Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leisure time

Back home from work. Relax time at home on my terrace. Training on my tredmill. Good for my bloodpressure. Good to keep me fit and healthy.. But hmmm that cola????... not such a good idea with all the sugar in it, Nic. At the end cooling down in my grey sweater from Ronsem ( groupgift)

Love to show you the Ronsem free mesh Tee ( a groupgift). It is Minivan lightning sale at The Sea Hole. All products with a minivan lightning symbol are just 50ld. I love the high waisted pants that i bought there. Still can see my navel. The sportshoes are free at Plausibel Body part of a total sport outfit. And ooooooh on the left of the board in the shop are boards with super pumps in so many colours. I sure will show them in another post.
And as you know i am hair addict, so i am very happy with this mesh hair from Exile..loveeeeeeeeeeeee it. The boston bag, good for my sport outfit, is from Izumiya. My cola is from Dirtyland. They have many cute accessories there. Have a look and pimp your avatar.

Pink one shoulder Tee: Ronsem - RONSEM [MESH] One Sh TEE / female ( free)
Grey Sweater: Ronsem: RONSEM* [MESH] 1000GM TEE (free women/ men)
Pants: The Sea Hole - The Sea Hole - Soto Cigarette Pants (w/belt) Navy (sale- 50ld)
Bag: Izumiya- =IZUMIYA= Boston Bag ( 80ld)
Cola: Dirtyland - dl:: Drink Me ... Cola ( 20ld)
Hair: Exile - ::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris: Light Blondes Vanilla (new)
Wristband watch: - Mya - :=MYA=: groupbox-wristband-watch ( free)
Sportshoes: Plausibel Body - PB >> Sport Pink ( open prize-or free)

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, February 27, 2012

on a Czechian square

Tjip was sad. Even cried. But Nic took her to Czechia to relax. On the square Nic drinks a coffee. Tjip took the berry Slush Slurpy. Both girls wear new bags. Talking and sitting on the bench Tjip soon is happy again. They talked about a friend from long time ago in sl ;) Well done Nic!

The dress from Tjip is a new mesh groupgift from Tres Beau. Love it. Her shoes are from the womenstuff Hunt at N-core.( same sort in teal you can get at Mimi's choice). Search in both shops for the tiny shirts and you have 2 pair of elegant pumps. The jacket from Nic is a group gift at Crame Muu.

Nic wears:
Jacket: Crame Muu - ((C*M)) Bal collar coat (G Gift)( free)
Shoulder bag: Tee*fy - Tee*fy Street Parker Shoulder Bag Illustration ( TDR 70ld)
Croco bag: Ison - ISON - kabuki crocodile tote (pearl)
Coffee: Needful Things - ::LEO-NT:: Coffee to Go ( groupgift /group join 80 ld)
From inventory: Pants - part of outfit show here ; Boots - Maitreya; Hair- CaTwA

Tjip wears;
Dress: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "Grey" Group Gift , Feb/March 2012 ( free)
Pink yellow make-up: Mock - *[mock] cosmetics subscriber gift ( free)
Black tears make-up: Mock - Tainted Heart #66 - [mock] cosmetics ( free)
Pink Pumps: N-Core - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #103 N-core Designs
Same pumps in teal : N-core - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #31 MIMI'S CHOICE ( free)
Slush Slurpy: Needful Things - ::LEO-NT:: Slush Slurpy ~berry~ (Groupgift/groupjoin 80 ld)
Pink bag: S@bbia- S@BBiA::GroupGift No.28 ( free)
From inventory: Hair- Dura; Eyes- Fashism.

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, February 25, 2012

may i invite you with a pizza to see my dandelions?

YEAHH pizza! Nic is in the pizza shop. First enjoying a slice of pizza before going home with a box with pizza. Back home she changed her dress. More Dandelion coloured it is now ;). But the good thing is, that i can show you the Dandelion pictures, that are hanging on my wall. Close-ups from Dandelions. As long as i have my sl home, they are hanging there. Beautiful in my opinion.

Nic shows 2 dresses from Nectar. The red one is the groupgift of that shop. The dandelion coloured one is the Womenstuff Hunt gift. Both mesh dresses. I love the roses on them and the way i can show my naked shoulders. I wear the hair from the other dandelion post( scroll down)
The pizza box and pizza pieces are free on sl marketplace.

Red dress: Nectar - [N!] Feb. 2012 Group Gift ( free)
Dandelion Dress ;): Nectar - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #60 [ Nectar! ](free)
Pizza: - ZEON - [ZEON] Pizza launcher v5 ( free)
From inventory: Shoes- Ys&Ys
Post made for: Luna Jubilee 52 weeks of color challenge blog. Please scroll down to see the other Dandelion post.

Bon Appetit, Nic


I loveeeee dandelions. The colour is a sort of butter yellow.. so i thought i go to a field with dandelions and cows. I remembered greenlands with water and bridges in the sim Waterland. Walking around there i found this field of gypsophila. It was beautiful.
Nice place to show the dandelion coloured dress. I have to confess the dress that i bought has a champagne colour. But i made that colour more yellow, more dandelion so to say, and i am happy with the result. The dress is from The Dressing Room Blue from Baiastice. So nice silky!!
Combined it with honey brown hair and the bag also has a yellow touch. The bag is from a super cute shop "Crame Muu". It is a group gift in the back of the shop. Other colours in a gacha machine. A turquoise one is on lucky board there.
The huge Dandelion was some time ago from a Kawai Hunt. The small Dandelion with a Dandelion seed rezzer i once got from good Japanese friends.

Dress Baiastice - Baiastice__Yoli dress-champagne ( 70ld)
Bag: Crame Muu - ((C*M)) Satchel Bag -GG limited ( free)
Legging: Luna Sabia - part of *LS* linen dress beige in lucky chair (free)
Hair: CaTwA - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Hadeya HairStyle -Winter Blondies- Honey
From inventory: Boots-Maitreya
Bye bye, Nic
Ps: thanks Soraya :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

spring colours

Fresh spring colours because i hope spring will come soon. The cardigan is from the womenstuff hunt at C'est la vie. The little hunt shirt item is near the stairs in the back of the shop. Under the tree near by you can find the item from Season's Palette Hunt ( in it is a cream cable knit tank).
The denim skirt is from Valentines hunt at Chandelle ( till 25-2-2012). The pumps from that hunt i like very much and the stockings too. With your area search you can find it realy easy.
The cute flower in my hand make my hand turn and turn and turn. Funny! It is from a childrens playing car. I got it free some time ago it is still there but not free anymore.
The green glasses are from the SGB 4th anniversary festa ( see yesterday). I wear hair from Lamb.

Skirt: Chandelle - #03 - Hunt Valentine's Day in Chandelle~ ( free)
Cardigan: C'est la vie - ::C'est la vie !:: border knit cardigan(candy)WOMENStuff HUNT ( free)
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses - K_gs Leaf/LimeGreen/SGB 4th limited
From inventory: Hair- Lamb( Poppyseed - Honeycomb Roots); Flats- Chuculet.

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

green green green

Sounds Gravis Beach 4th Anniversary Festa is running at the moment. Many market stalls are there with also presents. Many presents in green. I show you the green dress, a green checkered pants, a sweater and a neckwarmer, that you can get on that market. And i am very happy with my new mesh hair from Elikatira. You can give the ribbon a colour with a HUD. The cream sweater is from some time ago from a cute shop called: Tiny Bird. That shop isn't there anymore, but the sweater you still can get on marketplace.

Green Sweater: Gato - GATO- Grass Tee Gift (free)
Neckwarmer: C'est la vie - ::C'est la vie !:: crochet neck wamer(mint)SGB 4th festa gift (free)
Pants: Nerd - [ NERD:P ] roll-up pants @ SGB 4th anniversart festa 2012 (1 ld)
Dress: pesca - :pesca:yosoiki onepiece green ( free)
Cream sweater: Tiny Bird - Tiny Bird - Boyfriend Sweater - Cream
Hair: Elikatira - [e] Abbey - Essentials Collection
From inventory: Shoes - Chuculet: Bag - Pididdle (was for TDR): Cardigan - Coco: Skirt - Calypso Gianno

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is about American society enjoying prosperity during the "roaring"" 1920s. There are 4 movies made of, based on this book.
When i made my pictures i thought of this sphere.

Nic shows her highwaisted mesh skirt from the Valentines Hunt at R.icielli. The mesh python clutch and the hair attachment ( worn with a hairbase and shown on most of the pictures) are from that hunt. You need find golden hearts. They are very easy to find. Each heart is 15ld. Don't know how long that hunt will be there.
The jacket is from the hunt at 22769. LAST DAY today!!! You can find 6 hunt items ( the word "love" ). When you have all the items you have a womens and a mens outfit. Because it is the last day i will make it easy for you to find just this jacket. The hunt item is behind the bench near the scarfs.
I combined all with parts of a dress from Gabriel and the boots from slink ( both shown before).
Oh and because not everyone likes mesh.. a same sort of hair but not mesh, i wear at my first picture. The pompadour hair from shop Seu.

Jacket: 22769 - 22769 "once more with love" huntitem 4/5 ( free)
Mesh Gia Clutch: R.icielli - Ricielli VALENTINES hunt - item#7 (15ld)
Hair attachment: R.icielli - R.icielli VALENTINES hunt - item#11 (15ld)
Mesh highwaisted skirt: R.icielli VALENTINES hunt - item#1 (15ld)
Hair: Shop Seu- *SHOP SEU* --Pompadour hair [blonde]--
Victorian cigarette holder: part from outfit from Chichi (Chichi of London, Anji, cc0125) was from a pumpkin hunt.
Pictures made at: Magnolioideae Palace at Anarchy

Have a rich day, Nic

Saturday, February 18, 2012

the Raspberry Harlequin

It is the story of this little girl
In the beginning it seemed to be a normal day: playing piano
but then suddenly everything began to blur
everything turned out to be so extremely weird, it troubled her.. she felt lost and alone
"may be when i have a better overview it will help" she thought
but then....looking down on everything happened..
she terribly fall down... life can go like this you know..but then a rope came from above
Her "Large Puppetmaster" was the one who helped her out....she is dancing again in life..

Was it because she did eat to much dark raspberries? Could she better eat the normal raspberries? Was she addicted to something? The reason why all went wrong you may figure out yourself :)
But think about your life can sometimes go wrong and weird ..isn't it? I hope however that you will find your helping puppetmaster... in what way or in what form... it doesn't matter, just hope something will help you out of trouble...

It always surprises me how the creation of a post ends. First you see the next colour on luna's blog. " Hmmm do i like that colour?..What is in my inventory?" ..Then going to shops and search there with area search with that colour name..remembering in what shop you saw such a colour..... "what is on marketplace?"."Shall i go like a super vamp or a vintage woman, like streetgirl.. or.. or.. or.. Does the name give me inspiration ? " All sorts of thoughts. Then the descision comes.. "I like those clothings :)) so i will wear that.. "." How to combine?.. where to go to make my pictures?" ...Taking pictures..from high.. from low.. from far... from close.. lights changing..Then some pictures need to be photoshoped a little bit..and being busy like this a story pops up ..
"How amazing is this!" i always think.. from just a colour to this! I didn't know of it in the beginning.. there is more beyond us then we know.. we do not know all the things that influence ourself..

Enough now about this.. what does Nic wear?
The outfit is a promo at marketplace. And yes it had the name raspberry. The sweater comes with the scarf, a short jeans and Uggs boots and a legging.. but i put on my beloved radical boots from Maitreya and the shorts from Mon Tissu and a legging from Fishy Strawberry. That cute harlequin hat, i had in my inventory already loooooong time..always nice for carnival. Fitting for this is carnival time in Europe at the moment. But the designer Vanilla Sola left Second life for an open grid, because of all the theft in SL.. what a pity!!

Outfit : Virtue Mocha - -{ VIRTUE MOCHA }-"It's snowwing outside!" raspberry ( 50ld)
Legging: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Woolen Tights ( come in 5 colours)
From inventory: Boots- Maitreya; Hat -Black Moon Vanilla Sola Design; Short pants- mon tissu; Hair- Maitreya.

Post made for Luna Jubilee's 52 weeks of colorchallenge blog

Have a nice carnival, Nic

juicy crush last day

Last day of the " juicy crush on you event" with Valentines items. My cute flats are free there. So when you like them. Hurry up. The necklace is also from that event. And there are more free items.
My dress is from lucky board at Bonne Chance. My hair is a gift at Exile. The hair with the ribbon is from 69. The colour of the ribbon is a good combination with the flowers in the dress.

Flats: CP Designs - Crazy Pastry Designs Valentine's Ballet Flats - (free)
Necklace: Phresh (<3).phresh. Forbidden Crest Necklace (wear me)
Hair: Exile - Exile Karena Color Demo Hair ( free)
Hair: 69 - [ 69 ] OLIVIA 03 - Sandy Blonde Collection
Dress: Bonne Chance - : ) BCC Pure Angel Dress Main store ( free)

Run for that ballet flats, Nic