Friday, July 19, 2013

BabyChampagne Sass

Hello fashionista's on the first pictures you see BabyChampagne Sass. It is an honor to portray again a great designer in sl. The first designer that i portrayed was Vitamingirl, the designer of BCC. BabyChampagne Sass is the designer of BSD Design Studio. I showed already many shoes and bags from her on this blog. She is a very hard working designer in sl. On many events you can find her, sometimes also with gifts or special releases. I happened to meet her today at the Food Fair. She is one of the designers on the Food Fair. She released the bag with the owl, that Nic wears on the pictures. The Food Fair started today, July 19th. This is what the Food fair is about: Food fair was conceived of an idea, one night while thinking in second life there are so many fairs, but why isnt there one for food ? So hence a fair was created, by miss Polynesia resident. You’re asking yourself, what does food fair include is it only food, no its a collaborative group of 50 designers who are featured showing items of food all kinds of different items incorporating food.

It was early this morning when i met BabyChampagne. Nic was still dressed in the clothes that she weared yesterday. Sorry for that, but the idea was born to picture us both so suddenly. I grabbed my chance to portray BabyChampagne in front of her shop on the Food Fair.
It is worthwhile to tell about the clothes from BabyChampagne. She wears her own design. {{BSD Design studio}} - resort collection will be out soon,  the supermodel vest and stay cool model silky skirt.The belt is also a BSD design. Her shoes are {{ BSD Design studio}} enlightenment purple. The hair is from Truth. Lavina is the name.

Bag:  BSD at Food Fair - {{BSD Design Studio}}Urban chic model bag-owl grey(pose)
From inventory: Bracelet - Erratic

Bye bye, Nic
Thanks BabyChampagne

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