Friday, April 30, 2010


Thanks to Tara for telling me about this full avatar freebie at Adora Shapes & Skin called Submissive Ice.  It comes with the dress, skin, lashes, eye, accessories and shape (not worn).  The hair is also from Adora, and it appears all the hair there is currently 1L.
Some more goodies I found around Adora as well: 
AE  Brown Eyed Shirt-Blue (free gift)
Adora's Flower Jewelry Set (free gift)
Adora's Ass Kickers Boots (lucky chair)

I'm Such a Poser!

3 great freebie pose presents I got this week.....
EmJay: Smell The Flowers Pose Set (comes with flower and three poses) - Subscribo
GLITTERATI: Piano - FREEBIE VERSION (also available in for sale version with more poses)
BehaviorBody: StairPoseProp

Luck inc. newness :D

Hi all! Luck inc has some new items at their store. The open buttoned dress and the open buttoned tops. They are both very sexy and they come in 2 options. You could either wear them pulled (as shown in the last pic) or normal. I actually like the normal look more because I don't usually wear pulled shirts.. but it's up to you! :) The dress comes in 15 colors and the tops come in 15 colors as well. All the colors are just awesome and there's no favorite color, at least for me :P What I love the most about the dress is the prim skirt, superb. It's not even showing so you won't have to bother adjusting the color and stuff. That's something I love, love and adore about luck inc.'s prims! :D Check the pics out!

~The open buttoned shirt worn in pastel blue and white.

~The open buttoned shirt worn in lilac and taupe.

~The open buttoned dress worn in black and camel.

~And finally the open buttoned dress worn in eggplant and dark pastel red.

Landmark to Luck inc.

I'm off to haz some burgers! :D

New store --> insignia! :D

Hi all! [insignia] is a new store to me and I already fell in love with their items! Very detailed with beautiful highlights. I really enjoy a good piece of clothing, it makes me very happy to try them! The textures on this corset are just stunning. Many different colors that will make it easy for you to mix and match. You should fatpack these!

~These corsets are so cute! Very colorful :)

~I love these colors! Very well made. =)

Landmark to [insignia]

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mashooka Hunt!

This is a super easy hunt for beautiful indian and western wear to celebrate Mashooka's 3 year anniversary.  Little gold boxes scattered throughout the sim.  Hurry!  This is only going on until Sunday - limo to Mashooka.
All clothing and jewelry from Mashooka
Hair is the new release from Cassidy.2 (I've not taken it off since I got it! - not free)
Skin is the group gift from Dutch Touch SjOrS:: Caramel (group currently free to join)
with Cheap Makeup Eyeshadow in Blackpeach (not free).

Hyper Culture latest high waist skirts!! \o/

Hi all! Hyper culture's previous release is this pack with pretty high waist skirts. I wasn't able to blog these because as I said in the previous post, I was too busy!

There are many colors to choose from and they come in all layers! It's a must have to complete your cutesy look! As usual, the textures and shadings are stunning. The owner added some secret recipe of strawberry cupcakes which made it all adorable! ^^ If I am able to fatpack these once again, I would do it 10 times! It's just adorableness+loveliness. I love pretty bright colors and flowers. This would look perfect with the new tights as well. So it's all about mixing and matching until you get the cutesy look :) The pictures say it all!

I'm showing 6 colors here only, but remember... there are many colors! :D


Dominos Pizza and Glam Affair! =D

Hii all! I've been super busy this week. University, housework, tests. Bleh. But thank god tomorrow is weekend! yay! And I just can't get enough of these yummy pizzas. =X. Anyways, Have fun!

~I'm sure you have seen this on the feeds some weeks ago or so. And I admit, I'm the one late in blogging it. But as you all know my internet wasn't working for almost a week so that's another reason. Anyways! Glam affair's latest collection [ELEMENT] is love! I'm obsessed with black and with these new outfits I have an excuse to wear black! I love how every outfit is different than the other. All very fashionable and sexy. In my opinion, some can be worn anytime. Some are too formal. So you could decide when to wear them! I'm in love with the butterfly pads on the shoulders. They fit perfectly and are very cute. Some outfits remind me of lady gaga, for some reason, lol. I love outfits that are detailed and with beautiful textures. And that's exactly what I love about these outfits. Great sculpties, stunning prims. Such a breathtaking collection!

I love them so much! They are 7 in total but I'm only showing 6. They're all very stunning! ♥ ♥ ♥


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nyte'N'Day Hunt!

NyteN'Day logos are hidden around the shop that will net you 3 complete outfits.  I only found 7 (I'm missing the stockings that go with the Prost Dress).  They are relatively easy to find (well except the one) but since the logo is on everything they are not obvious.  Taxi to Nyte'N'Day.
Veat Green: Shirt, Vest, Pants
Light Purple: Scarf, Tank and Skirt
Prost Teal Dress (minus the stockings - wah!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's new from Doppelganger? (=

Hi all! Doppelganger has some new releases that I'll be showing you today. Have fun!

~The Lana Swimsuit comes in 13 rich colors with some cupcakes so make it look cute. It comes with all layers so you're able to wear anything with it.

~The Greer Dress comes in 8 lovely colors and with 8 belts. I added some tights from Hyper culture. The dress comes in all layers as well.

~My favorite! The Amelia Romper comes in 7 colors with a cuff attachment to make it all look stunning. Awesome details and highlights like always. I'm really impressed by these new outfits. I've got many choices to mix and match them with. Really worth the visit to Doppelganger.

More to come soon! :)



the blog layout was all messed up, so i'm testing something :]

Urbanity new high waist skirts!

Hi all! Urbanity released some new high waist skirts in a camo and cow print. They're very adorable and with rich textures. Great to mix and match. One of my favorites!

~There are many colors to choose from. The skirt is just awesome. Sexy shadings and details. Definitely worth the visit.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday new hair!

Hi all! =) Now I'll show you the new hair by Have fun!!

| Cassidy.2 | Cassidy | in Happy Blond.

Landmark to

Terri.tees & [M2M]

Hi all! Now I'll show you some cuteness from terri.tees and [M2M]. Enjoy!

~terri.tees plain tees fatpack. 25L$ each. Don't forget to grab the freebies there too!

~[M2M]..::Polka Dress - New release. More colors available.

More to come soon ;)

Previous + Latest truth release!!

Hi all :) How was everybody's day? Well I'm so so so (x100) sorry for not blogging. But a disaster has occurred. The whole area where I live at didn't have internet connection. I was so pissed and super bored. But today the internet is back, so yay! I'm trying to cover all the items I have to blog. So I'll be quick ;)

| Giada | Kylie | Annie |

| Emmie | Annette | Tesa |

My favorite is Annette! It's super cute

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Turning to Page 3

Page 3 is a store I just discovered.  There is a great selection of a little bit of everything: clothes, shoes, eyes, sunglasses and these incredible prim nails.  They have a cool HUD you use to change the jewelry and polish and come in 3 sizes so you can find the ones that fit you best.  You would really only ever need this one set since you can change the polish so a bargain at 350L.
As for cheapies: there is this lace top freebie when you walk into the store and after looking around I found this super cute dark denim jean skirt for only 10L (other colors available were 100L - still very reasonable).
Taxi to Page 3!


While wandering SL today I found a nice promising new-to-me shop... Muhi is it called, named after creator Rui Muhindra I'm assuming, and it has not yet got a lot of stock. But what is available is so worth tping over for. All textures are hand drawn and sculpts originals, all of this of a very good quality. I laid my hands on the Effy Shorts Suit in Midnight Acqua immediately. The sculpts are a bit hard to adjust, I must admit, but some parts have a built-in resizing hud which is really helpfull. I tp'd my friend Dido over and she bought herself the Asymmetrical Bodysuit in Purple.

The boots Dido are wearing are G-Fields latest subscribo gift, as a teaser for the new release which comes in so many new colors...

Tomorrow is the day some of you have been anticipating for: Tuli will release her new skin Sayuri. Dido is wearing the recent groupgift and its stunning. I think Tuli has been very clever by creating a nice mix between Asian and caucasian influences, making the skin a perfect melting pot. I have never before in SL been inclined to wear a skin which is nothing like my RL self for such a long time.

Kus Nere

Styling credits:

On Dido:
Skin: Tuli - groupgift Sayuri (tone 2 freckles)
Hair: MrS Hot - Matte brown medium length
Outfit: Muhi - Asymmetrical Bodysuit (Purple)
Boots: G-Field - Short Lace-Up Boots (lavender)

On Nere:
Skin: Tuli - Sayuri (tone 1, make up 5b)
Hair: Fri. - Yelena2 (sensitive black)
Outfit: Muhi - Effy Shorts Suit (Midnight Acqua)
Shoes: Fri. - Dream.Booties (black)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Tulip Hunt!

This made me nostalgic of the Pretzel Hunt.  Again, German designers showing off their stuff.  This is a pretty large hunt (100 shops) but relatively easy even without hints, as the shop owners all make excellent use of the hunt paths.  You can read more about the hunt here.  Still time to get it all done as it runs until May 2nd.  I am only showing you a fraction of the wonderful things I got (clothing actually comprises only a very small portion of this hunt, however, being a fashionista I felt compelled to show it off).  Happy Hunting!
TrendStyle: Naughty Dress in red
A/P Creations:  Shirt, Pants, Tie (also comes with shoes)
SLC: Nora Black Top and Pants
SexIna Dirty Fashion: Just Dirty tank and jeans
Badoura Design: Lale dress purple
LeeL: Tuliphunt Tuelpchen
Rihanna: Marcia Satindress (my absolute favorite of this hunt.  I got several compliments right after wearing it.  I can't wait to go back and check out the store some more.
Intimate You: Tulip Hunt Dress (comes with shoes)

Gerri Fashion: Elbusy Pants and Jacket
vitage: Sea Breeze Dress
LaRosa: Jacket, jeans and boots
Mondira & Viviane Fashion: Tulip Hunt Dress, Scarf and Shoes

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How's that for a Segway!

I've been working on the Tulip Hunt (hope to have that posted later in the week).  One of the things I love about hunts is exploring places I've never been.  One of the stops is the Guti Amusement Park.  I was compelled to put tulips on hold after this Simcrosser Scooter (that's SL for Segway) caught my eye.  I found the creators shop and it was for sale for a mere 5L (yay)!  Color changeable too (even though I think the pink looks rather red).  You can have one of your very own from Karyn's Motorcycle Supply.  Have fun!
Me on my sweet ride!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DYN Partytime Hunt!

Starting today, and ending on the 30th April, DYN Clothing is having a Partytime Mini Hunt. 9 balloons hidden hidden around the shop.  Easy breezy to find.  Limo ride to DYN Clothing.
Kirsten Dress

Revilo Jeans Turnups
Freya Top - LILAC Sequins

Denim 2010 Hotpants
Black Jess Shirt

Black denim mini skirt
Emma Tops -Sequin Silver

Sequined Cropped Jeans - Teal
Lyla Shirt - Blue (This is actually the Panda Hunt Gift but pretty easy to find when your looking anyways.  There are a couple of other hunt prizes in the shop as well, blogged previously).

Zombie Popcorn Hunt!

Lots of great stuff if you like Zombies or Popcorn (or neither actually).  You can read more about the hunt here.  It's only running until May 2nd and there are 80 or so shops. The loot:
MADesigns Hair: EUDORA ~ Copper rust
The Plastik: Zombie-Femme-Stage Two Skin with [Plastik]-BRAINS Collection-Gasoline Eyes
!Imabee: Vivian Came Back To Life Skin with Body By Rae: Eyes 21
DeeTaleZ: brown II eyes with Skin April blonde smokey eyes 2 light
Glam Affair: Sofia skin with MADesigns PROMISE eyes - brown pale

NSD: ChompChomp Zombie shirt with Soap: Knurd Pink Pants (other colors also)
Posh: Zombielicious Midnight Hair w/ Hat
LeeZu!: ZuZu Monokini 
LP Design: ZombiePopcorn Leggings
caLLie cLine: glitter tank
Ducknipple: Smug Boots

Holli Pocket: Skull kini with Exile: Sadie/Blonde frost hair
Slutcookie: Zombie Killah ; jean skirt and cutoff shirt
LP Design: Denim skirt with Bliss Couture: Rodina Bodice

Pig: Classy Crochetted Bikini
Torque: Cake Long Shirt Pink
PIDIDDLE: Kelsey's Mini - Emerald 
KIM: Shucola Dress (also includes gown attachment)

Boingo: Soft Bikini Violet
ABomb: Zombie Popcorn Dress
Amacci: Hair Melinda ~Black Coal
Sand Shack Surf Co: Candy Box Tee
DeeTaleZ: loose shorts jeans
Acid & Mala Creations: Long Tank with Zombie Blood

Opa's Boutique:  Bethany Sunflower Dress
PESTO: LazyTankDress CamoFire with IrEn: Angel Hair
[ III ]: r&b. Zombie Pop Rock Dress 

AXE: Popcorn leggins and top with TART: mini mini - black 
paper.doll: PeekBackMini-Striped
Berries Inc.: dress pearl with Berries Inc.: hair MARIA sand

doll. poses: My Pet Horse Toby
Baffle!: Sweet Leaf 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pigs & Beans

Two things that make me very happy:

First theres a skingift in the group notices from &Bean, second there's a 50% sale on everything at Pig. I scored the vest shown above... Looking spiffy ain't I?

Kus Nere newww!!!

Hi all! Been a super busy week for me and I didn't have a chance to blog these. And bad news :/ My fish died today!!! I was crying on them. Came back home and saw it floating. Hard moment. I'll miss you cupcakes. :( And tomorrow (Friday) is my uncle's wedding! So let this be quick! =D

~The reverie dress is a really cute dress. It comes with multiple layers and with a belt, tie and an option to wear a shirt or without. I really like this dress, lovely and appealing. The tights are also from the new release.

~The skirt is also pretty. I've been wearing it for some days now. I always wanted a skirt like this in SL, because I own the white and black one in RL! Great fitting and you could even resize it if it was small. Superb textures as always. The tights worn are from the new release as well.

~The stunning tank that comes in many colors is adorableness. Very pretty and lovely shading. It's great to mix and match it with the new release's items. Even with your own clothes.

~My favorite!! This awesome jacket is splendid. I never knew there were jackets like these in SL!! I was very happy to know made ones now. I'm definitely going to wear these everyday! Comes in many colors so you can find your color for sure.

~Here I'm showing a full outfit and everything is from (the skin and the hair isn't though :P) The jacket, shirt, skirt, and tights are from the latest release. While the boots are from the previous release. I love so freaking much!

Get down to and spend some lindens on these awesomeness.

Have a nice day!