Wednesday, December 31, 2014

happy 2015

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The clock is ticking away the last hours of 2014. My last post this year. I enjoyed this blogging year again very much. The group of followers grew. The dayly page views grew. I got messages very kindly from  people who enjoy my blog. This makes me happy and makes  me going on in blogging country. I love the sweet designers for whom i am a blogger. Love the personal contact i have with some. And i love the designers who give us all so many beautiful presents. Love the ones who decorate sims so beautiful, so that i can make pictures in beautiful surroundings.  Thanks to the organizers of great events.
And thanks thanks thanks to my sweet helpers!

Nic wears a nice gown this evening from lacocinelle. I met her and became a blogger for her this year. The gown will be on marketplace in the beginning of 2015.
The jewelry is in the sub-scribe-o-matic from jewels isle. The fur hat is a gift from LeLutka. The shoes are from BSD. Hair from little bones.

Dress: Blue Velvet - Blue Velvet mesh dress Blue velvet western Black( first week 2015 on marketplace)
Hat: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-DUCHESS HOLIDAY set GIFT(free)
Nails: Pink Cherry - PC Finger - & Toenails Hud -Xmas for Slink - Groupgift (free)
Jewelry: Zuri - **Zuri's Jewels Isle Subscriber Gift~Belle Pearl -Peridot/Onyx (SOM outside the shop/free)
Hair: Little Bones - little bones. Snow Spell I - Blondes
Pictures made at: Fall

I am blogger for: chronokit, ::K::, FA Creations, OrsiniRed, Shey, Vips Corner Creations, Leri Miles Designs, !gO!, B!asta, BSD Design Studio, KlubWerK, Paisley Daisy, Pixel Mode, Rowena's Designs, Paradisis, Blue Velvet store, Karla Boutique, Barbarella Portland ( Paris Fashion and TGA Designer), Kanou, Orange*Pekoe, Tokyo.girl, Silvery K

And i blog the best freebies, cheapies and so worth paying for from shops that i like.
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, December 29, 2014

you only miss the sun when it starts to snow ..... and you let her go

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She landed on her lap. ... and she let her go. I love that beautiful song from the passenger named: let her go. "You only miss the sun when it starts to snow", sings the songwriter Michael David (Mike) Rosenberg.
The beautiful blouse and skirt and boots are from Rowena's Designs. They come with a hud with more colors.

Hair: Analog Dog- AD tootsie (free fatpack)
Blouse and skirt: Rowena's Designs - {RS} Valeria Blouse & Bustle Skirt Bagged (NEW)
Boots: Rowena's Designs - {RS} Valeria Ankle Boots High Slink (NEW)
Pose: Le Poppycock at the Liaison Collaborative
From inventory: Silk bow - Elate (shop is gone)
Pictures made at: Fall

Bye bye, Nic

first meeting

I think they enjoy their first meeting, tjip and Dancer. Dancer gets wings because of joy. But then hmmm long time typing on his phone and it is so cold. Dancer becomes bored. She takes her guitar. That makes him sit and relax. And the doggies enjoy it as well ( a present from Alehandrita). They come with the snow.
Isn't Dancer beautiful with this new free skin from Ploom! You find the skin and more under the christmas tree. Her mesh  dress with non-mesh shirt is from !TLB. Boots from BabyMonkey. Stockings from the lucky board at Brain Circuit. And she shows you another free fatpack hair from Analog Dog from the  Christmas present. Scarve from a clearance box at Izzie's.

Tjip shows the white military jacket and the English baggy pants from the christmas and new years gift from Pumpkin. The black shirt is from Giomen. It is the Sl Frees&Offers gift. Comes with a hud with several colors. The boots with the English flag are in the subscribe-o-matic at  Wicca's Wardrobe (unisex) Glasses are a groupgift at Kapone.

Tjip wears:
Pants: Pumpkin- [PUMPKIN] MC&HNY GIFT BOXpkin]Baggy jeans (white) (free)
Boots:**Wicca's Wardrobe - London Boots [Subscriber Gift](unisex /free)
Jacket: Pumpkin -[PUMPKIN] MC&HNY GIFT BOX [Pumpkin]Military jacket- White (free)
Shirt: GioMEN -G I O M E N - Short Collared Shirt hud with 5 colors [SL Frees&Offers GIFT](free)
Glasses: Kapone - Kapone free sunglasses black white (free)

Dancer wears:
Skin: Ploom - Paper Rabbit - Hollie Skin Gift (free)
Hair: Analog Dog -AD - mash  FULL COLOR PACK (free/ i hope it is still there)
Dress: The Little Bat  -!TLB - Penny Dress/Seaside (free/ lucky board)
Boots: BabyMonkey - BM Jojo Boots (free/ lucky chair/ but group join fee)
Scarf: Izzie's - Izzie's - comes with a HUD for  many different colours Clearout Package 2 (10ld)
Stockings: Brain Circuit - -=Brain Circuit Inc=- Classy Stockings (6 colors) (free/lucky board)

Doggies: Alehandritta Designs - ::AD:: Dogs out ! (free)
Pictures made at: T-Town Pixel Dreams

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, December 28, 2014


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She's looking tired in my opinion. May be projection from the person behind Nic?
Anyway .. she wears a nice groupgift dress from Hilly Haalan. And hurry to the Cosmopolitan Sales Room to get the very elegant shoes also from Hilly Haalan. It is the gift for the december round. I hope you will get them in time. Nic's hair with headphones are from eXxEsS on marketplace (with hud for all colors). And the skin is also on marketplace from Insol Body.

Dress: Hilly Haalan - [hh] Almila Dress Outfit (Christmas Present) in black and red(free)
Shoes: Hilly Haalan for CSR - Cosmopolitan Gift - GRACE RED HEELS (free)
Hair eXxEsS - eXxEsS:  X-mas 2014 dollarbie ( 1ld)
Skin: Insol Body - Insol Body: Skin Scarlet { Honey&Ivory}(free)
Pictures taken at: Isle of Serendipity

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, December 27, 2014

and then the snow began to fall... (free fatpacks at Analog Dog!)


Nic and Dancer on the wharf. And then the snow began to fall. And what did they see in the distance? A rabbit  or hare. Nic lured the hare. He wasn't very frightened at all.
Dancer wears a silk black  dress. She found shoes with lace stockings so we searched and found lace gloves. Both wear hair from Analog Dog.

ANALOG DOG HAS 6 FATPACKS FREE IN THE SHOP; Val,tootsie,ring,mash and chance and tunnel cake.
Nic's clothes are from the christmas and new years gift from Pumpkin. The shoes are a christmas gift from Essenz

Dancer wears:
Hair: Analog Dog -  AD - chance - dark browns (fatpack/ free)
Dress: ORQUIDEA Christmas gift - ORQUIDEA Black Satin Cocktail Dress - Mesh (free)
Shoes: Belle Epoque - BELLE EPOQUE - Gladys Pumps [Group Gift] (free)
Gloves: Clockwork Angels -  Lace Gloves (5ld)
Necklace, GeWunjo -  OLIVIA necklace - Giftcomes with a HUD for many different colours (free)
Skin:**[PUMEC] -  ** [PUMEC] - .:VLADA:. - GIFT ** (free)
Glasses: Belle Epoque -  BELLE EPOQUE - Unisex Round Glasses [Silver - Dark](free)

Nic wears:
Hair: Analog Dog - AD - val  FULL COLOR PACK
Pants and top: Pumpkin - [PUMPKIN] MC&HNY GIFT BOXNight set(white) (free)
Jacket: Pumpkin - [PUMPKIN] MC&HNY GIFT BOX- Pimp jacket(white) (free)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - Monaco (White) A Xmas Thank You Gift 2 (free)
Pose: Le Poppycock at The liaison Collaborative 
Jewelry with moon: Chop Zuey 12 before christmas (still there)Chop Zuey Gift - The Promised Morrow Set (free)
Necklace with cross: Chop Zuey 12 days before christmas (still there) -Chop Zuey Gift - Magnum Mysterium Necklace (free)
Pictures made at: Isle of Serendipity 

Bye bye, Nic

come outside for a little walk in the snow

That little one needs to go outside. It's warm near the fireplace but the tingling fresh snow gives energy after all the christmas dinners.  Nic wears a nice red bustier dress, the new groupgift from COCO. With the fur collar from PixiCat the dress is a bit more warm. Nic's hair is a gift at Creation.JP from Elua. This hair color you get when you join the Elua group. Another color you get when you join the Creation.Jp group. Nic's shoes are from the gatcha machine at the Arcade from Ingenue.
Behind Nic you can see small potted christmas trees from Grumble. A gift at FROST 2014. The pine cones are from *Funky*Junk*. The 3D reindeer head  picture on the wall is from Pixel Mode.

For the Coco Doll lovers important to know that ou get many doll heads FREE and a doll slip dress doll bat wings and  a doll kimono here

Dress: COCO - *COCO*_Gift_BustierDress(Red)
Collar: -Pixicat- at Collabor88 - -Pixicat- Wintry.Collar (8ld)
Shoes: Ingenue at Arcade december round - Ingenue :: Jaclyn Heels (Mesh Foot Add-On) ::
Hair: +elua+at Creation.Jp - +elua+ Group GIFT [DEC14](free)
Christmas trees: Grumble at FROST 2014 -Grumble-FROST GIFT-Potted Christmas Tree (free)
Reindeer hat picture: (PM) Pixel Mode - (PM) Pixel Mode 3D Deer head picture
Cones: *Funky*Junk* - *Funky*Junk* Pinecone Angel Trio
Pictures made at: Isle of Serendipity, Neva River and Pixel Dreams

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, December 26, 2014

vintage winter

Nic shows you a new release from Leri Miles Designs. A winter coat in vintage style with dots. The release you can buy at Sneak Peek. More colors and more possibilities. The shoes are also from Leri Miles designs for FROST 2014.

Coat: LMD at Sneak Peek - LMD Davinia Coat Polka Dot Chocolate
Shoes: LMD for FROST 2014 - LMD Adelle Heels gold
From inventory: Satchel -Izzie's, hair - Vanity, glasses - Elate (shop is gone), Pencil skirt - FA Creations
Pictures made at: Glenn

Bye bye, Nic


click the pictures to enlarge
Yesterday in the evening Nic walked around at FROST 2014 at the sim Metropolis. Suddenly two avatars landed and walked both high speed in one direction. That made me curious. Where did they want to go? And what a surprise! Nic ended up seeing many blue presents under the trees. You could hardly see them because all was blue and white. On the pictures you see from the Frost presents the blue sweater, the bordeau sweater, the hair ( is male hair), the brown open shoes , a hairpin, tattoo and the blue eyes.
The black and white shoes you can buy at Frost ( a new release from Leri Miles Designs)
The white sweater is the christmas present from milky*way. The scarf is from C'est la Vie, the new groupgift. Comes with a hud wit many color and texture options.

Taxi to Frost here
Hair: Damselfly - *~*Damselfly*~*Christmas Gift Dawson (Frost) (free)
Bordeau sweater dress: Sn@tch - :::Sn@tch FROST Gift::: (free)
Blue sweater:  Sassy - ~Sassy!~ Sweet November sweater gift for Frost 2014(free)
Brown shoes: Essenz - Essenz - Denver (Brown) F R O S T gift (free)
Eyes: Chus! -  Chus! Gift for F R O S T (free)
Hairpin: Naminoke - *N*F R O S T Gift 2014 (free)
Tattoo: Joli - {joli} Snowflake tattoo gifty (free)
Black white shoes: LMD at Frost - LMD Adelle Heels
Scarf: C'est la Vie - ::C'est la vie !:: Oivi neckwarmer groupgift (free)
White sweater: milky-way - **milky-way *14-33 Christmas Group Gift 2014 (free)
From inventory: Studded legging - Shey

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, December 25, 2014

winter in town

Nic in town. It's cold she wears a scarf from B!asta. You can find the scarf as present under the christmas tree. Group join is 50ld. The skin and the sweater are in the VIP Xmas present from Birdy (group join 50ld). You get more presents in the present from Birdy. Sweaters with other prints and cute penquins to  wear. The peplum skirt is from the Inspiration Point Hunt. The pose is again from Le Poppycock. The shoes are from BSD. The gingerbread house behind Nic is a gift from Linden  on marketplace
The hair is from Clawtoooth. You get this hair in 3 colors for just 25ld. I recolored one of them a bit. And join the clawtooth group to get the long hair that Nic shows you below.
Skin:.Birdy. - .Birdy. Elsa Skin  VIP xmas gift <3(free/ group join fee)
Sweaters:Birdy - Birdy/Foxes - Ugly Xmas Sweater pack xoxo Gift (free/ group join fee)
Penquins: Birdy/Foxes - Birdy/Foxes - Baby Penguin pack xoxo GIFT 9free/ group join fee)
Skirt: The Secret Store - IP HUNT - The Secret Store - Annette Peplum Skirt - Red Polka (free)
Short hair: Clawtooth - Clawtooth: Hang It Up (Holiday 3 Pack) i recolored it a bit(25ld)
Long  hair: Clawtooth -Clawtooth: Lips Like Sugar Holiday Group Gift!i recolored it a bit(free)
Scarf: B!asta christmas gift - [B!] :JANUARY & FEBRUARY: Woollen scarfs by LGL (free/but group join fee)
Gingerbread house: Shopkeeper Linden store - Secondlife 2014 gift (free)
Pose with umbrella and bird: Le Poppycock at The liaison Collaborative 
Pictures made at: Mischief Management 

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to you all

Made this post in the Holy Night to wish you all a Merry Christmas. And if you not a christian then i wish you also much love, good health and joy.
I was happy to find these beautiful clothes in the calendar from Alb Dream Fashion. It is from day 24. You need to be member of the Lamu group.
Tjip wears pants from the menstuff hunt at Gizza. About Nic's dress:the dress comes with the jewelryand the shoes  and a skirt attachement (not shown ). Tjips suit he can wear with or without the jacket. You can wear the shirt with the vest.The suit comes with  light colored pants (not shown).


Thanks to Olivia Lalonde from Le Poppycock i got the nice pose with the deer. She makes in my opinion the best poses in sl. Ofcourse there are also other very good pose designers. But she sure is on top of my favorites.

Suit and gown: Alb Dream Fashion _ advents Calender day 24 (free)
Pose: Le Poppycock  at The Liaison Collaborative
Hair tjip: MADesign  - MADesign Jason Black
Pictures made at Tempura.

Bye bye, Nic

gheeeeee cold and a star from MG

click pictures to enlarge
Outside in the snow in just a dress. Gheeee cold! Nic shows you dresses from the Ghee Vip Hunt. You need be a group member. Some time ago the group join was free ( i warned you then/hope you didn't forget to join) Search in the shop for tiny baubles.  The red flowers in Nic's hair are not a hair ornament. It is the breast attachment . I attached it to the skull and i am satisfied with the result. The gorgeous necklace and earrings are a gift from Maxi Gossamer. Thanks to Vivien who tipped me. You can change the color of the stone. And you get a golden version.

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Necklace - Falling Starflake (free)
Red dress: Ghee - ghee 12 Days Hunt Red Mirroshine Mini (free/but group join fee)
Gown: Ghee -ghee Holly Burnout Velvet Gown [WEAR] (free/but group join fee)
Green dress: Ghee - ghee Poinsettia Dot Chemise - Holly [WEAR] (free/but group join fee)
Turtleneck dress: Ghee- ghee Holly Berry Turtleneck Mini Dress (free/but group join fee)
Nails:  Ghee - ghee 12 Days of Christmas Nails (SLINK) BOTTLE [ADD ME] (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Boots - Pixel mode; hair- Exile and D!va ;scarf - NS
Pictures made at: Ghee
Tips to find the baubles here

Bye bye, Nic