Friday, July 5, 2013

reopening event Jersey shore

There will be a party today at Jersey Shore reopening.Taxi  click here. I heard about it from Irischka Hotshot from Iren. She has a giftie today there. Yesterday she did a new groupgift in her shop. This cute braided hair with cap. Nic wears jewelry from Lazuri. The 4th july groupgift there. In the packet is also a dotted dress. But Nic doesn't show the dress. Because better casual wear with this cap. I took one of the new t-shirts from chronokit and a chronokit pants and the boots from Gizza. All from my inventory.
Later on  Nic weared a dress, groupgift from Clothes Couture. Her hair is  from Lollipopz at the Mimi's Choice shop.
Below the giftie from Iren  at Jersey shore.

Tjip shows the male groupgift from Clothes Couture and the jeans bermuda from n-creation from the endless summer hunt. Search near a bench, table and a plant in the male part of the shop.

Top: Iren at Jersey shore - [ iren ] Jersey Shore opening Gift ( free)
Hair with cap: [ iren ]  - [ iren ] Lazy Braided_GROUPGIFT ( free)
Dress: :::. Clothes Culture .:::  - :::. Clothes Culture .:::  ULRIKA ( free)
Jewelry: Lazuri - Lazuri July4th Dress and Jewelry ( free)
T-shirt: chronokit - *chronokit* T- shirt 01 Tiger blue
Long hair: Lollipopz at Mimi's Choice - lollipopz hair piece&love brown

Tjip wears:
Vest and t-shirt: Clothes Couture - :::. Clothes Culture .:::  Male Group Gift ( free)
Jeans bermuda: n-creation - ESH #20 n-creation ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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