Friday, November 27, 2009

Free eyes and skin

I am a big fan of Poetic Color eyes. Seriously, after the first time wearing them I never had any other eyes again. Lano Ling makes the best eyes in SL. Period. And he has a new freebie! Yay, these christmas fairy eyes are free instore. Also a darker version for the more mystic amidst us.

The skin I'm wearing is from HeartSick and has been blogged a lot so far, I just thought I'd give you my two cents... I like it a lot, the freckles are really well done and the lips are pouty and cute. There's also a version without freckles and it comes in several skintones. Also free instore.

I'll be back this weekend with more posts!

Kus Nere

Kenzie & Co.

Kenzie currently has a freebie bag at the shop that is absolutely crammed with the most wonderful things! I'm showing a very small sampling of what you get. Head over to Kenzie & Co. and grab the bag on the counter.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vive9 Free Skins!

A bag with skins on each side of the desk as you enter. Soooo many fabulous free skins lately. Makes me wish I had more then one face! Another freebie bag there as well with hair and glasses. Taxi here to Vive9.
Grace [caramel] Kawaii 1
Grace v2 [caramel] Outspoken (Love the beauty mark on this one!)

E! - Eclectic Accessories

E! Is a shop I first came across last month. The neat thing about it (other then the clothes) is everything is available in either copy or transfer versions and is the same price for each. This shop is extremely reasonably priced too - I was not able to find anything in the shop for over 100L. Also, some great men's items, which with being able to transfer is awesome for gifting to your fella. Thanks so much to Eclectic Wingtips for dropping some goodies on me to show you the awesomeness. Head here to E! - Eclectic Accessories.
Marcus Top (Teal) with Frankie Pants (Grey)
Marie Dress (Blue)
Petal Top (Gold) with Mixed Mini Skirt (Olive)
Grandma's Cardi (Purple) - My very favorite!! Love love love cardigans! with Nadene Shorts (Pink)
Elle Top (Red) with Mixed Mini Skirt (Black)

Djinn & Tonic!

Djinn & Tonic has opened it's new shop. To celebrate - they have an absolutely beautiful skin out for free. They had a "join the group win a free skin" this past week and I was one of the very lucky ones chosen to win. It was so very hard to choose from so many I wanted though! The group is now $250L to join, but I'm keeping it as one of my coveted group slots since the owner, Babyhoney Bailey, told me she will be giving out group gifts once every week or two to everyone that joins. Find the new shop here Djinn & Tonic.
MUA : Gift Skin, Natural Tone
My skin of choice - MUA : Hazel, Brunette. Thanks Gin!

Very temping assortment of clothing in the shop as well. Far be if from me to not buy something as well. Wearing Tweedheart (Kohl) slacks with V [Black/Haute] top. The clothing is all reasonably priced as well.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toastyville Bake Sale!

Running now. Lots of goodies, cheapies and freebies here to snatch up at Toastyville Mobile Home Park. Tables set up in the middle as well as stuff in the surrounding shops. My thanks to Sileny for the the lovely skins which are all in the sale from 1L to 10L.
Abnormal Ms: Homeless skirt & top Freebie
Abnormal Ms: Tropical Dream Freebie

TazzMania: Oopsie Cream Freebie

Mango!: Hello Matte Skin (I'm a sucker for skins with beauty marks)

Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Drowning Again!

My friend Ruby has opened up her shop again, Drown. She's got some awesome stuff and great freebies. Go check it out here at Drown. The pose is one of many freebies I got from Glitterati, which is celebrating the opening of it's new sim with a hunt for disco balls.
On me (left): LaLa Pink Top (50L) , Pink Argyle Fishnet Socks (150L for the pack)
On Mel (middle): Star Dress - Freebie
On Mya (right): Green Freebie

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shoe Fair 2009

Not much has gotten me too excited in SL lately but Shoe Fair did it! Here's the blog about it. I love, love, love (love) shoes. RL (I have hundreds of pairs - really!) and SL (I have hundreds of pairs - really!!). Shoes have come a very very long way since I started the game back long time ago. The introduction of sculpties has definitely made the biggest (and best) impact. Shoes and hair are my two main passions for shopping in SL. Pretty much as long as those keep getting better (and they do) I'll keep buying. Don't plan on this fair looking for freebies however, there are none. All the very best in the biz showing their best work as well as some exclusives. Also, a good cause involved. Many of the sales of certain shoes (and some whole shops - nice job) are donating proceeds towards the Marine's Toys for Tots. Find 2009 SL Footwear Expo here and here are pics of the ones I just couldn't help but buy:

Sakka's Studio: Lace Up Boots in brown $200L

Maitreya Gold: Shanti in Snow Leopard. Special Edition all proceeds goto Toys for Tots. $975L

Maitreya Gold: Esprit in brown $975L (this is the pair I could not live without and my indulgence!)

Pixel Mode: Bunny Slippers. Fair exclusives $300L (so cute!)

GFeld: Ribbon Slingbacks. I got the Gold & Silver Pack (all proceeds to Toys for Tots) comes with the shoes in Silver as shown and the same pair in gold. $240L


Katze is a shop that I had not been to before and found as they are currently running a hunt. The hunt consists of some finding "poison" bottles that have some great poses in them. Also there is a group gift of a pose step ladder in addition to some really reasonable priced poses. You can look for the bottles and find all the rest at Katze. Also worth mentioning is the dress I have on is the current group gift from Kunglers. If you are not in this group, there is a small fee to join I believe but the she has really nice clothing gifts that include accessories every month. Worth one of your slots!

One of the poses from the hunt

Pose step ladder is free for joining the group.
Very reasonable priced poses (most appeared to be 25L) I bought a bunch!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Hair and Stuff!

My two favorite words put together - Free and Hair! 3636 currently has a bunch of freebies under the tree: hair, shoes and jewelry. Can find here at 3636.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Limited time free shoeeeeeeeees

I couldn't go to bed without sharing these two awesome freebies from today:

ByKay has opened a new shoe department two days ago and in celebration of that is giving out a free pair of their new shoe line MaryBelle *Mist*. It's a nicely detailed pair of sandal heels with prim feet. Comes with a hud to get the right skintone. Tp here now, because they will only be available until November 19th, 2pm.

The hair is also free from Alli&Ali Designs, join group and touch vendor here.

Night everyone :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Alli&Ali - Darla Hair (lightblonde)
Skin: Exodi - Lily Dove (La Muera)
Shirt: Crazy Clothes - Sequins Top (silver)
Skirt: Armidi Gisaci - Spanish Cuadro (black) part from outfit
Pumps: ByKay - MaryBelle (mist)


There's a storm raging through my little country, strong winds and a nasty drizzle have been pestering us all day. Mostly I like the natural force, but preferably when I'm warm and cozy inside my house. Not when I'm blown off my bike on the way to work... Anyway, I decided to dress warmly in SL as a result... funny how that works.

I'm sure most of you must have heard about the new group What's New SL and the enormous amount of gifts in the notices. One of the gifts was by Prelude, a store I've never been before. I was pleasantly surprised; it's a small store with some really cute items, well crafted. Among some other things I picked up this olive high collard sweater, in the next picture you can see the cute buttons on the collar.

I found this cute jacket at CoL a while ago but never really knew what to wear with it. The collar is really amazing and a true eyecatcher and I'm happy it didn't need much adjusting. To complete the outfit I added Malt Willow pants.

Here's a close up of the skin I'm wearing, its by Beauty Avatar and a free gift in the notices. I really like the course Beauty Avatar is going, I like their skins better and better. Especially the cheekbones and lips I find nice on this face, rather strong yet sensual. I had preferred it if there had been a little more details on the skins, such as a hint of freckles, it's still a bit too flawless for me.

Above I'm wearing the Prelude Autumn shirt in Red. The textures are very nice and I love the little print on the front. This shirt is a freebie in store and a uni black version was the gift in the What's New SL group. You will find very reasonably priced wellcrafted items at Prelude and even a few other gifts too. I'm going to keep an eye on this store, hope you will too...

Kus Nere

Style credits

Pic #1&2
Hair: Lamb - Say (twix)
Skin: Beauty Avatar - ZETA SKIN (new skin releases gift)
Jacket: CoL - Naomie barley (part of outfit)
Sweater: Prelude - High Collar Sweater (olive)
Pants: Malt Fashions - Willow Pants (straw)
Pumps: Maitreya - Mishima Dawn (leather brown)

Pic #3
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth - Girl Next Door / Mrs. Mittens
Skin: Beauty Avatar - ZETA SKIN (new skin releases gift)
Jewelry: LeeZu - BohemeMia necklace and earrings
Shirt: Prelude - Autum shirt (red)
Pants: Coco - CroppedPants (black)
Pumps: Polina Kaestner - Suede Peep Toe (rouge)

Freebie Skins!

Two quick beautiful freebie skins to grab. My earrings (which come with a matching necklace) are the current subscribo gift from LeeZu - subscribe and then check history.
Lara Skins: Mikaela

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fab.Pony Dollarbie!

I've been a bit remiss in blogging lately so just have a quicky now to get myself back in the habit. In case I didn't love this store enough already - there is now a tintable dress out for 1L. Available at the main store Fab.Pony - wearing with my very favorite leggings of all time from Fab.Pony (a gift from a past hunt). The hair I'm wearing is the current group gift from noju - love it! Thanks to Teshan for the "heads up" on that one. She's the shizzle of freebie finds and has a blog you can check out here.
Tintable - I love it!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ibizarre Bolero

Anyusha Lilienthal from Ibizarre keeps improving herself on her sculptwork. I really like this new Bolero Jacket, it goes very nice with a minidress like the Calla dress from Crazy. If you haven't been to Ibizarre in a while, you should really take a look, because Anyusha has been on a roll and there are a lot of new releases at her mainstore. A lot of basics but also pieces that really make you stand out from the crowd.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: - Tatum (dramatic red)
Skin: League - Misty medium (Deep Smoke)
Bolero: Ibizarre - Bolero Jacket
Dress: Crazy Clothes - Calla dress
Skirt: Armidi Gisaci - Sunset boulevard dress (black)
Boots: Aoharu - LongPythonGladiator (black)
Necklace: KessKreations - Samara Pink Pearl Necklace

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cupcakes Hunt!

Looking in the new shop and spread over the new sim for Daydream skin in all tones (Nere advised me this was the best skin!) and some cute tops as well as a few bra and undie sets. The boxes are fairly easy to find (I found 27 not sure how many there are) - and you can start looking here at Cupcakes Main Store.
Ruffly One Shoulder Top with Daydream in Honey
Lacy Halter Top with Daydream in Wheat
Sweater Tank with Daydream in Nutmeg Rasberry


The Plastik released Tomboy Tees and I'm thinking they are very cool... Not very chatty today so... :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:

Hair: Maitreya - Jade (autumn)
Skin: Lara Skins - Aida
Shirt: The Plastik - Boosh
Undershirt: !Ohmai - HighRise Tank (navy)
Jeans: League - Ripped78s (D.Warm blue)
Belt: Mezzo
Shoes: Hoorenbeek - SL Balance (grey/blue)

Hair: Aden - Annyka
Skin: Lara Skins - Adella
Shirt: The Plastik - DarkViolet
Shorts: Ay.yai.yai - Bootilicious
Leggings: Coco - Shiny Leggings (gift)
Wedges: Coco - Wedge (SummerChoise 2009)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Lamb. send out this cute hair with hat attached to it through the subscribo today. It's one of the older style's but still very adorable. I just had to make this outfit around it and share it with you. Hope you like!

If you already have this style you still might want to make sure you're in the subscribo, because I've got a hint Lamb is planning on giving away more free hair soon....

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Lamb. - Bonjour Operator - Kitkat
Skin: Tuli - Bella - fair Raven
Blouse: Cubic Effect - Shirt H5 - Pansy
Jacket: Coco - TuxedoJacket - black
Bra: Insolence - Valentine
Pants: Mischief - September freebie
Boots: Armidi Gisaci - Oxford Leather Ankle Boot - black

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pheobe's Closed!

Pheobe Windlow has closed up shop. I have heard a lot of that lately, Patchwork and Burt Laundry as well are shutting their doors in addition to others. Pheobe has been generous enough however to pack everything she had in her shop into a box that's all yours for free if you join the group and check past notices. This is really, really nice stuff and I'm sorry to see her shop go. Join ~phEobe's~ Update Group from search or it's in Pheobe's profile as well as my own. THANK YOU PHEOBE!!!

Just a few examples of Pheobe's generosity. Lots more in the box!