Wednesday, July 24, 2013

in mijn SAS


In Holland we say when we are happy with someting:" ik ben in mijn sas". My friend Soraya made me happy today with clothes. Many of them are from the shop SAS. 
Soraya often searches clothes that she also wears in rl. A tube top she bought in rl and now she searched till she found this one from SAS. Well done Maus.
The white mesh shorts that Soraya found on marketplace is very good. I have many good mesh shorts, but i never found one in white. May be because white shorts or pants or jeans are difficult for designers to make.
The set in red may be you already know from other blogs. I couldn't withstand to put it also on this blog. It is groupgift from jazzitude. 
The Butterfly top and the pink dress are also from SAS.
All clothes very good  for summertime.

White shorts: strelhinha Allen - shorts branco mesh white ( 10ld)
Tube Top: SAS Mesh - [SAS Mesh] july group gift (10ld)
Red set Nic: jazzitude - :jazzitude: Group Gift: Maya: Red (Complete with Skirt)(free)
Top with butterflies: SAS Mesh - SAS Mesh  summer essentials ( 10ld)
Pink top or dress: SAS Mesh - [SAS MESH] Zillion Dress Group Gift *MP* ( 10ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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