Saturday, November 24, 2012


The sim from Izzie's shop, is such a beautiful place for making pictures. For my tangelo fotoshoot ( for the ColorChallenge from Luna Jubilee)  i went there and saw the warm orange colors around this cute house. I was making my pictures in the night, because i was too busy this day in rl and it was also night in sl at the sim. Nic was in a cosy mood. So she took a golden oldie from her inventory: the day off sweatshirt from Cynful. Although it is not mesh it is still good to wear. The orange burnt bag from Vive nine also is from inventory. New are her highwaist pants and boots from R.icielli from the Charming Hunt.The boots are in a fatpack.
You need find cupcakes( very easy to find)

The tangelo and a nearly christmas sphere brought "gluehwein" in my  mind .

Glühwein is a warm winter German version of sangria; it should taste like Christmas spices and every area has their own jealously guarded recipe. As long is it tastes good the exact ingredients don’t really matter and you could be starting a new tradition in your family.
The basics are red wine, spices, sweetening and fruit, heated to together to diffuse the flavours and served warm to bring relief to hands that cup it and bodies that drink it.

The receipt:
• 1 bottle of red wine. Use an inexpensive full bodied fruity wine. You definitely do not want to use an expensive bottle and try to avoid one with oak aging. I think a Gallo Ruby Cabernet would be ideal. Or a red Zinfandel or Syrah - Shiraz.
• 2 - Cinnamon sticks – Cinnamon is very traditional. Break the sticks into pieces 1 – 2 inches each
• 16 Whole Cloves – again a traditional ingredient
• 1 Orange
• 2 Tablespoons runny honey
• 1 heaped teaspoon mixed ground Christmas cake spices – or equivalent amount of any of ground allspice, nutmeg, coriander mixed together
• Water – wineglass full
1. Put water in large pan and place over medium heat.
2. Add cinnamon honey and spices.
3. While honey is dissolving cut the orange into quarter lengthways, then cut them in half so you have eight pieces. Push two of the cloves into the skin of each piece and add to the pan.
4. Pour in all the wine.
5. Bring the heat up. It should not boil so as when bubbles start rising turn the heat off.
6. As soon as it is cool enough to taste, test it for sweetness. If it is not sweet enough add sugar to taste and stir to dissolve.
7. Let the pan stand for an hour or longer so the flavours develop. 

Highwaisted jeans: R.icielli -Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#7 (15ld)
Boots: R.icielli - Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#02(15ld)
From inventory: Bag- Vive Nine; Necklace - Acis&Mala; Sweater- Cynful; Hair -Tameless

Bye bye, Nic


Unknown said...

Beautiful. I love your necklace!

Mayala Loon said...

mmmmmhhhhhh ... Glühwein ;-))) ... perfect when you stand outside in the cold on a christmas-market or winter-party ...
and the fastest way to get dizzy in the head ...
I love it ;-)
I especially like the first pic ... tho I'm far from winter mood yet

Rudhmellowen said...

OOOOOH sounds yummy Nic Im gonna have to try that,you look so cute all snuggled up in front of the fire!!!

Laila Laperriere said...

CANT wait to try this recipe, it sounds yummy. Love your photos dearest Nic, and YAY I got to post on your comment page! xoxoo

Sama Yalin said...

Ah Glühwein, perfect for cold winterdays. I have a much easier recipe though: heat wine and add some glühwein mix ;)

TWISTMY Gears said...

TOASTY n pretty

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