Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'm too sexy

That ( I'm too sexy) is not my opinion about myself. It was the name of the animation of the rug near the [M2M] shop. On the middlest picture i am dancing there with that animation. The shirt is pretty cool i think and the prize super ( 10ld) On the poster you can see the pants that are included. In the garden of the shop is a nice groupgift and more nice stuff ( prizes variete between 10ld and 1 ld) I wear hair from Zero style. And that hat box is so sweet! I wear another make-up of my beloved skin from laqroki.

Shirt: [M2M] -[M2m] Kaleidoscope pants&blue blouse ( 10ld)
Hat box: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock*Hat box* playing the g minor sonata
Hair: *Zero Style* - *Zero Style* Milca* Raven
Skin: Laqroki - Laq ~Elena~03

Be sexy too, Nic


Making pictures in the junkyard...and oh i was so startled..suddenly a sort of creepy inkfish or something like that, twisted itself around my legs.. realy scary... so when you go explore this sim be prepared. But it is worthwhile looking around here.

Outfit: Crank - Let them eat cake Hunt Item#58 ((Crank)) ( free)

Shiver and shudder ;) Nic

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Walk with the dog

Walking with my dog in a new outfit. I like this outfit from kiyomizu hunt. You need find a head of a cat. I am still wearing my shoes from an earlier post.

Outfit M*Motion - M*Motion C11-14 [Kiyomizu Summer Treasure hunting] ( free)
Bag: Ys&Ys - *Ys&Ys* Illetes bag
Shoes ( see earlier post

Have a nice walk today, Nic

Monday, June 27, 2011


Jill Lemon was long time a good designer in sl. I missed her for a while. I wrote her and then she told me she was making her come-back. And yeah!!!!!! Now it is open. She made a nice place. The landing point is in the flowerfield and then you have to go down the stairs..underground is her shop. The rebirth she celebrates with nice groupgifts and nice lucky board items. CONGRATS JILL. Glad you are back.
The dress on the picture is from her luckyboard. Oh i am so happy with my new shoes. Everywhere i saw shoes like this, but these have good quality and they are not so expensive. And that free hair from D!va. Also super in my opinion. The ribbon has many textures and the hair comes in many colours.

Dress: Jill - *+*Jill*+*Striped Dress White ( free)
Shoes: G Field - *GF* Knot Wedge Sandal -white-
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" 2nd Anniversary gift ( maya) ( free)
Cardigan: Coco - *Coco*_Cardigan_Lace

I feel reborn (Renée) ;), Nic

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Do you wanna dance and hold my hand? Tjip is asking this to Nicandra ( the male avatar). First thinking about it, but then yes.... they dance together on the dancefloor near the beach. Both in new clothings from Blakopal. Free at the SL8B sims. I told you about it in the post from yesterday. Tomorrow it is on the first floor in the boxes with a ticket in the corner..

Dress: Blakopal - SL8B FREE outfit for ladies (free)
Costume: Blakopal - SL8B FREE outfit for men (free)
Shoes: old freebies from N-Core and from Lost Emphaty

Dance the stars away ;) , Nic

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy birthday SL

Secondlife is celebrating the 8th birthday this weekend with music, events and expo's. I could sit in pictures and make photo's. The events are at the SL8B sims. End 28 june. Open your map and typ SL8B in search.
The dresses and headpieces are groupgifts from world's end garden.

White dress: World's end garden - Requiem pour une s ur perdue ( free)
Black dress: World's end garden - Le Jardin de la Fille
Black hairpiece: World's end garden - la rose noir de la Reine
White hairpiece: World's end garden - Le lis blanc de Roi
White earphone: 108Ya - gpod package ( free)
Enjoy the celebration, Nic

Friday, June 24, 2011

Les Petit Details

This summer hat with the beautyful name: "Poetry" hat from Moolto hunt is lovely. The wheatflowers hanging down, reminds me of warm lazy summers with wheatfields with blue cornflowers and red poppies. The larks singing high in the sky. And that special smell!
On the picture i lay in the grass near an apple picking chair and a garden bench with nice animations from Art Dummy, a cute shop.
The blush colour from the bow of the hat fits to the pumps of Shiny Things. The bow from the shoes, has a menu so you can change the colour of the bow.
Petit detail from Nicandra: i took a wheat flower stem from the hat to chew on it. ;)
I love the tank and skirt from Calypso Giano
For the Moolto hunt click the Moolto board. You become the Moolto glasses. Those glasses you have to wear. Also join the Moolto group and wear the tag. Go in the shop to find the Moolto sign.

Shoes: Shiny Things - (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps - blush
Hat: Les Petit Details - *LpD* - *Poetry* Hat ( free)
Tank and Skirt : [Calypso Giano] - [Calypso Giano] Double Strap Top and Denim Skirt

Wish you a long hot summertime, Nic


Smiling between the flowers in my poppy dress. A groupgift. The house is like an old countryhome in England. In it is the HELLO world shop. I was sitting on the wall behind the house to show you my sneakers. I got them with free sportoutfits. It feels so fresh and joyful and full of energy in this outfit.

Sneakers: Plausible Body - PB >> Sport shoes silver ( free)
Dress: JAZMYN - JAZMYN D: Poppies [Red] ( free)

Wish you lots of energy, Nic

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Again a super place to tell about. It is the swimmingpool relax place of the Skygate Hotel in the Insilico North sim. The Insilico sims are so special.
I show you two free outfits. The white dress from C'est moi and the purple coins tank from ::: HELLO world ::: (the name fits to space and cyber i think). There is also a free dress in that shop. But i can't show you all.
My guide uses a typ animation that is so cool to see. When he is typing you see blue sort of dashboard around him and hear spacy sounds.

Tank: HELLO world - #HW ( free)
Dress: C'est moi! - C'est moi! la vie en blanc dress ( free..but group join= 75ld)
Pants: *COCO Designs* - *COCO* slimFitPants_Silver
Shoes: [Elikatira] -[e]Millside flats - Winter
Animation: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock excuisite Boredom

Space up your life hehe, Nic

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fragile Hare or Rabbit

No.... it is not me. It is Olivia Lalonde. She is co-owner of Le Poppycock. A cute shop where i came to get a free dress from the lucky board there. There i saw her and made pictures. Because she was so cute looking. The shape she made herself, realy realy cool!!!!!. The skin is super too. The free boots i posted before on 22 may (post name "pure" scroll down...still available).
The shirt was from Kookie ( but not there anymore). The necklace is from Le Poppycock and will be released at 4 july on a tattoo fair. Info here

Skin: :Curio: - :Curio: Honey-Jasmine- Mysterious
Necklace: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock The cross necklace
Hair: [Detour] - [Detour] Bob II Black

Thanks Olivia, Nic

Monday, June 20, 2011

She made me do it

The Wasteland is one of the oldest sims in sl. Much is dark, distorted and makes me a little bit depressed. The morgue is a realy morbid place. Fascinating to me. So for dark clothings THE place to make some pictures. Oh and watch this: someone forgot his donut when he dissected a body. Brrr. The body in the black bag is still moving ((( Have a look there. I can recommend it to you. But smoke a cigarette so the rotten smell is not troubling you too much.

The hair is a groupgift from EMO-tions. The camo-vest is a groupgift from Airflow. The bra i wear under a lifted shirt.

Hair: EMO-tions - .: EMO-tions.. *JESSE* /brown- groupgift ( free)
Camo-vest: Airflow - *Airflow* 1000 Over group member limited gift for lady ( free)
Lifted shirt: WWI- WWI LS lifted black ( couldn't find it in the shop anymore sorry)
Bra: Luck Inc - *SL* Temptres - white
Pants: not available anymore

Wish you a vivid day, Nic

Thursday, June 16, 2011


At the Summer 2011 part of the LeLutka shop i made these pictures. Good environment for my new bought safari pants in sand. I like the good sculpted large belt. Super quality!I had to think about it more then twice if i should buy them, because they are pricy. But i couldn't withstand it.
Happily the top, that i wear, is free. It is a part of the june group gift in Mu-Shi doll. The hair is a gift at EMO-tions (more in bags there).

Top: ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: - ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Juni-Groupgift june (free)
Hair: EMO-tions - EMO-tions gift Anita (free)
Pants: [LeLutka] -[LeLutka]SAFARI pants/sand
Bangles right arm: Bonita's Jewelry - Messy Bangles'W/Pearls #1
Bangles left arm: Dollita - Dollita Woody Bangle ( wood+black) ( free)
Bag: [Lelutka] - [LeLutka]-LoveJUNKYbag/FULLwhite


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello after terrible trouble with my computer with a virus i am back. I couldn't open my gmail to make posts on this blog. But just in time i am here to tell you to hurry for the zombiepopcornhunt item : the striped shirt ( also a black version). Tomorrow this hunt ends run, run, run. The shirt is from Willow. I like that shop. Immediately wanted to buy there more. And i did buy my shoes there. But still have more wishes ))))) By the way the Willow shop in Albero has a Black Bow Blouse as a dollarbie and also a freebie. Other free items i show you here are my hair and the jeans. The bag is from a Gacha. So cute !!!

Shirt: Willow - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - Willow #56 ( free)
Hair: .: vive9 :. - .:vive9 :. Wang in Dye Tones (free)
Jeans: Vero Modero - Vero Modero / June Male Group Gift ( free)
Shoes: Willow - Willow~ Wing Tips - Red
Bag: NAMINOKE - *N* Tote Bag #7 ( 35 ld)

Go as fast as the wind in the willow to the Willow Shop, Nic