Sunday, July 7, 2013

I love gardening

Nic loves gardening. She shows you a garden dress and set with skirt and a shirt both good for gardening. She did a lot of work as you can see. After gardening Nic went for a super ride on her horse through the wood. See below. it was a bit rainy but that didn't bother her at all in her sweater, the groupgift from gO! And yes we jumped over the fench. See the last picture behind Nic

What is she wearing? The dress is from American Bazaar. It is the womens  gift for the She & Him group. The gift is near a camper on the square outside. Also a gift for men there. Inside the shop you can pick up some free poses. Nic wears a legging from Oyakin from her inventory. You still can get the gift in the shop in baskets in a cupboard. The bag is from the Love Mommy hunt at Ricielli, all old hunt gifts are available in the shop.
The skirt and shirt are a groupgift at Poison. Nic wears a cute necklace with a watering can, that i made from a mouth pearcing from Sweet Leonard. And i was surprised to see that i had a whole gardening tool set in my inventory. My inventory is so huge, that i have no idea about all the hidden treasures there.
The sweater is from gO! as i said above, The jeans from the Blossom closing sale. ( showed before on the blog). The riding boots were another treasure in my inventory, an old groupgift from May's Soul. The necklace with the tiny bird cage was included. I went to May's soul but ofcourse that gift wasn't there anymore. But you can get very beautiful boots for 50ld. because it is 50ld sale at the moment there...i saw the most cutest backpacks for 50ld ... and everywhere i picked up presents.

Eyes: IKON - IKON VIP Group Gift - July 2013 ( free / first week of the month)
Dress: American Bazaar for She& Him - [AB] She & Him Women Freebie
Legging: Oyakin - oyakin*summer- leggingsSET ( free)
Sandals: VG - VG MARCY WHITE ( free)
Bag: Ricielli - Ricielli LOVE MOMMY 2013 Hunt ITEM #19 ( 3 colors in the packet, 15ld)
Shirt and Skirt set: ::Poised:: - ::Poised:: Group Gift July 2013 ( free)
Sweater: !gO! - !gO! Hania shirt ( free, but group join fee)
Jeans: [Blossom] - [blossom] skinny bitch colorful jeans- brown ( 25ld)( till 15th of july)
For boots go to Tentacio
From inventory: Hair- Dela; Watering can necklace- Sweet Leonard ( not available anymore) ; Garden set - RC ( not available anymore); Horse- sporthorse demo at Branagh's Barn, sim The weald/ you can wear the demo and tp and ride everywhere); rain boots - DECO

Bye bye, Nic

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