and i did run to the shop to get it and show you. It is not on the wall with the groupgifts but another wall, look for a pink vendor.
This dress is so cute and elegant. Super for dancing in the evening. Love  the simplicity of it. And transparent is so sexy.

Dress: Iren - [Iren] Transparent dress-Groupgift ( free, fee group join)
For hair and Earring see the other post from today.

Have fun and run, Nic

Thursday, June 28, 2012

count down till 27th july

Yesterday in London was a lightshow near the Tower Bridge. A  set of Giant Olympic Rings has been unveiled on London's Tower Bridge to mark exactly one month to go untill the Olympic Games.
Tjip was just visiting London for business. Showing you his attache case. His suit is from Vero Modero. In that shop upstairs is a 75 linden part. Searching for a suit, because he needed it for his trip, he came there and found this nice one. He likes dark shirts so the decision to buy this set was easy.

Suit: Vero Modero - VERO MODERO / Male Suit 2 ( 75ld)
Attache case: Bad At Croquet - Bad At Croquet_EXECUTIVE_Attache case with HOLD animation

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

summer shopper

This summer shopper is the new groupgift at Needful Things. Group join is not free, but i can recommend this one, when you love cute accessories.
The dress is a groupgift from Blueberry Store. And Nic loves to wear her motor jacket from Chronokit. Gloves and oversized watch and jeans are from Calypso Giano ( see on marketplace sl).
And those super boots make it all complete. See the other post from this day for information about them.

Bag: Needful things - ::Leo-NT:: Summer Shopper ( free/ group join not free)
Jacket: Chronokit - *chronokit* Motorcycle Jacket
Dress: Blueberry - Blueberry Berry *Mesh* Denim Dress in Rose Group Gift ( free)
From inventory: i phone- *GA* Phone addict Girl AO; Boots - Maitreya; Hair - Tameless

Kisses, Nic


This feminine vintage summer dress is in the TOSL hunt package from Alexohol.
Today Maitreya released the well-known mesh Radical boots in suede. This is what they write:
We have had many requests for the Radical boots in more colors. Since it was our initial plan to make them in suede textures, we thought it would be a nice idea to make the new colors in an entirely new, suede texture.There are 15 colors in suede and 5 mini-packs with 3 colors to choose from.
For the Maitreys V.I.P. group members there is also a special priced color: Chamoisee, with discount of 70%.This group special will be available for one month only!

Here i show you the shagger dress from the TOSL hunt package at Alexohol. Also is a pink corset included and a bermuda for men.

Dresses: Alexohol - >>Alexohol: Taste of SL 2nd Bday Hunt Prezzies << ( free)
Boots: Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh Radical Boots * Suede Chamoisee (70% discount)
Hair: Tameless - #43 SMYSH - Tameless
From inventory: Chucks - In Her Shoes; legging- Dirty World old hunt gift; Squirrel - d-Lab

Have summertime fun, Nic

midday nap

This bench was made for relaxing! Nic just got her denim zipper dress from TOSL hunt at Sleeping Koala. Look on the backside of a chair outside for the tiny bag from the TOSL hunt.I combined all with denim stuff from my inventory. The bag is a free groupgift at Bella's Lullaby

Dress: Sleeping Koala - [Sleeping Koala] - Denim Flower Zipper Dress [Mesh] - TOSL Gift ( free)
Chuckss: In her Shoes- [IHS]Sneakers Dirty Denim ( free)
Bag: Bella's Lullaby - BL Gift - Mini Mouse handbags ( free)
From inventory: Shawl - Izzie's, Hair- D!va

Kisses, Nic

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

for Soraya

Soraya loves this cheetah dress from PurpleMoon so much. But something is wrong with her mesh viewer. Untill now she used the old viewer and because of all the nice clothings in mesh she wanted to change. Hope i can help you this evening Maus. And then we go shop and shop as we did before. Much more fun to do it together. Always love your ideas.
The hair has more colouroptions. Click the hair and a menu pops up with 4 colours.

Dress: PurpleMoon Creations - :: PM :: Cheetah Dress MESH Group Gift- ( free)
Wedges: DSC - *DSC* Wedges -Natural Leopard Print ( 1ld)
Hair: Tameless - #43 SMYSH - Tameless ( free)
From inventory: Bag Barcelona in black -Fishy Strawberry; Sunglasses - Chandelle

inside the lotus train

Nic in the Lotus train at Second Life 9Birthday Event 2012 ( ends- 27 june at 11.59 pm SLT). Met this mom and her child( so cute).
[21:37] Alice Monaron: be polite and just say "scuse me miss"

[21:37] Alice Monaron: now that u said that, just try and walk past if u can
[21:37] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): thanks
[21:37] Alice Monaron: this is a bit cramped but thats how trains are i hear

[21:39] Alice Monaron: lesly can u see out the window
[21:39] Alice Monaron: on your left
[21:39] Alice Monaron: what can u see?
[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): whoa!
[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): what is that?
[21:39] Alice Monaron: see the giant lilly pad things?

[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge) nods
[21:39] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): oh wow!!!!!
[21:40] Alice Monaron: pretty cool hu!, we're really high up!

(*outside you see a giant lotus and in the water all water lillies : note Nic*)

[21:42] Alice Monaron: oh there was this really cool restaurant i remember as a child we would go to some times, the whole place was made up of tons of old train cars. i was really little at the time so dont remember much but i remember it being really cool!
[21:43] Lesly-Star Monaron (leslystarbridge): really?!
[21:43] Alice Monaron: yeah! and i think you ordered your food on a phone! not like a cell phone, this was before cell phones even existed, but on a old chorded phone next ot your table on the wall

Pants: **SHINE** - **SHINE** Mesh Patiala Pants Group Gift ( free)
Top: Sassy - ~Sassy!~ Casual Chic top and leggings - Depraved Summer Love (hunt item, free)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Sayaka2" (Type A)(Black amber) ( collabor88)
Squirrel:  d-lab - d-lab-Squirrel-GRAY Shoulder GG-ve ( in info/ notices from d-lab group , free)
also there a shark bread )) free
Suitcase: Bad At Croquet - Bad At Croquet_Vintage Leather Suitcase w/hold animation ( old hunt item / but you can buy it in the shop)
Armband and ring :Ruru@Pino - Ruru@Pino [Morpho (Dark)]item camp 10 minutes ( free)
Sandals in train: Birkenstock sandals - Ordinary ( not in shop anymore/was lucky toilette item some time ago)
But these on picture below -[mdrm]wa sandal you can find on the gravis beach summer festa ( see post before) for free.

Have fun, Nic

blue blue blue

Sounds Gravis Beach Summer Festa 2012 is running at the moment (15th june -30th june). So still some days to grab all the presents. Nic's skin, dress, bag, her silly earthworm and the cute beachsandals are from there. Love those sandals! On the festa is many stuff in blue, in spring it was in green.
Nic's earrings are from Eluzion The skin comes in 2 versions: with and without teeth. On the festa you can also get a pale blueish skin with blue make-up with stars from SkinIISkin free.

Skin: .::Mother Goose's at sounds gravis festa::. - .::Mother Goose's::.Cookie-SGB Mall event ( 1ld)
Dress: Naminoke -  *N*_AJIAN DRESS TURQUOISE for sgb gift (free)
Beach sandal: [mdrm] - l[mdrm]beach sandal ( free)
Earthworm: K_gs - K_gs Earthworm-Blue (free)
EARRINGS: ELUZION - *ELUZION * Lizza Earrings LIMITED Skyblue ( was 5ld - removed already new one in white)
From inventory: Hair - D!va Sayaka2 ( at collabor88)

Have fun, Nic