Tuesday, September 30, 2014

no internet

Yesterday i had no internet. The provider had problems. No tv, no internet and no phone. So weird.
I had already clothes in my mind to show to you, but i had to be patient. Then in the morning it was ok. But i had to go to work.. and now in the evening i finally can make my blogpost.
No long explanation, because it is late and tomorrow i need be at the airport at 5.30 to pick up an important family member .
The short hair is from little.bones at an event No 21. I tell you later more about the event.
The long hair is the new groupgift from little.bones. You get a fatpack.

Outfit first pictures: Blue Couture -  BLUE COUTURE SWEATER/MINI SET CHEETAH BOX(free)
Dress third picture: Toxic Candy - {TC}dress Josy gift
Dress and jacket and shoes: Blue Couture - BLUE COUTURE  SILK PURPLE  COAT BOX ( sl frees&Offers gift )(free)
Short hair: Little.bones at No. 21 - little bones. Girl - Ombre&Roots
Long hair: little.bones - little bones. Feline - FULL GIFT(free)
From inventory: Shoes first 3 pictures free at Warwick ( showed before); Necklace - BSD
Pictures made at: Daydreams, The Colder Water

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Silvery K for RMK gothic halloween

Silvery K participates in RMK Gothic Halloween 2014 †Magikal Academy† event. The event starts at 2014.10/1. Nic already wears clothes from the event. A preview for you.
Visitors to RMK Halloween will play a variety of games to train to be witch. By playing games, gamers will earn event in-game coins.The in-game coins can be used in the Dream Gacha. That sounds good isn't it!And there is a special halloween edition from the minidress and the overknees.
Silvery K also has a present for you. "Free is the wing of the bat and a stick of the pumpkin.When you exercise a chat after putting on a stick, you wave a stick" writes gin Fhang
And also extra your attention for Nic's gorgeous skin. It is a groupgift from Drop Dead Gorgeous Skins. Group join 50ld but very worthwhile.
The place were i made the pictures is super. Hvae a look overthere.

Taxi to RMK ( from 1-10-2014) here
Dress -[*:..Silvery K..:*Puff Sleev Mini Dress]
Knee socks&shoes - [*:..Silvery K..:*over knee socks&shoes],
Arm cover - [*:..Silvery K..:*Arm cover],
Choker - [*:..Silvery K..:*Choker Lace]
Skin: DDG - ::Drop Dead Gorgeous:: Aug 2014 GG- Berry Me Peach + Head (free/ but group join 50ld)
Free items Silvery K : *:..Silvery K..:*Bat Wing&HaloweenStic (Free)
From inventory: Horns and headpiece - OrsiniRed; earring- Mandala
Pictures made at: Innsmouth

Bye bye, Nic

posing time with pigs

Just a bit fun with pigs at home to show you nice clothes from eHr. Nic wears a sweater with a pig. But you also can get the sweater without a pig. They are just 10ld. The pants from tjip are also 10ld. There are for males and females more nice things for that prize. But it was tjips time to be pampered. So he got a sweater for normal prize and new shoes at eHr. He wears hair from Redgrave. Nic wears a nice mini skirt from KlubWerk. It is the groupgift. You also can get another color, the gift from SLFree&Offers from KlubWerk.
Nic wears boots from Pixel Mode from her inventory. The color matches so good with her skirt!
Nic wears new hair from LoQ'ue ( formerly known as LoQ). LoQ'ue has this round nice hair at The Dressing Room Fusion. This hair Gia Pawpad just shows there. So be careful, they have the normal prize.

Hair Nic: LoQ'ue - [LoQ'ue] Vodka Dark Brown Pack
Hair: tjip: Redgrave -! Hair TYLER - Dark - REDGRAVE (RGP1140002)
Sweater Nic: ::: EhR ::: - ::: EhR ::: _ pig shirt (white)(10ld)
Skirt: KlubWerk- KlubWerK.gift -miniskirt/VENUS- [AQUA](free)
Skirt: KlubWerk- KlubWerK.gift -miniskirt/VENUS -[Petrol} ( free for SL Frees&Offers group)
Pants tjip:::: EhR ::: ::: EhR :::_ Mesh_ Men's Pants Black (10ld)
Shoes tjip: ::: EhR :::-  ::: EhR ::: _ Sneakers (Black/ White) unisex
Sweater tjip: ::: EhR :::-  ::: EhR :::_ men's sweater (gray)
pig Tjip - Jesse Nacht - FPM! -pig (9ld/ you also get a donkey and cow)
From inventory: pig Nic - D-Lab, Nic's boots Pixel Mode
Pictures taken at my home location. You are all welcome there to see some pictures about China from my vacation

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, September 27, 2014

kiyomizu hunt street music

Today i did the Kiyomizu hunt, because i thought may be i get unexpected things to use as accessories for my blogposts. And yes i was right. I ended up with a nice drums set and a guitar and some clothes i wanted show you. The drumset is a wearable set. Ryoko Karillion made it Just for fun but it seriously takes 200prims. So wear drum on stomach or pelvis if it's hard to rez. "Since the drum set doesn't have its own AO, please visit Kumaki Glasses Style to get free AOs. K_gs free AO also includes stick and brush so i don't have to make any more", ryoko writes. And so i did and dicovered more free pose sets there. The guitar from the kizomizu hunt comes with a hud for animations. Nic wears a white jumpsuit and a black and white dress from the hunt. The dress i also weared with the jumpsuit under it. Checkered shirts and dresses will be hot this autumn in rl.
The shoes are new at Pure Poison. Group members get one free pair, 1 click at a blue gatcha machine. In the notecard is written that you need slink flat feets. That is wrong..you need slink high feet to weer these shoes.

Taxi to Kiyomizu  hunt area  here
Boots: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Ilya Boots - Black ( free/ one pair from gatcha)
Jumpsuit: Tho-ryan-se - KiyomizuHunt#65 Tho-ryan-se (free)
Checkered dress: :SMC: - :SMC: Short Sleeve Dress-KH KiyomizuHunt#32 *+.SENCHA-AN.+* (free)
Taxi to the area with the kiyomizo hunt gifts here. Search a ninja cat.
Guitar: Witch babe -  KiyomizuHunt#75 WITCH BABE KIYOMIZU(free)
Drums set: *ryo*ryo* - KiyomizuHunt#22 *ryo*ryo*
Free ao for drums: K_gs - DemoHUD for K_gs DrumKit Jazz ( free / behind the drums in the shop)
Pose packs : K_gs - kingofpopand free animations ( both free)
From inventory: Hair  - ( red)mint ( was a wearable demo on one of the hair fairs), flute, wristband watch cow - love soul, wristband - hermony
Pictures made at:  (red) Mint

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, September 26, 2014

autumn colors

The two first outfits are a bit in retro style. After long time i came this week at the Womenstuff lounge. The retro shoes at the second picture you can grab there for free. For the knitted off shoudlder sweater you need be in the group. Group join is 50ld. But go have a look because there are more presents. I took for example also a watch and jewelry. The jacket with skirt was a tip from Dancer.  For this set you need also join the group from the shop for 50ld. The open heels, the pants and the short top are all from Rowena's Designs. Good items to combine as you can see. The dress on the last picture is from the Kiyomizu hunt. Search a cat.
Nic's hair  is a new release from Truth. Reminds me of hair from SixtyNine but now in mesh

Oh and i pampered myself today with slink elegant hands and slink hands for bags.
In compare with slink hands from some time ago, it is much easier to match the hands with your skin color. For a lazy person, as i am, that means that i can more often show you other skins.

Hair: Truth  - TRUTH HAIR Shae -  browns (NEW)
Sweater: TF at WSL  - [TF] - Womenstuff Lounge gift (Off shoulder sweater) (free/ group join 50ld)
Jacket with skirt: AURADACIOUS - AURADACIOUS Autumn Group Gift ( free/ group join 50ld)
Jewelry: Two Sisters treasures at WSL - TST BURMA RUBY SET ( free/  group join 50ld)
Pumps: Lindy at WSL - WOMENstuff Gift by Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes (free/ no group join fee)
Watch: k2k at Womenstuff lounge -  #k2k watch set # (free/ but groupjoin 50ld)
Dress last picture: M.I.X -  KiyomizuHunt#50 M.I.X.*(free)
Top and Pants: {RS} - {RS} Tarren Top & Pants (New)
Open heels: {RS} Tarren Heels  Mid Slink (NEW)
From inventory: Bag - The Boutique ; satchel bag-  Izzie's; bag- Zenith
Pictures made at: Vendiagrom

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, September 25, 2014

red and vintage

Time again for a vintage post because some shops offer nice vintage gifts. The dotted dress is from Kaithleen, a groupgift. I combined it with the  Vinyl record hand bag from marketplace. In this vintage styled home Nic listened her vintage radio and vinyl records on the vintage recordplayer.
The dress with the dogs is from B!asta, at the cart sale. Ofcourse i had to dive in my inventory for my old dog from the beginning of my sl time, because it is the same sort. The sunglasses are from Artilleri. Also from my beginning period in sl. Still available on marketplace. The shop is gone.

Dotted dress: Kaithleen's - Kaithleen's Kawai Dress Polka Dot Red White Dots (free)
Shoes: LMD for my Attic  LMD My Color Pumps for Slink High Rigged (many texture possibilities!)
Bag: LeMir - LeMir Handbag Record Red (50ld)
Dress with dogs: [ B! ] at The wash Cart sale  : B!iasta WALK THE DOG: Vintage dress . Red (10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Truth (Adeline); head band - Strawberry

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Dancer is walking in this old town as in a dream. She left sleepwalking  the library. Does she have an headache because of studying long time. She needs fresh air. And there she walks. I know Dancer is longing for that period from long time ago. The time of the flapper girls is what she likes. So we went to this old city and she walks as in a dream in her new dress from S@bbia. It is the new groupgift.
The hair i showed before on this blog, but is very good  for this look. Dancer wears flats with snakeskin ( also very 1920) from Duh!. Not available anymore. It was an old present. But the Duh! shop has enough flats when you are looking for something like this.

Dress: S@bbia - Bow tie dress (beige) LB( free)
Hair: A&A - A&A Yvgenia Hair Blackberry (1ld)
Poses: {Willard} - {Willard} young & beautiful pose pack (1ld)
From inventroy: Flats - Duh!; skin - 7 deadly skin
Pictures made at: Forgotten City

Bye  bye, Nic

a pink collection

Some nice findings. Nic shopped everywhere.The pink dress on the first picture is my favorite. It is a groupgift at Braham Design. I found shoes in the soft pink colors at Le Forme from a hunt there.The hair is from Mina at my Attic.
The second combination consist of a denim ruffle skirt ( from the groupgift from B!asta) a belted shirt ( groupgift from blah BLAH blah), hair from Moon ( groupgift) and groupgift shoes from Le Forme.
The dress on the last picture is a huntgift STH #2  at Wicked and the necklace is a gift in that shop. Shoes and bag i bought at my Attic. Bag from David Heather. Shoes from 1992. Hair is free at Earth and Sky design in all colors.

Hair: Mina at my Attic - MINA - Lena - Light brown
Light pink dress: Braham Design - Braham Design Barbie Pink Dress (free)
Light pink shoes: Le Forme - [LF] LOLA High Pumps Slink Rose OMG Hunt BOX (free)

Mauve top: blah BLAH blah - blah.BLAH.blah Denise Top FAT PACK-7 Colors (free)
Denim ruffle skirt: B!asta - part of [ B! ] :BACK AGAIN: Skirt & top - Sep GG (free)
High heels: Le Forme - [LF] Classic Heels Leather Carmin (free)
Hair: Moon - MOON{Hair}. Lunatic Fits - ALL (free)

Dress third picture: Wicked - WICKED * Candy - Dress
Hair: Earth and Sky - Leotie fat pack 25 colors - Hair Extreme (free)
Shoes: 1992 at my Attic - 1992 // Metal Head Heels (Black)
Bag: David Heather at my Attic - -David Heather-Frang Purse/Black

Necklace: Wicked - WICKED * India - Necklace (Eggplant)
Pictures made at: Pals Meadow 3

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, September 22, 2014

she asked permisssion to bite

A short story in pictures. Let the pictures speak and create your own story. The girl is alisson Kira.  Later came the huge man. It was the girls stepfather DominusDark. Thanks alisson that i got permission to put you on the blog.
Tjip wears new clothes from ::K::. You can buy them at Creation JP ( event from Japanese creators, that i told about before on this blog). The jacket is with and without shirt possibility and the shirt has color change menu. There are more colors from the pants and the jacket available. Go have a look.
The satchel is from a clearance box in Izzie's. Near the desk. The box is with womens stuff but this satchel, a fatpack with many colors, is very usefull for men too.
The hair is the new groupgift from Xin, former Xiaj. The shop has a new name. In the basement the clothes from the old xiaj collection.
The sweater over shoulder is from Coco. The boots too ( but i think the boots aren't available anymore)

Hair: Xin ( former Xiaj) - xin. sehun hair + group gift (free)
Jacket: ::K:: at Creation JP - ::K:: Slim Coat Jacket Homme Black ( new -)
Pants: ::K:: at Creation JP - ::K:: Slim Flare Pants Homme Black (new)
Satchel: Izzie's- Izzie's - Clearout Package 2 Izzie's - Satchel Bag black (10ld); Hat and gloves - Gabriel (free)
Pictures taken at:  Clockwork Spiral

Bye bye, Nic

live in a state of amazement

I am so proud about Joeylin from Paisley Daisy. I happened to know her by accident some years ago. I see how she grows as designer. Now she was one of the designers for the Penumbra Fashion week autumn/winter 2014. Because of my vacation i was too late to inform you. “.PENUMBRA. Autumn/Winter Fashion Week (AW14) is set to shine the spotlight on some of Second Life’s leading fashion talents. 10 days, the schedule was packed with 20 shows from 43 emerging and established designers. But sorry it ended this day.
The gown on the pictures was at the  annoucement poster and in a video about Penumbra. It's a beauty and high fashion design. I love the special collar. It has a lace cape. Nic shows you the cape in her hand at the second picture. But i love the gown also without the cape. In one of my next posts i also will show you another beautiful gown from Joeylin that she showed at the fashion week.

Gown: Paisley Daisy -Paisley Daisy - Linear Seductress Black Gown
Skin: Al Vulo - [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Celestial ] - [ -Diva Olive ] group gift(free)
From inventory: Hair - EMO-tions; jewelry- WTG
Pictures made at: Sarawak.
P.S. was nice we met there Darkyn ))

Bye bye Nic

warm marshmallow in a dark wood

Nic shows you this monday morning a nice new set from Rowena's Designs. I love this set with the warm sweater with rolled collar, the jacket with the warm inside. In combination with the leather mini skirt the set is perfect. Elegant and cool. I combined it with the studded boods from J's  and a warm legging, both from my inventory. The jewelry is from PurpleMoon Creations.

Jacket and skirt: {RS} - {RS} Amelia Jacket & Skirt (new)
From inventory: Boots - J's; Jewlery - PurpleMoon creations; Fire, marshmallow, can and chair - {what next}, bag- Mr. Poet
Pictures made at: Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, September 21, 2014

something terrible happened

Policemen in plain clothes. They were called at home and rushed to the place of the accident.
They regulate the traffic and cover the dead body with a plaid. Sad story. But here it is just a story.
Tjip shows you in this scene new clothes.
Yesterday i met a newbie and learned him how to get a acceptable avatar. We searched a free skin and shape and a sweater. He weared a non mesh skinny jeans.Today i searched for him a good free mesh jeans. Well here you are guys. The jeans on the first two pictures is 10ld at marketplace from Olen. More colors available. You get the version with rolled up cuffs ( as shown ) and a straight version.The jeans on the last picture is new in the Midnight Mania at Linealrise Designs.
The steel blue shirt with vest is the groupgift from Kauna for Fameshed. The brown Docs boots are from a hunt at Ghee. You need search a golden leaf. The Docs boots in dark brown have nr #2 and the light brown ones on the next picture have nr # 10 ( each 10ld). The beige hoodie is the groupgift from G&D at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The shirt ( and jeans as said) are from the MM at Linealrise Designs

Jeans ( picture 1 and 2): Olen - Olen - Essence jeans - washed blue- (10ld)
Steel blue shirt and  vest: Kauna at Fameshed - Kauna - FaMESHed Group Gift (free)
Dark Docs Boots: Ghee - ghee Autumn Hunt #2 (10ld)
Beige hoodie: G&D at Cosmopolitan Sales Room - G&D Sweatshirt Hood Larson v5 (free)
Light brown Docs boots: Ghee - ghee Autumn Hunt #10(10ld)
Outfit last picture: LRD - LRD MM board gift October 2014 Male (free)
White boots:LRD -  LRD GG October 2014 Mens Leather sneakers (free)
From inventory: Dark hair - Truth;  brown hair - Redgrave
Pictures made near the Ghee shop

Bye bye, Nic

ghee autumn

Yes it is autumn. I have to admit,i want as long as possible summertime. I like autumn too with misty sun through the wood, but not the grey rainy days. No let is be as long as possible summer.
But alas the hunt at Ghee with warm thermals an knitted beanies and legwarmers and docs boots is worth doing to get the good autumn mood. The beanie is a good one. You can change all axes. You know we always wrestle with hair coming through hats. Well here you will get at the end a normal size beanie without hair coming through.
Search a golden leaf. Go in edit mode to the content to see what you found, if you don't want everything. There is a board outside so you can see what is in the hunt.

All clothes from the Ghee hunt. Every item (10ld). Taxi to Ghee here.
From inventory: my little friends the elfs- d-Lab; backpack- Mr. Poet

Bye bye, Nic

last day at the beach?

Today no free items but a total set with many pieces. I don't show all of this set because i wanted an other color glasses and shoes. The main set (  shorts and top and bag)  is the Sunny girl set from Vips Creations. It comes with accesories in green and flat sandals. But because of the flower colors i use accesories from the summer outfit from the same shop. Love this sunny boho outfit. God for the last days at the beach. The boho hairpiece is from my inventory from the boho hobo shop.

Shorts, top and bag ( and contains more): Vips Creations  - Female outfit - sunny girl -boho outfit
Accesories (and contains more): Vips Creations - Female outfit - summer day
From inventory:Boho Hobo - Feather hair extension
Picture taken at Serena Long Cay

Bye bye, Nic