Monday, July 1, 2013

and this i found in the racks

After waiting, Nic looked around ( read... i was not lazy anymore), and found this lovely lace dress. It is the new groupgift from Vogue. No groupjoin, so it is yours when you are out of money and want have something new. The earrings are also free at Always Eclectic Fine Jewelry. And when you can find a coin somewhere far down in that messy bag of yours. Then you can buy the necklace for just 10ld there too.
And pssst ..there is a new groupgift at WTG.

Dress: Vogue - *VoguE* Gift of the Month (July) ( free)
Earrings: Always Eclectic - *AE* Glitz & Glamor Silver Earrings V310022F ( free)
Necklace: Always Eclectic - *AE* Glitz & Glamor Silver Necklace V310021F ( 10ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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